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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade19.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= Out For Drinks

     Monica  doesn't  drink  often.   Usually only when I fix them for

her  or  when  we  go out.  There are times when I require that she be

rather  high on alcohol, knowing that the things I am going to require

her  to  do will be enhanced by the effects of the alcohol.  Sometimes

she  would  just  offer  too  much  initial resistance without it.  Of

course  there  are  other  ways  to  overcome  that  resistance, and I

suppose thats why she doesn't drink often.

     Early  in  our  marriage,  however, I decided to take her out for

drinks  to a bar in a nearby city.  It wasn't really the drinks that I

wanted  her  to  get  at  the  bar, but a couple of the patrons.  So I

started her drinking well before we left home.

     I  had  her take a nice relaxing bubble bath and fixed her an icy

screwdriver  to  drink  while she soaked in the hot water.  I refilled

it  for  her  while she dried off and let her sip it from time to time

while she put on the clothes I had laid out on the bed for her.

     The  dress  was a very short spandex tank dress I'd picked up for

her  at Trashy Lingerie in California once while on a visit there.  It

was  hot  pink  with  a  very high top, but it clung to her small body

like  a  second  skin  and her nipples, even when soft, showed through

the  material easily.  It was cut out in the back nearly to her waist,

revealing  the  fact  that  there was no bra underneath.  Under it she

wore  only a pair of black suspender pantyhose which had roses running

up  the back of her legs in the place of seams.  A pair of 5 inch high

heels completed her wardrobe for the evening.

     She  looked  so  good  it  was hard for me to pass up fucking her

before  we  left, but I did.  I wanted her to be especially horny when

we  got to the bar.  I fixed another drink for her to sip on along the

way,  and  watched  with  delight as she got into the car in the tight

little  dress.  No way to be discrete with that dress on.  A girl just

had to figure the men were going to see it all.

     Monica  assumed  the  position  she had been trained to assume in

the  car,  pulling  her dress up to her waist and spreading  her legs.

I  handed  her the drink, and reaching into my coat pocket, pulled out

the  little  black dildo that I've since begun to require her to sleep

with up her ass.  I handed it to her.

     "Here, fuck yourself with this on the way", I said.

     She  was  already  feeling  the  effects  of the alcohol, and she

giggled  quietly  and  replied,  "Yes, MASTER, it will be a pleasure!"

Then  she  began  sliding  the head of the dildo up and down her naked

slit  and before we had gone far was fucking it in and out of her cunt

with delight.

     She  continued to fuck herself lewdly there in the seat beside me

until  we  stopped  for  a  red light at a busy intersection downtown.

With  half-opened  eyes  she  turned  to me and said, "May I come now,

MASTER?  My slut-cunt is trembling and I need to come very badly."

     "No,  Monica...take  the  dildo out if you're close to coming and

lick  your  juices  off for me", I replied.  There were people walking

and  standing  all  along  the  sidewalk next to our stopped car.  She

knew  they would see her licking the cock-shaped pussy fucker.  So did

I.   Looking  at  me with a knowing smile, Monica pulled the fake cock

from  her  juicy  cunt and lifted it to her mouth and began to lick it

sexily.   She  had  begun to attract quite a bit of attention when the

light  changed  and we turned the corner, only a couple of blocks from

the bar.

     When  we  parked  the car, I took the dildo from her and told her

of  the rest of my plans.  "When we go inside, Monica, I will sit at a

table  close  to the bar.  You will sit at the bar without me.  Either

find  some  man  who  appeals  to you and sit next to him, or sit on a

stool  that  has  empty  stools  to either side of you.  Order another

drink  and  let  the  men  in the bar have time to discover you.  Once

they  do  you  will  allow  them  to  come  on  to you in any way they

choose.   If  you find the men who come on to you attractive and you'd

like  to  fuck  them, then you will flirt back with them and encourage

them  all  you can.  They can touch you anywhere they like Monica.  If

they  slide  their hands up your dress, or pinch your nipples, or feel

your let them.  Anything.  Do you understand?"

     Even  with  the alcohol buzzing in her brain this was still quite

an  adventure  for  my  young  wife.   She  swallowed hard and replied

quietly, "Yes, MASTER....anything."

     "Your  goal  is  to get two of them to come home with us.  You'll

have  to  tell  them that you're married, of course, because I want to

be  able  to  watch  it  all.  Just tell them that I'm your MASTER and

that I like to watch."

     She  had begun rubbing her pussy with her right hand and her eyes

were  closing  as  I  told  her of my desire to watch her with the two

men.   "Are you going to let the men fuck me, MASTER?", she asked with

a trembling voice, her hand moving in tiny circles on her cunt.

     "Oh  yes, Monica.  They will fuck you over and over.  Do you want

that?   Do  you want to be fucked by two strangers that you pick up in

a bar?"

     "Unnnghhh....anything to please you MASTER!!" she moaned.

     "Thats  not what I asked you, you dirty little tramp!...I said do

you WANT two strangers to fuck you?!?", I hissed.

     "YESSSSS!!..I do want it!!..Please!!..Please let them fuck me!"

     "Thats  better.   Now  take  your fingers out of your little fuck

hole  and get on in the bar.  I'll walk in behind you in just a moment

or two."

     She  obediently  got  out  and  walked sexily and a bit drunkenly

into  the  bar.   I  waited an appropriate length of time and followed


     When  I got inside I took a seat at a small table only a few feet

from  where  she  had seated herself at the bar.  The little dress had

ridden  up  her thighs nicely and her legs looked wonderful exposed as

they  were.   The  bartender  had just brought her a tall drink when a

young  man  who  looked  as if he might be an actor moved to the stool

beside  her.   He  was  dressed  comfortably  but sharply in a pair of

black  slacks and a white shirt that was opened to reveal a chest full

of  black  hair.   He began to engage her in conversation.  Normally I

would  have been close enough to hear at least some of what they said,

but  there  was  a  small  band  playing  for the dancers on the dance

floor, and I couldn't make out much of the exchange.

     They  had  talked  for  a short while when there appeared another

man  who took a seat on her right.  He was another attractive man, but

looked  like a businessman away from home to me.  He was still dressed

in  a  dark  suit and appeared to me to be in his late thirties.  Soon

Monica  was  talking  to both the men and they began to laugh and joke

with her loudly.

     Between  the  two of them they kept her well supplied with drinks

and  before  long  I noticed the older man's hand on her back, rubbing

the  bare skin there in little circles with his hand.  The younger man

soon  had his hand on her left leg and was moving it higher and higher

as  they continued to talk.  I watched as the men continued to test my

little  slut  by  caressing  her  sexy  body more and more intimately.

Finally  the  younger  man got his hand up under her short dress and I

watched  with  a  smile  as  her legs spread accomodatingly open.  The

other  man  must  have  realized  what  was  happenening, because as I

watched,  his  right  hand moved to her right leg and was soon working

its way up her leg as well.

     Before  long  it was obvious that at least one hand had found its

way  to  her  naked slit.  Monica had laid her head on the shoulder of

the  young  man  on  her left and her legs were trembling slightly and

opening  and  closing  slowly.   Just  then the band stopped to take a

break and as the music stopped I began to hear them talk to her.

     "'re  so  wet!",  the young man whispered hotly to her.

"I've  never  known anyone to be so wet!  Isn't there somewhere we can


     The  older man was not to be denied either.  "You need some lovin

sweetie,  I  can  tell that.  The two of us will be good to you, we'll

make you feel real good!"

     Monica  raised  her head and with glassy eyes moaned her response

to  the  two men who were fingering her under her dress.  "Ohhhh, I do

need  it  sooooo  much!   Will  you  men  come home with me?  Will you

please?   I'm married, but my husband won't mind if you do it to me at

home, really he want.  And I need it so bad!"

     "You  sure  your husband won't mind, lady?", asked the younger of

the two.  "I don't want to have to deal with some jealous husband!"

     "No,  honest...he's  been  watching  us.   He's my MASTER, and he

brought  me  here.   He  likes to watch.  Please come home with me and

fucccckkkk meeeee!", she replied hotly.

     Walking  up  behind  Monica  I kissed her on the back of the neck

and  smiling  at the two men who had been playing with my wife's naked

fuck  hole,  said  to  them.  "I do like to watch, and I think my wife

deserves  some  real  pleasure,  don't  you?  We live about 20 minutes

away  and  you  can  either  ride  with us or follow us, whichever you

prefer.   She's very horny...I'd appreciate it if you'd come home with

us...both of you."

     That  was  all  the  confirmation  the men required and they both

agreed  to  follow us home.  We left the bar and on the way home I had

to  continually  keep  Monica's hand away from her hot little pussy to

keep  her from fingering herself to an orgasm.  She hadn't been joking

about need it bad.

     Once  inside  the  house  I  led  the hungry men and my even more

hungry  slut  to  the bedroom and turned her over to them.  Perhaps it

would   be  more  correct  to  say  turned  them  over  to  her.   She

immediately  fell  to  her  knees in front of them and began unzipping

their  zippers  and  taking their very ready cocks out of their pants.

She  held  them in her tiny hands and stroked them gently as her mouth

moved  from  one dick to the other licking them, kissing them, sucking

them.  I sat in the chair to the left of the bed and watched eagerly.

     Finally  she  stopped  licking their fuck meat and stood in front

of  them  and  began  sliding the sexy pink dress over her head.  They

began  to  strip as well, and in no time the three of them were on the

bed.   The  older man knelt between her open legs and began to lick at

her  dripping  wet  slit while the younger man kissed her hotly on her

mouth, playing with her hard nipples as he did so.

     Monica's  hips  began to rise and fall as the talented tongue and

mouth  of  the  older man excited her more and more.  "Fuck me!...Fuck

me!...someone  please  fuccccck  meeeeee!!", she moaned as the man who

had  been  kissing  her  let  his  mouth  travel  downward to her hard


     The  businessman  raised  his head, his face covered now with her

copious  juices  and  slid  upward between her legs lifting them as he

pressed  his  huge  cock  forward  toward her trembling pussy.  Monica

reached  between  her  legs  and  guided his large member, rubbing the

head  of  his  thick  fuck meat up and down her slit and then hunching

forward  and  taking it deeply into her hole.  He began to fuck in and

out  of  her  slowly,  probing  her,  his hips moving in circles as he

screwed the hot little slut.

     "I  want  your  mouth, pretty little wife-slut", said the younger

man  as  he  straddled  her  chest and began to rub his cock along the

side  of  her  face.   Monica moaned and her tongue flicked out of her

mouth  trying  to lick the ready fuck meat that was being waved lewdly

in  her  face.  Holding his cock by the shaft, the man placed the head

of  it at her lips and began to slide it into her hungry mouth.  As he

slid  the  length  of it deeper and deeper, Monica's mouth accomodated

it,  soon  taking  his  whole  member  into  her mouth and throat.  He

grunted and began to fuck back and forth into her face.

     My  own  balls  heavy  with sperm, I stroked my cock as I watched

the  two  men  filling  my  wife's mouth and cunt with hard thick fuck

meat.   They  fucked her with increasing force and heat, ramming their

big  dicks  into  her  holes however they pleased.  She loved it.  She

trembled  and moaned and shook and writhed beneath them as they fucked

her over and over and over again.

     Trying  very  hard to control my own orgasm, I watched as the men

switched  places  and  as Monica took the cunt juice covered fuck meat

into  her  mouth  and  began  to  suck  it  deep into her throat.  The

younger  man  fucked  her pussy even harder than the older man had and

Monica's  body  was being shoved roughly up the bed until her head was

banging the headboard.

     I  was  relieved  when I saw the older man obviously begin to cum

in  her  mouth.  My own cum was begging to be released and I needed to

dump  it soon.  He grunted deeply as his long and thick cock shot long

streams  of  hot sperm into her mouth and throat.  Finally he had shot

it  all and removed his cock from her mouth rubbing the wet head of it

on  her  cheek.   Quickly,  I moved to the side of the bed and turning

her  head  toward  me  stuck  my  dick in her mouth and let my own cum

shoot out into her upper fuck hole.

     Watching  Monica  take the cum from two hard dicks into her mouth

and  feeling  the  squeezing movement of her muscular cunt lips on his

own  cock, the younger man now began to pump his fuck into her lunging

pussy.   His  jabbing tool lifted Monica from the bed with each thrust

from  his hard body and in no time she was holding onto me tightly and

coming  hard,  gasping and moaning as the waves of her orgasm overtook


     Leaving  the  panting  Monica  spreadeagled on the bed, her pussy

dripping  with  the  fuck that had been shot into her, the men dressed

and  I  walked  them  to  the  door.   I smiled at the two of them and

thanked them for their help.

     "Thanks's the money I promised you", I said, handing

them  each  an  envelope containing $100 each.  Glad you could help me

out tonight.  I'll call you again if I need you.  You both did fine."

     "Sure  thing  Mr.  Wade...just give us a call.  Hot little number

you have there, it was a pleasure", replied the younger man.

     "Well,  I  have  an idea about a little fun at the movies for her

too.   Maybe I'll call you when I get ready for that.  Take care guys,

and thanks again", I responded happily.

     Note to the reader:  Don't you tell Monica now.  Don't you dare.


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