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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade18.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= Allison Brings A Friend, Part Two

     Monica  and  I walked back into the living room to rejoin Allison

and  Kristi.   They  were  still  holding  each  other tenderly on the

couch.   Holding  the  strap on dildo up in front of me, I asked, "Do

you girls know what this is?"

     Allison  slid her body off of Kristi's and sat next to her on the

couch.   "I  do  MASTER",  was  her reply.  "No...well, maybe..I'm not

sure", stammered Kristi.

     "Tell Kristi what it is, Allison", I said, handing it to her.

     "Its  a strap on dildo, Kristi", Allison explained.  "You see, it

is  alot  like  the  double dildo that we used one night, but it has a

strap on  it  that  lets one girl wear it.  It also has a shorter end

for  the girl that straps it on.  It lets one woman fuck the other one

much like a man does."

     "Have  you  ever  been fucked with a strap on dildo, Allison?", I


     "Oh,   yessss,   MASTER...many   times.   Its  wonderful!!",  she


     "I  think  that Monica and I would enjoy watching Kristi fuck you

with  the  strap on  dildo, Allison...would you like that?", I asked,


     "Ummmmmmmmmm...Ohhh,  that  would  be  great!!   Will you Kristi?

Will you fuck me with it?  Please??!!??"

     Kristi  smiled  a  wicked  little  smile.  She seemed to be over-

coming  some  of  her shyness now.  "You need it, don't you Allison?",

she asked lewdly.

     "Ohhh yesss, Kristi!  I need it so baaaad!", Allison moaned.

     "But  what  will you do for me if I fuck you with it?" she asked,


     "What  would  you  like, Kristi...just tell me...I'll do anything

for you...just tell me!"

     "Will  you  let  me  fuck  Abacab when we get back to your house?

Will  you  do  that for me?", Kristi asked hotly. I later learned that

Abacab was Allison's pet name for her husband.

     "Yessssss...and    I'll    kiss   you   while   he   fucks   you!

Anything...just please fuck me with the dildo!", Allison said.

     "MASTER,  will  you  help  me strap the dildo on?", Kristi asked,

with a sexy smile.

     "Of course Kristi...come here", I said.

     It  was  a pleasure to strap the dildo on Kristi's sexy body.  It

looked  very sexy on her and she moaned as I slid the short end of the

dildo  up  into her still wet pussy.  Tightening up the buckle in back

I  turned  her  around to see how she looked with a fake cock sticking

out from her crotch.

     "You  look  like a real slut fucking bitch now Kristi", I smiled.

"Like   the  way  our  little  slut  looks,  Allison?",  I  asked  her


     "I  love  it!!!!",  Allison  exclaimed, and slid off the couch to

lay  on the floor on her back with her legs spread open wide.  "Do me, me good and hard...fuck me rough, use my cunt!!"

     Kristi  knelt  between Allison's opened legs and slid the head of

the  dildo  into her hot pussy.  She hunched forward roughly and began

screwing  her  wildly, fucking the hard shaft of the fake cock all the

way  into her hole with every thrust.  Each time she slammed the dildo

into  Allison  she  was   of course slamming the short end up into her

own  fuck  hole.   She  began  to  writhe  and  twist on it as much as

possible,  trying  to  rub  her hard clit against the top of it as she

screwed her friend and lover.

     "You're  a  good  fuck,  Allison!!",  Kristi  said lewdly, as she

continued  to  pound  the  plastic dick into the moaning whore beneath

her.   The  two  of  them became lost in their passion as Monica and I

watched  them  with wide eyes.  Kristi had surprised me and was taking

to  this  like a duck to water.  I slipped into the kitchen to get the


     When  I  came back I motioned for Monica to move over to Kristi's

right  as  if  she  wanted  a  better  view of what was happening.  As

Kristi  turned  her  head  slightly to glance at Monica, I snapped the

first  picture  from  the left, getting a good shot of the dildo as it

moved back on its outward travel.

     The  flash  startled  Kristi  and she jerked her head back to the

left  and  stared  at  the  camera  with wide eyes.  "Nooo, don't take

pictures  of me doing this!!...Please don't!", she pleaded.  I laughed

and  took  another  quickly,  this time with her contorted face turned

toward  the  camera.   The  camera  flash  had done nothing to dim her

passion  for  fucking  the  horny  slut  beneath her, however, and she

continued  to  pump  away  at  Allison  who  was  now  moaning softly.

Kristi's  eyes  closed  with  passion and she shook her head wildly as

her own lust mounted.

     "Oh,  fuck!   Who  cares?   Take all the pictures you want.  Take

them...I'm  nothing  but  a  dirty  tramp slut anyway, fucking an even

dirtier  bi-slut whore.  Unggggggggggghhhh!", she moaned as she fucked

away, her hips pumping lewdly.

     As  I  continued  to  take  pictures of them, Monica stepped over

Allison's  naked  body  and  presented  her  naked  pussy  to Kristi's

mouth.   Kristi  leaned forward and began licking Monica's cunt avidly

as I snapped yet another picture.

     When  I  had finished the roll of film I walked behind Monica and

pushing  on  her  shoulders,  lowered  her  to her knees over Allison.

Kristi  began  kissing  Monica's  open mouth as I knelt over Allison's

head  with  my  legs  spread  and  began  rubbing  my cock up and down

Monica's  juicy  slit.   I  felt  Allisons head rise toward my ass and

soon  felt  her  wet  tongue  licking  at my asshole.  The feel of her

tongue  probing  my  anus  sent  my  hips  forward quickly and my cock

rammed up into Monica's fuck hole.

     "Ohhhhh,  yessss...fuck  the  slut,  Kristi",  I  moaned.  "She's

licking  my ass while I fuck Monica, Kristi...fuck her hard, the dirty

little tramp!!"

     Unable  to  reply because of the battle her tongue was doing with

Monica's,  Kristi  merely moaned hotly and fucked ever harder into the

trembling cunt of her very busy friend.

     I  discovered  that  I  could reach around Monica and Kristi both

and  did  so,  my  hands kneeding the soft but tight flesh of Kristi's

ass  and  caressing  the  straps of the strap-on dildo as they crossed

her  skin.   I  pulled  her  hips forward roughly, helping her to fuck

Allison even harder.

     Slowly  I slid my fingers closer to the crack of her ass, pushing

Monica  closer  to  her  as  I  did.   Their breasts were rubbing each

others  breasts as they kissed now and I slid my finger into the space

between  Kristi's  ass  cheeks, searching for her hole.  Finding it, I

pressed  the  tip  of  my middle finger against it and pressed gently.

Kristi  moaned  loudly  and  hunched  her  ass  back  at the intruding

finger, taking half of it inside in the one lunge of her hips.

     I  began  fucking  my  finger in and out of Kristi's tight little

bunghole  as she continued to fuck Allison over and over with the fake

cock  strapped  to her waist.  Suddenly Allison reached up and wrapped

her  arms  around  my  waist  and  pulled  my  ass closer to her face,

sticking  her  tongue  inside.   My hips flew forward, my cock hitting

bottom now in Monica's tight and juicy cunt.

     Suddenly  we  all  began  coming  at  once,  the  air filled with

passionate  moans  and  groans  and dirty, hotly spoken words.  My cum

shot  up  into  Monica's body and filled her hole to capacity.  I felt

her  lips  gripping  my  cock  and milking all of the cum she possibly

could  as  her  mouth  continued to press itself hard against Kristi's


     Kristi's  ass  cheeks  were clenching my finger now, squeezing it

as   the  sphincter  muscle  tightened  and  released,  tightened  and

released.   Suddenly Allison's head fell away from my ass and her arms

dropped  to her sides.  I slid my dick from Monica's slut-cunt and sat

next  to Allison.  She had passed out as I had expected, and I watched

her carefully to be sure she would be alright.

     Meanwhile,  Kristi  and  Monica had grown weak themselves and had

struggled  off  of  Allison's  now still body and were sitting quietly

watching  her  and  letting  their  still  trembling  bodies return to


     "Is  she  alright?", asked Kristi, concerned.  "I didn't hurt her

did I? she ok?"

     "She'll  be  fine  Kristi...she just comes very strongly at times

and  drifts  off  for  a  moment  or two.  She'll come to in a bit", I

reassured her calmly.

     "In  a  bit"  turned  out  to  be  nearly five minutes, and I was

concerned by the time she did finally come to.

     Allison  opened  her  eyes and looked around her and then smiling

weakly,  said,  "Ummmmmmm,  that  was  great!   Thank  you MASTER, for

letting Kristi fuck me so nicely!"

     With  a  sigh  of relief from all of us we smiled back at her and

marvelled  at  the passion that had filled the room.  I sent the girls

off  to  shower  together and fixed a good supper for them all.  After

we  ate  we  sat  around  and  discussed  the joys of sex, with Kristi

learning  alot  about what being a submissive slave-slut could mean to

her in the days to come.

     It  had  surprised me somewhat when Monica had asked if she could

sleep  with Allison that night, but I consented amiably, of course.  I

was glad to see Monica displaying more interest in our experienced bi-

slut  whore friend, and to be honest was excited about the prospect of

having  Kristi  in  my  bed  for  the  night.  Evidently that prospect

excited Monica as well.

     "Kristi  hasn't been fucked yet, MASTER, nor has she been able to

take  your  cum  in  her mouth.  Besides, I want her to get a taste of

what  its like to be with you so that the next time she comes she will

be  willing to do some submissive things for me if I allow her to fuck

you!", she said, smiling.

     "Well,  Monica...aside  from  it  being  a rather romantic notion

that  you  could  ALLOW  her  to fuck me, as if a slave has any say so

over  what holes her MASTER'S cock dumps its cum into, your sentiments

are  very  kind  and  understanding.  But I have an idea that you have

Allison's  huge  pussy  on  your  mind.   No  doubt you'd like to do a

little fist-fucking before the night is I right?"

     "Ohhh, know me so well!", she said with a grin.

     Allison  was  quite  excited  about the plans for the rest of the

evening,  and  Kristi  seemed to be willing enough.  I sensed that her

small  amount  of  hesitation  was  partly out of desire for Allison's

feelings  to  not  be hurt and partly out of concern for what it might

be  like  to  spend  the  night  with  a  MASTER.   Both concerns were


     A  bit later, after Allison and Monica had had their turn, Kristi

and  I  showered  together  in  preperation  for  bed.   Her body felt

wonderful  as  my  soapy  hands traveled over her breasts and her ass.

The  time  we spent in the shower was good time.  It allowed Kristi to

feel  more  at ease with me and allowed us both to rejuvenate somewhat

from the tremendously exciting events we had already shared.

     I  dried her off gently with the big soft towel and laying her on

the  bed  massaged  her  body firmly with baby oil covered hands.  She

lay  with  her  head  turned  to the side and her eyes closed, smiling

warmly  at  the  sensations  the  massage  was causing her to have.  I

spent  an  inordinate  amount  of  time  on her ass, transfixed by its

beauty  and  the way it felt as I massaged the oil into her soft skin.

When  I  rolled her over and massaged the front of her body it was the

same  with her breasts...I couldn't seem to get enough of rubbing them

and  spreading  the  oil  over  them.   The longer I massaged them the

longer and harder her nipples seemed to grow.

     Finally  my  throbbing  cock  told me the massage was over, and I

lay  on  top  of  Kristi and kissed her mouth gently.  She returned my

kisses  eagerly  and  as  I began to move my hips rubbing my hard cock

against  her  soft  belly, she whispered softly, "Lay on your back...I

want to fuck you."

     Smiling  warmly  at  her  and content to let her have her wish, I

lay  beside  her  on  my  back  and  watched as she straddled me.  She

lifted  my  cock  with  her  hand,  holding  it straight up and slowly

lowered  her cunt down on my long pole.  She didn't stop until she had

the  full  length  of  it  inside  her  and then just sat there hardly

moving  at  all.   Slowly  she  began  clenching  and  unclenching her

muscles, milking my cock as she did so.

     I  looked up at her swaying breasts and her small smile and began

slowly  moving  my hips in tiny circles.  Her hips joined the movement

of  my  hips  as  we  ground  our  pubic  bones  together.  She leaned

forward,  letting  her  body  rest  on mine and kissed me deeply.  Her

hips  began  to  rise  and  fall now, her cunt sliding up and down the

length  of  my  thick fuck meat.  My hands moved to her ass and pulled

at  her  cheeks, massaging them, spreading them, pulling her body back

down onto me when it pulled away.

     We  fucked  slowly  like  this  for  a very long time, both of us

struggling  to hold our passion in check and to take time to enjoy the

long slow fuck.

     Breaking  our kiss and breathing hotly in my ear, Kristi began to

whisper  to  me  as  her  hips began to move more rapidly up and down.

"Teach  me...please teach me..I have so much to learn.  Teach me to be

totally  submissive, teach me to love it all and need it all as Monica

and  Allison do.  Let me come back and be your slave again.  I need to

be trained and used.  Be my MASTER!"

     Later,  when  we  had  both  come  strongly  and had rested while

holding  each  other  tightly,  I  lay  on my side and spoke to Kristi

quietly as I let my fingers run up and down her body lightly.

     "You'll  make  a  wonderful  slave Kristi.  You have the body and

the  mind and spirit to be a perfect slave.  But you're strong-willed,

and  not used to being submissive, I can sense that.  It won't be easy

for  you  to  learn  to  be totally submissive to a man.  I can do it,

with  Monica  and  Allison's  help,  but  you  have to promise me that

you'll try very hard, and that you won't give up easily."

     "I're  very  right about it all.  But I will try hard

and  I  won't  give up, I promise.  When I want something badly enough

I'll  do  anything  to  get  it.  I want this.  I want this very, very


     I  kissed her warmly and smiling into her eyes, said, "Sleep now,

Kristi.   There  will  be other nights for us...other times for you to

take  my fuck in your mouth...other times for me to use your slut body

to make my cum shoot out of my cock.  Rest now and sleep."

     I  awoke  only  once  during  the night, and smiled softly at the

sounds  of  the  moans  coming  from  the other room.  My last thought

before  drifting off to sleep once more was the recognition that I was

in bed alone.

     The  next  morning I made no mention of the fact that I was aware

that  Kristi  had slipped from the bed in the night, nor did she.  She

was  there  beside  me  when  I  opened  my  eyes  to see the sunlight

streaming  through  the  windows.   As  I  looked at her peacefull and

pretty  face  I  could  see  a  slight film of dried cunt juice on her

cheek.   I  slid the covers slowly off her  and looked at the youthful

firmness  and  fullness  of  her  ripe  body.  I continued sliding the

covers  down  until  she lay completely nude on her back with her legs

slightly  parted.   I  stood  at  the  foot of the bed, staring at her

quietly, enjoying the sight.

     The  door  opened  slightly and I saw Monica sticking her head in

and  smiling  warmly  at  me.  Holding my finger to my lips I motioned

for  her  to  come  in  and  she  moved to my side and slipped her arm

around  my  waist.   We stood together quietly and looked at Kristi in

her  nakedness.   Looking  up  at  me,  Monica  whispered the question


     "Will she make it?", she asked.

     "Yes...she'll make it just fine", I said.

     Quietly we slipped from the room.

     Later  after  Allison and Kristi had left I sat holding Monica in

my  lap as she slept with her head on my shoulder.  I didn't know when

Kristi  and  Allison  would  be  back,  but I knew they would.  Kristi

would  be  different  when  she  came back, Allison would see to that.

But she still would be hungry to learn, and learn she would.


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