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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade34.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= Julia Opens Up

     We  met  one  sunny  afternoon  in  Grand  Army  Plaza around the

fountain.   New York is a great place to be in early summer, and there

is  no  more  pleasant place to spend some leisure time than listening

to  the  wonderful variety of music that is often provided free in the

city's  public places.  I'm not sure if the music I had been listening

to  was  calypso or what it was to be honest, but it was very pleasant

and very professionally performed.

     She  sat  down  on  the edge of the fountain just a few feet away

from  me.   One  of  the  joys  of the city is people watching, and of

course  that most definitely includes girl watching, and I sure had my

eye  on her.  Her attire wasn't the most stunning I'd ever seen by any

means.   To  be  honest,  it  was bordering on frumpy.  Bermuda shorts

that  almost  came  to  her  knees  and  a plaid blouse of some rather

indiscrimate  type.  Still, her body was of the general size and shape

that  appeals  to  me  and her hair and face were attractive.  Part of

the  attraction  was  the  age  I  judged  her  to  be.   Its  been my

experience  that, while young women can certainly provide some thrills

from  time to time, women in the 28 to 40 age range are generally more

inclined  to  be able to "go the distance" with me, if you know what I

mean.   If  you  don't  you  will  by the time you finish reading this


     But  I  suppose, as is usually the case, it was her eyes and what

I  saw  in  them that turned the tide of my sexual interest in her.  I

have  never  really  known  if  it  is me or if it just the women, but

somehow  I can always spot the ones who are truly submissive.  Nothing

describes Julia more adequately than "truly submissive".

     Frankly,  I  don't think she had ever thought of herself in those

terms  before.  She'd been a good Catholic girl most of her life and a

loyal  wife  prior  to  her  divorce.  Her husband wasn't the type who

would  encourage  her  to think of herself as a submissive slave slut.

"Nice"  girls  just  don't  think  like that, you know.  Oh, you don't

know  that?   Well,  welcome  to the club.  Some of the nicest girls I

know  think  of  themselves  exactly  like  that.  Julia is now one of

those girls.

     We  chatted  about  the  music and the city.  I was a tourist and

she  a  resident,  and she was very cordial and polite.  After talking

for  some  time she agreed to have a drink with me in the Cafe Pierre,

just  up  the  street  and conveniently in the hotel I was staying in.

Before  either  of  us  was  really  aware of it we were having dinner

together and she was agreeing to come up to my room for a while.

     I  had  splurged  on the room.  I'd never been to New York before

and  I  wanted  to do it up right.  The room was on the 34th floor and

looked  out  over Central Park.  We stood in front of the huge windows

when  the  thunderstorm  came  up  and  watched  the  lightning adding

excitement to the beauty of the lighted city skyline.

     When  I  slid  my  arms  around her waist and began to nuzzle her

neck  I  could  feel  the submissiveness running through her body.  It

wasn't  that  she  immediately surrendered and gave herself to me, but

rather  that  it  was electrifyingly obvious that in spite of the fact

that  we  had just met, she wanted to give herself to me more than she

could  say.   Women like Julia don't have to say a word to communicate

that to the right man.

     "I  hope  you  don't...",  she  began trying to apologize for the

passion she was feeling as if she were ashamed of her behavior.

     "Hush.   I know you, Julia.  I don't think that you are a "loose"

woman  or  that  you do this with just anyone.  I know you.  Oh, I may

not  know  everything  there is to know about you yet.  But I know who

you  are  down  deep  inside.  I understand what you're feeling, and I

know how to respect your deepest desires.  Just trust me."

     "Somehow,  although I don't understand it at all, I know that you

do  know  me.   I think you may even know me better than I know myself

in  some  ways,  and  I'm  irresitably  inclined  to trust you and put

myself totally at your mercy.  Why is it that I feel this way?"

     "I  don't think you're ready to hear the answer yet, Julia.  When

you  are,  I'll  know it.  Let's just say for the moment that you also

know  me.   You  know that you can trust me and that you are safe with

me.   And  you  know  that  I  can meet a need that you feel very deep

inside you.  Isn't that how you feel?"

     "Yes!   Don't  talk  anymore, just kiss me!", she sighed and fell

into my arms once again.

     As  we  kissed, our tongues waging battle with each other and our

lips  melting  as  they  touched, my hands roamed over the back of the

pretty  woman's  body.   Her  ass  was  taut and perfectly shaped, and

seemed  to  me  to be an especially sensitive area for her.  I kneaded

her  cheeks with my hands and spread them, feeling her cunt lips being

pulled  open as I played with them.  She wore no bra under the blouse,

and  while  her  breasts  were  no more than average in size they were

still  deliciously pressing into my chest and I could feel her nipples

hardening as our passion grew.

     Her  lips  left mine and began to travel down my neck.  Her hands

gently  began to unbutton my shirt buttons and she kissed her way down

my  chest as she slid the material from my body.  When she had removed

my  shirt  her  hands moved to my belt and she knelt in front of me as

she  lowered my pants and helped me step out of them.  Clad only in my

briefs  I  looked  down at the now radiant girl in front of me who was

smiling  up  at  me  and  rubbing the front of my undershorts with her

right  hand.   My  cock was rock hard and was pressing tightly against

the  front  of my shorts.  Her hand caressed it and stroked it through

the  thin  material  as she began to kiss my thighs, teasing them with

her wet tongue.

     Her  hands  moved  to the waistband of my last remaining piece of

clothing,  and  in  no time she had slid it off of me and had begun to

examine  my  cock  with delight.  She held it gently with her hand and

licked  the  head  of  it,  cradling  my balls in her other hand.  Her

tongue  traveled  the  length of my shaft and caressed my balls before

journeying  back  up  once  more  to  the  now  red and hot head of my

excited  fuck meat.  Looking up into my eyes, her mouth opened and she

began to slide my dick between her wet lips.

     As  with  so  many  truly submissive women, cocksucking was not a

chore  for  Julia.   She had never felt freedom equal to her desire to

suck  thick  dicks,  and  she  relished  the  opportunity that was now

hers.   Her  lips,  tongue,  cheeks and throat told me of her delight,

and  my balls told me of their joy in pleasing her.  In almost no time

they  were  spewing  a  huge  stream  of white hot fuck juice into her

hungry  mouth  through  the  blood  engorged  cock  on  which  she  so

passionately  sucked.   The  expression  on  her face as her mouth and

throat  was  coated  with sperm was one of joy with no hint whatsoever

of  distaste  of  any  kind.   I  knew that if I were to be with her a

hundred  nights  in addition to this one that she would gladly take my

cum any time I requested it of her.

     When  she  had  taken all the cum I had to give her, I pulled her

to  her  feet and began exposing her body to myself.  I unbuttoned her

blouse  and held it open, staring at the lovely swell of her bosom and

the  pouty way her nipples stood out from them.  Slowly I bent my head

down  as I held her blouse open and licked at her right nipple with my

tongue,  delighted  as  she  gasped  with  enjoyment at the feel of my

caress.   Removing  my  mouth  from her breast I continued to hold her

blouse  open  with  one  hand  and  with the right hand took that same

nipple  between  my  thumb  and forefinger and began to apply pressure

slowly  to  it.   I watched her eyes as I did so and found her staring

back  into them.  I continued to pinch harder and harder, watching her

face  for  direction.   What  I saw was continually growing passion as

the  pressure  I  exerted increased.  Even when I was pinching as hard

as  I was able to pinch and had begun to twist and turn her nipple and

to  pull it toward me away from her chest she still stared deeply into

my  eyes  and  smouldered  with  passion so deep that it amazed me.  I

released  that nipple and went through the same process with the other

nipple  with the same effect.  My fascination with her nipples and the

growing heat in her shorts soon became more than she could bear.

     "Take  me!  I've never been this hot before.  Please make love to

me.  I can't wait another minute....Please!!", she said hotly.

     "Yes,  but  you  will  have  to  wait until I am ready, Julia", I

said,  matter  of  factly.   "You'll get hotter still.  You like to be

hot to fuck, don't you?"

     "You  just  make  me  hotter when you say things like that to me.

Do  it  now.  I'll be good, honest.  I'll do it anyway you like.  Just

do it to me", she moaned.

     "You'll do what, Julia?", I teased.

     "What do you mean?  I'll do it.  I'll make love to you."

     "You mean you'll fuck me?"

     "Yes, thats it, I guess.  Yes, I'll do that.  Pleeeeease!!"

     "Say it, Julia.  I want to hear you say it."

     "Oh, don't make me do that.  Just do it.  I need it now!!"

     My  hand  was  now  pressing  her  cunt  through the shorts and I

continued  to  pinch  and pull at her right nipple with my right hand.

I stared into her eyes deeply as I talked to her.

     "I  want  to  hear  you say 'fuck', Julia", I teased.  "I like to

hear hot little women say 'fuck'...say it for me."

     "Fuck.  Yes, do it to me.  Fuck me.  Anything, just do it."

     "Anything,  Julia?   Only  sluts will do just anything.  Will you

do anything, Julia?"

     "Yessssss,  oh,  yes...anything.  Just do...just fuck me, please,

please fuck me right this minute.  Can't you feel how wet I am?"

     "Yes,  I  can  feel your cunt juices seeping through your shorts,

Julia.   Only  a slut leaks juice like you're leaking it now, staining

her  shorts  and pouring it out into the hand of her lover.  Are you a

slut, Julia?"

     "Don't  call  me  names, just give me your thing, please!  Put it

deep inside me...put it inside me now!"

     "Oh,  but  Julia,  I  like  to call you nasty things.  Especially

when  your  body  trembles  and  you  are  begging to be fucked.  Your

nipple  is  so  hard  and thick now, and your ass is moving against my

hand  in  a  fucking motion.  That's the way sluts behave, Julia.  Are

you trying to tell me you aren't a slut?"

     "No...I'm  not....please,  don't  tease  me anymore.  What do you

want?  I'll do anything, just tell me.  Just fuck me, hard!"

     "Then  tell  me  who you are, Julia.  Tell me you're a hot little

slut that needs to be fucked sooooo bad.  Tell me."

     "I'm  a  slut.  I'm so hot that I can hardly think anymore.  Just

fuck  me.   Fuck me all night long if you like...just fuck me hard and

deep.  I want it and need it so much.  Let me be your slut, please!"

     "Strip  your  whore body naked for me and lay on your back on the

bed  with  your  legs  open, Julia.  Show me your fuck hole and let me

taste  your juice.  Show me how you look when you're open and ready to

take what you've been begging for."

     Without  any  hesitation  at  all  she slid the now soaked shorts

from  her body and stood before me in only a tiny white pair of bikini

panties  that  were equally soaked with her fuck juices.  She slid her

thumbs  into  the  waistband  and  worked  the  panties  off her hips,

twisting  them  seductively  as  she  did so.  When she was completely

nude  she lay back on the big bed and spread her long lovely legs open

lewdly, exposing a well trimmed and extremely wet cunt.

     "Touch  it  for  me Julia.  Touch your own fuck hole and pull the

lips open for me.  Let me see deep inside."

     She  obediently  moved  her hands to her crotch and took the lips

of  her  pussy  between  her  fingers  and  pulled  them out and down,

opening  herself  to  me.   I looked at the extremely passionate woman

before  me and the way she was so openly showing her most private part

to  me.   Her  inner  lips  were glistening and very pink.  Her thighs

were  covered  with  goosebumps  as  she touched her pussy and I could

tell  she  was  fighting the urge to slide her fingers up to her clit.

She needed to be fucked so very much now.

     Moving  between her legs on the bed I immediately stuck my tongue

into  the opening she had provided me.  I licked deep within her cunt,

exploring  her  inner  labia  and  teasing her clit as my tongue moved

upward.   Her  hips  bucked  upward as I touched her sensitive nub and

when  I  took  it  into  my  lips  and  began to suck on it gently she

immediately began coming fast and hard.

     I  sucked  on her clitoris thoughout that first orgasm, releasing

it  only as she began to move down from her plateau.  Moving my tongue

back  into her slit once again I moved up and down her crotch, licking

her  from  her  anus  to her clit and back to her anus once again.  In

just  a  little bit she was moving back up the scale once more and her

second orgasm was only slightly less exuberant than the first.

     Moving  beside  her  on  the  bed  I began to kiss her mouth once

again,  letting  her taste and smell her fuck on my face and lips.  My

left  hand  slid down her belly and through her pubic hair, my fingers

sliding  easily  into  her warm wet hole.  My right hand had now moved

under  her  ripe  ass  and  my middle finger on that hand was pressing

against  her  anus.  She moaned her desire into my mouth and moved her

hips  gently, but insistently, against the hands that were adoring her


     I  began  to  kiss  as  much  of  her  body as I could reach in a

teasing  fashion,  my  lips  darting  from her nipples to her neck and

then  to  her  mouth  and then to her ear and back to her nipples once

again.   She never knew exactly where each kiss would land, and almost

as  soon  as she became aware of where it was my mouth was moving once

again  to  caress  yet  another  part of her excited skin.  In between

kisses I was talking to her, teasing and taunting her again.

     "You  like  to  have  a  tongue deep in your fuck hole, don't you

Julia?   And  you  like to have fingers in your holes, too, don't you?

Both  my  hands are working on your slut holes now, Julia.  I have two

fingers  in  your slut cunt and one finger about to pop into your ass.

You like that, don't you my little cocksucking slut?"

     Too  hot to intelligently manage a reply, Julia continued to hump

her  hips  back  and  forth  at the two hands that were probing at her

openings.   Her  breathing  was  ragged once again and her eyes closed

tightly  as  she  concentrated  on  the  feelings  that  were coursing

through her beautiful body.

     When  I had worked my way up to three fingers in her cunt and had

my  middle  finger deep in her ass, I moved my mouth back to hers once

again  and  began  to  kiss her hotly as I forced the thick fingers in

and  out  of her holes.  My palm pressed hard against her pubic mound,

rubbing  her  clit, as the fingers from that hand moved firmly against

the  walls of her now throbbing cunt.  She continued to get wetter and

wetter  as I fingered her, and while I knew she had some psychological

barriers  to  overcome first, I was sure that I would some day find my

whole hand inside her cunt.

     I  was  just as sure that we would both find her ass a continuing

source  of  pleasure  as the days went by.  I could hardly wait for an

opportunity  to  turn her over my knee and watch her pretty ass cheeks

grow  ruby-red  from the spanking that I somehow knew she would accept

and  accept  gladly.  It would make her hot to fuck and would make her

feel  very  submissive.   There  was  not  a doubt in my mind that she

would come to love it.

     But  now this beautifully submissive woman was coming once again,

her  hips  raised  high  off  the  bed  as  she moved them in circles,

grinding  her  cunt  and asshole against the fingers I had rammed deep

inside  her.   Had  either  of us broken our kiss I'm sure her screams

would  have  filled  the  room.  It was an extemely violent orgasm for

her,  causing  her body to jerk in short rapid movements over and over

again for what seemed to me to be a very long time.

     When  she  fell  limp  to  the bed I withdrew my fingers from her

holes  and  rolled  her  over onto her stomach.  Moving behind her and

spreading  her luscious thighs open, I slid my rock hard cock into her

cunt  from  behind and lay on her, feeling her soft ass cheeks against

my  belly.   I  slowly  worked  my  dick  back  and forth in her still

trembling  slit,  feeling  it  become  coated with her copious fluids.

Her   pussy   was  tight,  yet  very  pliable.   It  gripped  my  cock

beautifully,  and she tensed the muscles from time to time, milking my

dick as I fucked her.

     I  dicked  her  slowly for a very long time, enjoying the feel of

her  warm pussy surrounding my member.  After a bit she began to raise

her  ass  up  from  the bed, allowing me to enter her even deeper, and

she  was  soon  grinding  those  lovely  hips  once  more, sucking and

sucking  on  my fuck meat until she had it totally imbedded in her.  I

rose  to  my  knees  and  pulled her by the waist until she was on her

knees  in  front of me, her chest flat on the bed, her ass high in the

air.   Spreading her ass cheeks open with both hands I played with her

anus  with my thumb as I fucked my cock in and out of her more rapidly

with every thrust of my hips.

     I  liked  fucking  Julia  doggy style.  She was built for it, and

seemed  to  love it.  She loved it even when I stuck my thumb into her

ass,  and  she reached back between her outstretched legs and began to

tickle my balls with her fingers as I fucked her.

     Watching  my  thumb  fuck  in  and out of her ass and feeling the

teasing  caress  on  my  now  heavy-with-cum  balls was all it took to

start  my  orgasm.  When she sensed that I was about to come she began

to talk to me, begging me to fill her with my fuck.

     "Yesssss,  I  want  it  soooo  bad!  Give it to me!  Fill me with

your  cum!   Please  shoot lots and lots of it deep into my slut cunt!

Cum  for me!  Fuck me!  I NEED hot fuck juice inside my body, and I'll

take  it  anywhere  you'll  shoot it into me.  I'm just a horny little

slut  that  lives  to  be  pumped  full  of cum!!  Pleeeeease fill me,

squirt into me, feed me!!"

     I  did.   Like I had never come before.  It was almost painful, I

shot  so much cum, so forcefully, so quickly.  But it was beautiful as


     We  both fell asleep as we lay there on the bed, the covers still

never  turned  down.  When I awoke I realized she must be cold, laying

there  naked,  and  I  covered her with the thick terry cloth robe the

hotel  provided.   Well, I almost covered her.  I left the back of her

legs  and her ass exposed so I could look at it from time to time as I

sat  in  the  chair  next to be bed.  Ok, so I looked at it more often

than  that.  And yes, I did masturbate while she slept.  I masturbated

and  stared  at  her  naked ass and legs and the cum that still leaked

from  her  precious  cunt.  And yes, I did walk over to the bed when I

was  ready  to  cum, and yes, I did stick my dick in her face and spew

my  fuck  on  her  face while she slept.  Who are you anyway, Sherlock


     Later  on  I bathed her beautiful body gently with a washcloth as

she  lay  on  the big soft bed and spoke to her of the things that are

important  to me in life.  I told her the things about myself that she

would  otherwise  never have known, and which in many ways are so very

unimportant.   She already knew me deep inside where I live, and thats

what really matters.


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