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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade21.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= Monica's Early Training:

     Even  though Monica and I had spent alot of time on the telephone

discussing  our favorite fantasies, it wasn't until she moved from New

York  that we really were able to begin making some of those fantasies

come  true.   No matter how frank and honest you are with someone over

the  telephone  there  is  a  difference when you are really with that

person.   It  becomes impossible to hide excitement or disgust and all

the  shades  of emotion in between when you're actually together.  So,

even  though  we  were  already  speaking  of each other as MASTER and

slave,  we started out slowly as we embraced the reality of being with

each other in real life.

     Monica  moved  to  a  small  town  30 miles away from me when she

first  moved  from  the "Big Apple".  Her divorce wasn't final yet and

we  both  wanted  a  chance  to  make  sure  we  were making the right

decision  about  our future together.  It worked well; we were able to

see  alot  of  each other, but we still had enough space between us to

reduce  the  pressure  that we might have felt otherwise.  Those first

few  months were spent getting to know each other even better and they

were special in every way.

     It  became  more and more obvious that we were both glad that she

had  moved  to  be  near me.  We were just as suited for each other in

real  life  as we had believed ourselves to be as we had talked on the

phone.   We  had  agreed to give ourselves six months of normal dating

before  we  allowed  ourselves  to  endulge  ourselves  in  the mutual

enjoyment  of  our  fantasies.  The time was just about up when Monica

broached the subject one evening.

     "Two  more weeks and it will have been six months", she said with

a  smile.   "In one way the time has passed quickly...but I must admit

that I've been anxious for us to begin my training."

     "I  know  what  you  mean,  Monica", I said, returning her smile,

"I've  felt  that beautifully submissive nature of yours stirring deep

inside  you when we've made love.  Its been hard for me to stop myself

from playing on that; very hard."

     "Do  we  have  to  wait  any longer?  The time is almost up and I

really  want  to  begin  so  much!  Do you have any doubts that we are

ready?", she asked.

     "No,  none.   The  time limit we set was rather arbitrary anyway.

If  you  like  we  can  start  right away.  I'm just as anxious as you


     "I'm  so  glad.   I know we did the right thing, but I've been so

hungry  for  you  to  dominate  me sexually like you did on the phone.

I've missed that so much!", she said sincerely.

     "Well,  we  will  still  go slowly, Monica.  You've alot to learn

about  how  to  conduct  yourself  in  our  encounters.  Have you been

studying the rules that I gave you?"

     Monica  nodded  and  replied quietly, "Yes, I have.  To be honest

I've  read  them  over  and  over  and over again.  I've read them and

masturbated  as  I've  read  them.   I  know them all by heart.  And I

can't wait to obey every single one of them."

     "Good  girl!  You have to understand that I, as your MASTER, have

a  great deal of flexibility and can use those rules in whatever way I

deem  it  important  for  me  to.  But it is important for you to know

them and accept them.  Shall we begin tomorrow?"

     "Whenever you say, MASTER!  I really can't wait!"

     "Then  tomorrow  it  will  be.   When you come to see me tomorrow

night  you will bring all your clothes with you, Monica.  I'll need to

have  time  to  examine  them all closely and see if they meet with my

approval  or if they need any modification.  You'll be allowed to take

just  enough  clothing  with  you  to  last  until you next come to my

house.   I'll  decide  what you are to take.  How many garter belts do

you have?"

     "I  only  have  the one, MASTER.  I know that doesn't please you,

but  I've  been  spending  all my spare time with you and just haven't

been able to buy any more yet."

     "One  certainly won't do, but we'll go shopping together soon and

take  care  of  that.   If  you  have any pantyhose you may throw them

away.   You'll  need a few pair, but I'll select them and buy them for

you.   They  will  be  quite different from the ones you have.  If you

have  any  bra's that do not have matching bikini panties you may also

throw  them  away,  along  with  any  gowns  which are either not see-

through  or  short enough to show the cheeks of your ass.  Do you have

any crotchless panties?"

     "You  know  the kind of life I've led up to now, MASTER.  Some of

my  lingerie  is  sexy,  I  think, but none of it is the type that you

will want me to wear.  I'm sorry if that disappoints you."

     "It  doesn't disappoint me, Monica.  I'll make sure that you have

everything  you  need.   You  run  along  home  now  and  I'll see you

tomorrow  night.   You may need to pack some things tonight before you

go to bed."

     Later  that  night  I  straightened  up  the closets in my house,

making  room  for  Monica's clothes.  I also cleared out three drawers

in  the  chest  in  my  bedroom  to  allow  her  to  have room for her

lingerie.   I  was  sure that she wouldn't need three drawers to begin

with,  but  I  knew  she would fill them all up before we were through

with her training.

     The  next  day  I  went shopping to get some things that we would

need.   I'd been accumulating things for months in anticipation of her

coming  to  be  my slave.  I had outfitted the slut-bag and it was now

brimming  over  with deliciously wicked d&s sex toys.  I'd changed the

closet  doors  to  mirrowed  ones  and  had  hung  large mirrors where

possible  on  the other walls in the bedroom.  I had bolted the bed to

the  floor  and  had just purchased a new mattress and box springs for

it  as  well.   But  there  were still some last minute things to take

care of before she arrived that evening.

     When  I got back from shopping I checked my answering machine for

messages  and  found  one from Monica.  "Hello MASTER!  I'm so excited

about  coming  to  see  you  tonight.  I'm glad you made me throw some

things  away.   I  felt  as  if  I  was throwing off my old nature and

becoming  a  new  and different person.  I can't wait to turn over all

my  clothing  to  you  and  let you decide what I am to wear from this

point on.  I love you so much!  See you later...bye!"

     I  smiled  to  myself and put the things I had purchased away.  I

was  just  excited  as  Monica to begin our new roles with each other.

We  had  both been anticipating this new beginning for a long time and

it was going to be a special time for us.

     Monica  arrived  earlier  than  I  had thought that she would and

eagerly  brought her things into the house.  I had her lay her clothes

out  on  the living room floor for me to examine.  Some things I would

want  her  to  model for me, others I would be able to judge from just

glancing at them.

     "I'm  sure you remember from the course material that you've been

reading  that  when  you  offer yourself to me as my slave you give up

any  right  to  wear  clothing  on  your  slut  body, Monica", I said.

"Clothing  now takes on an entirely different role in your life.  Even

your  thoughts  about  clothing  will  now  change.  You will think of

clothing  now as a slave-slut and you will be aware that I have chosen

the  clothes  that  you have on for a purpose.  Every morning when you

dress  you  will  be  reminded  of  your  submissiveness to me and the

control I have over your body."

     "Yes,  MASTER,  I know...I feel so submissive already, laying out

my clothing in the floor for you like this", she sighed.

     "The  clothing that is laying in the floor belongs to your MASTER

now,  Monica.   It  is  not  YOUR  clothing, nor will you ever own any

clothes  again  as  long  as  you are my slave.  I will require you to

wear  clothes from time to time to suit my own purposes.  Sometimes it

will  be to attract other men, to make their cocks hard.  Sometimes it

will  be to cover up your slut body in order to avoid situations where

others  would become aroused by you.  I'll decide what you'll wear and

when  you'll  wear  it.   If  you  ever  have  any desire to wear some

particular  item  of  clothing  you  will clear it with me in advance.

Otherwise  I  will  make  the  choices  for  you at all times.  Do you


     "Oh,  yes,  MASTER,  I  do  understand.  And I want it to be that

way, very much!"

     "What  I'm  going  to  do  tonight,  Monica, is to go through the

clothes  that you own and determine if you have any slut clothing.  If

you  have  items  which  qualify  as  slut  clothing I will keep them.

Those  items  which  do not qualify, no matter how dear they may be to

you will be thrown away."

     I  looked  over  some  of the clothing she had laid out and began

making  a pile of items that we would have no further use for.  "Strip

naked  for  your  MASTER,  Monica and add those clothes to the ones on

the  floor.   Which of these jeans that you have brought to me are the


     Monica  laid  her last remaining article of clothing on the floor

and  knelt  naked at the pile of jeans and selected one pair which she

handed  to  me.   "These are the tightest ones, MASTER.  I have to lie

on the bed when I put these on."

     "Put  them  on for me now and let me see how they look on you", I


     Monica  laid  in the floor and pulled and tugged the jeans up her

beautiful  legs  and over her tight little ass.  When she had finished

she stood, allowing me to see how they clung to her body.

     "Does the crotch pull tight against your slut cunt?", I asked.

     "Yes,  it  does,  MASTER.   Perhaps  another  pair  would be more


     "Comfort  is  not our concern, Monica.  If you wear a garter belt

under these jeans will the garters show?"

     "Yes, I'm sure they will, MASTER", she replied.

     "Good,  then  they  will  do.   Toss the rest of the jeans in the

throw-away pile for me.  Did you bring a pair of white pants?"

     "Yes,  I brought these", she said, lifting a pair of white cotton

slacks from the floor.

     "Good,  keep  them and throw the rest of the pants in the discard

pile.   You  won't  have  many opportunites to wear pants from now on.

Where is the garter belt that you brought to me?"

     "Here,  MASTER",  she  said,  handing me a black garter belt that

she had purchased some time back at my suggestion.

     "Put  it and the black stockings on under the white pants and put

on  this  white  bra  and that pair of white high heels.  You may wear

that while I examine the rest of the clothing", I said.

     "Shall  I  wear  the  black panties that match the garter belt?",

she asked.

     "Normally  you will not wear panties under your clothing, Monica,

but  since  they  are quite likely to show through the white fabric of

these pants you may this time."

     I  watched  Monica slide the stockings up her legs and attach the

garters.   It  was  a  sexy sight to see, but her performance could be

improved  upon.  I  had made a study of women putting on stockings and

had  compiled  a  collection of segments from movies on one video tape

that  I made a mental note to require her to watch.  She would have no

equal  at  putting  on  stockings sexily by the time she had completed

her training.

     When  she had put on the clothes I had told her to wear she stood

before  me.  The pants looked good on her and the high heels tightened

her  ass  cheeks  and  made  them very attractive as she turned around

allowing  me  to see the view from the back.  Both the panties and the

garter  belt  showed  through  the  white  slacks  just  enough  to be

delightfully  sluttish.   The material clung to the little nubs of her

garters  and  the  resulting bump was quite pleasing.  I liked the way

the  bottom half of her body looked completely dressed and the way the

top half of her body looked only partially dressed.

     "You  see,  Monica,  the effect of you having on what you have on

is  very  special.   Its  as  if  I have walked in on you while you're

dressing.   But  in  fact  you are finished dressing and you will wear

only  what  you have on until I tell you otherwise.  I like to look at

you  in  a  bra  and  I  like the way the garter belt and panties show

through  the slacks you have on.  Only a slut would purposely dress as

you  are  now dressed, and every time I look at you or you think about

what you have on we are reminded that you are a slut."

     Monica   blushed  deeply  and  replied,  "I  understand  totally,

MASTER, and you're so right...I am a slut!"

     I  continued weeding out the clothing as Monica stood and watched

with  interest.   I  kept  most of the dresses and skirts that she had

brought,  discarding  only  a  few  that  seemed  to  have  almost  no

redeeming  qualities  to them.  Some of the ones I had kept would have

to  have  the  hemline  taken up and some would have to always be worn

without  a  slip  underneath,  but they were generally acceptable.  We

would buy others which would be more suitable for my purposes.

     I  then  had  Monica  try  on each of the dresses over her garter

belt  outfit  for  me.   She  sat  and crossed her legs and pulled the

dresses  up in various ways at my request as I watched.  Several times

I  had  her stand in front of a bright light to see what could be seen

through  the material.  When she modeled some of the shorter dresses I

had  her  bend over so that I could see how high they would ride up in

back.   When  I  was  satisfied that I had selected servicable items I

instructed  her  to  throw away the discards and to hang up the ones I

had  decided  to  keep  in  the  closet.   While  she did that I began

examining her panties and bra's.

     She  had good taste in panties.  Most of them were bikini panties

and  she  even  had  brought  a few pair that would more accurately be

called  g-string  panties.   I  smelled  the  crotch of each pair as I

looked  at  them  to see if there was any lingering aroma of her juicy


     Monica  returned  from her duties to see me sniffing at a pair of

pink panties.

     "Are they clean enough, MASTER?", she asked.

     "I'm  not  particularly  impressed  with  panties  which  do  not

contain  the  smell  of  your  slut-cunt, my little whore", I replied.

"From  this  point  on  you will normally wear panties only around the

house  and  seldom if ever under other items of clothing.  Usually you

will  wear  panties  alone  with high heels when you wear them at all,

and  you  will parade your semi-naked body in front of me or others as

I  choose  when  so attired.  You will always keep at least three pair

of  panties  available  which smell strongly of your sex and will wear

them  at  my  command.   You  will  rotate  these  panties  reqularly,

fingering  your  cunt  with a fresh pair on when necessary to keep the

supply  fresh  and  aromatic.  If from time to time I give away a pair

or   two   of   the   juice-filled   panties  you  will  replace  them

immediately.  Do you understand?"

     "Oh,  MASTER....are you really going to give my smelly panties to

other people?", she asked with embarassment.

     "You  keep  forgetting,  my  little slave-slut, that they are not

your  panties,  but  mine.   And, yes...I will give them to whomever I

choose  whenever  I choose, and the recipients will always be informed

that they contain your fuck juice."

     Monica  was  kneeling  in  the floor next to me as I spoke to her

about  giving others panties which had been soaked with her juices and

had begun to rub at her itchy crotch with her hand.

     "You're making me very hot, MASTER", she cooed.

     "Are  you  feeling  the  need  to  be  fucked, Monica?", I asked,


     "Ummmm,  yessss!  I  am!!   My panties are filling up now with my

juice, MASTER!"

     "Then  take  off  the  pants  and  show  me  how  you will finger

yourself  with  panties on in order to fill them with your cunt juice,

my little slut."

     Monica  removed  the  white slacks obediently. "I'll do just like

this,  MASTER",  she  replied,  opening her legs wider and sliding two

fingers  into  her  pussy,  pressing  the  crotch  of the tiny panties

inside  herself  as  she  did so.  "I'll push them inside my slut-cunt

like  this  and  fuck  my  hips  back  and forth on my fingers and the

smooth   panties   covering   them.   Unnnnngh!  feels  so  good,

MASTER!!"   Monica  fucked  her  hips  back  and  forth as her fingers

plunged  in  and  out  of  her  fuck  hole, carrying the fabric of her

panties with them.

     "Yes,  fuck  yourself  for  me,  Monica...fuck  your dirty little

tramp fuck hole with your fingers while I watch you.  You love finger-

fucking, don't you?", I said, taking my cock from my pants.

     "Ohhhhh,  yessss...I  do  love  finger-fucking, MASTER, and I can

feel  my juice leaking through the crotch of these panties and soaking

my  fingers!    Please...may  I  have  a  taste of my juice now?", she


     "Yes...feed  your  slut-mouth  now, Monica...feed your upper fuck

hole  some  of  your own cunt juice...lick your fingers and taste your

fuck", I commanded, stroking my hard cock eagerly as I watched her.

     Monica  removed her glistening fingers from her hole, the panties

clinging  to  the  inside  of  her cunt and not withdrawing with them.

She  moved them sexily to her face and smelled them adoringly and then

began licking her cunt juice from them.

     "Ohhhh,  its  sooooo gooood, MASTER!", she said in between loving

licks.  "Will you let me eat my juice often, MASTER?"

     "Yes,  little  bi-slut  whore,  you will eat your juice often for

me.  I like watching you lick it from your fingers."

     "Can I get some more now, MASTER?" she asked hopefully.

     "Yes,  get  more and spread the fuck on your face...all over your

face,  Monica",  I  said  hotly, my hand moving rapidly up and down my


     Monica  reached  back  to  her hole and gathered more juice.  She

fingered  herself  hotly,  moving her fingers from side to side and up

and  down  and  in  and  out, letting them become covered with her hot

lubricant.   Her  hand  then moved to her face once more spreading the

juice over her cheeks and lips and even her nose.

     "Look  at my face covered with my cunt juice, MASTER.  I love for

my face to be shiny with fuck!"

     "Finger  your  hole some more my little slut...I have cum to feed

you!",  I  said,  standing  and  placing  the  head  of my cock at her

mouth.   She  opened  it  eagerly  and I slid the thick shaft into her

mouth.   Holding  her head in my hands I  began fucking my dick in and

out of her mouth.

     I  felt her cheeks collapsing on my shaft as I slid it in and out

of  her  sucking  mouth.  Even when I allowed it to move deep into her

and  press  against  the  opening of her throat she sucked eagerly and

hungrily.   I  thrust into her now, lost in my own passion, only dimly

aware of her fingers fucking in and out of her panty-filled cunt.

     When  the  head  of  my  hard  cock moved into her throat I could

sense  her  orgasm  beginning.  It was as if taking me into her throat

had  been  the key to making her begin to come.  In fact, it was.  Her

head  moved  forward  of its own volition, her lips moving to the base

of  my  shaft  and  her  throat  filling with dick.  I sensed her body

tensing  and  lifting  upward from her kneeling position and heard the

grunts struggling to bypass the thick meat which filled her.

     My  cock  began  to  jerk  inside  her, spewing hot fuck down her

throat  with  each  spasm.   She  swallowed  hungrily,  displaying  no

tendency  to  gag,  but seeming to love every moment of the assault on

her  mouth and throat.  I fucked her  until all my cum had been dumped

into  her and slowly withdrew my dick, feeling her lips clinging to it

as  if  she  never  wanted  it  to leave her mouth.  I lifted her chin

gently,  looking at the cum dripping from her bottom lip and the shiny

cunt juice covering her cheeks.

     As  I  looked  into  her  eyes lovingly she moved her hand to her

mouth  and  once again began to suck the juices from her fingers. If I

had  had any doubts before they no longer existed.  We had both chosen

well, this time.


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