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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade33.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= Finger Music

     The room had not been designed to accomodate such crowds as

this.  Normally the organizers would have provided for more that

one performance, but this was one of those times they had simply

underestimated the amount of local interest.

     Arriving late, I had stood in the back of the room, against

the far wall, and had felt the crowd close in as more and more

late-comer's also had to stand.  By the time for the performance

to begin we were packed in the over-crowded room like sardines,

bunched up against each other tightly.

     The last row of seats was immediately in front of me, and I

had enjoyed looking at the young woman directly in front of me as

I had waited for the concert to begin.  She was an attractive

brunette with very long and slim legs who crossed them often and

who allowed her dress quite a bit of freedom to ride upward as she

did so.  But it was the woman who stood immediately to my left who

attracted most of my attention.

     She was with another man, whom I took to be her husband, and

it was a bit awkward for me to look at her face too frequently,

but in the numerous glances I made in her direction I observed her

to be a blonde in her late twenties, well-dressed and very


     The thing that was captivating about her to me, however, was

the pressure of her right thigh against my hand as we stood pushed

against each other.  She had pushed up against me as the crowd had

grown, her thigh touching my hand and then backing away slightly

only to return its touch even more insistently as yet another

person joined our crowded row.

     I learned long ago not to fight fate, and left my hand where

it was, enjoying the silky smoothness of her dress, and feeling a

bolt of electric excitement run through me as her garter strap and

the top of her stocking pushed through the material against the

back of my hand. She appeared to accept her fate as well, and as

she spoke with the man to her left and shifted her body, I was

treated to a delightful grazing of my hand by her sexy


     The lights finally dimmed and the concert began.  It was

difficult for me to pay much attention to the performance, and I

primarily concentrated on the excitement I felt at touching this

stranger in such an intimate but innocent way.  As I felt my cock

hardening inside my pants I began to grow a bit more

adventuresome, letting my hand slide back and forth against her as

my body swayed naturally to the music being performed on the stage

in front of us.

     I thought at first that it was my imagination, but it seemed

that the more boldly I touched her, the more she pushed her thigh

back at me, pressing it against my hand and rubbing the lacey

garter-belt strap against my hand.  Deciding to take what was

under the circumstances a rather significant risk, I turned my

hand over and with my fingers, caressed the line of her stocking

top through the silky material.

     Far from being offended, the attractive young blonde seemed

to respond to my caress, and I could feel her stepping over even

closer to me than she had been in the beginning.  I grew more

confident of her enjoyment, increasing the freedom with which I

touched her in the darkened room.  It was exiciting simply to

touch her, but to think that she was allowing me such freedom in

the midst of all those other people, including her husband, made

my member grow especially rigid and throbbing in my pants.

     The ensemble moved from the introductory portion of the

performance to one with more rousing selections, and as the tempo

and excitement of their music increased, so did my touching of the

young blonde.  Having at first concentrated my efforts on the

northeast portion of her thigh, I slid my hand around to the rear

of it, turning my hand again and sliding it brazenly up and down

her thigh.  Her dress moved with my hand, moving silkily over the

top of her stocking and bare thigh, tracing the outline of the

strap at the back.

     Allowing my hand to move higher and higher up her leg with

each caress, I moved upward to her ass, feeling her panties under

the dress, and the garter-belt itself.  Cupping her right asscheek

with my hand, I squeezed it firmly, pulling it toward me and away

from the other cheek, spreading her open.  I glanced quickly

toward her, and saw her standing with her eyes closed, mouth

slightly open, her chest rising and falling as she gave herself to

the emotions that were running through her body.

     Slowly I began bunching the material of her dress in my hand

as I continued touching her, lifting the hem higher and higher.

More and more of the dress slid through my fingers and up over my

palm as the hem rose toward her pantied ass.  Finally, I felt the

edge with my fingers, and extending my fingers downward, caressed

her naked thigh for the first time.

     Allowing the material to fall back down freely over my arm, I

pressed my full hand against the back of the excited blonde's

thigh, delighting in the softness of her bare skin and the added

attraction of her stocking and garter.  Knowing there was no rush,

as the program was still young, I toyed with her, moving upward

slowly to her ass, lightly grazing the wet crotch of her panties

until I believed her to be especially hungry to have my fingers

inside her, and then moving back to her thigh again.  Occasionally

I would slide my arm farther to the left and touch the inside of

her left leg with the back of my hand, sliding it down to her

stocking top and then back upward again, my thumb pressing against

her now soaking panties.

     Familiar with the music on the program, and having studied

its order of performance prior to the beginning of the concert, I

continued teasing the delightfully accessible young woman until

the ensemble began playing a selection which I knew contained an

especially rousing climax, only then beginning to slide my fingers

under the edge of her silk panties.

     I had already felt her juices on her upper thighs, but the

copious quantity that greeted my fingers was surprising and

exciting.  How I hungered to fall to my knees and press my mouth

against her trembling sex!  But for now, at least, my fingers

would have to perform for themselves, my mouth and my cock.

     I felt the young woman take a tiny step, all that was really

possible in the closeness of our surroundings, moving her right

foot over closer to me, opening her legs as widely as possible,

saying to me in the only way she could at the moment that she

wanted and needed to be filled and prodded, to be fucked.

     The music grew slowly in its intensity, constantly building,

as I slid two fingers between the swollen lips of this complete

stranger's most private opening.  Feeling her knees bend slightly,

I pushed the two digits upward into her, completely imbedding them

in her bottom.  I pushed them upward even as they filled her, as

if trying to lift her from the floor, a silent message of victory,

of dominance.  "I don't even know your name", I was saying to her

through my actions, "I've never even seen you before tonight.  I

know you are with that other man, but you have opened your sex to

me in the middle of this crowded room to be entered sexually by

me.  Now, without ever having kissed you, before I have even been

introduced to you, I am going to bring you to climax, simply by

the manipulation of my fingers."

     As if replying to me, she pressed herself downward against my

hand, her lips spreading their juices on my palm.  Slowly I began

working the fingers in and out of her, pushing to the front of her

on the downstroke, pulling toward the rear in moving upward. I

knew instinctively that she would have given anything to have been

able to reach to her clitoris and rub it hotly as the passion grew

within her.  Sliding my index finger forward as far as possible,

and extending my thumb in the opposite direction, I pressed the

tip of my finger upward, struggling to touch her clitoris as I

pressed my thumb against her anus.

     Somehow, as the music rapidly grew more powerful, she managed

to push her mons downward toward my finger, her ass raising upward

as she struggled to rub her clitoris against my finger tip.

Pressing my intruding digits deeply into her I made contact with

her clitoris and began rubbing it in small circles, grazing it

with my fingernail and working my thumb against her tight


     Turning my head now in the semi-darkness and watching her

face intently, I watched her gasp and grab her husband's right arm

with both hands, laying her head against his shoulder, as my thumb

pushed inward into her and as her climax began coursing through

her body.  The crescendo of the timpani confirmed my timing, as I

felt her vagina spasming against my hand, her legs jerking against

me, her orgasm erupting within her.  Her husband smiled down at

her, certain, I'm sure, that her pleasure was the result of the

powerful music.

     Withdrawing my wet hand from her as the audience burst into

applause, I leaned over to her and remarked, "That was a wonderful

climax!".  Looking at me for the first time, she gazed deeply into

my eyes, smiling broadly, and said, "Yes, it was.  Thank you!"


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