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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade20.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= Monica Goes To The Movies

     Before  we  met, Monica wasn't interested in going to movies very

often.    After  all,  she'd  spent most of her life in Manhattan, and

with all the other entertainment there who needs the movies?

     I,  on the other hand, had lived in a small town all my life, and

the  movies WERE our entertainment.  We didn't have much in the way of

restaurants  in  my little town when I was growing up and usually when

we  had  a  date we took her to the drive-in movie theater.  Some guys

claimed  they  never  saw the movie when they took a date there, seems

like  I  always  did.   Must have been the girls I dated or something.

Surely it wasn't me...right?

     Anyway,  by  the time Monica and I met I had discovered that lots

of  sexy  things  often  happened in movie theaters.  By the time we'd

been married a year Monica had discovered that too.

     One  of  my  rules is that when we go to a movie, no matter where

it  is or who we go with, Monica is to wear a dress or skirt.  No if's

and's  or but's about it.  Thats mainly because of another rule that I

have  concerning our trips to the movies:  When we are at a movie I AM

going  to  finger-fuck her.  No if's, etc. about that either.  She can

burn  the  cornbread,  over-cook  the  roast,  even  let us run out of

toilet  paper...but  no  way  is  she going to refuse me fingering her

little fuck hole at a movie.

     So,  when  I  informed her that we were going out to a movie last

Thursday  night  I  didn't  have  to tell her what to wear or what was

going  to  happen  while we were there.  Didn't have to ask her if she

wanted to go either; she loves movies now.

     She  wore one of my favorite dresses that night.  Its perfect for

going  to the movies and she knows it.  Its a light blue summer-weight

dress  that  is  cut  square  across the top and loose enough that its

easy  for  me  to  slide  my hand down inside the top to play with her

nipples.   Its  a long dress which comes well below her knees when she

stands,  but  its  cut  full  enough  that if I choose to I can get my

whole  arm  up  under it and noone is the wiser. On the other hand the

color  is  just  right  because  it  shows  up well in the dark of the

theater,  and  if I choose to slide it up its quite obvious that it is

up  higher  than  it  might  normally be.  It even seems to gather the

available light and reflect it on her thighs in those situations.

     She  was ready to go when I got home that afternoon and it wasnt'

until  she had assumed her position in the front seat that I was aware

she  had  worn the pale blue garter belt that I'd bought her as one of

her  specialty  lingerie items.  We even called it one of her "finger-

fucking  garter  belts",  because  we  found it so nice for wearing at

such  times.  She has lots of garter belts and nearly all of them fall

into  some  kind of category like the pale blue one.  Some of them are

"ass-fucking  garter  belts", some are "pussy-eating garter belts" and

some  are  "cock-sucking  garter  belts".  Categorizing them like that

simply  makes  it easier for her to know how to dress appropriately if

she knows what kind of adventure we are about to have.

     I  noticed  that  she also wore the pale blue panties which match

the  garter  belt  and  a pair of white stockings.  She looked lovely,

and  as  I laid my hand on her thigh and enjoyed the feel of the strap

of  her garter and her bare skin under my hand I could feel the warmth

of her pussy radiating from behind the blue silk.

     "How  did  you  know  I was in the mood for a movie?", she asked,

smiling at me.

     "I'm  your  MASTER,  dear...I'm supposed to know these things", I

replied  with  a broad grin.  "Besides, you horny little tramp, you're

always  in  the  mood to be finger-fucked.  I learned that a long time


     Chuckling  softly,  Monica  leaned  over and kissed me sweetly on

the  cheek.   I  had  spoken  the  truth,  and we both knew it.  I was

particularly  glad  that  it was the truth, perhaps even more than she

was.   I  love  finger-fucking  a  nice  juicy pussy and there isn't a

juicier pussy anywhere than Monica's.

     There  were  very few people in the theater when we arrived and I

picked  a row about midway from the front, leading Monica to about the

center  of  the  row.   We spent the few moments before the film began

talking  about the events of the day and the time passed quickly as we

waited  for  the theater to grow dark and the movie to start.  When it

did  I  immediately  began  caressing  Monica's  legs through the soft

fabric  of the dress.  I love to take my time when I finger her in the

theater.   I  like  to  start by feeling her garters through the dress

and  then  working   it  up  slowly  as  I  continue to touch her more

firmly.   After  a  bit I then usually work my hand up under the dress

and  ever  so  slowly  move  it  up  her  leg to her cunt.  Its always

dripping wet by the time I get there, and I'm always rock hard.

     The  movie  had  been  on  for  about half an hour and I had just

begun  to  rub  the  front  of her tiny little panties under her dress

when  we  were vaguely aware of a couple of other people joining us on

the  row.   They  were  sitting  one  seat  away  from Monica, but the

theater  was  pretty  dark  and  we didn't pay much attention to them.

Monica  knows that it doesn't matter who sits beside her when we're at

the  movie, I'm not going to stop fingering her unless its some kid or

something, in which case we get up and move.

     The  crotch  of  her  panties  was  soaking  wet now and the silk

fabric  covering  her  pussy  stuck to her pouty little cunt lips as I

ran  my  finger up and down their length.  When my fingers reached the

top  I  would linger long enough to rub her hardening clit for a while

before  moving  back  down  into  her slit once more.  My fingers were

getting  coated  with  her  juices  and  I  began to rub them sideways

across  her  now spread opened crotch letting them deposit the fuck on

her  naked  thighs  as  my hand moved onto her leg.  I knew it excited

her  to  feel  her  juices  being wiped on her thighs as my hand moved

back  and  forth,  spreading  her  lips  to the side as it crossed her


     Neither  of  us  had any idea what was going on in the movie, but

that  was  fine  with us.  Monica had laid her head on my shoulder now

and  was  slumping  down  in  the  seat beginning to breathe harder as

passion began to overtake her.

     "Slide  your  dress up above the tops of your stockings, Monica",

I whispered to her.  "I want to see your garters."

     She  obediently slid the blue fabric upward until I could see the

garters  on  both legs and a couple of inches of her thighs beyond the

tops  of her stockings.  Her legs were now spread open wide, her knees

at least 18 inches apart.

     I  began  to  press my middle finger insistently at the center of

her  fuck  hole,  feeling it opening to take my finger and her panties

inward  as  I  pressed  hard against her.  When I had my entire middle

finger  inside  and  a  good  portion  of the crotch of her panties, I

began  to  press  the  finger  hard to the bottom of her slit and then

sliding  it  back  to  the  top,  press it hard there, rubbing my palm

against  her  clit.   I  felt her hips begin to move slightly backward

and forward in a fucking motion.

     The  dress was picking up the light from the film nicely and even

though  the  room was dark I could easily see my wrist as it stuck out

from  under  her  dress as well as her thighs and her white stockings.

By  now  we  were  both aware that we were not the only ones who could

see  those  things.   The  man  who had sat in our row was now looking

over at Monica and staring blatantly at her legs.

     "He's watching, you know", Monica whispered quietly.

     "Yes,  I  know  he is.  Slide the dress up to your waist now.", I


     "Are you sure?", she asked.

     "Yes, quite it!", I replied.

     I  felt  her body tremble as she moved her hands to her dress and

began  to  slide  it  upward.   She  didn't  stop until it was bunched

around her waist and her panties and garter belt were fully exposed.

     I  tilted  her head back with my free hand and kissed her hard on

the  lips.   It  was a long and passionate kiss and when it was over I

looked  deeply  into  her  eyes and said, "I love you.  I love you for

who  you  are and for what you are to me.  I love you for pulling your

dress  up  to your waist so the stranger can watch me finger-fuck your

little slut-cunt."

     I  laid  her  head  back on my shoulder and returned my attention

fully  to her pussy.  Sliding my finger back out of her hole I slid it

under  the  edge of her wet panties and felt the naked lips of her hot

cunt.   I  moved  the tip of my middle finger to her clit and began to

rub  it  gently.   Monica  moaned  hotly.  Her chest was rising up and

down  now  with  her  labored breathing as I slid another finger under

her panties and began to work both of the fingers into her hole.

     She  was  dripping  wet  and  the two fingers entered her easily,

sliding  in  deeply.   I  pressed  them  hard  to  the bottom and then

pressing  against  the  right side of her pussy, slid them back to the

top  and  pulled them hard to the top.  I stretched her fuck hole open

wider,  making  it  feel  empty  and  needing more to fill it.  Now my

fingers  pressed  hard  against  the  left  side and moved back to the

bottom  once more, opening and stretching as they went.  Her hips were

moving constantly now.

     "Slide  the  panties  down  almost  to your knees now, Monica", I


     "But MASTER...the man will see me...", she said hesitantly.

     "Do  you  want  more  fingers in your fuck hole, Monica? you

want more finger-fucking? you?", I asked, impatiently.

     "Ohhhhh, know I do, but the man..."

     "Do it Monica!!", I hissed.

     With  an audible sigh Monica moved her hands to her hips and slid

the   dripping  wet  panties  downward  nearly  to  her  knees  before

stopping.   They  were  stretched  lewdly by her wide-opened knees and

the juice filled crotch shone luminescently in the darkened room.

     I  had  just  added  a  third finger to her hole and she had just

laid  her head back on my shoulder when the man next to her got up and

moved  to  the  seat  directly  beside her, openly staring at her bare

pussy with the fingers fucking in and out of it.

     Monica  looked  up  at  me  in  alarm  but  I  merely  smiled and

continued  to  finger  her.  "Ask the man to put his hand on your leg,

Monica", I said.

     "MASTER!!", she exclaimed in a whisper.

     Putting  my mouth close to her ear I whispered to her, "Monica, I

can  make  you  get  on your knees on the dirty floor and suck the man

off if I wish.  I suggest you do as I say and do it quickly."

     She  looked  up  at  me  for a long time as if sizing me up in an

effort  to  see just how serious I was about all of this.  Then slowly

she  turned  her  head  and  leaned over in the other man's direction.

Her voice was timid but loud enough that I could hear it.

     "Please put your hand on my leg.", she said quietly.

     I  looked  across  at  the  man  who was now staring in her eyes.

Slowly  he  moved  his  left  hand  to  her leg just above her lowered

panties  and  began  caressing it.  Monica lay her head on the back of

the  chair and closed her eyes, her passion mounting even more quickly

now.   She  slid  lower  in  the seat now, her left knee pressing hard

against  my  leg,  her right knee pressing hard against the leg of the

other man.

     His  hand  molded  her  flesh  through  the white stockings as it

moved  higher and higher.  My three fingers were sliding in and out of

her  soft pussy now and her hips were humping back at them hotly.  The

man  continued  to slide his hand higher until it was above the top of

her  stockings  on her bare thigh.  Monica moaned softly and looked at

me  with  lust  filled eyes.  I leaned over once more and whispered to

her.   "Ask the man to put his fingers inside your pussy too, Monica",

I said.  "Tell him you need it."

     This  time  Monica  merely  licked  her  lips and stared straight

ahead  for  a  moment  before complying with my wish.  "Mister, please

put  your  fingers  in  my  pussy with my husbands fingers.  Please do

it.  I need it so baaaad!", she moaned in his ear.

     She  continued  to  stare in his eyes as his hand slid further up

her  leg  and  as  his fingers began to spread her lips open trying to

gain  access.   I  pressed  my three fingers hard to the bottom of her

cunt  allowing him room to insert two of his in above mine.  When they

slid  into her Monica's head rolled back over toward me and she moaned

hotly and began hunching her hips harder than before.

     We  fingered  her like this for a long time, watching her passion

grow and hearing her breathing grow more and more labored.

     "Put  your  hand  in  his lap and find his cock, Monica.  Find it

and  rub it.  Rub it and ask him to open his pants for you so that you

can stroke his naked fuck meat."

     I  watched  hotly as she moved her hand over to his lap and began

to  rub  her  hand  up  and  down his rock hard dick.  She leaned over

toward  him slightly and hotly spoke to him.  "Give me your dick.  Get

it  out  for  me so I can stroke it for you.  Let me feel your cock in

my hand.  Let me jerk you off.  Please, Mister!", she implored.

     His  free hand worked the zipper of his pants and he struggled to

pull  out  the big dick for the trembling slut who wanted it so badly.

Once  he  had  freed it, Monica grasped it hungrily and began to slide

her hand up and down its shaft expertly.

     I  worked  my  own zipper down, removed my dick from my pants and

took  her left hand and placed it on my cock.  Her hands moved busily,

stroking  the two thick hunks of fuck meat while our fingers pumped in

and  out  of  her running wet slut-cunt.  Her head was still laid back

on  the  back  of  the chair and was swinging from side to side now as

she was lost in a sea of passion.

     The  man  next  to  her  leaned  over  and  kissed her neck as he

fingered  her  and  I  heard him whisper to her, "I have a friend with


     Confused  by  his  statement,  she  mumbled  her question back to

him.  "What?...what do you mean you have a friend?"

     "I  have  a   friend who would like to fuck you...we both want to

fuck you...his cock is hard too, but you aren't jerking him off."

     "I  know...but...",  turning her head to me and still fucking her

hips  wildly  at  our intruding fingers, Monica looked at me with wide

eyes. "...MASTER...he says he has a friend..."

     "Yes,  I heard him Monica", I said interrupting her.  "He and his

friend both want to fuck you...isn't that what he said?"

     "Unnnnggggh!",  she  moaned  now, her orgasm approaching quickly.

"Unnnnyyyessss, he said that!".

     "I  want  you to fuck them, Monica.  I want you to take their cum

into  your body.  But first I want to dump my cum in your mouth.  Bend

over  Monica  and  take  my  dick in your mouth...I have hot sperm for


     She  bent  over  obediently  and covered the head of my cock with

her  mouth.   It  was  awkward  for her and she had to remove her hand

from  the  other  man's cock to do it.  He pulled her leg over his own

leg  and  began  rubbing his cock against the stocking that covered it

while she sucked on my dick.

     My  hot  cum  shot  out  into  her  mouth  and she gulped it down

hungrily,  sucking  and  pumping with her tongue and lips.  When I had

shot  it  all  into  her I lifted her head back up and she leaned back

against  the  chair  back  once  more.  The man took her hand back and

placed  it back on his dick.  Our fingers continued to work on her hot

pussy as she resumed the stroking of the strangers fuck meat.

     I  leaned  over  to whisper to her once more.  "Tell the man that

you  want  to fuck him and his friend.  Tell the man you're a slut and

you  need to be fucked.  Tell him you will fuck them in the men's room

and that you are ready to do it now."

     She  leaned  over  toward  the man whose cock she was jerking and

without  hesitation  spoke  to  him hotly.  "I'm a slut.  I need to be

fucked  so bad!  I want to fuck you and your friend right now.  I need

your  dicks now!!!  I want you and your friend to take me to the men's

room   and   dick   me.    Make  me  come,  Gawwwwwd,  I  need  it  so

bad...Pleassse fuck me now!!", she moaned.

     The  man  put her hand back in her lap and taking his fingers out

of  her  pussy zipped up his pants.  "Pull your panties up little slut

and  follow us.  We'll fuck you.  We'll fuck you like the dirty little

slut that you are.  Come on, get what you need", he said.

     Sliding  her panties back up her pretty legs, Monica turned to me

and asked, "Will you be coming too, MASTER?"

     "No,  Monica,  I'll  wait  for you here.  Go with the men and let

them  fill  your  holes with hot fuck meat.  Let them pump their cocks

in  and  out  of  your body and fill you with their cum.  When you get

back my cock will be hard again."

     She  kissed  me hard on the mouth and rose, following the two men

as they walked toward the lobby.

     Later  on  that night as we lay in our bed holding each other she

spoke  to  me  softly.   "Thank  you  for  setting  that all up for me


     "How did you know?", I asked.

     "Silly...I  recognized  those two men as being the same ones that

I "picked up" in the bar that night.  You're so precious."

     "I'm  glad you enjoyed it, Monica.  I thought maybe we could fool

you...its been quite a while since the time at the bar."

     "Well,  don't  be  disappointed...they  didn't  fool  me, but the

three black guys who had me when they were through did."

     "What!!!", I exclaimed.

     "Gotcha!!", she said, smiling.

     Note to the reader: I'm gonna get her for that!


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