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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade26.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= Karen Comes For A Visit, Part Four

     In  one  sense  Monica had pretty much stolen my thunder with her

decision   to  use  the  dog.   I  had  wanted  to  provide  something

especially  nasty  and  that  would  require extreme submissiveness of

Karen for the afternoon, and it would be hard to top the dog routine.

     Still,  I  knew  how  turned  on Karen got when she was forced to

display  her  nakedness to a group of people, so I figured the trip to

the  club  certainly  wouldn't be a waste.  Just to make sure I called

my  friend and advised him of my plans.  He lets women in the club for

free  on  weekends,  and  always  has  nude  women dancers.  For those

reasons  its  always  likely that he'll have a good supply of bi women

on  hand  who  enjoy watching pretty young sluts taking it off as much

as  the  men  do.   He  has good luck finding dancers and always has a

crowd  on  the weekends.  I told him I'd have a couple of very special

dancers  for  him  and some other ladies for the audience as well.  He

was  nearly  as  excited  as  I was about my bringing the girls to his


     I  told  Shirley I wanted to turn the tables on her just a little

and  wanted  her  to  wash  the dog cum off of the two white sluts for

me.   She  balked  and   challenged my authority as Master.  The other

girls  held her across my lap and I slid her panties down and reminded

her  of  who she was and who I was by giving her 40 good hard slaps on

her  brown  ass  with my hand.  When I was done I brought Rex into the

house and made Shirley suck him off and swallow his cum.

     After  she had cleaned up the two white sluts Shirley prepared an

early  supper  for  us all.  After we ate I told the girls of my plans

for  the  rest  of  the  evening and we made preparations to leave.  I

picked  out very sexy clothing for all the girls to wear and took some

group pictures before we left.

     My  friend, Dick, was glad to see us when we got to the club.  He

had  saved  us  his  best  table  down  front at stage center.  We all

gathered  around  the  table  and began to watch the dancer who was on


     There  were two metal poles which ran from the floor of the stage

to  the  ceiling.   The  young blonde who was now dancing was wrapping

her  pretty  legs  around  the  pole on the left and rubbing her panty

covered  cunt  against it suggestively as if it were a huge cock.  She

slid  down  its  whole  length  and then lay on her back with her hips

moving  in  a  fucking  motion up and down.  Slowly she rolled over to

her  stomach  and crawled to the edge of the stage and stared at Gail,

her  tongue  licking out of her mouth.  Gail leaned forward and kissed

her deeply on the mouth.  The crowd loved it.  So did Gail.

     We  watched  a couple of the dancers to give the girls an idea of

what  we  would  be seeing.  Karen was not aware yet that she would be

required  to  "dance"  in  front of everyone, but it was early yet.  I

wanted  to  let  the  crowd grow before I showed her off.  Before long

the  cat  calls of the crowd and the liquor we were all drinking began

to  loosen  us  up and everyone began to have a great time.  From time

to  time  I  would  miss one of the girls at my table and then I would

realize  that  she  was  under  the  table sucking on one of the other

girls  cunts.   Hell,  that  was fine with me.  It was even finer when

they started moving around to me and sucking me off too.

     Around  ten  o'clock  the  room was pretty full, and I decided it

was  time  to  put  Karen  on display.  I had seated her next to me so

that  I  could keep her cunt good and wet while the other dancers were

dancing.  I now filled her in on her role for the evening.

     "Karen,  my  little  dog fucking bi slut, you are going to be put

on  display  for  the  enjoyment  of the people here in the club.  You

will  show  your  tiny  tits and your beautiful legs, ass, and cunt to

the  men and women who are here.  Some of them are black, some of them

are  white.    They  all  either have big thick cocks which they would

like  to slam into your whore body or pussies which they would love to

grind  into  your  face.   What you have seen these other girls do has

only  been an appetizer compared to the full course that you are going

to  offer.   When  you are done the whole room will know that there is

not  a  more  submissive or hotter bi-slut-whore in the world than the

one  that  they  have  just  seen  on  this stage.  Can you do as your

Master requests of you?"

     "I  can  only  try, Master.  But there is nothing that I won't do

for  you, you know that.  Whatever it is and whomever it includes, you

may count on my complete cooperation."

     "Just  as  I  thought,  Karen.   You love showing off in front of

people  just as much as I like to make you do it.  Its embarrassing to

you,  I know.  But I also know that it makes your slit a running river

of  cunt  juice  and  makes  your  belly  and cunt walls turn into one

molten gob of slut whore pussy."

     I  signalled  to Dick to let him know that I was ready to provide

my  part of the evening's entertainment.  He moved to the stage at the

conclusion  of  the current dance number and introduced me to the full

room of people.

     Walking  onto  the  stage  with  Karen  I  looked  out  over  the

audience.   There  was indeed a varied group of people there.  Some of

the  group  were  obviously  the  truck-driver-blue-collar  type  beer

drinkers  that  people  usually  expect  to find in such a place.  But

there  were  also  a  good  supply of business types in the room.  And

last,  but  certainly  not  least,  there were a good supply of either

lesbians  or bi-sluts who were there to see their fellow sluts display

their  bodies  and  churn  their  fuck  parts  for  others to see.  In

general  it  was  a nice looking crowd.  They were all obviously there

to have a good time.

     I  introduced  myself  as a friend of Dick's and introduced Karen

as  a slut who was visiting me from another town.  I told them that no

one  in  this town knew her, and that all that I really knew about her

was  that  I  had  never  met anyone who would do the things she would

do.   My introduction caused a few nervous giggles from the ladies and

a  few,  "Oh  yea?  us, big man!" type remarks from the guys in

the  group.   I was going to show the, that was for sure.  But I never

let  someone  else  set my pace for me.  First, I wanted Karen to tell

them  who  she was herself.  Then she could back up her own words with


     Holding  the  mike in front of Karen, I asked her some questions:

"Karen, you are a slut, aren't you?"

     "Yes,  I'm  quite a slut, Master.  I will do anything you require

of me", she replied matter of factly.

     "You're a bi-slut too, are you not, Karen?", I asked.

     "Oh,  yes,  Master, very much a bi-slut.  I love to eat pussy and

I love to kiss women and make them come for me."

     "And you especially like to eat black pussy, don't you Karen?"

     "Ohhhh,  Master.   Its embarrassing to me to admit that, but yes,

I  love  being  the  slave  of young black girls and eating their fuck

into my mouth or anything else they ask me to do."

     "You  may now display your body for the people, Karen.  Do a nice

slow,  sexy  strip  to  the music and then try very hard to make cocks

hard  and  pussies wet.  I'll help you if you need some help.  Just do

your best", I directed.

     I  stepped  from  the  stage  after  making  a short introductory

comment  to  the  room  of people and returned to our table.  Gail had

slid  into Karen's chair next to me and Monica placed her hand upon my

crotch  immediately upon my sitting down.  They were all as anxious to

watch Karen as I was.

     Karen  was  wearing  a pretty black mini-dress with nothing under

it  and  a pair of very high high heels.  She danced sexily around the

stage,  bending  over  to  allow her dress to ride up and show off her

ass  and cunt for those who were close enough to see.  She wrapped her

legs  around  the  pole, the dress rising up to her waist and hungrily

hunched it as only one who loves to be watched can do.

     The  crowd  cheered her on, knowing that there was much more that

they  would  watch  her  do.  She slid senously out of the black mini-

dress  and  stood  before  the  crowd  completely  naked.  Her fingers

pulled  at  her  nipples  and then slid down her belly to her cunt and

pulled  the  lips  of  her  cunt  open wide.  She bent slightly at the

knees  to  allow the group of people to look at her fuck hole and then

moved  her  hips  slowly forward and backward in the age old motion of

fucking.   She turned around and bent over with her ass facing the the

audience  and  reaching  between her legs inserted two fingers deep in

her  hole  and  fucked  them  in  and  out.   The  crowd began to clap

rhythmicly, cheering her on.

     I  reached  into  the  bag  that I had brought with me and handed

Gail  two  big  thick  dildo's  and  told her to take them to Karen on

stage.   She  did  as  I  had directed, and Karen held her closely and

ground  her body against hers as she kissed her in thanks for the fake

cocks she had so generously provided.

     For  the time being Gail returned to the table and Karen began to

squat  in front of the room full of people, holding the largest of the

two  cocks in her right hand and lowering her crotch to it in order to

insert  it  in her slut cunt.  The men began calling out very sluttish

comments  to  her, inviting her to sit on their dicks if she needed it

that  bad,  and  calling  her  a dildo fucking whore.  Karen blushed a

deep  red  at  the  comments, but continued to impale her sexy body on

the huge cock shaped instrument beneath her.

     Very  slowly  and  gracefully she turned until she was facing the

rear  of  the  stage,  her back and ass visible to the audience.  With

her  left  hand  she moved the other dildo to her anus and slowly slid

it  up  inside  her ass.  Then falling to her knees and resting on her

chest,  she  reached  back  between her open thighs and fucked the two

fake  cocks in and out of her two holes with relish.  Her ass rose and

fell  as  the dildo's moved in and out of her holes.  She was becoming

quite  a  hit  with  the crowd and there were already a few people who

had  their  hands under the table and who were busily working on their

own  sexual  organs  as they watched her.  The crowd continued to call

out  lewd  comments  to  her  as  she  fucked herself openly for their


     "Look  at  the  slut fuck herself!", one said.  "Hot Damn, what a

whore",  another  screamed.   "She's  supposed  to  be  a nigger lovin

whore,  let  her  eat  some  black  cunt!",  yelled  a sexy, but cheap

looking  white  woman  near  the  front  of  the room.  The black cunt

comment  didn't  go  un-noticed  by my friends at my table, and Angela

looked  at  me questioningly.  "You like that idea, do you Angela?", I

asked with a smile.

     "Karen  eats  me  in  front  of  the girls in the sorority often,

Master.   This  wouldn't  be  so different from that except that there

are  men  here too.  And my pussy is very, very itchy!", she said with

a demure smile.

     "Slide  your panties off and join her on the stage then, Angela",

I  directed.   "Dance  around  her very sensously and tease her before

you  press your pussy to her face.  Make it good if you're going to do


     "I  will,  Master!",  she replied, as she reached below the table

and reached under her skirt to slide her wet panties off her hips.

     Angela  drew  a  loud  cheer  from  those  in the audience as she

walked  out onto the stage.  She was wearing a bright yellow skirt and

a  matching  sweater  and  had  on some very high yellow high heels as

well.   The  contrast with her brown skin was striking, and she looked

good  as  she began to dance around Karen on the stage.  She was quite

an  accomplished  dancer, and her sexy skirt swirled around her lovely

legs  as  her  hips  moved  to the music.  From time to time she moved

very  close  to  the  white slut who was pumping the face cocks in and

out  of  her  ass,  letting  her  skirt  brush her upraised ass as she

danced  around her.  Karen rose on her knees to allow herself a better

view  of  her  black  friend,  but continued to bob up and down on the

dildo's  to  the  delight  of  the crowd.  She was now turned with her

face  to the audience and the look of passion and sexual excitement on

her face was obvious to all.

     Angela  began  to  dance  toward Karen with her feet spread apart

and  her  hands on her hips, humping her cunt toward her as she moved.

When  she  got  within a couple of feet of her she started letting her

hands  work  her skirt up her legs and by the time she got directly in

front  of  Karen she had it up to her waist, her naked cunt exposed to

the  already  trembling  nigger loving whore was now face to face with

the object of her desire.

     Karen  leaned  forward  and  tried  to lick at Angelas pussy, but

Angela  danced  sexily away from her and moved around the stage behind

her.   Frustration  was  written  all  over  Karen's face as the sweet

tasting  pussy  had  been  taken  from her.  Angela began to slide the

sweater  up  over  her head, still dancing, and soon her naked breasts

were  exposed to the men and women who continued to clap and cheer her

on.   Dancing in front of Karen once more she bent over  and shook her

tits  in Karen's face, moving away once again as Karen tried valiantly

to  maintain  her balance and at the same time take one of the nipples

into her mouth.

     When  Angela  danced  around behind Karen this time, she slid her

yellow  skirt  down  her  long  legs  and turned slowly around for the

benefit  of  the  audience.  Her shapely legs and well formed ass were

very  much  appreciated  by  the  group of people who were now growing

very excited by this unusual show they were witnessing.

     Dancing  to Karen's left side and opening her legs widely, Angela

offered  her pussy to the pretty white slut once again.  This time she

did  not dance away, but allowed Karen to bury her face in her crotch.

Karen  eagerly  ran  her  tongue into the warm wet slit before her and

even  more  avidly  fucked  the  dildo's  in and out of her two holes.

Angela's  hips  continued  to move to the music as she ground her cunt

into  Karen's  hungry  mouth,  and  her hands moved to her breasts and

began to tease and caress her perky breasts.

     The  crowd  was  loving  every minute of the performace they were

witnessing.   They  continued  to  call out nasty comments to Karen as

she  ate  away  at  the  pretty black girl in front of her.  "Thats it

baby,  eat  that  black  pussy!!",  one  called.  "Ooooooh, cunt juice

city!...suck  it  bitch!", yelled another.  One very tall and lean man

in  his  twenties  stood near the stage and began dancing to the music

as  he  watched  the  girls on stage.  Before long he was stripping to

the  music  to the delight of the crowd and they began to cheer him on

as  well,  encouraging  him  to  join the girls on the stage.  When it

began  to appear that he was in fact going to join them, Dick motioned

to  me  in  a  questioning  way to see if I wanted him to stop the man

from  going  on  stage.   I shook my head in a negative response.  The

crowd  was  loving  it  and  I knew Karen would go along with whatever


     When  the  man  danced  out  onto the stage he was clad only in a

pair  of bikini shorts and he strutted and hunched his way over to the

two  girls  who  were  so  lost  in  their  own passion that they were

oblivious  of  his presence.  "Get you some slut pussy, Dave!", yelled

one  of  the  man's buddies.  Dave smiled back at the man and began to

rub  his cock through his shorts.  To say he was well endowed would be

an  understatement.  As he caressed his thick fuck meat it grew longer

and  longer  until  it  was soon poking out the top of his shorts, the

head  and  at  least  three inches of the shaft now fully exposed.  It

pushed  the  front of the bikini's out from his belly and as he danced

they  began  to  slide  downward.  Finally he hooked his thumbs in the

waistband  of  the shorts and stripped them off, revealing his monster

cock in all its splendor.

     The  attention  of the crowd had now shifted to Dave and the huge

rod  that  stood out before him.  He walked up behind Angela and began

to  rub his thick meat against the soft black skin of her ass.  Angela

lay  her  head back on his shoulder as his hands moved around in front

of  her  and  began  caressing her breasts.  Reaching between Angela's

open  legs, Dave took his cock and pressed it between them, pushing it

under  her  cunt  and letting the end of it press against Karen's chin

and  throat.   Karen  pulled back, somewhat confused, but when she saw

the  head  of his huge dick being pressed up against the bottom of her

black  friend cunt she merely opened her mouth and covered the head of

it  eagerly,  filling  it  with  dick  and pressing her lips back once

again to wet slit that was just above it.

     Dave  began to fuck his hips back and forth, letting his dick rub

the  young black girls cunt and feeding as much of it as possible into

the cunt eating whore who was so eagerly sucking it.

     At  our  table the girls were also having a marvelous time.  Gail

and  Monica  were both extremely excited by what they were witnessing.

They  each  had  a  hand on my cock and were stroking it expertly as I

slid  two  fingers from each hand into their juicy hot cunts on either

side  of me.  Debbie and Shirley were both fingering thier own pussies

and had their eyes glued on the action on the stage.

     Dave  began to take control of the situation on stage and sliding

his  cock  back  out  of  Karen's mouth and moving Angela to one side,

bent  the  young  black  slut over so that he could fuck his cock into

her  wet  slit  from behind.  She was standing beside Karen's face now

so  that Dave was able to alternately fuck her pussy and then removing

his  cock,  slide  it into Karen's juice covered mouth.  He moved back

and  forth  between the two girls, embedding his super-long rod in the

black  cunt  and  then sliding it into Karen's mouth, then back to the

pussy once more.

     Each  time his fuck meat moved back into Karen's mouth more of it

disappeared,  and it was the same with his journeys into Angela's fuck

hole.   Soon,  almost unbelievably he was sliding the entire length of

his  huge dick into both of the holes that presented themselves to him

so  eagerly.   Karen  had become so absorbed in sucking the cunt juice

covered  monster cock that she had neglected the dildo's in her bottom

two  fuck  holes.   One had now slid out of the wet slit and was lying

on  the floor beneath her.  It was obvious that before long the one in

her ass would soon be joining it.

     Two  especially randy men who were seated near the front moved up

onto  the  stage  and  took  their  hard  cocks out of their pants and

joined  the  busy  trio.  Both of them looked like football players or

construction  workers.   They  were  well built and extremely muscular

men  and  with  no  embarrassment  whatsover they each took a slut and

began  to fuck them in front of the cheering crowd.  One held Angela's

head  in  his  hands  and  began  to fuck her mouth roughly, while the

other  man  knelt  behind  Karen  and began to shove his dick into her

dripping  and  previously  empty pussy.  He took the dildo in his hand

and  worked it in and out of her ass at the same time, reveling in the

hot slut pussy he was being treated to.

     Suddenly  a very slim white girl clad in a pair of white and very

short   shorts  appeared  on  stage and almost as if in a trance moved

over  to  the  group  and  took  Dave's  place  when  he withdrew from

Angela's  cunt  on  his  way  back to Karen's mouth.  She knelt behind

Angela  and  began  fingering her pussy and ass, using both hands.  If

Dave  minded  her  intrusion  he  certainly didn't show it.  He merely

held  Karen's  head  tightly  and  began  fucking her face in earnest,

shoving  the  entire  length  of  his  9  inch or better cock down her

throat with ever thrust of his hips.

     The  girl  behind  Angela  continued to work more and more of her

fingers  into  Angela's  hot  holes  and soon had two fingers from her

left hand in her ass and four fingers from her right in her cunt.

     She  was  not  the  only  one  who  was  increasing the number of

fingers  they  were  using  in  cunts.   All  over the room there were

pussies  being fucked by more and more fingers and the shouts that had

once  filled  the  room  had  somehow disappeared and been replaced by

quiet  moans and whimpers.  I now had three fingers in Monica and Gail

and  as  I  worked  a forth into Monica's hole Gail impatiently shoved

two  of  her  own fingers in her cunt alongside the three of mine that

were  already  there.  Shirley and Debbie had long since forgotten the

action  on  the  stage  and  were  kissing each other passionately and

digging away between their legs, fucking each other furiously.

     I  knew  as  soon  as  she  began that the slim little white girl

would  be fisting our black slut on stage before it was over, and sure

enough  she  was  now  working her entire hand into Angela's trembling

cunt.   Angela  loved every second of it and ground her black ass back

toward  the  young  girl, taking everything she could give her, as she

continued to gobble away at the white fuck meat filling her mouth.

     Karen's  body  was  now  spasming  violently  from the double end

fucking  she was getting, and Dave was beginning to spew his fuck into

her  throat  and  pounding her face mercilessly.  I pushed myself back

from  the  table  and  demanded a mouth on my cock as the slim girl on

stage  began  fucking  her  fist  in and out of Angela's cunt, and was

obliged  by  Monica  who  eagerly bent over and covered the head of my

pulsating dick with her sweet lips.

     As  I  exploded  my  hot  white  sperm into Monica's hungry mouth

other  cries  of passion joined mine all over the room.  There was cum

being  shot  out into the air or into warm mouths practically at every

table,  and  there  were  drenched pussies jerking and grabbing at the

fingers or cocks that were inserted into them.

     It  seemed  that  everyone  on  stage  was  coming  also now, and

rivulets  of  come  ran  down  the sides of Karen's thighs and dripped

from Angela's black face.

     When  I  came down from my sexual high I realized that Monica and

Gail  had  also  had orgasms and that Karen and Angela were now laying

on  the  floor  of the stage holding each other and kissing each other


     The  lights  on  the stage now were dimmed and the curtain closed

and  with  a  general murmur of enjoyment and pleasure the crowd began

to  discuss  among  themselves what they had just witnessed and headed

for the bar to refill their drinks.

     We  stayed  just a bit longer and were joined by Angela and Karen

at  the  table  for  another  round  of drinks and then left amid much

applause  from  the  remaining crowd at the club.  Dick thanked me for

sharing  my  friends  with  him and told me to be sure to let him know

when I wanted to provide entertainment in the future.

     I  hated to see the girls leave the following morning, and I know

that  they hated to leave just as much.  I knew it was unlikely that I

would  see the black girls again, and I wasn't sure about Gail.  But I

certainly  hoped  and  planned that Karen would visit again and that I

would   once  again  be  able  to  witness  her  wonderful  degree  of

submissiveness being put to the test.


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