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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade24.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= Karen Comes For A Visit, Part Two

     I  fully  expected  that Karen would be untied after being fucked

with  the  strap on-dildo,  but  I  was mistaken.  Instead, the three

black  sluts  tied  Gail to the coffee table on top of Karen, her head

wedged  between  Karen's  open  legs and her cunt pressed hard against

Karen's  face.   Neither  girl  complained  in  the  least  and simply

accepted  their  plight  quietly.   It was quite an unusual sight, two

pretty white women bound face to pussy like that, completely naked.

     While  the sorority mistresses took showers and changed into some

fresh  clothes  Monica fixed supper for us and I took a few minutes to

jot  down some notes on what had happened so far and what I might like

to  see  happen during the rest of their visit.  When I walked through

the  living room to check on Monica's preparations for supper, the two

girls  were  licking  at  each others fuck holes and straining against

their bonds.  They appeared to be nearly insatiable.

     When  our  black guests returned from their showers they all were

dressed  very  sexily.   Angela was clad in red lingerie, a very small

pair  of  red panties and a lacey red bra.  Shirley was wearing yellow

bikini  panties  and  a  short  little  halter  type  top  with no bra

underneath  which  was  also  yellow.   Debbie's white bra just barely

covered  her  large  round  tits and was very thin, revealing her long

thick  nipples.   The  white  panties were made of a handkerchief type

lace  and  her  dark cunt hair poked through the holes in places.  She

also wore a pair of white very high heeled pumps.

     It  was  hard  for  me  to  concentrate  on  supper  with all the

scantily  clad  women  surrounding  me and the sounds of the two white

sluts  licking  each other coming from the living room.  Debbie's hand

on  my  crotch  didn't  help my concentration any either, but I wasn't

about  to  stop her.  Neither was Monica, who in an attempt to put her

own  hand  there found the spot already occupied.  She merely laid her

hand on top of Debbie's and helped her rub my cock through my shorts.

     The  conversation  during  our  meal  was  mostly about the three

girls  and  what they planned to do following their stints in college.

I  found  all  three  to  be  very bright and good conversationalists.

They  were  obviously  intelligent  women  who  knew exactly what they

wanted from life and were willing to work to get it.

     During  one  lull  in  the  conversation,  Monica leaned over and

whispered  in  my ear.  "Master...I'm really anxious to watch you fuck

one  of the black girls.  Will you fuck one of them for me tonight and

let  me  watch?   You  don't  have to let me participate at all if you

prefer it that way, but I would really like to watch you."

     I kissed her on the cheek and simply replied, "We'll see."

     "How  long  will you leave your two slave tied as they are now?",

I asked Angela.

     "It  depends on what your plans are for the evening", she replied

with  a  smile.   "If  you  don't have plans for the three of us we'll

probably  use  them,  but  if we're going to be busy for a while we'll

just  leave them like that.  Both of them are fine as long as they can

smell some pussy."

     "Well,  Monica has made a special request to watch me with one of

you.   Perhaps  it  would  work well for me to let the two of you that

I'm not busy with get to know Monica a bit better while she watches."

     Monica  blushed  a  deep  red, but I could feel her hand gripping

Debbie's  hand  harder  in  my  lap.  Debbie also began to rub my cock

with what I took to be a selfish interest.

     "We'll  bind Monica in the bedroom in a position which will allow

her  to see me fucking Debbie, and which will also expose her holes to

the  two of you.  You can examine them and play with them all you like

while  I'm fucking.  She'll get hot of course, and very, very wet, but

you  may decide if you will allow her to come.  How does that sound to

you, Monica?"

     Monica  swallowed  hard  and with her head bowed quietly replied,

"It sounds very nice, Master.  Thank you."

     We  tied  Monica in a standing position, her arms tied behind her

back  and her legs tied between the bathroom and bedroom doors so that

they  were  opened  wide  enough for easy access.  I stood in front of

her  with Debbie in my arms, her back to me.  Reaching around in front

of  her I unhooked the white bra, exposing her full tits to Monica and

rubbing  the  palms  of  my  hands over her nipples, feeling them grow

harder  and  longer by the second.  I kissed her softly on the neck as

my  hands moved down her stomach to the tiny white panties.  As I slid

them  down her legs, the other two girls knelt beside Monica and began

kissing  her  thighs  and  hips  as their hands roamed over her spread

open  naked  legs.   As Debbie stepped out of the panties I guided her

closer to Monica so that her breasts were pressing against her body.

     "Kiss  Monica,  Debbie...kiss  her  hard  on  her  slut mouth", I

instructed,  as  I  slid  my  right hand between her legs, feeling the

heat  and  moistness  of  her black fuck hole.  Debbie turned her head

slightly  and  pressed  her  lips to Monica's lips, her tongue snaking

into  her  mouth hotly.  I heard Monica moan softly and was aware that

her  hips  were  beginning  to grind her crotch against the back of my


     Looking  over  Debbie's  shoulder at my slave slut wife, I teased

her  as  they kissed.  "Kiss the pretty black whore, Monica.  Feel her

hot  tongue  in  your mouth and her long hard nipples pressing against

your  chest.  My cock is pressing against her ass now and I'll soon be

pumping  my  dick into her.  Kiss the whore I'm going to fuck for you.

Kiss  the black bitch whore slut.  Maybe I'll let you suck my cum from

her fuck hole when I'm done."

     By  the  time my little speech had ended, Monica was hunching her

hips  hard  against  my  hand  and moaning hotly and loudly.  I pulled

Debbie  away  from her new friend and laid her on the bed on her back.

Pausing  for  a  second to examine her cunt with my fingers, I glanced

back  at  Monica  to  see  that  Angela  and Shirley were now standing

beside  her  and  kissing  and  licking  in her ears as they ran their

hands over her breasts.

     Debbie  was  good  and  hot  already.   She had obviously enjoyed

kissing  Monica  and  had  been further turned on by the words she had

heard  me speak.  My cock was fully erect and hard as a brick.  Taking

it  in  my hand I pressed the head of it at Debbie's wet slit and slid

the  full  length  of  it in in one quick thrust.  I immediately began

thrusting  in  and out of her hole deeply and rapidly, feeling my full

balls  slap  against  her  ass with each hunch of my hips.  She pulled

and tugged at her long nipples as I pounded my fuck meat into her.

     "Sit  on  my cock, sexy black whore", I directed.  Rolling off of

her,  I  lay  on  my back, and watched with delight as she lowered her

body  over  mine,  impaling  her  young black cunt on my thick member.

Her  breasts  stood  out  beautifully  and  shone with the heat of her

passion.   The  nipples  were rock hard now and at least an inch long.

I  knew  that  Monica  had a lovely view of them at her angle and as I

glanced  over to her I saw her gaze transfixed on the black beauty who

was  now  rising and falling on her husband's dick.  Monica was lewdly

moving  her  hips  back  and  forth,  even though neither of the black

girls  who  were  attending to her passion were touching her below her

waist.   They  were  still  licking  and kissing her neck and ears and

still pulling and pinching her now very hard nipples.

     Debbie  began  to  grind her cunt on my shaft, moving her hips in

small  circles,  the  walls of her pink cunt pressing and massaging my

dick  with  every  movement  she made.  My hands moved to her breasts,

and  I marveled at the firmness of her flesh and the way her skin felt

so  tight  and full.  I took a nipple between the thumb and forefinger

of  each  hand  and began to roll them slowly and to pull them outward

from  her  breasts.   Damn, this girl knew how to balls were

beginning  to  feel  the  need for release as her hips continued their

circular movement and as she rose and fell on my meat.

     Angela  and Shirley sensed the nearness of my orgasm and began to

slide  their  hands  down  Monica's  body toward her now dripping fuck

hole.   Soon they both had two fingers inside her and were fucking her

with  them nastily.  First Shirley and then Angela slid her other hand

behind  Monica and down her back and began to kneed and press the ripe

young flesh of her ass cheeks.

     Taking  a  firm  grip  on  the  long  hard nipples in my grasp, I

pulled  them  hard toward me until I had used them to pull Debbie down

to  my face.  I kissed her full on the mouth and moved my hands to her

ass  cheeks and pulled them apart as I drove my dick deeper and deeper

into  her  hot young cunt.  She continued to pump herself up and down,

grinding  her  crotch against mine as we fucked.  Her kiss was hot and

insistent and her saliva filled my mouth as we kissed.

     "Cummmmmm Master!!  Fill her fuck hole with your fuck for me!"

     Monica's  sudden  outburst  was  the  key that pushed me over the

edge,  and  the  hot  white  sperm  that  had been boiling in my balls

erupted  from  the  head  of  my cock and shot out into the pink pussy

that milked and pulled at it with such expertise.

     Debbie  also  began to come, and her hips moved even more rapidly

and  pressed even harder downward as the throes of her orgasm overtook

her.   Gasping  for  air  she  broke our kiss and moaned and whimpered

into my ear as she came.

     "Please    make    me    come!    Please   pretty   young   black

Mistresses...make  your  white slut come now!  I need it so baaaaad!!!

Unnnnghhhh,  please  make  me  cuuuuuuummmm!",  Monica nearly shouted.

But  her  wishes  were not to be granted this time.  Sensing her great

need  the  two teasing sluts moved away from her and left her twisting

and  turning  her  hot  body,  her  cunt  juice now streaming down her

thighs.   As I watched, Angela inserted her fingers in Shirley's mouth

letting  her  lick Monica's juice from them, and Shirley reciprocated,

sliding her own wet fingers into Angela's hungry mouth.

     When  Debbie  rolled  over  to one side I slid out from under her

and  stood in front of Monica.  Taking her head in my hands I bent her

over and pressed my still hard cock to her mouth.

     "Clean  the  black slut's juice from my satisfied dick, my little

slave  slut.   Eat  her fuck, the same fuck that greased her pussy for

your master's thick meat."

     Monica  obediently  licked  the slick juice from my cock, moaning

as  she  did  so.  She knew now that she would not be allowed to come,

and  she took what enjoyment she could from being allowed to smell and

taste the result of orgasm she could only wish had been hers.

     Monica  did  come before she slept that evening.  I let the black

sluts  take  her to bed with them for the night.  To say they used her

would  be  an understatement, and Monica told me the next morning that

she  had  come  five  times  before  falling  asleep  with her head in

Shirley's crotch.

     I  untied Gail and Karen and showered with them after giving them

both  enemas  and  making  them  douche  for me.  I dressed Karen in a

pretty  dress  complete with garter belt and nylons and high heels and

made  her  sleep in that for the night.  Gail I left naked, simply for

the  contrast.   I  fucked  them both, letting them suck me in between

screws,  and  enjoyed the difference in their attire as I slid Karen's

dress  up  to  her waist and screwed her with my hands on the garters.

She  knelt  over  Gail's face as I fucked the naked young slut and her

dress  completely  covered her face as she squatted above her.  When I

had  shot  all  the  gism  I  could  shoot for the evening, I inserted

dildo's  in  each  of  the girl's pussies and small vibrators up their

asses  and  held  them closely to me as we slept.  I awoke once during

the  night  to find Karen fucking the dildo in and out of Gail's cunt,

and  merely smiled and dropped back to sleep.  There would be time for

more  the  next  day, and I wanted to be fully rested.  Karen and Gail

had  more  talent than we had fully exploited, and I had big plans for

them.  Big plans indeed.


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