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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade25.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= Karen Comes For A Visit, Part Three

     I  have  to  admit that the three black college girls were really

very  appealing.   Monica  found  them  appealing too, and had lots to

tell  me  the  following morning about what all she had done with them

during  the  night.  Still, spending the night with Karen and Gail was

something  to  remember too, and I knew they were both capable of even

more sluttishness than we had allowed them so far.

     I  decided  to  give  Monica  a chance to play with the two white

girls  for a while in the morning and to take Karen and Gail to a club

that  a  friend of mine runs in an adjoining city later on in the day.

I  was anxious to hook Debbie up to the slut meter in the basement and

see  what  score  I  could get with her.  Angela and Shirley were both

pretty  hot  too,  but  Debbie was the one that made me turgid just to

think about.

     I  told  Monica  that she could do anything she wanted with Karen

and  Gail  while I took the black girls into the basement.  I reminded

her  that Karen and Gail were both slave sluts and that they needed to

be  used  and  used  well and that there was nothing she could do that

they  wouldn't  love.   She  was  excited  at  the prospect of being a

mistress  for a change and asked me to promise her I would check in on

her sometime before she got through with them.

     When  I  told  Karen  and  Gail that Monica was going to be their

mistress  for the morning I had them both sit naked on the edge of the

bed  with  their legs spread open and hold their cunt lips open for me

while  I talked with them.  When I finished talking I reached out with

both  hands  and  pinched  their  clits hard with each hand and kissed

them each deeply on the mouth before turning them over to Monica.

     I  gathered the three black girls in the living room and had them

sit  down  together  on  the couch.  "Debbie, I've had my eyes on you.

You  make  a  very  good  mistress for Karen and Gail, but I know that

deep  inside  you  are very submissive.  That means that you're a slut

yourself  who  really  gets  off  on  being  a  slave just as much and

sometimes  even  more  than she does being a mistress.  You would have

been  right  at  home  back before the civil war when master's used to

use  the cute little black girls on the plantation.  You're such a hot

pussied  little whore slut that you would have begged them not to free

you,  but  to  keep  you and make you fuck the rest of your life.  I'm

going  to  attach you to a machine I have in the basement.  Its called

a  slut  meter  and it will record your submissiveness and your sexual

heat.   I  can  only hope that it isn't harmed by having you hooked up

to  it."   Angela  and  Shirley  were smiling broadly at the nasty way

that  I  was  speaking  to  their friend.  Debbie was sitting with her

mouth  partly  open and began to run her tongue along her lower lip as

I talked to her.

     "These  other  two  nigger  whores are going to watch you and may

even  help  me  use  you  while  you're  hooked  up to the slut meter,

Debbie.   They will see you tremble and hear you whimper and they will

be  able  to  see the needles on the dials rising and falling with the

passion  in  your  holes.   If you perform well on the machine perhaps

the  next  time  you  come  I  will  invite other people to watch you.

Perhaps  some  of  the men that I work with or some of the other sluts

who  have  been  hooked  up  to  the  machine  themselves in the past.

Perhaps  I  will  invite a dozen men or more to fuck you over and over

again.   I'll  decide after I see if you are all that I think you are.

You  will  now  crawl down the basement steps in front of me so that I

can  watch  your  ass sway as your knees move forward from one step to

the  next.   It  will  please me if you leave a trail of cunt juice on

the carpet as you slide your slut body along."

     What  a  sight it was to see that lovely young girl crawling down

the  steps  on  her belly naked.  Crawling to a basement room that she

had  never  seen  before  to be hooked up to some machine that she had

never  heard  of  before, knowing that she was to be used and that her

sluttishness  would  be  measured and judged.  She did in fact leave a

detectable  trail  of  fuck  juice on the carpet as she slid her whore

body  seductively  along,  her perfectly shaped ass cheeks swaying and

twisting beautifully with each movement she made.

     I  hooked the leads from the slut meter to the young black girl's

body.   The  cups that I had for the breast attachments were too small

for  her  full tits.  I had designed them for the average size cup and

Debbie  was  much  more than average.  I quickly unwired them from the

cups  and  attached some alligator clips to the end.  I showed them to

Debbie  and told her that I would be clipping them to her nipples, but

that  I  would  wait  until  she was hotter than she was now to do it.

She asked if they would hurt. (You tell her, I don't have the heart).

     The  lead  that  measures  the  moisture  and  excitement  of the

subjects  cunt  registered  half way to the maximum reading as soon as

it  was  inserted.   I began by lying beside her and whispering to her

as  I  ran  my  fingers  slowly  over  her  naked  and wired body.  My

comments  got  nastier and nastier and the pressure of my hands on her

organs  increased.   Soon  she  was  beginning to swallow hard and her

hips  were  beginning  to  move  in  small  circles even when I wasn't

touching her clit or lips.

     I  let  Angela  use  the  tawse  on Debbie for about ten minutes,

instructing  her to let the multi-thronged strap flick lightly against

her  breasts  and the inside of her thighs.  I whispered to Shirley to

encourage  Angela  vocally  and to especially plead with her to use it

on  Debbie's  cunt.   By  the time the ten minutes were up, Debbie was

swinging  her  head  from  side to side in a slow and regular movement

and breathing extremely hard.

     "Now,'ve  been  wanting  Angela  to do some things

with  the  tawse  that  she hasn't done, perhaps you would like a turn

with our little slut?"

     "Yess,  Master.  Thank you.  I want to see this big breasted slut

get  what  she  has  been  needing  for  so  long."  With that comment

Shirley  took  the  tawse from Angela and began flicking it with quick

sharp  swings  at  Debbie's  body.  In almost no time she was swinging

the  straps  against  Debbie's  open cunt and Debbie began moaning and

jerking her hips smartly each time the leather struck home.

     Motioning  for  Angela  to join me I moved to the head of the bed

and  began  to  kiss Debbie when her head moved to my side of the bed.

I  would kiss her deeply for a few seconds and then push her head back

the  other  way  so  that  Angela  could  stick  her  tongue  into the

trembling  black  slut's  mouth.   Reaching  for  the  breast  leads I

attached  one  to  her  left  tit  as  I  kissed her and felt her body

stiffen  immediately.  Her hips rose high off the bed and I could feel

her  straining  at  the  bonds  that held her wrists and ankles to the

bed.   She moaned deeply, but her tongue became even more active in my

mouth  and only a long low hiss escaped as I broke the kiss and pushed

her  mouth over to her sorority sister.  As they kissed I attached the

other  alligator  clip  to  the  long  hard  nipple  that stood out so

proudly from the beautifully round and full tits.

     I  straddled  Debbie's chest and held my stiff fuck meat in front

of  her face.  I had instructed Angela to tease Debbie verbally when I

did  that  and  she  began  to whisper to Debbie teasing her about the

huge  cock that was just out of her reach and telling her how much she

knew  she wanted it in her cunt or mouth.  Angela reached out and took

it  in  her  hand  and  jerked  it in front of her friend, teasing her

constantly as she did.

     Debbie  strained  her  neck  upward trying to reach the throbbing

member   so  close  to  her  hungry  mouth.   At  the  zenith  of  her

frustration  Shirley  lay  the tawse down and picked up the largest of

the  six  dildo's  from the desk at the foot of the bed.  She inserted

the  long  thick  fake  dick  into Debbie's cunt and began fucking her

deeply  with it.  Reaching down to Debbie's mouth I held her lips open

with  the  fingers  from  both  of  my hands, slammed my cock into her

mouth and began fucking her face with long deep hard thrusts.

     Her  orgasm  began  long before my cum began its upward path from

my  balls  and into my dick, but she was still in the midst of it when

the  last  of  my  sperm  had  been  fed  deep  into  her throat.  She

continued  to  come  even after I had withdrawn my cock from her mouth

and  Angela  gladly  covered  her  cum  covered  lips with her own and

kissed her hotly as her orgasm continued.

     I  told  the  two  girls  to  continue  with their friend while I

checked  on Monica and the other sluts upstairs.  Slipping on my pants

I  left  them  and  found  Monica  and Karen and Gail in the backyard.

Monica  had  attached  studded collars to the two slave slut's and had

led  them  by  leashes out into the backyard to the dog house where my

German  Sheppard  is tied.  Rex was being held down on his back by the

two  girls.  Gail was sitting on his face, grinding her dripping whore

cunt  on  his  snout  while  his  long red tongue licked in and out of

her.   Karen  was  on her knees between the dog's hind legs, her mouth

busy  working  on  the  slick  red  dog meat that had emerged from its

sheath.   Monica had long since turned the leashes loose and was lying

on  her  side  in  the  grass fingering herself as she watched the dog

being serviced by the two women.

     Everyone  but  Monica  was  too involved to even notice me when I

walked  up.  She merely smiled at me and opened her legs wider so that

I  could  see the slick, cunt juice covered fingers she was working in

and  out  of  her pussy.  It was a delectable sight, but at the moment

it  was  the  upturned ass of the pretty sorority-slut-dog-sucker that

caught my attention.

     I  watched  the action for a few moments, letting my cock recover

from  having  spilled  its  load  into  young  Debbie's mouth earlier.

Karen  licked  at  the  hot dog dick hungrily, as if she loved sucking

dogs  more than anything else in the world.  Gail too was totally into

the  action  she  was  experiencing  and  now  had her fingers wrapped

around  the  dogs  tongue, causing it to be stiffer and more cock-like

as  she  slid  her  sloppily wet dog fucking cunt up and down over the

thick  red  tongue.   I  whispered encouragement to Karen, telling her

how  much  I  enjoyed  watching  her suck dog cocks and teasing her by

asking  her if she knew the neighbors were watching her too.  When she

deep-throated  the  long  dog dick I just had to have her, and I moved

behind  her and slid my dick in her ass slowly until it was completely

imbedded  in  her asshole.  I held it still deep inside her and waited

for her to begin fucking back on it.  I didn't have to wait long.

     Her  hips  began  to grind slowly backward, loving the feel of my

thick  meat  deep  inside them.  I held the pretty dog sucking slut by

the  waist  and  pumped me dick into her ass with slow steady strokes.

When  I  could  sense her growing close to her climax I instructed her

to  remove  her  mouth from the canine cum shooter and to kiss Gail on

the  mouth.   When  she  moved  upward to do as I instructed I reached

under  her  and placed the head of the long thick dog meat at her cunt

and  slit  it  into  her cunt.  The combination of Gail's hot kiss and

the  dog's  cock  in her pussy pushed Karen over the edge and her body

went  wild  with  my dick and the dog meat inside her.  The dog yelped

as  his  cum  shot into her hole and in no time I too was shooting hot

white  cum up into Karen's body.  I withdrew slowly from her tight ass

and  moved  over  to  Monica who licked and cleaned it for me with her

lips and tongue.

     Rex  had  swollen  inside  Karen  and  I knew it would be a while

before  we  would be able to disconnect the two of them.  I instructed

Karen  to  pick  Rex up and to walk inside with him as she held him in

front  of her with his swollen dog meat still in her fuck hole.  I led

her  downstairs  and  helped  her climb onto the bed with Debbie.  She

straddled  Debbie's  chesk and held the dog with his swollen and stuck

cock just in front of Debbie's face.

     While  Debbie  stared in awe at the dog fucking Karen, I replaced

the  big  dildo  with my hand and began to fist fuck Debbie deeply.  I

opened  and  closed  my fingers inside her, feeling the opening of her

womb with the tips of my fingers as I did so.

     Suddenly  Rex's  cock broke free and fell to Debbie's face, lying

across  her  lips.   Debbie reached out with her tongue in the heat of

her  fifth  climax  and  licked the cunt juice of her white slave from

the  dogs  still  hard  dick.   Debbie gasped and nearly screamed with

pleasure,  and  then  suddenly  fell  silent,  her  head laying to one

side.   I  checked  her  pulse  to  make  sure  she  was  ok and began

disconnecting the slut meter leads from her well used body.

     By  the  time  Debbie  had  come to Angela had begun to bathe her

sweaty  body  with  a cool washcloth and we had untied the ropes which

had held her to the bed for over two hours.

     When  I  checked the readings on the slut-meter I discovered that

she  had  indeed  set  a new record for sluttishness in the history of

the  slut-meter.   The  test was a bit unfair because of the alligator

clips  on  her nipples, but still her readings on the other leads were

still  higher  than any we had ever had before.  I was proud of Debbie

and  of  the  other  sluts  for  their  willingness to do all that was

requested  of  them.   I  knew  the  rest  of the day would be just as



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