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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade35.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= Karen, Kidnapped, Part One

     Most  of  the  time  I  have  no problems concerning the variety of

people  that I'm with sexually.  Usually the people I choose to train or

to  use  are there because they want to be very much and they are either

unattached  or  they  are there at the behest of their husband or lover.

Several  years  ago  however I made the mistake of allowing a young girl

to  spend  time  with me who had a very jealous boyfriend.  Her taste in

men  wasn't  much either, as I later found out.  The guy was a biker who

was  heavily  into  drugs  and lots of other unsavory things as I was to

find out in a most eventful way.

     About  a  week  after  I had spent a couple of days with this girl,

whose  name  is Anita, I got a call from her boyfriend on the phone.  He

made  it  clear  that  if he ever heard of me touching her again that he

would  kill  me.   He  further threatened to get even somehow for what I

had  done with his girl.  Well, she was quite a lovely young girl, but I

sure  didn't need that kind of trouble.  I assured him that he'd have no

problems  from  me  and  suggested he forget about it and concentrate on

Anita instead.  Somehow, I didn't think he'd listen to my advice.

     You  may  remember  Karen from some of the other stories I've told.

She's  a  delight  in  every  way,  and  one of the most eager to please

little  sluts I've ever known.  I've cultivated our relationship through

the years and have enjoyed every moment I've spent with her.

     A  couple of weeks after the threat from the biker, Karen called to

say  she  wanted  to  come  visit for a couple of days.  Her husband was

going  to  be  out of town and her young girlfriend was going to be busy

having  exams  at  school, and Karen wanted to make sure that she didn't

let  herself interfere with her friends grades.  She knew the temptation

would  be  strong  to  spend lots of time with her while her husband was

gone.   As  always  I  was thrilled to hear from her, and so was Monica,

and we looked forward to her visit.

     I  picked  Karen  up  at  the  airport  on Friday afternoon, around

5:00.   Monica  stayed  home  to  prepare supper for us, and asked me to

stop  by  the  store  on  the way home to pick up some odds and ends for

her.   (The  store  was out of odds and the ends had gone up nearly 100%

since  I last shopped....sorry, couldn't resist)  I made sure that Karen

went  in  the  store with me.  I love to show her off when I'm with her,

and  besides  its  fun  checking out the cucumbers and things when she's


     We  had  driven  perhaps a mile after stopping by the grocery store

when  suddenly  I  felt  the  cold  steel  of a gun barrel being pressed

against  my  neck.   Donnie,  the biker, was in the back seat of the car

and  was  very  serious about what he would do if I didn't do exactly as

he  asked.   I  have  this  iron  clad rule.  Whenever someone has a gun

pointed  at  me  I  do everything I can to make them happy.  This was no


     He  told  me  where to turn and we drove for over an hour.  He took

us  way  out  in  the  country  and when he was sure no one would see us

exchange  seats  he put me in the backseat with Karen and blindfolded us

both  and  tied  us.   He  then  drove for what seemed like another hour

before stopping the car and pulling us out.

     When  he  removed the blindfolds all I could tell  was that we were

in  a garage of some kind.  It seemed to be a converted barn, but it was

obviously  used for repair work to automobiles and motorcycles, as there

were  several  sitting  around  in  the  process of being worked on.  He

shoved  us  down  on  an  old school bus bench in the corner, leaving us

tied  and  further secured our bonds by running a long chain through our

arms and padlocking it to the heavy workbench behind the bus seat.

     Karen  and  I  were  both  terrified, neither of us knowing exactly

what  to  expect.  I explained to her who the man was and could only try

to  reassure  her  that  no  harm would come to her.  For all I knew the

idiot  would  kill  us both.  When he returned he was not alone, but was

accompanied  by  what  appeared  to  be  the  members  of  some  kind of

motorcycle gang.

     He  seemed  to  be quite proud of his conquest and explained to the

others  that  he  was  going  to  make me wish I had never fucked Anita.

Anita  blushed  deeply  when  he said that, and I could tell that he had

been  using  a  much different kind of domination with her than what she

had recieved from me.

     Except  for  their  clothes, which were typical biker's clothes the

people  in  the  club  seemed  like  pretty  normal and attractive young

people.   There  were  several  couples,  and  the women were in general

quite  good  looking.  They certainly filled out the tight jeans nicely,

and  a  couple  of  them  were  especially  well stacked.  I knew it was

doubtful  that  I'd  be  getting  any of the pussy that was there, but I

sure  would  have  enjoyed  it.   My only hope at that moment was that I

would live to tell about it all.

     "What's the slut's name, asshole!", Donnie snarled at me.

     "Her  name  is  Karen",  I said.  "Look, leave her out of all this,

she  hasn't  done  anything  to  you,  I'm the one you're upset with", I


     "Hell  man,  I'm  not  gay you know.  I'm not sure yet what I'll do

with  you,  but  one thing for sure, I'm going to have a crack or two at

your  little  slut  here  before  I  turn  her loose."  He began untying

Karen's  bonds  and  pulled her to the center of the garage, holding her

in front of his friends.

     "This  is  slut cunt.  And what do we do with slut cunt, gang?", he

asked, loudly.

     "Fuck it!", shouted one of the men.

     "Shove pussy juice in it's mouth", leered one of the women.

     "Any  damn  thing  we  want to", said one particulary large man who

looked strong enough to live up to his words.

     Donnie  began to strip Karen of her clothes, but stopped when given

a  better  idea  by  one  of  the  women.  "Make her strip for us!", she

shouted.   "Hell,  yea...take 'em off, little whore.  Show us your naked

slut  body",  countered  Donnie,  who moved away from Karen, leaving her

standing  there  in the center of the floor, trembling from a mixture of

excitement and fear.

     Karen  did  as  they  requested,  slowly  removing all her clothing

until  she  was  standing there stark naked in front of the whole group.

Her  training  was  such  a part of her that she made no effort to cover

her  breasts  or  her  pussy,  but simply stood before them and listened

with embarrassment as they talked about her naked body.

     One  of  the  men pushed his wife or girlfriend out in front of him

and  pulled  open  her blouse, showing Karen her tits.  "These are tits,

bitch...those  little  nubs  of yours ain't even big enough to see!", he

taunted  bringing a hearty laugh from the others.  He pushed his girl up

to  Karen  and  took Karen's hands and placed them on the girl's breasts

as  he  continued  to  taunt  her.  "Feel these tits, slut.  See how her

nipples  get so hard and long?  She loves pussy just as much as the guys

in  this  group  do,  and  so do the rest of the women.  You like pussy?

You'd  better...cause  you're  going  to be staring at a lot of it while

you're here!!"

     In  other circumstances I would have found their taunting exciting,

and  I  knew that Karen would have as well.  I wasn't sure how she would

respond  to what they were putting her through, but she found the girl's

big  breasts interesting at least, because it wasn't long before she was

caressing  them  of her own free will.  I doubted that anyone, including

Donnie  knew  just  how bi Karen really was, but I had an idea they were

going to find out.

     "Enough  of  this  shit, I want to fuck the bitch!", hissed Donnie,

pulling  Karen away from the now excited semi-clad woman and pushing her

over  to  an old sedan which was parked in the garage.  He shoved her up

against  it  and  bent her over the hood so that her ass was exposed and

pushed  out  toward him.  Reaching down to a drain pan nearby he covered

his  hand with old automobile oil and spread it over her ass, being sure

to  get  plenty  on her asshole.  Then roughly and with no compassion at

all  he  took  his huge cock from his pants and shoved it up her ass and

began fucking her hard against the cold steel fender of the old car.

     In  a  very short time he had shot his load up her tight little ass

and  another  man  had  taken  his place, smearing more oil on her naked

body  before shooting his load of fuck into her.  I watched as they took

turns  with  her,  fucking  her up the ass or in her cunt, wherever they

chose,  over  and  over  again.   She  never  gave  them any resistance,

realizing,  I'm  sure that it was fruitless to do so.  But by the time a

couple  of  the  men  had  shot their loads into her she began to become

excited  herself  and  was  actually  grinding her ass back on the thick

dicks that pushed themselves into her holes.

     The  women  watched  it  all, cheering their men on as they pounded

their  fuckers  into  the submissive and now oil-covered slut.  When the

men  had  spent  themselves,  the women took over and pushing Karen into

the  back  seat  of the old car took turns with her, rubbing their naked

bodies  over her oily skin and pressing their hot pussies into her mouth

until  they  came  loudly  and moved away for the next woman to have her


     "She  loves  it!   You  can't fool me...I know a bi-slut when I see

one!", exclaimed one of the women.

     "Damn  right  she  does!   She  had her tongue so deep up my snatch

that  I  thought it was going to come out my throat!", leered another of


     When  they  were  done, most of the group drifted away to somewhere

else,  leaving  just  Donnie  and  Anita  in the garage with us.  Donnie

pulled  Karen  out  of the backseat and tied her arms to the door of the

car,  instructing  Anita  to wipe the oil off of her body before walking

away  to  another  part  of  the  garage.  Anita had taken her turn with

Karen  too,  and  there was no doubt in my mind that she had enjoyed it.

She  was  gentle in washing the oil from Karen's naked body, and I could

tell  that  Karen  was  even  now  responding to the touch of the pretty

young girls hands on her body.

     When  Donnie  came  back  to  our part of the garage he found Anita

kissing  Karen  deeply on the mouth and laughed at the sight.  "You like

the  little  whore,  do  you  Anita?   Good, we'll keep her around for a

while,  cause  I  like  watching  you  use her.  Here...give her some of

this", she sneered, handing Anita a half full vodka bottle.

     Anita  held  the  bottle  to  Karen's lips and when Karen balked at

drinking  from  it,  Donnie  held  her head and Anita poured it into her

mouth.   She  gagged  on the first mouthful, but soon they established a

rythym,  feeding her just enough at a time to keep her from gagging.  At

first  I  thought  they  were  going to pour the rest of the bottle into

her,  but  they  stopped  short  by a couple of mouthfuls, sharing those

between  themselves.   Still,  I  knew that they had given her enough to

make her very drunk, if not sick.  I hoped she could hold it.

     It  took  a  while for the effects of the vodka to set in, and when

it  did  I had to chuckle at Karen, myself.  She seemed to lose any fear

of  her  situation  and  began  giggling  and talking about how much she

loved  to  fuck.  Donnie and Anita loved the effect the strong drink was

having  on  her,  and  he sent Anita to get the others to see the little

slut  in her drunk condition.  She was babbling away when Karen returned

with several of the others.

     "Shit...I   like...I   like   to   fuck!   My  holes  don't  hardly  holes  don't  holes  don't like to be fuckin

empty!   No  sir!   Not  me.   Fuck!",  she  stammered  drunkenly.   Her

observers  smiled broadly at the lewd comments coming from her mouth and

a  very attractive and slim girl named Denise, who I guessed to be about

17  walked  up to Karen and began to finger her pussy as she stood there

naked, tied to the car door.

     "Yea!!!,  baby!!!...Do  it!   Fuck!   Shove your whole damn hand in

me,  I  don't  care!   Hell...see  if  you  can  find  a  cock in there!

Somebody lost theirs!  Shit!  Fuck!"

     I'd  never  seen  Karen  like  this,  and  in  addition to it being

amusing,  it  was  also  pretty  exciting.  She would talk lewdly when I

told  her  too,  of  course,  but  in  her  drunken  state she was being

especially  nasty.   Her  filthy  drunken  words  had  its effect on the

others  too,  and  pretty  soon  there  was  another  woman,  older, but

obviously  equally  bi  playing with Karen's tits and kissing her deeply

on  the  mouth,  temporarily  shutting  off the flow of dirty words that

poured endlessly from her mouth.

     A  couple  of  others  were  now kneeling in front of Karen and the

other  girls,  looking  to  see  just  how many fingers the young little

blonde  girl was plunging into Karen's hot hole.  They encouraged her to

keep  adding  fingers,  and in between kisses from the big breasted girl

who  couldn't seem to keep her tongue out of Karen's hungry mouth, Karen

encouraged  her  as  well, daring her to fill her fuck hole up with more

and more of her hand.

     I  couldn't  see  well  enough  from my position on the bus seat to

tell  how  close  she  was coming to putting it all in, but when she did

get her whole hand in it was certainly not hard to tell.

     "It's  in!",  shouted  one  of  the men.  "She got the whole fuckin

thing  in  there!   Look  at her wrist sticking out of the slut's bottom

like a stalion's dick!"

     Karen  was  lost  in a sea of drunken passion, hunching downward as

hard  as  possible on the arm that was being shoved up into her body and

moaning  hotly  at the sensations in her cunt.  The young girl continued

to  plunge  her  fist in and out of Karen's dripping fuck hole, twisting

and  turning  her  arm  from time to time as if testing to see just what

she  could  do  with  Karen's pussy.  One of the men who was kneeling in

front  watching  took  the  girls  arm in his hand and began to help her

fuck  Karen by pushing her arm upward and pulling it back, just as if it

were a big dildo he was using.

     By  now  there  was  quite a crowd, and several of the men were now

sitting  around  in the floor with their cocks out stroking them as they

watched  Karen  being  fisted.   They didn't go un-noticed by Karen, and

she  blurted  out  her  appreciation.   "Look  at  all  the cocks!", she

moaned,  drunkenly.  "Damn, I love good fuck meat!  Whip 'em boys!  Make

your fuck fly!"

     Donnie  untied  the  bonds that were holding Karen to the car door,

and  pushing  the others away from the babbling Karen, pushed her to her

knees in the floor.

     "You  want  some  fuck meat, little slut?  Crawl over there and get

you some.  The boy's will be glad to feed you!"

     The  little  teenager  who had been fisting Karen was watching with

passion  still  in  her  eyes and idly licking Karen's copious fuck from

her  hand  and  wrist, making sure she got it all by licking between her

fingers  as  well  as up and down her arm.  With her free hand she began

stripping off her clothes and pretty soon Anita was helping her.

     In  the  meantime,  Karen  had  begun to crawl across the rough and

dirty  concrete  floor  toward  the  men who were now urging her on with

taunting  comments.   "Come  and  get  it  little  slut!"   "Here little  little  pussy."   "Hurry  up  bitch,  I  need  your fuckin


     Even  in  her  drunken  state,  Karen knew how to find her way to a

good  thick  cock,  and  she  was  soon gobbling on one of the men's big

dicks  as  if she had been starving for fuck all day long.  In almost no

time  he  was  shooting his load into her mouth and was pushing her head

over to the man next to him who then shoved his meat into her mouth.

     I  knew  it  was  bound  to happen, and when she had sucked off the

fourth  man in their little circle she passed out, falling onto her back

in  the floor.  There were still men who had not shot their cum into her

mouth,  however,  and  they  simply knelt over her still body and pushed

them into her mouth until they had emptied their balls.

     She  was  out  for  probably fifteen minutes or more, and while she

was  out  they  entertained  themselves by pissing on her body, both the

men  and  the  women.  Several of the men stood over her at one time and

poured  their  yellow  streams  of  piss all over her nakedness at once.

The  women  squatted  over  her  one  at a time and poured most of their

waste  into  her  face  and  hair.  When they were done, Donnie tied her

left  ankle  to  a  nearby  post and  left her there, lying in a pool of

piss in the floor.

     When  she  came to, Karen tried her best to crawl out of the stench

in  which  she found herself, but was unable to drag her naked body more

than  a  few  feet in any direction because of the short length of rope.

I  felt  for  her, and wanted more than anything to be able to clean her

up and get her off the cold floor, but there was nothing I could do.

     Exhausted  by  her lurid treatment, Karen soon fell asleep there in

the  floor,  and  before long, I too found myself drifting off.  I awoke

several  times  during the night to find a man or woman had sneaked back

out  into  the garage to have another crack at Karen, and sometime close

to  dawn  I  was  aware of Anita bending over Karen and washing her body

gently.  At least one of them had some decency.


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