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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade23.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= A Visit From Karen, Part One

     I  certainly  hadn't  forgotten  about  Karen, but I had begun to

think  that I would never hear from her.  It had been nearly two years

since  I had met her in Chicago and there had been no word at all from

her.   Her  call  came  at  a  good time.  It had been some time since

Monica  and  I  had  entertained  any  guests at home and she had been

wanting  to meet Karen ever since hearing about my experience with her

in Chicago.

     Later  that  evening I told Monica of Karen's call.  "She's still

a  slave  at that same sorority", I said with a smile.  "Does that say

alot about how much she loves it or what?"

     "I  should say so", Monica answered with a smile.  "I suppose she

has the permission of her mistresses to come to visit us?"

     "Yes,  she  said  right  up front that they wanted her to come to

visit  us  and  that  there  were  several of them that wanted to come

too.   The  top  three  officers in the sorority want to come and they

want  to  bring  another slave with them.  This other slave is another

white  girl  who  is  in a sorority at another school and who was sent

over to the black school to be a slave along with Karen."

     "Ooooooh!",  Monica  moaned  excitedly,  "then there will be five

girls altogether coming?"

     "Yes,  Karen,  three  black  sorority  girls  and the young white

slave.  Sounds like fun, huh?"

     "You're  going  to want to watch me eat all of them aren't you?",

Monica asked with embarrassment.

     "Well,  I'm  sure  the black girls are mainly interested in Karen

and  the  white girl being used, but if you were a slave at least part

of  the  time  there  would be three mistresses and three slaves.  I'm

sure you'll eat your share of pussy, as will I."

     "Well,  I  know  it  will  be  a  very exciting time, and I'll do

anything  you  want  me  to do.  I can't wait to meet Karen and to see

what  it  is about being the slave of young black girls that turns her

on so much."

     The  day  finally  arrived  for  Karen  and  her friends visit to

begin.   When I met them at the airport I knew right away that we were

in  for  a  treat.   Karen  was  just  as lovely as ever and her black

mistresses  were  even  more  attractive  than the ones she had had in

Chicago.   They  looked  enough  alike  to  be sisters and their young

bodies  were  shapely  and firm.  The other young girl who was Karen's

fellow  slave was quite attractive too.  Her name was Gail and she was

a  petite little blonde with a perfect figure and a big smile.  If she

was  in  any  way  intimidated  by  her new surroundings she certainly

didn't show it.

     When  we got back to our house Monica was pleased to see them all

as  well.   The  black  girls  wanted  to speak to me privately, and I

instructed  Monica  to  make Karen and Gail comfortable while I talked

to them.

     "My  name  is  Shirley",  said  the  tallest  of the three girls.

"This  is Angela and Debbie.  Thanks for letting us visit.  Karen told

us  that  you know all about her role in our sorority and that you and

your  wife  would  enjoy  having  us use her while we're here.  I just

want to be sure that you do feel that way."

     "Sure...I  found  it very exciting to see Karen being put through

her  paces  in  Chicago,  and  Monica  and I both fantasize about that

experience  often.   We're  excited that you're here and can't wait to

let  our  hair down with you.  I assume its ok with you if we are both

active participants in everything?"

     "Oh,  yes!   We  want  you  to be.  All of us are bi and love all

kinds of sex.  Do  you like black girls?"

     I  smiled  at  the  three  of  them  and watched with interest as

Angela  crossed  her  pretty  legs  and let her dress slide higher up.

"To  be honest, I've only been with black women once and that was when

I  was in Chicago that time.  Even then I never got to fuck any of the

girls  and  I've  wished ever since then that I had been able to.  You

three are really very pretty and I'd love to have sex with you."

     Debbie  walked  over  to  me  and began to press her body against

mine.   She looked up into my eyes and smiled as she said softly, "You

can  fuck me anytime you like, Master Wade.  Just tell me how and when

you want me.  I'll do anything", she said hotly.

     I  lifted her chin and kissed her soft lips tenderly.  "That goes

for me too", said Angela.  "And me!", said Shirley.

     After  the long lingering kiss Debbie moved back away from me and

took  a seat next to Angela.  This weekend was going to be a leg man's

dream  weekend.   Every  single  one  of  the girls had great legs and

there was no doubt that I was going to be seeing alot of them.

     "Tell me how you plan to use your slaves", I said.

     Shirley  sat  next  to  Debbie  and answered my question.  "We've

been  planning  this  for  some  time.  We ran across your name in the

diary  that  we  make  Karen keep and made her tell the whole sorority

all  about  her weekend at the hotel while she stood naked in front of

us  one  night.   She  got  so hot telling us about it that we decided

then  and  there  that  we'd  see  about bringing her to visit you.  I

think  you  already  know  how  submissive  she  is and what makes her

little  cunt  tremble.   The three of us are officers in the sorority,

but  we  are  also  her  favorites.  We mostly just use her mouth, but

we'll spice it up a little for you and your wife."

     "We'll  use Gail alot too", added Debbie.  "She was sent to us as

our  slave  because  she  kept  propositioning  the other girls in the

sorority  at her school.  Oddly enough only one of them is bi and they

decided  they would let Gail "get her licks" so to speak with us.  The

other  bi girl had been with Karen before and knew something about our

sorority.   She's  every bit as submissive as Karen and while it makes

Karen  hot  to  be  made  to do embarrassing things, Gail doesn't find

anything  embarrassing and is always hot.  She amazes us by the things

she  begs  us  to  let her do at times.  You'll like her, I bet. Karen

sure does!"

     "Sure  sounds  like  we're  in for alot of fun", I said, smiling.

"When do we start?"

     "If  its ok with you we'd like to make Karen eat us all and tease

her  for  a  long time to begin with.  She's been so excited about all

of  this  for  so  long that she will be very hot this first night and

its  a  good  chance  for  us  to  get  lots of good pussy eating.  We

brought  some rope that we use with her from time to time...may we use

your coffee table?", Angela asked.

     "Sure!   And  feel  free  to include Monica in your play when you

like.   She  gets  really,  really  wet when she gets excited and I've

been  looking  forward  to  seeing Karen eat her.  She's never eaten a

black  girl's  pussy either.  By the way, I hope you understand that I

will  be  the  MASTER  of my own home and I will feel free to interact

whenever and however I choose with any of you."

     The  three  girls smiled knowingly, and Debbie put their feelings

into  words.   "We  are mistresses to Karen, but I assure you we enjoy

being  used  just as much as she does.  We've all been hoping that you

would  be  a MASTER to all of us this weekend and use us as it pleases

you", she said, earnestly.

     "You  may  be  sure  that  I  will.  Now lets go watch our little

Karen perform.  Ready?", I asked.

     When  we  walked  back  in  the living room the three white women

were  laughing  and  enjoying each other's company.  Gail was snuggled

up  close  to  Karen and was very obvious about her sexual interest in

her.   I  winked at Monica, letting her know that everything was going

to be fine.

     "Strip  for  our  hosts",  commanded Debbie, addressing Karen and

Gail.   The  two  women  stood immediately and began removing clothes.

As  the two  bodies were unveiled Monica looked at me and smiled, both

stating  her  own  pleasure  and  acknowledging  her  understanding of

mine.   I  was surprised at Gail's body.  It had looked really good in

the   outfit  she  had  been  wearing,  but  she  looked  even  better

undressed.   Her  tits  were round and firm and her nipples very stiff

and  pouty.  Her belly couldn't have been flatter and her round little

ass  flowed  into  some  of  the nicest legs I'd ever seen.  Karen had

always  been  embarrassed  about  the size of her tits and I knew that

standing beside Gail wouldn't help that any.

     While  the  two  of  them  had  been stripping for us, Debbie had

cleaned  off  the coffee table and had moved it into the center of the

room.   She  attached  lengths  of white nylon rope to each leg of the


     "Lay  on  your back on the coffee table, you naked slut!", Debbie

demanded of Karen.  "Gail, you lick her slit while we tie the ropes."

     The  coffee  table  seemed perfect for their usage.  With the top

of  her  head  supported  at  one  end, Karen's cunt was even with the

other  end  of  the  table.   She was bound so that she could not move

either  her  legs  or  arms.  In addition, they tied her right hand so

that  it  was  just above her pubic area and could not be moved in any

direction.  Her left hand was tied at her side.

     Gail  knelt  obediently  at  the  end  of  the table and began to

eagerly  lick  at  Karen's  naked slit.  It was obvious that she loved

the  opportunity  and from our vantage point her open legs revealed an

increasingly  excited  and juicy cunt.  Monica reached out and put her

hand on my thigh as we sat and watched.

     While  Gail  ate  away  at Karen's pussy the black girls began to

shed  their  clothes.  I was still amazed at how attractive they were.

The  girls  in  Chicago had just been average in appearance, but these

girls  were  good-looking  enough  to  be models.  Their dark skin had

that  rich  sheen  that  reminds  one of an oil-covered sunbather, and

their  pubic  hair  was  neatly  trimmed  and  not  at  all offensive.

Debbie's  breasts  in  particular  interested me.  They were perfectly

round  and  stood  out  straight  from her body beautifully.  But even

more  exciting  to  me  was  her nipples.  They were very thick and at

least  three  quarters  of  an  inch  long.  I couldn't wait to have a

chance to use them.

     "Watch  her!  See how she can just barely touch her clit with the

tips  of  her  fingers?", Angela asked, excitedly.  "She'll be clawing

at her clit before we're through with her.  She gets sooooo hot!!"

     I  walked  up  beside  the  table to get a better view of Karen's

efforts.   She  was  indeed trying very hard to rub her clit and could

only  touch it with her fingernails on the hand that they had bound so

close,  but  yet  so  far  away from her pussy.  As Gail's mouth moved

lower  Karen's  fingers tried valiantly to take its place, and I could

sense  the  frustration  she  felt  in  needing so to be able to touch


     As  I  stood  and watched I noticed Debbie taking my place on the

couch  beside  Monica.   Debbie  was  totally  nude now and Monica was

still  wearing  the  short  gown  I  had  allowed her to wear.  Monica

blushed  when  Debbie sat down, but she too had a hard time taking her

eyes  off  those nipples.  Debbie knew well the effect they would have

on  her  and  played with them innocently making them grow even harder

and  longer.   Monica  slid  her  hand up her thigh and under the gown

toward her pussy.

     Shirley  had  now knelt in front of me and was unzipping my pants

and  sliding  them  down and off my legs.  My briefs soon followed and

Angela  began  to  help  undress  me by unbuttoning my shirt.  Shirley

slid  her red lipstick-covered lips over the head of my dick and began

to  work  it slowly into her warm wet mouth.  I slid my left hand over

Angela's  soft ass as she slid the shirt off my arms and began to kiss

me  gently  on  the  mouth.  My other hand moved to Shirley's head and

began  to  pull  it  tighter  to my crotch as more and more of my hard

fuck meat disappeared into her mouth.

     Gail  was  now fingering her cunt as she reached back between her

legs.   I'm sure Monica was having a hard time deciding where to look,

faced  with  the  two black girls working on me, Gail eating Karen and

fingering  her own wet pussy and Debbie rubbing her nipples right next

to  her.   I  glanced  over  at her and saw that her gown was now wide

open  and  she  had  begun  to  finger-fuck  herself  with enthusiasm.

Debbie  reached up and pulled Monica's head down to her breast, urging

her  to  suck  on  of  the  extremely  long  and hard nipples into her

mouth.   It  excited  me  even more to watch my sweet little wife-slut

nursing  on  the  beautiful black tit, and I slid my cock further into

Shirley's  mouth  and  began  to run a finger up and down the crack of

Angela's ass.

     "Please,  Mistress!!   Please let me have some juice to eat!  I'm

so  hungry for your cunt juice, Mistress!  Please feed me!"  Karen was

beginning  to  get  extremely  hot  as  Gail  continued to eat her and

moaned her requests hotly as she moved her head from side to side.

     "May I feed the whore, MASTER?", asked Angela, softly.

     "Of  course  you may, Angela...she obviously is very hungry.  I'd

like  for Gail to stop eating Karen and take your place when you leave

though.   Much more of that and Karen will have an orgasm, and I think

its a bit soon to allow that, don't you agree?"

     "Yes,  I  do,  MASTER! Gail...come rub your tits on MASTER WADE'S

arm  and  let  him finger your slut-cunt.  I want to spread my fuck on

Karen's face."

     Gail   immediately   rose   from  her  position  between  Karen's

quivering  legs  and moved beside me.  She moved her ripe breasts back

and  forth  against  my  arm  as  my hand moved between her legs.  Her

pussy  was  dripping  wet  and  very  easy to slide three fingers into

immediately.   I  began  to fuck my cock in and out of Shirley's mouth

as my fingers became covered with Gail's fuck juice.

     Karen  was pawing at her clit now, desperately trying to touch it

and  rub  it  hard,  but  only  able  graze  it  with  the edge of her

fingernail.   Her  legs  shook and her hips strained against the ropes

as she tried to make better contact, to no avail.

     Angela  was  now straddling the coffee table and its prisoner and

was  lowering  her  crotch  to  Karen's  face.  She bent her knees and

began  to  fuck  her  hips  back  and forth like a dancer, rubbing her

dripping  black slut pussy all over Karen's mouth and nose.  I glanced

over  at Monica to see that she was holding Debbie's wrist in one hand

and  fucking  her  fingers  in  and  out  of  her  own hot hole as she

hungrily  sucked  on  the long nipples.  Debbie had her head laid back

on  the  couch and was rubbing her clit with jerky motions of her left

hand as Monica fucked herself with the other one.

     Shirley  was  fucking  my hard dick wildly with her mouth now and

Gail  was hunching my invading fingers as if she hadn't been fucked in

months.   Karen  was  grunting and moaning hotly, loving the smell and

taste  of the wet black pussy that was spreading its lips open against

her hungry mouth.

     Gail  began  to  fuck harder against my hand and before I knew it

was  coming strongly in her first orgasm.  At the height of her climax

she  reached  out and pushed Shirley's head tightly against my crotch,

shoving  the  head  of  my  dick  deep  into  Shirley's  throat.   The

suddeness  of  that  movement  and  the  feeling of her throat rubbing

against my glans brought my hot sperm forward from deep in my balls.

     Shirley's  surprise  at  being  fed  the entire length of my cock

without  warning  caused her to pull her head back sharply, and as she

did  my  spurting  cock  slid  from  her  mouth.   Gail reached for it

quickly  and  began  to stroke it rapidly, aiming the remaining spurts

of  hot  white  semen  at  Shirley's  face.   Great gobs of white fuck

landed  on  her  dark  skin  as  she  reached out with her pink tongue

trying to catch the drops that ran from her lip and nose.

     "Now  Gail,  kiss  the  cum  covered black whore and lick my fuck

from  her  tongue.   Show  me  how  much  you love your mistresses", I

commanded.   Gail  helped  Shirley  to  her  feet  and kissed her face

sweetly,  licking  the  cum  from her dark skin and snaking her tongue

inside  the  black  girls  mouth  to  search  for the semen that I had

deposited there.

     Wiping  my  cock against Gail's ass, I moved around to the end of

the  table  where  I could watch Karen being fed.  Angela continued to

rub  her juicy pussy back and forth over Karen's mouth and outsretched


     "Monica...come  lick Karen's pussy for her.  Show us how much you

love  the  taste of cunt juice!", I said.  "Debbie...come give Karen a

taste  of  your  fuck.   We don't want her to make Angela's pussy sore

here  on  our  first night together.  Come on...come fuck her face for


     Angela  stepped  away  from Karen's juice covered face and Debbie

took  her  place,  lowering  her  wet  slit  to  Karen's hungry mouth.

Monica  knelt  between  Karen's  legs  and  began to lick at the slave

pussy she had heard so much about.

     Shirley  and  Gail  were  still standing in the floor kissing and

rubbing  their bodies together hotly.  I sat on the couch and was soon

joined  by  Angela who snuggled close to me and cupped my balls in her

small  black  hand.  She kissed my neck and ear and whispered to me as

I watched the hot action before us.

     "You  like  to  watch your wife eat pussy, dont' you?", she asked

hotly,  breathing in my ear.  "You can't wait to see her bury her face

between  some  pretty  black  legs  and eat some black whore fuck, can

you?   She'll love it, you know.  Karen loves it so much.  Look at her

gulping  at  Debbie's juice as it pours from her hot cunt.  Gail loves

it  too...she'll  be  on  her  knees before you know it eating away at

Shirley's pussy."

     Almost  as  if on cue, Gail knelt before Shirley, trailing kisses

down  her  black  body  and  moving her mouth between her opened legs.

She  began to beg Shirley to let her lick her asshole.  It was obvious

that  it  was no act, that she really wanted to do it, and it was just

as  obvious  that she had done it plenty of times before.  Hearing the

pretty  young white girl beg to eat the black slut's ass was making my

cock  get  hard  again  already.   Angela's hand moved to my shaft and

began to stroke it gently as she continued to whisper in my ear.

     "Look  at  all  the sluts, Master Wade.  Watch them feeding their

nasty  passions in front of us.  You can fuck any one of the them, you

know.   You  can  fuck any time you want to.  You can fuck white cunt,

you  can  fuck black cunt.  You can use any one of these sluts any way

you  choose,  no  matter  how  dirty  and  nasty.   Watch Gail licking

Shirley's  asshole.   Look  at  Debbie  grinding  her  slut  cunt onto

Karen's  face.   Look  at  your  sweet  little wife eating Karen's hot


     I  was getting extremely hot.  There was something hypnotic about

Angela's  voice.  I was going to come soon, and I didn't want to shoot

my second load of fuck out into the air this time.

     "I  want  to  see  Gail  drink  a black girl's piss, Angela.  And

after  she  drinks  it I want to see her deposit a mouthful of it into

Karen's  mouth.   While  this is happening I want to be fucking you in

the  ass,  and  when  its  time for me to come I want Gail to take the

cock  that was in your ass into her mouth and take its load of cum", I

moaned hotly.

     "Of  course,  Master",  Angela replied.  Turning her head to Gail

she  shared  my  desires.   "Shirley, Master Wade wants you to piss in

Gail's  mouth.   Gail,  you  are to feed her piss to Karen when she is

finished  with  your  mouth and then you are to take Master Wade's cum

down your throat."

     "Yes,  Mistress!",  replied Gail.  She moved back some and tilted

her  head  back  to  allow  Shirley  to  pour  her piss into her face.

Angela  knelt  on  the floor in front of the couch and spread her legs

open wide, beckoning me to join her.

     "You'll  not  need any lubricant, Master.  My ass is always ready

for fucking.  Take me now!"

     I  knelt  behind her and pressed the head of my fuck meat against

Angela's  black  hole.  It opened easily and as soon as the head of my

dick  was  inside she slid back on it impaling the entire length of my

cock  into  her ass.  She ground her hips in small circles, fucking me

expertly.   I  began  to  hump  her  brown bottom as I watched Shirley

straining to piss for me.

     Monica  had  now  stopped  eating Karen for a moment to watch the

action  that  I  had  requested,  but she had replaced her tongue with

three  of  her  fingers in Karen's cunt.  Karen was unable to see what

was  happening,  because  of  Debbie's  crotch  being pressed into her

face,  but it was obvious that she was aware of what was happening and

was  excited  by  it.   Debbie  was  pulling  and  tugging at her long

nipples as she continued to hunch Karen with her dripping fuck hole.

     As  the  warm piss began to run from Shirley's hole, Gail reached

up  to  her  mouth with both hands and hooking a finger from each hand

into  her  mouth  pulled  her  lips  open  to make her mouth open even

wider.   The  stream  of piss grew in volume as Shirley bent her knees

and  let  the warm piss go.  Gail moved her head slightly to align her

mouth  more  accurately  and  gulped  the  hot piss down until she was

aware  that  the stream was about to end.   When it did she closed her

mouth  to contain as much of Shirley's warm piss as possible and moved

over to Karen.

     Watching  the  pretty young white girl take the black slut's piss

into  her  mouth  was something to see, and I was now fucking Angela's

tight asshole with enthusiasm.

     Debbie  reluctantly  moved  off of Karen's face when she saw Gail

approaching,  and Gail knelt and began to let the piss she had trapped

flow  into  Karen's  pussy juice covered mouth.  She continued to kiss

Karen  after  she  had  deposited  the  piss  until  my grunts made it

obvious  that I was ready for her to replace Angela's asshole with her

mouth.   Karen was really flying now too, and her fingernail scratched

crazily  at  her  rock hard clit as she savored the smells, tastes and

sights around her.

     Gail  lay  down  on  her back beside Angela with her head pointed

toward  my hunching hips.  She waited patiently with her mouth open as

I  felt  the  hot  cum  boiling in my balls.  When I could stand it no

longer  I  pulled  my  throbbing  member from Angela's ass and leaning

forward  and to the left lowered myself down onto Gail's face and slid

my black-asshole-flavored cock into the pretty white girl's mouth.

     My  head  was now positioned directly over Gail's naked pussy and

as  I began to fuck her slut mouth in earnest Debbie knelt between her

legs  and  began inserting fingers into her cunt.  Gail sucked eagerly

and  hotly,  and  as  Debbie  inserted more and more fingers, began to

buck her hips up and down wildly in front of my face.

     The  combination  of  events was so powerful that I couldn't hold

my  fuck  back  any  longer.   I  stared  at the thumb that Debbie was

adding  to the four fingers she already had in Gail's pussy and gasped

as  my  hot  sperm  began  to  erupt and pour out into the white slave

girl's  piss-drinking-bi-slut mouth.  I fucked her as if I was fucking

her  pussy,  pounding  my  dick into her mouth and forcing my cum down

her  throat.  She grunted loudly each time my dick hit the back of her

throat,  but  her hips continued to rise and fall rapidly as her holes

were attacked.

     Finally  I  had  dumped all of my cum into Gail's upper fuck hole

and  rolled  off  to  the side weakly.  Karen was now begging for more

pussy  to  eat, and I instructed Monica to kneel over her still hungry


     When  she  did,  Angela  appeared  between Karen's bound legs and

began  to  fuck  her with a strap-on dildo which she had brought along

for  use  on  the two white sluts.  Debbie continued to fist-fuck Gail

as  Angela pounded away at Karen's hot pussy and as Monica hunched her

dripping  cunt  against Karen's face.  Shirley was now kneeling beside

Karen  and  was pinching and pulling at her hard nipples with one hand

and flicking at her clit with the middle finger of her other hand.

     Karen  couldn't  stand  it  any longer, and I watched as her hips

strained  at the ropes that bound her to the coffee table.  Her groans

and  grunts  were  only  partially  muffled  by the wet pussy that was

being  ground into her face, and it was obvious that she was beginning

her orgasm.

     I  watched  the  muscles  in  Karen's  body working as her orgasm

mounted.   Her  toes  were  twisting  and  contorting, her leg muscles

clenching  and  releasing  rapidly,  her hips bucking hard against the

ropes.   Her  head  was  now  jerking  upward, pressing her mouth even

further  into  Monica's crotch.  I expected her spasms to end most any

moment,  but they did not.  She seemed to be having continuous orgasms

as  Angela  continued  to  pound  the  hard and long intruder into her


     Suddenly  Angela  leaned  forward and pulled Monica's head to her

and  kissed  her  deeply  on  the mouth.  When she did Monica's orgasm

erupted  violently,  her  hips  jerking eratically on Karen's face.  I

smiled  as  Monica's  hips  rose and fell and as she returned Angela's

kiss with extreme passion.

     Gail  had  also begun to come, and her mouth unencumbered by slut

cunts  or  cocks,  had  begun  to  scream  dirty words into the air as

Debbie fisted her hot cunt.

     "Fuck,Fuck,Fuck,Nigger  Whore Pussy, Fist me!...Piss!...yessssss,

give  me  more!!!...Fill  my  slut  cunt  fuck  hole!...Use  my  whore

body!!..make me cuuuuuuuuuummmmmmm!!!!"

     As  Monica's  orgasm subsided, she moved away from Karen and as I

watched,  the  other two black girls moved to either side of Karen and

stood  above  her  head holding open their pussies with their fingers.

Karen's  eyes  moved  back  and  forth between the two crotches as her

orgasms  continued  and  as Angela continued to fuck her with the fake

cock.   Finally she began whimpering a long continuous "ohhhhhh" which

rose  in volume until it filled the room and then suddenly it was over

and her head fell softly to one side.

     As  I  looked  around the room at the three white slave sluts who

had  been  so  creatively  used,  I  knew we were in for a real treat.

There  was  still  much  to do and many ways to use our little slaves,

and  I  still  had not had my first black pussy.  It was going to be a

great weekend!


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