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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade29.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= A Letter From Laura

Dear Master Wade,

     You  probably  don't remember me.  I was at a party once that you

had  been  invited  to  which was given by a mutual friend of ours.  I

hope  I'm not out of line in writing you, but I'm not brazen enough to

just  call  you,  and I haven't been able to think of anything but you

since that night at the party.  Our friend gave me your address.

     There  was a girl at the party who let you use her for over three

hours  while  we  all  watched.  There was nothing planned about it at

all,  you  had  just been able to recognize her submissiveness and had

put  her  through  her  paces.   Perhaps if she had not been there you

would  have  recognized my submissiveness instead.  I would have loved


     Actually,  I've  only  recently realized that I'm a slut.  When I

was  young, in my teen years, I knew that I found everything about sex

very  exciting.   And I had sex with most of the guys that I went with

too,  although  it wasn't usually as fulfilling as I thought it should

be.   There was always something missing.  I did let myself get pretty

wild  in  college  and  was even the focus of a gang bang once, but it

really  wasn't as sexy as it sounds.  The guys didn't really know what

they  were doing.  At least not like you do.  Oh, they got hard enough

and  fed  me  plenty of cum, but they all laughed and played too much.

You  know  how young guys can be.  Of course after they had all fucked

me  they  didn't  want  to  have  anything  to do with me again.  Dick


     Even  though  I'm  only  now  realizing what a slut I need to be,

I've  known  for  years  that  I'm very bi.  My first taste of another

girl's  pussy  came  when  I  was  13.   A friend stayed over while my

parents  were  out  of town and we just sort of fell into it naturally

while  discussing  boys  and  sex.   We  were  lovers all through high

school.   It worked out pretty nice, we would double date and then eat

the  cum  from each other's pussies after our boyfriends had fucked us

and  gone  home.   Our  parents  never  suspected  a  thing.   She's a

minister's  wife  now  and  won't  let me eat her any more.  Sure is a

shame, she is still very attractive.

     I  suppose  I've fucked probably 10 guys in my life (not counting

the  gang bang) and I've been with somewhere around 20 women.  I could

have  fucked  more  guys, but I was pretty choosy.  I was also married

for five years and didn't screw around on my husband.

     I  met  my  current  girlfriend  at  the  party  you were at that

night.   I  got  so  hot watching you use the little slut at the party

that  I  just  had  to have some hot sex of some kind.  She had gotten

quite  hot too, and when she said she really enjoyed watching the slut

eat  the  other  girls, I knew she was  mine for the evening.  We went

to  my  apartment  after  the  party, and we both missed work the next

day.  She moved in with me a week or two later.

     I'm  a slave to my girlfriend and its a really neat relationship,

but  its  still  not  exactly what I need.  Oh, I still need plenty of

hot  pussy  to eat and I need it regularly, but I need more than that.

I need what you can help me to have.

     I  know  its pretty presumptious of me to write to you asking you

to  let  me  be  a slave slut of yours, but I promise I'll do anything

you  ask  me to do.  It doesn't matter what it is, I'll do it.  Honest

I  will.   In  fact, if you'll let me be one of your slaves, I'll even

work  it  out  so  that  you  can have my girlfriend whenever you want

too.   She  is  very  attractive  and can also be very submissive with


     You'll  have  to  judge  whether you think I'm attractive or not,

but  most  men  seem to think so.  I'm average in size but I have nice

average  size  tits  and  I know how to use my legs to turn men on.  I

never  won  any  beauty pageants in school, but I was in several and I

placed second in one once.  I was also a cheerleader.

     I'd  like  very  much to have a chance to introduce myself to you

sometime.   You  can  fuck  me of course, if you like, or you can just

come  by  the  apartment  sometime  and meet my roomie and I.  Any way

you'd  like  to  go about it would be fine with me.  I'll come to your

house  if  you  say  for me to or I'll even send a picture in the mail

first  if  thats  what you'd like.  You just let me know what I can do

to  make  it  possible  for us to meet and I'll gladly do it.  I could

have my girlfriend take some pictures of me in the nude if you like.

     I  don't  know  if  you  make  your slaves sign a legal statement

saying  that  they  are  being  your  slave of their own free will and

accord  or  not,  but  I would be happy to sign such a document and to

have it notarized if necessary.

     I  know  I'd  be a good little slave slut for you, Master.  I own

my  own  business  and I can make myself available to you whenever you

desire  and  for  as  long  as  you  want  me.  Anything sexual that I

haven't  done  I'd  love  for  you  to train me to do, and there isn't

anything  that  I'd  say no to.  I'd be yours for you to use in public

or  in  private  with any men or women that you might choose to use me

with in anyway you'd choose to use me.

     If  I  don't  hear  from  you in the next few days I'll send some

pictures  of  me  anyway if you don't mind.  My mistress likes to show

off my body to others and she will enjoy making me do it.

     I  hope  you'll let us meet and that you'll give me the chance to

beg  you in person.  I can't tell you how much I need and want for you

to  use  my  slut  body  for  your  pleasure  and the pleasure of your





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