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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade32.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= Thursday With Laura, Part Two

     Laura  lay quietly against her end of the couch, waiting for me to

use  her further at my leisure.  Her head was still laying back against

the  arm  of  the  couch  and  the damp panties were still covering her

mouth  and  nose.   She  was so beautiful laying there spread-open, her

perfect  legs  so  wide  apart and her naked cunt framed wonderfully by

her thighs and the straps of her garter belt.

     I  took my cock out of my pants and began to stroke it gently as I

looked  at  her.   Her  chest  rose  and  fell with each breath and her

nipples  were  still  hard,  poking  out  from the rounded swell of her

beautiful tits.

     I  idly  let  my  foot  slide  forward, caressing her inner thigh,

loving  the  feel  of  the top of her stocking against my ankle and the

feel  of her soft skin against my foot.  I began sliding my foot closer

and  closer  to  her naked crotch, caressing her thigh firmly as I slid

it  higher  and higher up her leg.  When I reached the top of her leg I

pressed  my  foot  against  her  mound,  pressing  the  sole of my foot

against  her  clit  and her still wet lips.  I pressed hard against her

and  felt  her  move  her hips upward, rubbing herself against my foot.

The  more  insistently I pressed the hotter she seemed to grow, until I

slid  my  foot  back  down,  allowing  my  big toe to press against her

clit.   I rubbed it in small circles, using my toe as I might my thumb,

occasionally  letting  it  slide  down  into  her  slit,  gathering her

plentiful fuck juice as it did.

     Laura  reached up and took the panties from her face and looked at

me stroking my cock as I played with her pussy with my foot.

     "Put it in", she breathed hotly.

     "Put what in, Laura?", I replied, quietly.

     "Your  foot...put  it  in me..put it in my cunt", she said, matter

of factly.

     "You  want  me  to fuck you with my foot, Laura?  Is that what you

want?", I asked teasingly, my fist moving up and down my hard cock.

     "Yes,  thats exactly what I want.  I want your foot in my hole.  I

want  you  to  fuck me, fuck me with your foot....Please!", she moaned,


     I  began  to  press  my  toe further into the wet warm slit of the

submissive  young  slut in front of me as I continued stroking my dick.

She  opened  readily  to the pressure I applied, taking my toe into her

and  beginning to move her pussy in small circles.  I began to fuck the

toe  in and out of her, letting her lips open more each time to take in

more  of  my  toes as I pressed it back against her.  I soon had my big

toe  and  three  of the smaller ones inside her when I pressed forward,

and  she was hotly fucking herself back against the intruding digits of

my foot.

     "Oh,  yessss!,  Master...foot  fuck  me!   Fuck my whore slit fuck

hole  hard with your foot.  Give it to me, harder!", she hissed, taking

my  ankle  in  her  hand  and  pulling it toward her, imbedding my toes

deeper in her now trembling cunt.

     The  lewd  sight  before  me was having its affect on me for sure.

My  cock  was  rock  hard and the passion grew in my body as I felt the

pretty  girl fucking herself on my foot.  Her beautiful legs opened and

closed  regularly  as  she  hunched  upward  against me, pulling my leg

harder  toward  her  as she increased her efforts to take my whole foot

inside her.

     When  Laura reached between her legs with her left hand and pulled

the  lips  of  her  cunt  open,  trying  with all her might to take the

entire  end  of  my  foot  into herself, I lost all control and the hot

white  sperm that had been building in my balls now began to spurt from

the  head  of  my red and throbbing cock.  It shot out toward the young

slut  in  front  of me, some of it landing on the stocking covering her

left  leg,  and  running down it, dripping to the couch below.  Some of

it  puddled  on  the couch a foot or so from my still pumping hand, and

the  rest  streamed  from  the end of my dick like lava from a volcano,

pouring  over  the side and over my fingers, landing on the balls below

my busy hand.

     Laura  began  to  come  as  well,  the  sight of my hot fuck juice

shooting  out  into  the air pushing her over the edge.  She lifted her

hips  high  off the couch, continuing to pump my foot in and out of her

cunt  hotly  and with absolutely no reservation.  Her moans were filled

with  passionate  pleas  to  me,  begging me to never stop fucking her,

pleading with me to use her in anyway I chose for as long as I wanted.

     When  she  had  finished  coming, Laura bent forward and licked my

cum  from  my  hand  and the end of my dick.  She then moved upward and

began  kissing  me  deeply  with  my cum still in her mouth, letting it

spill  out  into  my  mouth  and  then sucking it eagerly back into her

own.   Finally swallowing it all, my sweet little whore lay her head on

my  chest  and  rested,  holding  my  softening  cock  in  her hand and

squeezing it gently from time to time.

     "You're  a  precious slut, Laura", I said warmly to her as she lay

quietly against me.

     "I  want  to  be  the  best  slut  you can train me to be, Master.

Teach  me  everything  you  want  me to know.  I can't wait to learn it



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