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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade22.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= Monica's Early Training: Part Two

     The panties which Monica had worn that evening were put in a zip-

loc  bag  and placed in her lingerie drawer along with the rest of her

things.   The  protective  bag  would serve to seal in both her juices

and  the  aroma as well as keep it from spreading to the other clothes

in  the  drawer.   I  selected  two other pairs of panties and finger-

fucked  her  to  orgasm  while  she wore them in order to complete the

required supply of juice filled panties.

     Her  hunger  was  such a delight.  Each time that I  fingered her

to  another  orgasm she seemed to grow even more submissive and rather

than  losing  interest  in  further sexual activity she seemed to want

and  need it even more.  The night was still young and I had no desire

to  limit  her  orgasms  in  any way.  There would be occasions in the

future  when she would have to be denied for periods of time as a part

of  her  training,  but not now.  Now it was more important for her to

realize  just  what  lay ahead for her.  Numerous orgasms would become

the  rule  rather  than  the  exception,  and I wanted her to have her

first taste of what that would be like.

     "MASTER,  you've  made me come three times already!  I'm tingling

all  over  with  passion still from your fingers pumping in and out of

me.   Would you like to fuck me now?  Or may I suck you again and take

your  sweet cum in my mouth once more?  How may I please you MASTER?",

she said sweetly.

     "It  pleases  me  most  when  your  hips buck back and forth in a

fucking  motion,  my  little  slut", I replied honestly.  "I will come

again  before the night is out, but right now my interest lies in your

holes  and  using them to my satisfaction.  You have a virgin asshole,

do you not?"

     Monica's  eyes  opened  widely  as  she  answered  me hesitantly.

"Yes,  MASTER,  but you aren't going to do it to me there on our first

night are you?  I've heard it really hurts!"

     "Monica,  as  my  slave-slut,  your  holes  are  mine to use as I

please.   I  will  decide  which  hole  will  take cocks or fingers or

dildoes  or  whatever  I may choose to put in them.  I am going to use

your  asshole tonight, but you will not experience any pain, I'm sure.

I  simply  want your asshole to become accustomed to being prodded and

plugged.   Your proper training requires it", I explained.  "You don't

want to continue to have a virgin asshole do you?"

     "Yes!!", Monica replied, teasingly.

     I  laughed  at  her joking reply to me.  "I know better than that

silly.   I know it worries you a little, but I also know how eager you

are to become a total slut for me."

     "You're  right,  MASTER.   I  do  want that, and I do want you to

train  me  to  enjoy ass-fucking.  I want you to teach me to come when

my  ass is fucked.  I want to need to be fucked in the ass, to want it

so  badly  that  I'll  beg for it.  Can you teach me?  Can you help me

learn to love it?"

     "Yes,  I  can,  Monica.   I  can  and I will.  All you must do is

trust  me  and relax and allow me to do whatever I choose to you.  Can

you do that?", I asked.

     "Yes...I've  never  trusted  anyone in my life as much as I trust

you Master.  Do with me what you will...I'm your slave-slut."

     "Good  girl.   Now  roll  over  onto your stomach and spread your

legs  open.   I want to become better acquainted with your bottom fuck


     Monica  did  as  I  requested.   I  loved  her ass and the way it

looked  in  the  position she was in.  It was perfectly shaped and her

cheeks  were smooth and soft to my touch, yet tight and muscular.  Her

legs  looked good splayed open as well, and I could see her moist cunt

lips and the pucker of her asshole easily as I looked at her.

     Kneeling  between  her  legs  I  began  to lick and kiss her ass,

first  concentrating  on  her  cheeks and the backs of her thighs, but

working  my  way slowly to her anus.  When I reached it I licked at it

hungrily,  letting my tongue spread my saliva over it and pressing the

tip of my tongue at it, trying to gain entrance.

     "Ooooooooh,  I  love  it, MASTER!  Your tongue feels so goood!!",

she  moaned  as  her hips began to move.  I continued to suck and lick

at  her  for  a long time, loving the excitement that she was feeling.

I  could  smell  her  pussy  beginning  to leak its juice onto the bed

below  her.   Gathering  some of the cunt juice that had puddled under

her  with  my  middle  finger  I  moved my mouth away from her ass and

pressed  just  the  tip of that finger lightly against her asshole.  I

rubbed  it  across  her  hole,  spreading  the  juice  and watching it

glisten.   I  reached  down  to  her pussy and gathered more juice and

spread it against her anus, pressing slightly harder this time.

     I  stuck  my  middle  finger  into  her pussy as I kissed and bit

lightly  at her ass cheeks and fucked it in and out of her long enough

to  allow  it to become coated with more juice.  Sliding it out of her

pussy  I  pressed  it back against her asshole and slid the tip slowly

into  her ass.  Leaving just the tip inside her I waited until she had

become  accustomed  to  it  being  there  and  slowly slid it forward,

embedding  it  deeply  in her.  Once it was totally inserted I held it

there and waited for her hips begin to move once again.

     It  didn't  take  long.  I knew that she had fingered her asshole

for  me  at  times  when  I had talked with her on the phone.  She was

already  accustomed  to having one finger in her ass, it would be more

than the one that would take some getting used to for her.

     "You  look  good  with  a finger up your ass, Monica. Do you like

having a finger inside it?", I asked, teasingly.

     "Ummmmm,  yes,  it  feels  good, MASTER.  It doesn't hurt at all,

even  though  your  finger is bigger than mine is.  But my pussy is so

itchy and hot!  Can I please have something inside it?"

     "Not  yet  my  little  virgin-assed  slut...not  yet.   But soon.

Reach  back  with  your hand and replace my finger with yours.  I want

to watch you finger your asshole for me as you did on the phone."

     She  obediently  reached  back with her right arm and pressed her

finger  into  the  crack  of  her ass as I slowly withdrew mine.  Well

lubed  by  my  finger,  her ass readily accepted her smaller one and I

smiled as I watched her begin fucking it in and out.

     She  moaned  as  she  fingered her asshole.  "Ohhhhh, MASTER!...I

feel  so wicked doing this while you look at me!  No man has ever seen

me  stick a finger in my ass like this...unnnnnnghhhh!"  Her hips were

moving up and down now as her finger moved in and out.

     Getting  up  slowly,  I  moved  to the dresser and took the small

black  vibrator  from  the  drawer  along  with  the tube of ky jelly.

While  I watched my little slut fingering her own ass I greased up the

vibrator, preparing it for her.

     "Now,  Monica,  I'm going to replace your finger with a vibrator.

Its  larger than my finger was, but its smaller than two of my fingers

would  be.   Its  also pointed on the end and it will slide inside you

much  easier than two of my fingers would.  I've lubricated it with ky

jelly  and  you  will  find  the sensation to be more filling, but not


     "Yes, MASTER....just be gentle, please!"

     "Of  course I will be.  Take your finger out now, Monica and lick

it  clean.  Relax your muscles and concentrate on the feeling of being

filled.   You're  a  slut  who  is  letting  her  MASTER play with her

asshole.   You've  taken  my  cum  deep  in your throat and you've had

three  orgasms  already.   Now you're going to feel a vibrator in your

asshole  as  you have your fourth orgasm of the night."  As I spoke to

her  I pressed the tip of the vibrator against her anus and firmly but

gently began sliding it up inside her.

     "It  doesn't  hurt,  MASTER.  Put more of it in now, please", she

whispered hotly.

     I  pressed  the black vibrator deeper in her hole, slowly feeding

it  to  her  until it was nearly all buried in her ass.  "You've taken

it all now, Monica.  How does it feel?"

     "Just  as  you  said it would, MASTER.  I feel full, but still no

pain.  I...I...well, I really like it, MASTER!"

     "Good  girl,  Monica.   Now I'm going to turn the vibrator on its

lowest setting and you will feel it throbbing inside you."

     I  turned  the  knob  at the base of the vibrator and smiled as I

heard Monica's little squeal of delight at the feeling it gave her.

     "Ummmmmm,  it  feels goooood!!  But my pussy is so empty, MASTER!

Can I please touch my clit?", she moaned.

     "Yes,  my little slut...reach under and rub your hard little clit

with  your hand.  Rub it and think about the buzzing vibrator that you

love  having  up  your ass.  Think about opening your legs and letting

your MASTER use your virgin asshole."

     Monica's  hips  rose  as  she  slid  her hand under her belly and

began  rubbing  her  wet  clit hotly.  I slowly increased the speed of

the  vibrator  in  her  ass,  as  she  fingered her clit more rapidly,

beginning to lose herself in her feelings.

     By  the  time  I  had  turned  the vibrator all the way up to its

maximum  setting  Monica was fingering her pussy and hunching her hips

up and down wildly.

     "Unnnngggghhh,  in my assssssssss, MASTER!!!  I'm taking it in my

assssss!!!! And it feels so goooooood!!!!"

     "You're  going  to  be  my  little ass-fucking slut, Monica.  I'm

going  to  train you to love it up your ass.  Fuck your cunt now while

the      vibrator     buzzes     away     inside     your     asshole.

Fuck...Fuck...Fuck...Fuck  for  me!!!"   I  began sliding the vibrator

back  and  forth a little at a time as she continued to hunch her hips

up  in  the  air.   She  recoiled  slightly the first time she felt it

moving  backward,  but  she  was  too  lost in her own passion to even

consider  stopping  me.   I continued to slide the vibrator in and out

in  a  slow  fucking  motion  as  her  orgasm  overtook her and as she

screamed  her  pleasure into the pillow.  Just before her spasms ended

I  slid the black intruder out of her ass.  I knew there would be some

slight  pain  at  its  removal and I wanted her orgasm to cover it for

her.   As  her  passion ebbed her hips fell to the bed and her fingers

slid from her cunt.

     "Ohhh!!...MASTER!!!   That  was wonderful!  Is it going to always

be that good?  Will it never hurt any more than that?  I loved it!"

     "I  can't  promise  that  you'll not feel any pain in the future,

Monica,  but  I  can  promise  you that we will go slowly and that you

will  learn  to  accept  larger  and larger things inside you until my

cock will slide in easily.  All you must do is continue to trust me."

     "Ohhh,  MASTER!  Use me as you will, I want you to train me to be

the  perfect  slave  for  you...I  love it...I love it and you so very


     "Roll  over  now, Monica and let me see your nipples and how hard

they  have  become.   I  love your hard nipples and the way they stand

out  so  firmly from your precious little tits.  Pinch them for me and

let me watch."

     Monica  rolled  over  obediently  and began pinching her hard and

long  nipples.   She moaned slightly as she did so, loving the feeling

as  much as I loved watching her do it.  I rubbed her clit gently with

my  thumb as I watched her playing with her nipples, twisting them and

turning them, pulling them away from her breasts and pinching them.

     "I'm  going  to eat you now, Monica.  I'm going to eat your cunt,

suck  your  fuck juice into my mouth.  I want to taste it and smell it

and  feel  its  slickness  on  my  face.   Spread  your  slut legs and

continue to pinch your nipples while I dine on your fuck."

     Monica  moaned  hotly  and opened her legs lewdly as I positioned

myself  between  them.   Reaching  up and taking one of the pillows, I

slid  it  under  her ass raising it and her dripping pussy to allow me

more  comfortable  access  to  her.  I planned on being there for some

time;  might  as  well be comfortable.  I teased her at first, kissing

her  thighs  and running my tongue along the insides of them almost to

her  cunt, but stopping just as I was just about to kiss it.  I licked

along  the  top of her pubic area, just above the top of her cunt hair

and then down the sides, right beside her wet and slick lips.

     Monica's  hips  moved  up  and down hotly as I teased her and her

fingers  worked  busily on her nipples.  Finally I let my tongue flick

out  lightly  at  her  clit,  giving it a tender and quick lick before

moving  my mouth back to her left thigh.  Then it was back to her clit

for  another  second  and then over to her right thigh.  From her clit

to  her  thighs  I moved, lingering longer with each trip to her honey

pot  until  finally  I pressed my mouth hard against her pussy kissing

it  deeply  and  snaking  my tongue inside.  I began to lick her slit,

letting  my  tongue  move from her clit all the way down to the bottom

of  her  pussy  and  then  farther downward across the gap between her

fuck  holes.  Up and down I licked, savoring her juice as it poured in

great quantity from her hot little cunt.

     When  she  began  to  open  and close her legs rapidly against my

head  I focused all my attention on her clit and sucked at it hungrily

as  she  bounced  up  and down on the pillow under her ass.  Her fifth

orgasm  of  the night was extremely powerful and her breathing came in

quick  gasps,  puncuated  by moans and grunts.  I continued to suck at

her  clit  even  after her hips stopped moving and before long she had

begun  another  and  equally  as  strong orgasm, writhing and twisting

under  me.   When  her passion subsided once more I moved from between

her  legs  and  looked down at her laying with her eyes closed and her

head  tilted  to  one side.  Her fingers continued to play softly with

her  nipples  as  the  juice  continued to leak from her super-excited

hole down onto the sheets below her.

     "What  are  you,  Monica?",  I asked softly.  Without opening her

eyes  or  moving her head she replied quietly, "I'm your slut, MASTER.

I'm  a  hungry  submissive  slave-slut  who  needs you so much.  I'm a

whimpering  quivering  slave  who  loves  to  come  and be used by her


     "I'm  going  to  tie  you  to  the  bed now, Monica.  You will be

totally  helpless  and  unable to keep me from doing whatever I desire

to  your  body.   All  your holes will be mine to do with as I please.

You  will lay naked before me with your legs spread and I will use you

in  any way that I choose.  If I want to fuck you over and over again,

I  will.  If I choose to let other men come in and fill your fuck hole

with  their  cum,  I  will.   You  won't be able to stop it.  I can do

anything  I  want with you.  You're merely a recepticle for my cum and

holes  for  me to fill.  You've not come enough tonight to suit me and

you  will come more before I am through.  How many times I don't know,

but  you  will  come more."  By the time I had finished my teasing and

dirty  comments to her I had tied her hands and feet to the corners of

the  bed.   She  had  jerked her head from side to side anxiously as I

had  tied  each  of  her limbs, but had not uttered a word of protest.

She  was  frightened  somewhat  by  this  first  experience with being

bound, but without doubt was excited by it as well.

     After  I had bound her securely I cleaned off the vibrator that I

had  used  earlier on her ass, slid it into her cunt deeply and turned

it  on  high.   Her  hips immediately began moving up and down and she

moaned  with  pleasure  at  the feel of the vibrations in her cunt.  I

left  it inside her and took the tube of Ben-Gay from the slut bag.  I

put  a  generous  amount  of  the  ointment  on  each  nipple and then

annointed  her  clit  as  well. While waiting for the heat to begin to

build  on  her  nipples  and  clit I knelt over her head and rubbed my

cock along her lips and nose, letting her smell my sex.

     "My  nipples  and  clit are getting hot, MASTER! And the vibrator

feels so goooood inside me!!", she moaned.

     "I'm  going to leave you for a while now, Monica, and will return

later.   Enjoy  the sensations that you feel.  Enjoy being a slut with

burning  nipples  and  clit and with a buzzing vibrator in your middle

fuck  hole."   Having  said  that I got up and walked from the bedroom

and  left  her  laying  there  hunching  her  hips  into  the  air and

breathing hotly.

     I  sat  in  the  living  room  and read while the vibrator buzzed

inside  her  and  heard  her  reach two more intense orgrasms before I

returned  to her side.  Reaching into the slut bag I took out a larger

vibrator.   This  one  was at least twice as large in diameter and was

cock-shaped  as  well.  I held it in front of her face to allow her to

see it and then rubbed it against her lips, letting her lick it.

     "Now  this  vibrator is going to take the place of the other one,

Monica.   Its much bigger.  Not as big as some that you will be fucked

with,  but  still, much bigger than the one you took in your ass.  The

small  one  will be inserted in your ass again.  You'll have both your

lower  fuck  holes  filled and buzzing and you'll come some more.  You

do love to come, don't you Monica?"

     It  was  not  fatigue or fear that colored the inflections of her

voice  as  she  spoke,  but  rather  submissiveness...deep and sincere

submissiveness  that  took away the control she had been accustomed to

exerting  over  her  emotions and released them totally to the man who

was  using  her  body.   "Yes...yes...yes...I  love  to come...make me

come, MASTER...use me."

     I  slid  the  smaller vibrator from her cunt and replaced it with

the  cock-shaped  one.   It  slid  easily  into  place,  inch  by inch

disappearing  into  her until it was nearly completely embedded in her

hole.   I turned it on its lowest setting and slowly began working the

smaller  one  into  her  ass.   When  it was all the way inside I then

turned  it  on  and  slowly  increased  the  speed until it was at its

highest setting.

     Now  Monica  was  slipping  in  and  out  of  orgasms  easily and

quickly,  and  she  began  having another one as I began to apply more

Ben-Gay  to her nipples.  Just as she had begun to come back down from

that  orgasm  I  turned  the  speed  control all the way up on the big

vibrator  in  her  cunt and she began to come once more.  The movement

of  her hips caused the smaller vibrator to slide out of her ass and I

replaced  it  once more, wedging a pillow between her legs and running

a  length  of  rope  from  the  slut bag around it and under her body,

tying  it  around  her waist to prevent the vibrators from working out

again.   Satisfied  that they would stay embedded in her holes, I went

back into the living room to leave her alone once more.

     Her  moans  became  almost  constant  now.   There would be short

periods  of  quiet  filled  with only the sound of her heavy breathing

and  then  they  would  begin again as another orgasm overtook her.  I

left  her  that  way for nearly an hour while I picked out the clothes

that  I  would  allow  her  to take back to her apartment with her for

wearing during the two days we would be apart.

     I  picked  out  two  dresses  for her to wear and placed them and

some  matching  shoes in a grocery bag.  I did not pack any panties or

bra's;  she  wouldn't  be  needing  them.  Nor did I pack any gowns or

anything  for  her  to  sleep in.  She would sleep in the nude when we

were  apart.   As  she would learn later on, when we were together she

might  be  required  to sleep in most anything, from a garter belt and

high  heels  to a full compliment of clothes including panties, a bra,

hose  and  garter  belt,  a  slip  and  a dress.  This reversal of the

normality of things would have its effect.

     She  was  in  the middle of yet another orgasm when I entered the

bedroom  once  more and removed the vibrators from her holes.  I knelt

between  her  legs and fucked my hard cock into her until I had pumped

my  cum  into  her pussy.  Then I crawled up over her body and let her

lick  her  juice  from  my  cock  and  balls.  When she had cleaned me

completely  I untied her and helped her dress for her trip back to her

apartment.   For  her  travel  I  allowed  her to wear the pink bikini

bathing  suit  that  she  had brought to me.  Earlier that evening she

would  have  protested such a choice, but not now.  Now she would wear

it  obediently,  only  dimly  aware that there was the possiblity that

she  might  get  stopped  by a policeman on the way, and only slightly


     "Wear  one  of  the  dresses when you come back, Monica", I said,

kissing  her goodnight at the door.  "You've been a good slut for your

MASTER, and I look forward to your return.  Drive safely."

     She  kissed  me  deeply, pouring her body against mine.  Her skin

was  still damp from the evenings excitement and the taste of her kiss

was a mixture of cunt juice and my own cum.

     "Thank  you,  MASTER...I  can't  wait until I can be in your arms

again.  I love you with all my heart and soul."

     I  watched  her  drive away and felt as if I was being torn apart

as  the distance between us lengthened.  I loved her too.  I loved her

more than she would ever know.


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