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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade31.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= Thursday With Laura, Part One

     I  don't  know if Laura masturbated alot between the time she got

my  letter and the day we first spent some time together or not, but I

sure  did.   I  have every one of those pictures she sent me memorized

now and they were responsible for many very nice orgasms.

     Needless   to  say  by  the  time  Thursday  came  I  was  ready.

Evidently  Laura  was  too.  She called at 9:00 that morning and asked

if  it  would  be ok if she came earlier.  I assumed at first that she

had  something  else  she had to do that afternoon, but it wasn't that

at  all, she just didn't want to have to wait until 2:00.  I suggested

she  come  whenever  it was convenient to her.  I didn't want  to wait

either,  especially  not  after  hearing  her  voice on the phone.  It

dripped with sexual excitement and submissiveness.

     She  arrived at 9:30.  It was interesting to see her with clothes

on  after seeing the pictures of her in lingerie and in the nude.  She

was  a lovely girl, and if I had not known why she was standing at the

door  I  might  have assumed she was with some religious group passing

out  pamphlets.   She  looked so pure and innocent in the pretty white

and  pink  dress  that she wore, and it wasn't until I looked her over

more  closely  that  I  realized  that  it  was  quite easy to see her

nipples  through  the front of the dress and the straps of her garters

through the thin material that cascaded over her beautiful legs.

     We  hit  it  off  nicely,  with  neither  of  us  displaying  any

nervousness  or awkwardness at all.  She sat demurely on the couch and

crossed  her  legs with elan.  Her choice of clothing was perfect, and

I drank in her beauty as I let my eyes roam over her body.

     "You'd  think  you hadn't already seen whats under this dress the

way  you  are  looking  at me.  Do I look ok?", she asked with a sweet


     "You're   adorable.    Exactly  the  kind  of  woman  I  like,  a

Madonna/Whore  type.  Outside of being able to see through that dress,

no  one  would guess that you've come here to get fucked over and over

all day.  That is why you're here, isn't it Laura?"

     Laura  let  her  eyes  fall  to  her  crossed  knees  and quietly

answered, "Yes, Master, it is."

     Smiling  at  her  demure manner, I asked her to tell me about her

high  school  years  and what she had been doing since her graduation.

I  was  interested, of course, but I also just wanted to have a chance

to  hear her talk for a while.  As she talked I began to play with her

dress,  pulling the thin straps that held the top of the dress up away

from  her  shoulders  and  running  my fingers under them.  I slid the

bottom  of  her  dress  up  just slightly from time to time to look at

more  of  her  legs  and  then  after staring openly at them, slid the

dress  back  down  once  again.  I played with her nipples through the

dress  with  the  back  of  my hand, and watched with interest as they

hardened  and  became  even  more  visible.  Occasionally I rubbed her

belly  gently  throught  the  dress,  letting my hand move downward to

within inches of her clit, but never quite touching it.

     Laura  was  not unaware of what I was doing as she spoke, and her

voice  grew  more  and more husky and full of passion, even though she

was  speaking of very ordinary and mundane things.  She swallowed hard

several  times  and  her chest rose and fell as the passion within her


     "Now,  its  your turn.  Tell me about you", she said when she had

finished her story.

     "I  love  to  eat  pussy", I said.  "I love beautiful legs as you

have  and  the  way they look when they are spread wide apart.  I love

to  see  a girl dressed only in panties.  I love lots of foreplay, not

only  touching,  but  the  mental  foreplay  that  is  so important to

building  excitement.   I  love  to smell cunt juice, and I love women

who enjoy smelling it and eating it too."

     "Well,  thats  not  exactly what I had in mind...but now I really

don't  care.   Would  you  like  for me to open my legs for you?", she


     "Yes,  I  would  like  that.   Turn sideways on the couch and put

your  left  leg  on  the back of the couch and keep your right foot on

the floor.  Pull your dress up to your waist and let me look at you."

     Laura  did as I requested, and slid her beautiful left leg up the

back  of  the  couch  until her high heel clad foot was resting on the

top  of the back portion of it.  Not only did she leave her right foot

on  the  floor,  but  she  let  her  right leg fall open, exposing her

crotch even more lewdly to me.

     She  was  wearing a tiny pair of white panties which clung nicely

to  her  mound  and  the  lips of her cunt.  Small whisps of cunt hair

poked  out from the sides of her panties and a damp spot was beginning

to  show  in  the  thin  fabric where her juices were leaking from her

hole  and  puddling  up.   Her  thighs were perfect.  Smooth and soft,

full  but not overly so and the contrast between the tan stockings and

the  natural  skin  tones of her thighs was delectable.  The stockings

themselves  were  the  perfect length, reaching a point about 8 inches

below  her cunt.  Her garter belt was a crisp cool white color and the

straps  had  been  adjusted perfectly.  There were tiny pink bows just

above the garters on each strap.

     As  I  stared at her beautiful legs and pantied crotch she slowly

and  sexily  ran  her fingers along the insides of her thighs.  My own

left  hand  found its way to my swelling cock and rubbed it through my


     "I'm  going  to eat you alot, Laura", I said, my eyes still glued

on  her  openess.   "There  will  be  many days and nights when I will

spend  long  hours  with  my head between your legs.  I'll spend hours

licking  your fuck into my mouth and swallowing it gladly.  I'll spend

many  hours loving the smell of your crotch and the taste of your cunt

and  the  feel  of your lips against my face.  You'll come, of course,

but  I'll not stop eating you.  I'll eat you until you come again, and

then  until  you  come  again.   Often I'll demand that you feed me by

dipping  your  own fingers into your hole and then offering your juice

to  me to lick from them.  The sight of you with your legs spread open

is  more  pleasing  to  me  than  I  can tell you, and you will become

accustomed  to  displaying  yourself  to  me in this manner whenever I

request  it,  which  will  be  often.  Lower the top of your dress and

display your breasts to me now."

     Laura  slowly and sensously slid the thin spaghetti straps of her

dress  over  her  shoulders and pulled the top of the dress down until

she  had  bared  both  of  her lovely breasts to me.  Her aureola were

dark  and  large, and her nipples had grown hard and long.  The act of

displaying  her  naked breasts to me had excited us both even more and

the  dark  circle  on  the  crotch  of her panties had now spread much

wider.   I  could  now see her juices glistening on the surface of her


     "May   I   touch   my   nipples,   now,   Master?",   she  asked,

breathlessly.   "I'm  soooo  hot  and  my nipples are so hard and need

touching  so  badly.   Pleaaase  may  I touch them?"  As she asked the

question  her  right  hand  moved to her wet slut crotch and she began

rubbing her clit through the soaked panties.

     "You  may  touch  your nipples, Laura, but you mustn't touch your

slut  fuck  hole  yet.   Move your fingers from your clit until I tell

you to touch it."

     "Ummmmmm, but Master!...I need it so baaaad!", she moaned.

     "I'll  tell  you  when you can have it precious little whore.  Do

as I say or get out of my house.  Now!!"

     Her  hand  moved  quickly  from her panties to her breast and she

began  to  pull at her nipples with the fingers of both hands.  It was

as  if  she  were  determined that she would make herself come just by

the  manipulation  of the hard nubs which poked out so invitingly from

her round and full tits.

     "That's  much  better,  Laura.   You  must learn to obey my every

command  and  not  to question me at any time.  Your juice is just now

beginning  to  run down the crack of your ass and puddle on the couch.

You'll  be  ready  for  some  stimulation  there soon, but I'll decide

when.   Pinch your nipples very hard.  It will take your mind off your

whore cunt."

     Laura  pinched  hard with her fingers and I saw her hips begin to

rise  and  fall  as  she tried to make her lips rub against themselves

and  her  panties  my  moving her hips.  I make it a point not to stop

pretty  young sluts from doing that.  I love to watch them hunch their

hips  into  the  air  in a fucking motion when they are extremely hot,

and  there  have  only been a couple of times when I've seen one of my

little sluts actually make herself come by doing it.

     "You  look good when your panties are this wet, Laura.  I can see

the  outline  of  your  lips  clearly through your panties now and the

juice  is  really beginning to flow through them steadily now.  Do you

always get this wet?"

     "Mmmmmmmmmm,  yessss, Master.  I always get very, very wet.  Just

thinking  about  cocks can make me nearly this wet sometimes.  I think

one  reason  I  enjoy being bi so much is that I love the slurpy sound

of a woman licking my juices from my hole.  I love being wet."

     "Unfortunately  we don't have a woman to lick your crotch for you

today,  Laura.   But  I  will lick it for you, if you like.  would you

like for me to suck your juice into my mouth?", I teased.

     "Ohhhh,  Master!   Please do it!  Please kiss my cunt.  I want it

sooooo much!!"

     Leaning  forward I took the top of Laura's very sexy and very wet

panties  and  slid  them down her long, sexy legs.  When I had removed

them  I  held  them to my face and licked a large quantity of her fuck

into  my mouth from the inside of the crotch of them.  Leaning further

forward  I pressed the wet crotch of the panties into Laura's face and

held  them  there as she smelled her cunt juice and allowed it to coat

her  tongue  and  lips.   Without  asking she returned her legs to the

wide  open  position they had been in before and guiding her head back

until  it  was  laying  on  the  arm  of the couch, I left the panties

covering her face and rose to disrobe.

     When  I sat back down on the couch I leaned forward until my head

was  between  the  beautiful slut's legs and my mouth was only an inch

or  so  away  from  her  now trembling cunt.  My tongue slid out of my

mouth  and lightly licked her hard clitoris which had poked itself out

of  its  protective  covering.  Her hair was sparse in the area of her

slit  and  she  was  easy  and  wonderful  to eat.  Her hips bucked up

violently  at  the  slightest  touch  of her clit and I had to refrain

myself  from licking it for too long a time to avoid her climaxing.  I

let  my  tongue  run down the lips of her cunt, first on the left side

and  then  back  up the right side.  I would pause briefly at her clit

and  then work my tongue back down again and occasionally slide across

the  area  between  her  bottom two fuck holes and then on down to her

ass  where  I  would  tease  her  anus with the tip of my tongue.  She

continued  to  lay  with  her head thrown back on the arm of the couch

and the still aromatic and nasty panties on her face.

     As  I  continued to lick her lips and to suck them into my mouth,

my  hands played with her legs and the cheeks of her ass.  I loved the

feel  of  the  nylon  against my shoulders as I moved between her legs

and  the  feel  of  the  garter belt straps as my hands moved over her

naked thighs.

     The  amount  of  time  I could spend in the area of her clit grew

shorter  and  shorter  as she grew hotter and hotter.  I could see her

fingers  growing  white  from  the  pressure  she  was applying to her

nipples  and  I knew she was getting closer and closer to the point of

no return.

     "Put  your  high  heels  on my back now, Laura.  When you feel me

press  my  mouth  to  your hole and begin to suck at it really hard, I

want  you  to fuck your cunt up into my face and dig into my back with

your  heels.   It  will be time for you to come for your Master when I

do  that."   I  slid  my  hands up past her hips and locked my fingers

together  over  her  belly,  just  above  her  crotch.  I pressed down

firmly  with  my  hands,  imprisoning  her  lower body in my grasp and

putting  pressure  on  the  area  of  her  stomach that would make her

orgasm just that much greater.

     I  felt  her heels pressing against my back now and the insistent

rubbing  of  the  stockings  against my back and shoulders as her hips

tried  to  hunch  themselves  ever  higher off the couch.  Without any

further  warning I pressed my hungry mouth into her crotch and grasped

her  clit  between  my  lips.   I  sucked  on it with all my might and

pressed  my  whole head hard against her, pressing down with my locked

hands  as  I  did  so.   Her hips flew up into the air and a long loud

gasp emerged from her panty covered mouth.

     "Ohhhh,  GAWWWWD!!!", she exclaimed, her hands leaving her super-

excited  breasts  and  grabbing  the  back of my head.  She pressed my

head  deeper into her crotch and began fucking her cunt up at my mouth

as  actively as she could manage with me holding her tightly the way I

was.   Her legs worked rapidly back and forth, trying to help pull her

slut  cunt  into  my  face  even  further.   I  could  feel the nylons

scrubbing  my  back and the heels pressing roughly into my skin as she

fucked my mouth.

     In  almost  no  time  she  was  coming, and her body broke into a

series  of  spasms  which  I  began to think might not ever end.  When

they  finally  did  she fell limp in my arms and her legs slid from my

shoulders  and  her  feet  from my back.  She lay still, hardly moving

except  for the rising and falling of her chest as her breathing tried

valiantly to return to normal.

     I  allowed  my  head  to rise from its position between her upper

thighs  and  began  to  lightly  kiss  her  thighs  once more.  As her

passion  ebbed  I  allowed  my  kisses  to move closer and closer once

again  to  her  pussy  and  I  felt  her  moving back up the ladder of

passion once more.

     Before  very long I was drinking deeply from her fountain of fuck

once  more  and  she  was  again  digging her heels into my back.  Her

second  orgasm  was  no  less violent than the first, but her recovery

time seemed to grow longer and longer each time she came.

     Finally  the  muscles in my mouth and neck were so tired and sore

that  I  could  continue  no  longer  and  I removed my mouth from her

crotch  and  sat  back  against my end of the couch.  I could feel her

juices  coating  my  face  and  could  feel  the  hair from her crotch

between  my  teeth  and  on  my  tongue.   The smell of whore fuck was

filling  the  air,  and  one of the  loveliest sights in the world was

now  mine.   A  beautifully  submissive  well  used slut lying quietly

before  me,  her  cunt still gaping open and her face and body flushed

from having been brought to numerous orgasms.

Continued in Part Two....


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