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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade27.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= Buying Jennifer

     Normally  I  don't  pay for pussy.  After all, I am a Master, and

it  doesn't  seem  exactly  right  to  think about a Master buying his

sex.   But  sometimes  its  pretty nice to see some pussy you want and

just  buy  it.   Some  girls get off on being able to get paid for it,

and after all isn't getting girls off what its all about?

     Anyway,  I  started  out  just  playing  with the waitress at the

bar.   Her  name was Kimberly, and she was a cute little package.  The

barmaids  wore  long  black skirts that were slit high up the front of

their  left  leg  and white blouses and black stockings.  Kimberly was

about  5'5"  and  weighed around 115 I'd guess.  She had what appeared

to be very nice legs and small breasts.

     I  enjoyed  watching  her  walk  from  table to table, catching a

glimpse  of her leg as she moved.  When I'd finished my drink I walked

around  the  corner  of the bar to the step where Kimberly was sitting

and  chatted  with  her  for a few minutes.  I was going to be in town

for  a couple of days and was hoping she would spend some time with me

while  I  was  there.  I've  found  that  often waitresses can be very

submissive.   Maybe  its  because  they  enjoy  waiting on people, who

knows.   Anyway  there  was  little doubt in my mind that Kimberly was

one  of  "my  kind"  of  gals.  She sat with her knees drawn up to her

chin  and the skirt fell away from her left leg exposing nearly all of

the  outside  of  her  thigh.   She  was  very  friendly and obviously

flattered  at  my  invitation,  but  also  very  obviously  lived with

another man and didn't think she could work it out.

     I  asked her if she had any single friends who were as attractive

as  she  was,  and  she  replied  that  one  of  her  friends was very

attractive  and  also  worked  as  a  barmaid  at  the  same bar.  She

suggested  that  I  look  for her when she came in later that evening.

Her name was Jennifer.

     When  I  came  back to the bar later on that evening it only took

me  a  moment  to  spot  Jennifer.   Whereas  Kimberly was quite cute,

Jennifer  was simply astonishingly sexy looking.  She was blonde, with

long  hair  that came well below her shoulders.  Taller than Kimberly,

her  legs were even more shapely.  But the thing that really caught my

eye  about Jennifer was her tits.  Her tits and the black bra she wore

under  the  white blouse.  I knew without a doubt that it was at least

a  C cup bra if not a D, and I strongly suspected it was a D cup.  I'm

sure  that  Jennifer  doesn't weigh an ounce over 120 lbs, but she has

one beautiful set of tits.

     I  saw  Kimberly  talking  to Jennifer and pointing me out to her

well  before  I  got  a  chance to talk to Jennifer.  When she finally

came  around  to  my table and I had a chance to look into her eyes, I

knew.   I  don't  know  what  it  is  that  I  see  when I look into a

submissive's  eyes,  but  its  there nonetheless, and it was certainly

there  in  her  eyes.  I  asked  Jennifer  if we could spend some time

together  that  evening  and she smiled warmly and said that she would

get  off  very late.  I told her that the hour meant nothing to me and

that  I  would  very  much like to be with her.  She simply smiled and

walked away.

     A  girl  who  wears  a  black  bra under a white blouse is either

incredibly  stupid  or  incredibly  sexy, one of the two.  Now you may

argue  with  that,  but I still say its true.  I was married to one of

the  incredibly  stupid ones once, so I should know.  Jennifer was not

stupid,  but  neither  was  she easy.  All the enchanting small talk I

could  offer  did  nothing  to change her mind about her plans for her

after-work  hours.  But it was still obvious that the idea of spending

time in my room with me was not repulsive to her in the least.

     Finally  I  decided that I'd just offer to make a little donation

to  the  cause,  and  when  Jennifer  returned to my table to see if I

needed  another  drink  I  handed her my room key wrapped in a hundred

dollar  bill.  She stared at my outstreched hand for a moment and then

took  the  bill  and  key and slid it into the pocket on her skirt. "I

get  off  at  1:00",  she  said  with a warm smile, and turned to walk


     "Jennifer",  I called to her as she turned.  When she turned back

toward  me  I  laid  another hundred dollar bill on the table and then

covered it with yet another one.  "They are all yours."

     Smiling  even  broader,  Jennifer  licked her tongue slowly along

her  upper  lip and winking, turned back again and walked away leaving

the  money  on  the  table.  I picked the money back up and slipped it

into  my  pocket,  and leaving a $5.00 tip left the bar and went up to

my room to prepare for her arrival.

     I  enjoyed  the  warm  shower  and took extra care in shaving and

preparing  myself  for  what  I  knew  would  be  a wonderful evening.

Jennifer  was  very  prompt,  appearing at the room at just after one,

still dressed in her working clothes.

     When  she  entered  the room, she fell into my arms and kissed me

hotly  on the mouth, her big breasts pressing against my chest.  I let

my  hand  roam  over  her back and down over her ass, playing with her

incredibly sexy body as we kissed.

     She   broke   the  kiss  and  smiling  at  me,  said:  "Just  one

question...why  the  extra  two bills after I'd already agreed to come

up to your room?"

     I  smiled  back  at  her.   "I knew you'd wonder about that.  You

see,  it  was worth a hundred to see you take the key.  Fucking you is

worth  at  least  another hundred, and if your tits are as nice out of

that  bra  as  they  are  in  it,  they  are  worth  a hundred just by

themselves.   Besides,  I  believe  you  get  what you pay for in this

world.  I expect to get alot."

     "If  your  cock works like your mind does, you're bound to be one

hell of a fuck, Mister", she said with a wide grin.

     Releasing  myself from her arms I moved toward the chair in front

of  the  window.  "Show me what I paid for, my pretty blonde whore", I

said,  teasingly.   As Jennifer began unbuttoning her blouse I reached

behind  me  and  pulled  the  cord to open the curtains.  At first she

hesitated,  but  then thinking no doubt about the amount she was being

paid  she continued to strip for me, opening her blouse and peeling it

from her shoulders.

     "Why  do  you  wear  the  black  bra  under  your  white  blouse,

Jennifer?", I asked as she began unhooking her skirt.

     "Because  men like it.  I like for men to look at me and want me,

and  they  do.   Not many know how to get me, like you did, but I love

for them to look and want.  I get fucked when I want it."

     "And  you  like  to  fuck,  don't you my little slut?", I teased.

"Yes,  I  do  like  it.  I more than like it, to be honest, I love it.

Just  thinking  about  spreading  my  legs  open  for someone makes me

really  hot.  And when I get hot I get very, very wet.  And the wetter

I get the hotter I get."

     "Take the bra off and show me your tits, whore", I commanded.

     "Ummmmmm,  I  like the sound of you calling me a whore", she said

hotly.  "No one has ever called me that before, but it turns me on."

     "You  are  a whore, Jennifer...a high dollar whore.  You fuck for

money  and  because  you need to fuck.  There isn't anything you won't

do if you're paid enough to do it.  I know you."

     Jennifer's  tongue  slipped  from  her  mouth and her eyes stared

into  mine as I continued to talk nasty to her.  Her hand unhooked the

heavy  bra  and  pulled  the  cups  from her full and round tits.  She

dropped  the  bra  to  the floor and slid out of the black  pantyhose.

Clad  now  only  in tiny black bikini panties, she moved slowly toward

me,  aware  as  was  I  that  she was making herself even more visible

through the open windows.

     "Do  you  like  my  tits?", she asked.  "Look how round they are.

Look  at  my nipples and how long they have become.  Do you know girls

who  love  to  have their nipples pinched really hard?  I love it like

that.   My  nipples  get  so long when they are pinched or bitten.  Do

you  like  long  nipples?   I hope you like them.  I hope you'll spend

lots  of  time  with  my  tits.  You can kiss them, and pinch them and

fuck  them  if  you  like.  You paid for them, you can use them in any

way you like."

     I  felt  my  cock  growing harder and longer by the second as she

stood  before  me  lifting  and  cupping her heavy round breasts.  Her

nipples  had  indeed  grown  very  long and thick.  They were at least

three quarters of an inch long already.

     "Show  me  the  cunt  that  I'm  buying,  precious  Jennifer",  I


     She  slid  her  hands  slowly  down her stomach to the top of her

panties  and  hooking  her  thumbs  under the elastic band sexily slid

them  down  and over her thighs.  As I had suspected her cunt hair was

not  blonde,  but was a dark brown.  It was trimmed neatly however and

was  not  very  thick  at  all.  Just the way I like it.  When she had

removed  the  panties  she  stood  closer  with her legs open wide and

reached  between  her legs with both hands.  She took her lips between

her  fingers and bending at the knees slightly pulled her cunt open to

show me the pink inner lips.

     "Here's  my whore pussy.  You paid to see it and you paid to fuck

it  and  you'll get all of both of those things that you like.  I love

to  show  it and I love to sell it.  Look how wet I am already.  Touch

me...touch the inside of my cunt."

     I  reached out and lightly stroked her inner lips with the tip of

my  finger.   She was indeed extremely wet.  I could smell her sex too

as  she  stood  there in front of me.  It was a very nice smell, clean

but yet also very much alive and very sexy.

     "Turn  around  and  bend  over my sexy slut whore.  I want to see

your ass now", I directed.

     "Gladly,  sir", she said, turning slowly around, keeping her legs

open  wide  and  bending  deeply  at the waist, exposing her beautiful

tight  young  ass  to  me.  Between her legs I could see her full tits

hanging  down  lewdly from her chest.  I slid from the chair and began

to  kiss  her  ass cheeks as she stood with her hands on her knees.  I

reached  around her legs and took a nipple between the fingers of each

hand  and  began to pinch them as my kisses moved between her legs and

up into her crotch.

     I  licked  the pretty young blonde whore's cunt deeply and let my

tongue  travel  through  her  slit  and on up to her anus, tonguing it

deeply  as  well.  Between the pinching of her nipples and the licking

of  her  holes,  Jennifer  was  becoming  more  and  more  excited.  I

continued  to  lick her, loving the smell and taste of her sex and the

feel  of  her  already  long  and  thick  nipples  growing even longer

between  my  thumb  and finger.  She moaned softly and reached between

her  legs  to  rub  at  her  clit.   I was in no rush and was enjoying

myself  immensely,  so  I  continued  to lick her and pull at her tits

until  she  had  a  very  strong  orgasm.   It was exciting to see the

pretty  young  blonde  standing  there bent double and coming like she

hadn't  been  fucked  in  months.   Her legs trembled and her cunt ran

with  juice  as  her  hand flew across her clit.  She made very little

noise  as  she came, but her breathing came in deep gasps and her hips

bucked lewdly as the passion overtook her.

     When  her  breathing  had  returned  to  normalcy,  I  stood  and

directed  her to turn around and strip me.  She very sexily unbuttoned

my  shirt,  kissing  my chest as it was exposed to her and rubbing her

hard  nipples  against mine.  When she unbuckled my belt and worked my

zipper  down  she  fell  to  her  knees  and  began to gnaw at my cock

through my shorts.

     "Are you a cock-sucking whore, my sweet Jennifer?", I asked.

     "I  love  sucking  cocks",  she  said hungrily.  "I want to taste

your  meat  and  I want to feel you fuck it in and out of my mouth.  I

want  to drink your sperm as many times as you'll give it to me.  Yes,

I'm a cock-sucking whore."

     After  answering  my  question  so eloquently, she slid my shorts

off  and  took  my throbbing member in her mouth and expertly began to

suck  it  and  lick  it with her tongue.  She reached around behind me

and  let her fingers play with the crack of my ass and my balls as her

pretty  blonde head bobbed up back and forth on my meat.  I could feel

her  long nipples grazing my thighs when her lips ran to the bottom of

my  shaft.   Occasionally  she would move her hand from my balls to my

dick  and remove it from her mouth and stroke it in front of her face,

licking  at  the  head with the tip of her tongue.  She would stare up

at  my  eyes  with  such  hunger that there was no question in my mind

that she did indeed love sucking cocks.

     "Spray  my  face with your cum", she breathed hotly, staring into

my  eyes.   "Shoot your whore's face full of your hot fuck...she needs

it...she loves it."

     Her  sexy  words  and  the tight grip of her hand brought the cum

flying  from  my  balls  and  up the shaft of my thick fuck meat.  She

closed  her  eyes and held her head eagerly in front of my dick as the

hot  white  sperm  flew  from the end of my cock and splashed onto her

creamy  white  skin and lipstick covered lips.  An especially big glob

of  cum  dripped  from  her  chin  and landed on her left nipple.  She

lifted  the breast with her hand and bending down with her head licked

the cum off of her nipple easily.

     "Please  finger  me  now...please take me to bed and fuck me with

your  long  thick fingers...I'm so hot..I really need something inside

me!", she pleaded.

     I  turned  the  covers  down and watched with interest as she lay

her  long  lithe  body  on  the  cool  white  sheets.  Her legs opened

immediately  as  she  offered  her  fuck  hole  to  me to do with as I

pleased.   Her  rock  hard  nipples  stood  proudly on her big breasts

which  were  so  firm  and youthfull that even as she lay on her back,

they still stood out nice and round.

     I  laid  beside  my little whore and began to tease her extremely

wet  pussy with my fingertips, lightly stroking her.  As I stroked her

I  talked  to  her  quietly,  in a droning monitone.  "Precious little

whore.   Gorgeous  blonde  slut  whore.  You love to be finger-fucked,

don't  you  my  slut?   Feel  my  fingers  as they slide into your wet

hole.   I'm  putting  two into you now...two long thick fingers.  Feel

them  pressing  at the top of your cunt.  Now feel them sliding to the

bottom  of your slit, and pressing hard at the bottom.  I'm stretching

your  fuck  hole,  you  precious little whore.  I'm stretching it open

wide  so  it  can  take more fingers.  I love to stretch whore pussies

and  fill  them with thick things.  I love to pay for a pussy and then

fill  it  with whatever I choose.  Whore cunts are made to fill and to

fuck.   Your  cunt  was made to fill and to fuck.  Now a third finger,

Jennifer.   Three  big  fingers in your hole.  Ummmm, its so slick and

hot  in  there.   I know you want another one.  Here it is.  Now there

you  go...four hard fingers pushing into your young little pussy.  Now

all  that's  left  on that hand is my thumb.  You want my thumb too, I

know  you  do.   Does  Kimberly ever finger-fuck you, Jennifer?  I bet

she  does.   I bet she fingers you often and that she eats you too.  I

bet  you like that, and I bet you like to eat her precious little fuck

hole  cunt  too,  don't  you?   Feel  the  thumb  now,  baby?  Feel it

pressing   in  alongside  the  fingers?    Ummm,  you're  taking  them're  so good and wet.  Maybe I'll pay for you another time

and  fill  your hole with Kimberly's hand.  You'd like that I bet.  To

be  paid to take your girlfriends hand in your cunt.  To be paid to be

fist-fucked  by another pretty young girl. Fist-fuck, fist-fuck, fist-

fuck,  fist-fuck,  fist-fuck,  fist-fuck.....ooops,  my  whole hand is

sliding  in  now,  Jennifer.   Its  slipping into your whore cunt now.

You  do  love  to  be  fist-fucked, don't you cum sucking fist fucking

cunt eating bi slut whore?"

     My  hand was indeed inside her slick hole now and she had reached

down  between  her  legs  and had grabbed my wrist with both hands and

was  fucking  herself with my fist.  My words had made her even hotter

and  as  she  thought  about  her sexy young friend Kimberly and being

paid  to  take  her fist just as she was taking mine her orgasm began.

She  literally  flung her cunt at my arm as the passion over-took her,

and  I  could  feel  my fingers being pressed hard against her cervix.

At  the  peak  of her orgasm she had her hips high off the bed and was

jerking  forward ramming her cunt onto my arm.  I thought for a moment

that  she  was  going  to press my fingers into her womb when suddenly

she went limp and fell back to the bed with a loud sigh.

     Her  passion  had  reignited  mine, and my cock was now ready for

fucking  once  more.   Concerned  that  her cunt might need a rest but

still  having  cum  to  dump  into my whore I rolled her over onto her

stomach  and moved behind her.  Her pussy had run so freely with juice

that  there  was  no  need  of  lubrication  for  her asshole.  It was

covered  with her fuck fluid already and easily accepted my thick cock

as  I  pressed  it  slowly  up into her chute.  I pounded into her ass

freely,  feeling the tight hole gripping my shaft wonderfully.  I took

my  time,  knowing  that  she  was  resting  and  wanting to enjoy the

opportunity  to  grind  my  meat  into  the young girls ass.  When she

became  aware  that  I  was  nearing  orgasm  she began to talk to me,

coaxing the cum from my balls.

     "Yessss,  fuck  my ass...fuck it full of your hot cock.  Shoot it

full  of  hot  white  cum.  Fuck your whore's ass.  I'm an ass-fucking

slut  whore  and  I  love the feel of your hot fuck meat pounding into

me.   Ohhhhh  yessss, give it to me, fuck me harder!  Someday you will

fuck  my ass while my mouth is full of Kimberly's'll see me

eating  her  sweet  young  pussy  and  you'll  pump  your  cum into my

asshole.    Ohhhhh,  it  feels  so goooood!  Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck my


     I  fucked  Jennifer twice more that night.  Normally I would tire

out  faster than that, but I guess when my money is on the line I make

sure  I  get  what  I pay for.  The next night it was Kimberly who was

asking  ME what I was doing when she got off work....but thats another

story.   Oh,  by the way...when I checked out I found that my room had

been paid for already.  How about that?


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