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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade30.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= A Letter To Laura

Dear Laura,

     Thanks  so much for the pictures.  I really meant to write to you

before  you  had  a  chance  to send them, but we had company over the

weekend.   A  friend  of ours named Karen and some of her friends came

to  spend  the  weekend,  and  when  Karen  comes there isn't time for

anything but sex.  Remind me to tell you about it sometime.

     Your  letter  was  very  exciting  and made me very interested in

meeting  you.   Now that I have the pictures I'm even more interested.

Not  only  are  you  a  very  lovely girl you are also a very talented

model.   Perhaps  you  should consider modeling for a living.  Not for

pictures  like  the ones you sent me, of course (grin).  You have that

special  kind  of  style in the way you hold your head and the look in

your   eyes  that  photographers  of  beautiful  women  look  for.   I

seriously think you should consider it.

     I'm  pleased  that you enjoyed the show at the party.  The little

slut  that I used that night was quite eager to please me and was very

easy  to use.  Believe it or not she grew even more submissive in time

and  is  frequently  a visitor in my home now.  Perhaps you'll be able

to  spend  some  time  with her at my house soon.  I think you'd enjoy

her now that she's been trained.

     Oh,  speaking  of  training,  I  was relieved to hear you mention

your  need  of training in your letter.  So many people equate being a

slave  slut  with  just  being  a loose woman.  Its certainly not that

easy  and  is certainly a higher calling.  I'm glad you recognize that

and  are  eager  to  be trained.  Its certainly not that I'm a know it

all  or  anything  that  causes your need to be trained, as you may or

may   not   be  aware.   Its  simply  a  matter  of  conditioning  and

familiarity  with  things  which most women do not feel self-confident

enough  to let themselves learn on their own.  When a submissive woman

turns  herself  over to her master she is then free to do things which

she has never given herself the freedom to do before.

     I  like  your  body.   Legs are one of my favorite things and you

certainly  have  great  legs...and  I  must say I was pleased with the

rest  of your body as well.  I especially like your ass and the way it

looks  when you're on your knees on the bed in that picture where your

girlfriend  has  placed a big dildo in your cunt.  You'll have lots of

things in your cunt by the time your training is complete.

     You  must  understand that if you are allowed to be my slave slut

that  you  will have to trust me implicitly.  You must understand that

I  will  always  have your interests at heart and your well being, and

that  I  will  never  do  anything  that  will  seriously hurt you.  A

certain  amount  of  discomfort, which we usually call pain, but which

is  really  quite different, is necessary at times, and you'll have to

endure  that.   But  you will learn that the discomfort merely adds to

your  excitement  and  that  you  will  learn  true  submissiveness by

trusting  me  and  allowing  me  to  cause  you  whatever discomfort I

believe is necessary.

     There  will  be certain periods of abstinence too.  You'll get so

hot  sometimes  and  need  to  fuck so bad that you'll think you'll go

crazy  if  you don't have something in your hot little fuck hole.  But

thats  all  part  of your training too, and believe me you'll get your

share of cocks and other things in your slut cunt.

     I'm  also  quite  glad that you're bi.  Some women who are not bi

can  make quite adequate slave sluts, but by and large the bi women by

far  make  the  better ones.  I think partly its because it gives me a

whole  other  arena  of  passion  with  which  to  work  and to use in

training  and  conditioning.   But  then  again, maybe its just that I

like bi women best.

     One  of  the things that I can offer a sweet little slut like you

is  a  circle of friends who are quite talented in their own right and

who  also  provide me with verifiable assurances of their freedom from

disease.   You'll  be  able to fuck freely whenever I make you without

worry  and  without fear of either disease or social repurcusions.  No

more  angry  wives  or upset girlfriends.  And of course when it comes

to  sex  with  other  women there is quite a nice variety of women who

have  been  trained  by me and who can also be dominant when I request

them  to be.  I can think of nothing that you might want sexually that

you  won't  be able to have whenever I decide that you can have it.  I

know  that  sounds  very chauvinistic, but its important for your sake

that  you  let  me  be the one to decide always.  You can rest assured

that  I  will  provide all the variety and all the frequency that your

little body can accomodate.

     Well,  I let this letter get a bit more formal than I intended it

to  be.   The  main  thing  I  wanted to say to you is that, yes, I'll

enjoy  meeting  you,  and yes, I will fuck you.  I enjoy fucking women

the  first time I meet them, and after seeing your naked whore body in

those  tremendously  sexy poses you know I'm dying to fill you full of

hot thick fuck meat.

     Oh,  by  the way.  I'll talk dirty to you quite often, as you may

have  realized by now.  I'll call you every dirty thing I can think of

and  sometimes  you'll  think  that  I have no respect for you at all.

That  certainly will never be the case.  I have tremendous respect for

women  who  are  submissive  and who want to be slave sluts.  My using

that   kind   of   language  with  you  simply  reminds  you  of  your

submissiveness and makes my dick hard.  Its as simple as that.

     So  my cute little dirty tramp fuck hole whore slut (smile), I'll

count  on  you coming over to my house next Thursday afternoon at 2:00

if  thats  ok with you.  Be sure to wear a skirt or dress so that I'll

have  easy  access  to  your legs and your cunt and ass.  You'll learn

more  about  proper  attire  as  your  training  proceeds, but for our

initial  meeting  just  make  sure  I can get at what I want to get at


     I'd  prefer  that  we  have  this  first  meeting alone, but I'll

gladly  meet  your  roomie and consider her for admission to the slave

slut  course  as  well  if  you like.  She obviously has good taste in

cunts  and  I'm  quite  sure  I'll  like her when I meet her.  Perhaps

you'd  like to bring some nude pictures of her.  If nothing else I can

show them to some of my friends from time to time.

     Thanks  for  remembering  me  and  for being the sweet submissive

slut  that  you  are.   I  want you to masturbate alot between now and

Thursday.   Think  about  anything  or anyone you like and finger your

little  hole and come as often and as much as you can.  When you share

your  fantasies  with me I'll use them often in your training and help

you to enjoy them even more.

                                      Lifting your skirt,

                                       Master Wade

P.S. I can't wait to meet you!


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