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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade17.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= Allison Brings A Friend, Part One

     "Allison  called  today  and  we  talked  for  a long time on the

phone",  Monica  told me at supper.  "You wouldn't believe some of the

things  she  has  done.   So  far  she  makes me seem more like a nun!

She's  self-educated  in  the  ways  of the slut, I think...she didn't

mention  having  a  master  or anything, but she has earned a master's

degree in slutology for sure", she said, smiling.

     "Really?", I asked.  "What sort of things has she done?"

     "Well,  for  one  thing,  she's  had over 300 lovers.  Over 60 of

them  have  been  women,  too.   She  used  to keep a list of them all

complete  with  their  drivers  license  numbers  and  other pertinent

information.   She  let  a  whole  paramedic  squad  take  her  on one

afternoon....about  12 guys...and she's fucked men in the restrooms of

restaurants  and  shopping  malls, and behind name it.

I tell you, she is one hot number!"

     "Well,  she  was certainly hot enough when she was here the other

night.   Did  she say anything about coming by again anytime soon?", I


     "Yes,  I  was  getting  to that...she has a friend coming in this

weekend  from  Ohio  that  she  said she'd like to bring over Saturday

night.  I told her I'd check with you and see if it was ok."

     "This it a man or a woman?"

     "Oh,  a woman...a girl about my age and size, except she sounds a

bit  more filled-out than me.  Allison seems to be crazy about her...I

could  hear  the  passion  in  her voice as she talked about her.  Her

name  is Kristi and she's a gymnastics teacher.  Sounds like she's got

a great body, and I think Allison is teaching her to be submissive."

     "I guess this Kristi is bi then, right?"

     "I  assume  she  is,  although  Allison  didn't  say for sure.  I

suppose  she could be letting Kristi fuck her husband when she visits,

but  I sort of got the idea that she and Kristi get it on alot.  Sound

ok to you?"

     "Sure...sounds  great  to  me!  I'm getting hard already thinking

about  seeing  you  with  two  women...and to have three drippy little

sluts  to  fuck sounds like heaven!  Call her back now and tell her to

plan to come."

     I  fingered  Monica's hot little slave slut cunt while she talked

to  Allison on the phone, bringing her to an orgasm for Allison's sake

as  much  as  ours.  Allison evidently fingered herself as they talked

and had a very nice orgasm too.

     "Its  all  set",  Monica  told me when she had hung up the phone.

"She  and  Kristi  will be here around 6:00 on Saturday night and will

leave  just  after  lunch  on  Sunday  morning.  Oh, and she said that

Kristi  is  very  embarassed  about  being  submissive  and  even more

humiliated  by  her bi tendencies.  She's hoping that the weekend with

us will help her overcome some of that."

     "Well,  you  know  how  torn up I get over a little juicy pussied

slave-slut  being  embarassed  and humiliated", I said, laughing. "But

it  will  be  fun  helping this new girl feel better about herself and

what  makes  her  tremble and moan.  I hope she takes it up the ass as

readily  as  you  and Allison do.  Those gymnastics girls usually have

great asses."

     It  seemed to both of us that Saturday would never come.  Finally

it  did,  and  Allison's car drove up the driveway to our home about 5

minutes  earlier  than  we  had  expected.  Monica watched through the

curtains  as the two women walked from the car to our front door.  She

whistled  softly,  long  and  slow.   "Whewwwwwwwwww....this Kristi is

going  to  be  great!!   Wait  till  you  see the way she looks in the

shorts she has on!", Monica said delightedly.

     "Well,  it  shouldn't  be  much  longer",  I  said,  "there's the

doorbell now."

     I  opened the door and found Allison and Kristi standing there in

some  of  the  shortest  and  tightest  shorts  I'd  ever  seen  women

wearing.   Allison had on a pair of pink ones with some stacked heeled

pumps  and  a  matching pink top.  She looked very, very sexy.  Kristi

was  dressed  completely  in  white...a  top which seemed to hug every

curve  of  her  breasts and did little to hide her hard nipples, and a

pair  of  shorts  which seemed to ride up into her crotch as she stood

there  and  clung  like a second skin to her tight and muscular little

ass.  She wore a pair of running shoes, also white.

     I  gave  Allison  a  warm  embrace  and  she introduced me to her

friend.   "Kristi...this  is MASTER Wade, who will be our MASTER while

we  are  here.  You are to be completely and totally submissive to him

and  to obey his every command, as will I.  And this is his wife-slut-

slave Monica."

     I  pulled Kristi's body close to me, interupting her saying hello

to  the  submissively  seated and naked Monica beside me.  My hands on

her  hips,  I  pulled  Kristi's  crotch  against my hardening cock and

kissed  her long and hard on the mouth.  She seemed to melt in my arms

and  her tongue busied itself with mine as we kissed.  My hands roamed

over  her  back  and  down  to her ass cheeks where I spread them open

wider,  restricted  somewhat by the tight shorts.  She did indeed have

quite an ass!

     "Welcome,  Kristi!   Its nice to have you as a slave in our home.

Allison  tells us that it's your desire to be a submissive bi-slut, is

that right?"

     Kristi  blushed  profusely,  but  her nipples were poking through

the  white  top, giving away her excitement.  "I do want to please you

MASTER,  and  I  want  to  please  Allison  as  well.  You have a very

attractive wife by the way...why is she sitting like that?"

     It  was obvious that Kristi still had alot to learn about being a

submissive  slave.   "That  is  the  basic position of the slave-slut,

Kristi.   If  you desire to be a slave-slut and to please your MASTER,

you  too will have to learn that position as well as a good many other

things.   The  role  of  the  slave-slut is not an easy one, nor is it

simple  and  uncomplicated, but if you like for your fuck hole to feel

highly  excited, and if you would like to have continuous orgasms over

long  periods  of  time  with  each one increasing in strength, then I

think  you'll enjoy learning what there is to learn.  But enough "shop

talk"  for  the  moment...come  in the living room and lets get better

acquainted", I instructed.

     "Monica you may greet Allison and Kristi now", I said.

     Monica  replied,  "Thank  you,  MASTER",  and rising, crossed the

room  to  Allison,  pouring  her  naked  body  into Allison's arms and

kissing her deeply.

     "Do you mind if Monica kisses you, Kristi?", I asked.

     Kristi  blushed  deeply again and said, "No, I suppose it will be

fine...she's very attractive!"

     Monica  and Allison stopped their kissing and Allison reluctantly

released Monica, allowing her to greet Kristi.

     "Monica,"  I  said,  "before  you greet Kristi, stand in front of

her  and  display  your private parts to her.  Let her see how wet and

hot you are already, and tell her who you are."

     "Yes,  MASTER!",  she  replied,  and  stood a couple of feet away

from  Kristi cupping her small breasts in her hands and saying to her,

"  small tits are very sensitive.  I love for my tits to be

sucked  and  fondled.   My nipples get very hard as you can see, and I

love  for  them  to  be  kissed  and  licked and sucked and bitten and

pinched...pinched  hard! this!!"  Monica pinched her nipples on

both  breasts  between  her fingers and pulled them out from her tits,

moaning  as  she  did  so.   I  watched  Kristi swallow hard as Monica

pinched her tits and rolled her head back with delight.

     After  a  bit Monica stopped playing with her nipples and let her

hands  slide down her belly to her crotch.  She opened her legs widely

and  using  both  hands,  pulled  her cunt lips down and out, allowing

Kristi to see deep into her cunt.

     "This  is  my  slut-cunt, Kristi.  Its my dirty little tramp fuck

hole.   My  middle  fuck  hole.  It loves tongues and fingers, lots of

fingers.   It  loves  dildo's  and  vibrator's and it especially loves

cocks...big  thick  hard cocks.  When you finger it you can try to put

your  whole hand in if you like.  You can try to fist me anytime.  Its

a  slut cunt, and I'm a slut. I'm a hot to fuck bi-slut whore who does

anything  and  everything  my  MASTER  tells  me  to do.  If my MASTER

chooses  for  me to be, I'll be your slave-slut at times too, and I'll

do  anything  that  will  make you feel good.  I'll eat you, kiss you,

suck  your  cunt,  try  to  insert  my tongue in your ass, finger you,

pinch and pull your nipples...anything, Kristi...anything."

     "That is sufficient, Monica," I said, "you may kiss Kristi now."

     Monica  moved  sexily into Kristi's arms and I was pleased to see

Kristi responding nicely.  She slid her hands over Monica's naked ass-

cheeks  and  even  seemed to be trying to work a finger in her cunt as

they  kissed.   They  looked  good together..about the same height and

similar  skin  tone.   It was going to be a very nice evening, I could


     Allison  had  quickly  stripped  while watching Kristi and Monica

kissing,  and  was  rubbing  her  clit with her right hand and playing

with  a nipple with her left.  The long drive from Tennessee had given

Allison  and  Kristi  both  plenty  of  time  to anticipate what would

happen  when  they  got  here.   Allison  was obviously very, very hot


     "Kristi,  strip  for  us  and  let  us see your naked little slut

body. are a slut, aren't you Kristi?", I asked.

     Kristi  blushed a deep red as Monica moved away from her and back

to  my  side.   I  was  sure that Allison talked to Kristi in much the

same  way,  but  we had just met after all.  Still, the excitement and

desire that she felt was written all over her.

     "Yes...yes,  MASTER...I  am  a  slut.  I'm your slut."  The words

were  spoken  quietly  and  with a slight tremor in her voice, but she

slowly  began  removing  her  clothing for us as she spoke.  The tight

white  top  moved  upward  as she pulled it over her head, revealing a

beautiful  set  of tits, not very large, but well formed and very firm

and  perky  looking.   Her  nipples  were  rock  hard and standing out

proudly from the dark circles behind them.

     She  dropped the top next to her and unzipped the tight shorts at

the  side,  lowering them sexily as her hips swayed from left to right

to allow them to slide down over her ass.

     "The panties and shoes too, sir?" she asked.

     "Yes,  Kristi...make  your  whole  slut  body  naked  for  us", I

replied  hungrily, my hand moving gently over Monica's bare ass as she

stood next to me.

     The  panties  were very small and lacey white bikini panties, and

as  she  slid  them  down  her  sexy legs it was obvious that they had

soaked  up  quite  a  bit  of  juice  from her hole while she had worn

them.   In  no time the shoes and panties had joined the other clothes

in  the  floor  next  to  her  and  Kristi  stood before us, her hands

clasped in front of her.

     "Mmmmmmm...MASTER!...she  has a lovely body, doesn't she?", asked

Monica, as her eyes ran over the naked girl in front of us.

     "Yes,  she  does, Monica.  Turn around Kristi and let us see your


     Kristi  turned  slowly,  allowing  us to see the wonderfully taut

and  well  shaped  ass.  Giving us time to observe her she then turned

back around to face us.

     "Allison,  thank  you  for  bring us such an attractive slave", I

said.   "Does  she  have  any  particular talents which would interest


     "MASTER,  she is still learning to be a good bi-slut, but she has

claimed  to  be very talented at cock-sucking.  Would you like for her

to suck you?", Allison replied.

     "Actually,  I think she might find too much normality in that for

our  purposes  at  the moment, Allison.  But of course, I will want to

spill  my  cum  in  her  mouth  while  you're  here."  Turning back to

Kristi,  I  spoke to her.  "Open your mouth and form it as if you were

going  to  suck my cock, Kristi.  Let me see how you look when you are

ready to take a big dick into your mouth."

     Kristi  formed  her  lips  into an oval shape and held them there

until I was satisfied.

     "Yes,  you  look good like that, Kristi.  You'll look good with a

cock in your mouth.  Do you like to be eaten, little Kristi?"

     "Yessss, MASTER!  I love to be eaten!", she said hungrily.

     "Allison,  let  our  new slave-slut sit on the couch and open her

legs for you, and show us how much you enjoy the taste of her pussy."

     Allison  guided  Kristi  over  to the couch and knelt between her

open  legs and sliding her hips to the edge of the couch began to kiss

and lick the girls very wet and very eager fuck hole.

     "Monica...sit  next  to  Kristi and enjoy her in whatever way you

like while Allison eats her."

     "Ooooooh,  thank  you  MASTER!",  Monica  crooned and sat next to

Kristi,  sliding  her  arm  behind  her  on  the back of the couch and

beginning to tease her left nipple with the palm  of her hand.

     I  sat  in  the chair across from them, content for the moment to

watch  the  women enjoy each other.  I had a wonderful view.  Monica's

legs  were  open  wide  and  her  cunt  lips  glistened  with moisture

already.   Allison's ass was pointing straight at me, and her cunt and

asshole  were  exposed  as her spread-eagled kneeling stance presented

them  to  me  lewdly.   I  could  see  Kristi's  face with its look of

extreme   passion  and  could  watch  Monica  playing  with  her  full

breasts.   Slowly and tenderly Monica began kissing Kristi tenderly on

the neck.

     Allison  ate  at  Kristi's  fuck  hole  skillfully, using all her

experience  coupled with her own knowledge of what felt good to excite

the  spread-eagled slut before her.  Kristi moaned softly and began to

run  her  fingers  through  Allison's  hair.  Monica's legs opened and

closed  jerkily  now,  her  empty  pussy beginning to bother her.  She

reached  forward  slowly and taking Allison's right hand from Kristi's

thigh  placed  in  on  her  crotch.   Allison  began  rubbing Monica's

hardening  clit  with  her  fingers, occasionally slipping down to her

slit to gather juice to spread over it.

     As  Monica became more excited she turned Kristi's head slowly to

her  and  began  kissing  her mouth deeply.  The rising and falling of

Kristi's  hips  and  the  feel  of Monica's juicy cunt began to get to

Allison  and  she  reached  back  between  her  legs to finger her own

dripping fuck hole.

     In  almost  no time, Kristi was humping up against Allison's face

wildly  and  moaning  her  expressions of delight into Monica's mouth.

Her  climax  swept over her quickly causing her to jerk and tremble in

the  embrace  of  the  two  women  who had her in their grasp.  As her

tremors subsided Allison began to raise her head from Kristi's lap.

     "Don't  stop  eating  the  slut,  Allison!  I'll tell you when to

stop  eating  just keep at it!", I commanded firmly.  She

obediently  went  back to licking and sucking Kristi's still trembling

pussy  and Kristi rolled her head back on the back of the couch taking

even more of Monica's tongue into her mouth.

     By  this time my cock had become rock hard and I knew I was going

to  have  to  make  a  decision  about  which hole to dump the cum in.

Allisons  rising  and falling ass was too much of a temptation to pass

up,  and I knelt behind her rubbing my cock against the hand which was

working at her huge pussy.

     "Leave  your fingers in, Allison...just press them toward the top

and  give  me  some room.  I'm going to fuck Allison now Kristi, while

she  has  two of her fingers in her cunt.  If you listen carefully you

may  hear  the  sound  of  my  fuck meat moving in and out of her hole

along with her fingers."

     The  sound of my voice describing the lewd fucking I was going to

give  her  friend  had  the  expected  effect  on Kristi and she began

moving  her  hips  faster  once  more.   Monica  moved her kisses from

Kristi's  mouth  downward  to  her  breasts  and  began sucking on the

nipple  nearest  to her.  Allison by now had worked three fingers into

Monica's cunt and was fingering her deeply.

     I  slid  the  head  of the thick cock along the palm of Allison's

hand  and  let  it  slide into the hot and wet opening her fingers had

prepared  so nicely for me.  It went in easily and I began fucking her

in  earnest.   Reaching forward I pulled Kristi's head toward mine and

began  to  kiss her mouth hard as Monica continued to suck and bite on

her  hard and long nipple.  Kristi's tongue was wild in my mouth and I

knew her second climax was not far away.

     It  didn't  take  long  for  the  feel of Allison's cunt with her

fingers  inside  and Kristi's tongue playing with my tongue to make my

orgasm  begin.   The  hot  fuck  juice  shot  out of me forcefully and

filled  Allison's  extremely  well  used hole quickly.  The feel of my

jerking  cock  ignited  Allison's  passion  and  she humped back at my

spewing dick as her own orgasm swept over her as well.

     Not  able  to  stand  it  any longer, Monica released her hold on

Kristi's  tit  and  fell  back  with  her head against the back of the

couch  and  reached  for  Allison's  hand  with  both of hers, fucking

herself  wildly  on  her intruding fingers, exploding in a violent and

loud  climax  of  her  own.  Kristi joined the chorus of grunts as she

hunched  her  cunt  against Allison's face roughly, her mouth now open

wide as I continued to play with her tongue.

     When  it  was  over,  and  I had withdrawn from her spasming fuck

hole,  Allison  slid  her  body up onto Kristi's and began to kiss her

gently,  the  taste  of  Kristi's  cunt  juice  still  on her lips and

tongue.   Kristi  wrapped her arms around Allison and held her tightly

as  her breathing began to slow and return to normal.  Leaving the two

trembling  bi-sluts  in their embrace, I motioned for Monica to follow

me into the kitchen.

     "This  is  going to be a great night, baby", I said with a smile.

"I  want  you  to  go  get the strap on dildo out of the drawer in our

bedroom  and  the  poloroid camera.  Load the camera and lay it on the

kitchen  table  and  then  bring  the dildo to me.  The night is still


     As  Monica  left  to retrieve the items I had asked her to get, I

smiled  softly  and  thought about the fun that was yet to come.  Yes,

it was going to be a great night.  A really great night.


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