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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade16.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= Monica Reveals Her Thirst

     "I  love  it  when  you  use me.  I mean really use me.  When you

make  me  be  a  really dirty little tramp.  When whether I want it or

not  you  make  me  do terrible dirty sluttish things.  I love it when

you  call  me a whore, a slut, a tramp, a cock-sucker, cunt-eater, all

those  filthy  things  you  call  me.  I love it!!  Why are you asking

me?   Noone knows better than you what I like and what turns me on!  I

love  for  you  to decide for me.  Honestly...there isn't anything you

can't do to me or with me.  I mean ANYTHING!!!"

     "But  Monica, I have such a dirty mind sometimes...and I think of

some  of  the  most  depraved  things  that I could do to you and with

you.   But  I  love you with all my heart, and I don't ever for even a

second  want  to  do  something  that you won't enjoy.  I just want to

make've  done  so  many  things for me already, and you've

been so wonderful about all of them."

     "Look....I  don't know how to tell you so that you'll believe me,

but  there  really  isn't anything you can make me do, or that you can

do  to  me or with me that I won't love.  I know you.  I know that you

would  never  permanently  hurt  me  or  do anything to cause me to be

seperated  from  you permanently.  I know that you love me and that no

matter  who you fuck or who you bring into our home that I will always

be  your  wife.   I know that!  So while I know that by giving you the

freedom  that  I'm  talking  about  giving you I'll be scared to death

sometimes...still,  I  know  that I am safe with you, ultimately safe.

I  want  to  feel  fear...I  want  to feel pain...I want to feel every

emotion  you  can  possibly  make  me feel...because I know the pot of

gold  is  at  the  end  of the rainbow, and that the storm has to come

before  the  rainbow  can.  I love you more than I could ever love any

man...and I want to be totally yours to do with as you please."

     "But  still,  Monica,  I know you remember Karen, the girl I told

you  about  and  how the sorority girls used her.  Suppose I wanted to

use  you  like they used her?  Suppose I did some of the things to you

that  they  did  to her?  I don't ever want to do anything to make you

lose  respect  for  me  or  to  cause  you  to  find  anyone else more

attractive to you than me.  What would I do if I ever lost you?"

     "Silly,  silly  man!!   Of course I remember you telling me about

Karen.   Don't  you  remember  what  happened  that  night?  Don't you

remember  that it was the first time I was ever able to take your fist

in  my  cunt?   Don't  you remember that I came over and over and over

and  over  again?   In  case  you don't remember, it was hearing about

Karen that made me want to be your slave in the first place."

     "Oh, Monica...I just want to be sure that...."

     "What  is it that you want to do?  Do you want to piss on me?  Do

you  want to take me to a dirty book store and make me suck off men in

the  peep shows?  You want to sell me like a whore?  You want me to be

with  some  animal  or  something?   What  do  you  think  I  mean  by

anything?   I  mean  ANYTHING!!! A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G!!!!  What I want most

in  the  world  is  for  YOU to decide what to do to me or with me and

then  do  it.   Whatever it is.  I love you, I trust you, and I'm your

slave-slut. Period!"

     Finally  I  smiled  and began to relax.  I thought I knew her and

that  I  understood  what it was that she wanted.  But it doesn't hurt

to  have  some  reassurance  from  time to time, now does it?  I mean,

after  all,  I  ask you...Just how far can you take a woman before she

starts  to  say  no?   Before  Monica I had a much different answer to

that than I do now, I can tell you that.

     "'ve  convinced me.  And I can't tell you how much I love

you.   From  now  on, anything that makes you come and that ultimately

makes  you  tremble  and  moan  and beg to be fucked is within bounds.

And  I plan on doing alot of things with you.  Some things we've never

done  before.   You  do  remember  the code word, don't you?  The word

you're  to say to me if something happens to make you want out?  Or if

you are really being hurt and want me to stop?"

     "Yes...I  remember  well.   And I promise that I will use it when

and  if I ever really feel the need to.  But no matter what you decide

to  do  to  me, I doubt that that day will ever come.  Just promise me

one  thing...if I ever pass out again, like I did that one time...wait

until  I  regain  conciousness and allow me the opportunity to use the

word before you begin again."

     "Of course...I'll always do that", I replied.

     "And  one  more thing...promise me that if I do ever use the code

word  that  you  will still love me, and that you will not necessarily

never  do  the  same  thing to me again simply because I used the code

word  when  you  did  it  before.   I want to please you, and if I can

build  up  some  tolerance  to the thing that you do that causes me to

say  the  code  word,  then  I want to do that.  Please promise you'll

give me another chance."

     "I  promise!  darling  little  slut you!  Now, enough talk!

Lets  get  on with using you as you were made to be used.  You do have

fuck holes, don't you?"

     Monica  smiled a big broad smile at me and eagerly replied, "Yes,

MASTER....I  have  three  fuck  holes...and they are all empty...poor,

poor, me!"

     "You're a slut aren't you Monica?"

     "Yessss...I'm such a slut, MASTER!"

     "And  you  have a slut mouth, and a slut cunt and a slut asshole,

don't you, Monica?"

     "Yesssss, MASTER, I do!  All my holes are slut holes!"

     "What does a slut do with her holes, Monica?"

     "MASTER....A   slut  takes  any  cock  into  her  holes  that  is

presented to her!"

     "But  you  wouldn't  just  take any cock into your holes that was

presented to you, would you Monica?"

     "No, MASTER...never would I do that!! Never!!!"

     "But you said you are a slut, Monica!!  Why wouldn't you?"

     "Because  I'm  more  than  a slut, MASTER!!!...I'm a SLAVE-slut!!

I'm  YOUR  slave-slut!  Only if you tell me to take a cock in my holes

will  I  take  it!   But  if  you tell me to take them, I'll take cock

after  cock after cock after cock after cock!  I'll fuck any number of

men  you  say!   I'll  kneel  and suck as many cocks as you tell me to

suck!   It  doesn't  matter  what  kind they are, what color they are,

nothing matters to me except pleasing you, MASTER!!"

     "Yes,  you're  a  little slave-slut.  And when you agree to be my

slave-slut,  you  automatically  become  a whore and a tramp and a bi-

slut, don't you?"

     "Yessssss,  I  DO!!!   And  it  makes  my  cunt juice run down my

thighs  to be those things for you!!  It makes my cunt juice puddle in

my  panties,  makes  me  soak my jeans, makes me drip onto the floor!!

It  turns  me into a nymphomaniac fucking and sucking machine!!  And I

love it!!!"

     I  smiled  at  Monica  and told her to kneel in front of me.  She

was  already  naked  except  for  the gold belly bracelet and the gold

ankle  bracelet  and  the tampon I had told her to insert in her cunt.

No,  she wasn't having her period... I just wanted her to put a tampon

in  her  hole.   I  sort  of  like  seeing the string hanging out, and

besides, I knew she'd get very very wet when we talked.

     "Take the tampon out now, Monica."

     She  did  as  I  requested,  pulling the cunt juice filled tampon

from her hole and handing it to me.

     "No...I  can  see  its filled already with your juices.  Just put

it in your mouth and suck on it for me."

     She  shuddered  slightly,  but put the soaked tampon in her mouth

and sucked her juices from it.

     "How do you like the taste of whore juice?", I asked.

     "Mmmmmmm,  its  very good, MASTER!!  I really do love it! Honest,

I do!"

     She  continued to suck on the tampon and there was no doubt in my

mind  that  she  meant every word she said.  She did love the taste of

her  own  juices, and not only her juices, but the taste of cunt juice

in general.

     "Have you ever sucked a bloody tampon before, Monica?"

     She  blushed  a  deep red as she replied, "No, MASTER, I've never

done that before."

     "Good!   I  may  let  you  do  that sometime for me.  But I can't

promise  that  it  will be your menstrual fluid that you suck from it.

It  might be the mentrual juices of a black whore.  Or perhaps a woman

that  I  fuck  often.   You'll  still  suck  them  into your mouth and

swallow them, won't you?"

     She  had put the tampon back in her mouth and had been sucking on

it  eagerly  while  I  talked to her.  She hesitated in replying to my

question,  but it was obvious that it was only because she didn't want

to  take  the  tampon  out  of her mouth.  Finally with a big sigh she

removed  it  and replied, "I'll suck any woman's bloody tampon for you

MASTER!  All you have to do is tell me to do it."

     "Good  girl!  Then I can call you a bloody tampon sucking bi-slut

whore, can't I Monica?"

     She  was  trembling noticably now, and her nipples had grown rock

hard  on  her  rising  and  falling breasts. "Yessss, MASTER, you can!

Thats exactly what I am!"

     Monica  closed  her  eyes  and  sucked hungrily on the almost dry

tampon  now.   Her  hips had begun fucking back and forth.  I knew she

needed  to  touch  herself,  and I wasn't surprised when she asked the


     "MASTER,  may  I  please touch my slut-cunt?  You're making me so

hot and so horny!  Please let me touch my hole!"

     "Well,  Monica...if thinking about sucking the menstrual fluid of

a  black  whore  makes  you need to touch yourself, then perhaps you'd

like to drink some piss.  Would you like that?"

     "I'd  love  to  drink  your  piss  MASTER!  Please...let me touch

myself while you piss in my mouth!!  Please do it!"

     "Have you ever let a man piss in your mouth before, Monica?"

     "Nooooo, MASTER!! Never!!  I promise!"

     "How about a woman's piss, have you ever tasted a woman's piss?"

     "Ohhhh, MASTER! Do I have to answer that?"

     "Only  if  you want to be allowed to touch your dirty tramp clit,


     "MmmmmmmmmmmASTER...I  have  tasted my own piss...I wanted to see

what  it  tasted  like after you told me about the black girls pissing

in Karen's mouth."

     "Good  rub  your  clit for your MASTER...let me watch

you.  What did you think of the taste of your piss, Monica?"

     Monica's  hand  slid  down her tight belly to her pubic mound and

becan  rubbing  the  hard  little nub of her clitoris in circles.  She

moaned  as  she  answered my question.  "I was afraid it would make me

sick,  MASTER.   At  first  I just stuck my finger into the stream and

then  licked  my  finger  clean...but then when it really didn't taste

bad I decided to try more of it."

     I  was  rubbing  my  cock through my robe as Monica confessed her

exerimenting  to  me.   Her  shoulders  were  shaking slightly and her

thighs were covered with goosebumps as she continued.

     "I  stopped  before  I  had  emptied myself and got a small glass

from  the kitchen.  Sitting back down on the toilet, I pissed into the

glass,  nearly  filling it.  Ohhhh...MASTER...this is sooooo

I have to tell you all of it?"

     "Yes,  little  whore...tell  me every tiny bit of it...unless you

want to stop rubbing your fuck hole."

     "Ohhhhhhh  noooo!!!  feels  so good, I'll tell you all, just

let me keep touching my clit...I'm so hottt!!"

     "Put   the   tampon   back  in  before  you  finish  your  story,'re dripping on the carpet and making quite a mess."

     With  much  embarassment  Monica  did  as I requested, the tampon

sliding  easily  into her dripping wet hole.  Her tongue snaked out of

her  mouth  and  she  shuddered visibly as she continued her degrading


     "The  glass  was quite warm to my touch, and I swirled the liquid

slowly  around  in  the glass.  I held it close to my nose and smelled

the  strong  fragrance.   Pushing  a finger up into my pussy, I placed

the  glass  to  my  lips and drank a small sip of my urine.  Strangely

enough  it reminded me of the first time I tasted a man's cum.  It was

a  taste  I had never experienced before..not altogether pleasant, but

not  really  as  bad as I had thought it might be.  I think connecting

it  with  cum  is  what  allowed  me  to finish the glass in one large


     Monica  was  rubbing  her clit furiously now as she paused in her

story and closed her eyes, remembering.

     "How  did  you  like  it, Monica?  Did you enjoy drinking a glass

full of your own piss?"

     "I...ohhhhhh  MASTER....I came!!  I fingered my dirty little hole

while  I  sat  there and drank my piss, and I came and came and came!!

I feel like such a slut telling you this!"

     "You  look like a slut now, Monica...kneeling there nude in front

of  me  with  the  string  hanging  out  of your cunt and your fingers

rubbing your clit, your hips hunching back and forth."

     I  reached  forward  and  began  to pinch one of her nipples very

hard.   "Take  the  tampon out again and feel how empty your fuck hole

becomes,  Monica.   You're  nothing  but  a dirty little piss drinking

slut-cunt whore!"

     With  trembling  hands  Monica slid the re-soaked tampon from her

cunt  and  without having to be told placed it in her mouth and sucked

on  it  hungrily.   Her fingers flew back to her clit and began to rub

it  again.   I  pulled her nipple away from her breast, nearly causing

her  to  lose  her balance.  She was beginning to pant now, her breath

coming  in  ragged  gasps  as she sucked on the tampon.  She looked so

lewd and nasty kneeling there with it sticking from her lips.

     "Go  ahead  Monica...finger-fuck your hole.  Finger-fuck yourself

like the trembling good fuck piece of pussy that you are."

     Still  rubbing  her  clit with her right hand, Monica's left hand

now  moved  between  her  legs  and she slid two fingers slowly in her

open  and  dripping  hole.   She  pushed them deep inside her and then

began moving them in and out with determination.

     Watching  her perform for me had made me hard as a rock.  I stood

quietly  in  front  of her and letting my robe fall open began jerking

my  cock  in  front  of  her  face.  She stared at the hard cock being

stroked  in  front of her and continued to suck on the tampon as if it

was the cock that filled her field of vision.

     Her  grunts  and  moans  became nearly continuous now, and I knew

she  was  merely  waiting for me to tell her that she could come.  She

could come any moment now with merely a word from me.

     "Don't  you  come  yet,  you little whore you...wait until I tell

you  that  you can.  You come too fast and I'll spank your little slut

ass!"  She nodded jerkily to indicate she understood.

     I  felt the cum moving up into my shaft and jerked the thick fuck

meat  harder  and faster.  Suddenly I could hold it back no longer and

a  thick  stream of sperm shot out of the end of my cock and landed on

her  nose.   It  was followed by another even larger gush of fuck that

sprayed  her  cheek  and the corner of her mouth.  I continued to jerk

my  dick,  coming in her face with great delight.  She fought hard now

to  keep  from  coming, and I could see the strained expression on her

face as she struggled to control her emotions.

     I  could hear the sloshy sounds of her fingers fucking in and out

of  her  cunt  now.  She usually tried to do it so that it didn't make

any  noise,  but  she  was beyond that now and the air was filled with

her  grunts  and  moans  and the squishy, squishy sound of her finger-

fucking.   As  the  last  drop of cum dripped out of my dick I reached

forward  to her mouth and pulled the string of the tampon.  She opened

her  mouth  reluctantly  to  allow  me  to  remove the tampon from her

mouth.   As  soon as it was empty I promptly filled it once more, this

time with my softening cock.

     "No  cum  for you this time little cock-sucking slut mouth.  This

time you drink piss.  Your MASTER'S hot piss!"

     I  began  to release the warm liquid in her mouth slowly, feeling

her  mouth  suck  on my cock as my urine entered her mouth and throat.

Gradually  I  increase  the speed of its release until I was literally

pouring a stream of piss into her mouth.

     "Now  you  can  come  little whore!  Now you can fuck yourself on

your  hand  and come like the little piss-drinking slut that you are!!

Come for your MASTER!!"

     She  swallowed  hard  and  fast, trying not to gag on the copious

yellow  fluid which was now streaming into her throat.  Her whole body

suddenly  went  stiff  and  a  muffled scream gurgled from within her.

Finishing  the dumping of my piss, I pulled my cock from her wet mouth

and sat back on the couch, watching as she continued to come.

     She  had  three fingers in her hole now and she humped and fucked

at  her  hand  wildly.   Her  eyes were glazed over and fixed on mine.

There  was  cum  dripping  from  her face, piss dripping from her open



!!", she screamed loudly, her body beginning to jerk all over.

     Suddenly  it  was  all  over  and  she  lost her balance and fell

forward  onto my lap, her head resting on my thigh.  Her breathing was

still  ragged and gasping and I ran my fingers through her hair gently

as she began to come down from the tremendous orgasm.

     Weakly  and  haltingly she began to speak, never raising her head

from  my thigh.  "Ohhhh, thank you my wonderful MASTER!  Thank you for

letting  me  be your slave!  Thank you for giving me everything that I

need and want!  Thank you...thank you."

     When  her  breathing  had  slowed I gently helped her to her feet

and  led her to the bedroom, laying her on the bed.  I lovingly washed

her  face  with  a  warm washcloth and then lay beside her on the bed,

holding her hand in mine.

     Anything, she had said.  Anything.  Damn!


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