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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade15.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= Monica and The Sales Lady

      "Her  name  is  Allison,  and she has the longest legs!  And not

only  that but she crosses them just like you taught me to cross mine,

and  once  while  she was talking to me she laid her hand on my thigh,

really  high up and squeezed it real sexy like, and it was all I could

do to keep from falling in her arms, cause she had these big..."

      "Monica!!   Whoa!!  Slow down!  I want to hear all about it, but

you're talking so fast I can't get it all!"

       "I'm  sorry,  I  guess I'm still excited....but if you had been

here you would understand...Oh, I can't wait for you to get home!!"

      "What time did you tell her to come?"

       "I told her you'd probably get home around 6:00 and I asked her

to  come  for  supper around 7:00.  You didn't mind my inviting her to

come back did you?"

      I smiled warmly at the enthusiasm and excitement that I heard in

Monica's  voice.   The Allison she was so excited about was a lady who

had  come  to  the  door  selling  life  insurance.  Monica's training

allowed  her  to  let  lady salesperson's in the house as long as they

were  attractive  and  not  accompanied by a male.  It also encouraged

her  to determine if possible whether or not the sales lady might have

any  interest in the things we were interested in, and if so to try to

set  up  a  meeting  with  me if possible.  Thats exactly what she had

done, and it pleased me to see her so excited about it.

      "No  dear,  thats  exactly what you were trained to do.  You did

well.  Now tell me once more what this Allison looked like."

      "Well,  she  is  really tall...she must be around 5'10" or maybe

even  a bit taller...she had on high heels so I may be over-estimating

her  height  just  a  little.  She has light brown hair, not too long,

and  green  eyes.   She was dressed conservatively, very business-like

in  a  skirt  and  blouse.   But I could tell she didn't have on a bra

under  her blouse by the way her nipples pressed the front of the soft

material  out.    When  she  sat on the couch she crossed her legs and

then  tucked  the  ankle  of her right leg back under the ankle of her

left  leg...just  like  you  showed  me...and slid her supporting foot

back  at  that  angle that makes legs look so know what I


      "Was she wearing stokings?..or could you tell?", I asked.

      "I  really  tried  to  tell,  but  it was difficult.  She had on

either  stockings  or pantyhose one, but I'm not sure which."  I heard

a  small  laugh  come  across the phone lines.  "Maybe she'll wear the

same skirt and blouse tonight and you can find out for yourself."

      Chuckling,  I  replied,  "Yes, or perhaps I'll make you find out

for me."

      "Yesssss,  MASTER!,  whatever  you  say!",  she giggled into the


     "Did she say anything to make you think she might be bi?"

      "Well,  it wasn't so much what she said as it was the flirty way

she  said  everything  she  had  to say.   She did say that I was very

attractive  and  that she loved petite women.    Then when she rose to

leave  she  put  her  hand  on  my  thigh,  very near to my crotch and

squeezed  it  quite  hard.  I didn't want her to move it, but I wasn't

sure whether to say anything or not."

     "I think you did everything exactly right, precious little slave-

slut!    I can't wait to get fact I may come home just a bit

early to help you get ready.  This could be a fun filled night."

      After  we  hung  up  I made a call to the Chamber of Commerce to

check  on  the insurance company that this lady supposedly worked for.

It  was  a  well  known  company  and  she  was  listed as their sales

representative  for our area.  She worked out of Chatanooga, Tenn. and

came through our area once every three months they said.

      Finally  around  5:00  I got caught up enough that I could leave

work.   When  I  got  home I heard the shower running and slipped into

the  bathroom  quietly  to find Monica laying back in the tub with her

eyes  closed.   She  had the Shower Massage showerhead in her hand and

was  letting  the  warm  water pulse against her spread open cunt.  It

had  almost gotten to the place that there wasn't anything that Monica

did  anymore  that  she  didn't do in some kind of sexually fulfilling

way.  I loved it.

      I  slipped back out just as quietly as I had entered and slipped

out  of  my  clothes and into the nice navy smoking jacket that Monica

had  given  me  for Christmas the year before.   I took the white silk

wrap-around  gown  that  I had given her out of the closet and laid it

on  the  bed.   It was a very pretty gown, quite short, but still very

attractive  on Monica.   I found the white slippers with the very high

heels and laid them beside the gown.

      I  was  in the kitchen fixing a screwdriver for her when I heard

the  water  finally  stop.   I made the drink stronger than necessary,

but  then  she  expected the drinks I fixed for her to be that way.  I

held  the  drink  out  to  her  as  she came through the bathroom door

rubbing her still hard nipples with both hands.

     "Oh!!, you scared me, you silly!   When did you get home?"

      I  smiled at her and kissed her gently on the mouth.  "I've been

here  for  a  while.  I saw you were, ahem, "busy" in the bathroom and

decided to give you some privacy."

      With  an  embarrased  giggle  she  sipped  the  strong drink and

replied,  "Yes,  I  was sort of "busy", wasn't I?  I'm afraid I stayed

in there too long, I've not even started supper yet."

      "I  called  for  some supper to be delivered when I saw that you

hadn't  started  anything yet.  It should be here shortly.  In fact, I

think  I  hear  a car in the driveway now.  Here...slip a towel around

you and go open the door for the delivery boy."

      She  gave  me  that  "You're  something,  aren't you?" look, but

obediently  wrapped the small towel around her and opened the door for

the  teen-age  delivery  boy.   I  didn't  have  to watch to know what

effect  she  would  have on him.  She told him to please put it on the

dining  room table for her since she couldn't let go of the towel, and

turned  her back giving him a good view of her cheeks as she came back

in to get the money to pay him.

     "Is it the kid with the big one?", I teased.

      "Yes,  you  devil,  and its even bigger than usual now...must be

the towel."

      "Well,  too  bad we've other plans, he could stay awhile...maybe

another night."

      Grinning a big sexy grin she took the money from me and paid the

boy  off.   I  heard  him whistle an appreciative whistle as he walked

away from the door toward his car.

      "I  think he heard us talking", she said with a smile, "his face

was a beet red when I walked back in and gave him the money."

      Together  we  set the table in the dining room and no sooner had

we  finished  than  the door-bell rang once more.  This time I did the


      " must be Allison, the insurance lady that Monica was

telling me about.  Please, come in."

      "And  you must be Mr. Wade.  Monica was so kind to invite me for

supper, I really didn't expect that...she's a delightful woman."

      "Yes, she is delightful in many, many ways!" I said as I ushered

Allison  into  the  dining  room.   Monica  was  certainly right about

Allison  looking like something we'd be interested in.  She wasn't the

kind  of  woman  who struck you right away as being beautiful, but she

had  an air about her which told you there was alot there both to look

at and to learn about.  She was quite attractive.

      "I  hope  you'll forgive the casual way we're dressed.  We enjoy

the  privacy  of  our  own home and usually wear something comfortable

when we are here."

      "Oh, no...thats just fine.  I dont' blame you, I don't wear much

at home either, frankly."

      "Well,  we  certainly  want  you  to make yourself at home while

you're  with  us",  I said with a mischievous grin as I pulled out the

chair for her.

      Dinner was fine under the circumstances.  I knew that Monica and

I  were  anxious for it to be over with, and I got the impression that

Allison  felt  the  same  way.   Finally  we  were  all through and we

retired to the living room.

      Monica  and  I exchanged smiles as Allison seated herself in the

same  manner she had earlier in the day.  This time I seated myself on

the  couch  next  to her and Monica sat in the straight chair opposite

us.   I  gave Monica the code to open her legs and smiled to myself as

she  sat  open  legged  in  the  short  gown.   Her  pussy was plainly

obvious,  but  the  look  on her face gave not the slightest hint that

she was aware of it.

      Allison  obviously  had  on  the  same  outfit  which Monica had

described.   I  could  see her nipples plainly through the material of

her  blouse,  but  it was very difficult to detect any garters through

the  tight skirt.   She began her presentation as if there was nothing

at  all  else on her mind, although I caught her glancing up often and

looking  between  Monica's  legs.   Each time she did I could detect a

nervous  twitch  of  her eyes and watched as she swallowed hard before

speaking again.

      Several times she laid forms in her lap and on two or three such

occasions  I  reached  to her lap and took them to look at for myself.

In  doing so I was soon able to brush my hand against her thigh enough

to  tell  that  she did in fact have on a garter belt under her skirt.

Her  nipples  grew harder and harder behind the blouse until they were

literally poking out through the silky fabric.

      "This  is  an unusual question, I'm sure, Allison", I said, "but

I've  always  wondered  what  the  answer  is.   Is  there a clause in

insurance  policies  which  gives the company an out in the event that

the insured dies while engaged in an unusual sexual activity?"

      Allison  brightened and smiled warmly.  "I guess that depends on

what you mean by unusual...just what do you mean by that?"

      "Well,  you  see  Monica  is a rather unusual woman.   By that I

mean  that  she  has needs which are somewhat more....well, I mean she

often has to be....I guess what I'm trying to say is that..."

      "Pleassse,  please, Mr. Wade...feel free to say exactly what you

mean to me, I'm a big girl, and I've seen it all, I assure you!"

      "Well,  ok  then...Monica  is  a  slave-slut,  Allison.  Its not

unusual  at all for Monica to be involved in group sex situations with

both  men  and  women,  and  believe  me,  sometimes  they can be very

physically  draining.   I've  just often wondered what would happen as

far  as  insurance is concerned if she had a heart attack or something

under such circumstances."

      Recrossing  her  legs  and  sliding her skirt higher on her full

thighs,  Allison rubbed her hand along her calf sexily as she answered

my  question.   "Well,  thats really a very good question, and its the

kind  of  question  that  more  people should ask.  Luckily for you, I

know  the  answer",  she  smiled  broadly.   "For insurance purposes a

heart  attack  is  a  heart  attack  unless  it can be proven that the

insured  suffered  a  self-induced heart attack as a way of committing

suicide.   There  is  no case where an insurance company ever tried to

prove someone attempted suicide by fucking themselves to death."

      While  she  had  been  giving her explanation to me, I had given

Monica  the  hand signal which indicated that she was to rub her legs.

I   had   displayed  the  signal  long  enough  that  the  signal  had

additionally  informed  her  that  she  was  to  also touch her pussy.

Allison  saw  her hand moving on her legs out of the corner of her eye

as  she  spoke  and when she had completed her answer focused her eyes

directly on Monica and watched calmly as her hand moved to her pussy.

      Monica  had  now  laid  her  head  back  and closed her eyes and

without  any  further  instruction  from  me  was now also rubbing her

breast with her left hand inside the gown.

      "Would  you  like  something to drink, Allison?", I asked with a


      Without  taking  her  eyes  off  of the busy little slut who was

performing  for her, Allison replied breathlessly, "Yes, that would be

nice...a good cold strong drink would be very nice."

      I  took  my  time  in the kitchen fixing the drink.  I knew that

Monica  would  not stop playing with herself now unless I told her to.

I also knew that Allison would not stop watching her.

      What I saw when I came back into the living room proved me right

on  both  counts.    Monica's  robe was now completely open, revealing

her  small  sexy  body.  Her left hand was pinching and pulling at the

nipple  on  her  left breast while her right hand was busy pumping two

fingers  in  and  out  of her dripping wet cunt.  She had slid down on

the  chair  now until her pussy was right at the edge of the seat, and

her head was still laid back and her eyes closed tightly.

      Allison  had  pulled  her  dress up to her waist and was slumped

down  on the couch.  Her eyes were fixed on Monica and both hands were

playing  in  her  shaved and naked fuck hole.  She didn't even look at

me as I entered the room.

      Sitting  beside  her, I lifted the glass to her lips and watched

as  she  sipped  from it thirstily.  She still made no sign whatsoever

that  she  was  aware  of  my  presence.  Moving her drink to my right

hand,  I  began to unbutton her blouse with my left hand, not stopping

until  I  had  it  completely unbuttoned and had pulled it back to the

sides  to  reveal her hard nipples and full breasts.  Having done that

I  began  to  play  with her nipples with the fingers of my left hand,

pinching  and  pulling  at  them, twisting and turning them like radio

knobs.   She  had  two  fingers from each hand inside her cunt now and

was  fucking  herself with the same gusto that Monica displayed across

the room.  I began to talk to her in a soft sexy voice.

       "You   love  watching  her,  don't  you,  Allison?....You  love

watching  the hot little bi-slut fingering her dripping wet fuck hole,

dont'  you?....Look  at  her nipples, Allison, don't you wish you were

sucking  on  them now?....think how good her juices must taste...think

how  good  her  mouth would feel sucking on your naked fuck

you  want  to  eat  her  Allison? you?....crawl to her, you dirty

little  cunt  sucking tramp, crawl to her and suck her juice into your it now!!!"

      She  fell  forward  immediately to her knees, crawled across the

carpeted  floor,  and  pressed  her mouth tightly against Monica's wet

cunt.   She  slid  her  arms under Monica's trim thighs and pulled her

pussy into her face with her hands.

      Meanwhile  I  moved  behind her and slid her tight skirt up over

her  ass.   Slipping  off my robe, I stroked my cock once or twice and

then  knelt  behind  her.   I rubbed the head of my thick fuck meat in

her  sloppy  wet  slit  and then began fucking her as her mouth worked

noisily  on  the  slut cunt in front of her.   Monica grabbed her head

in  her  hands  and  pressed  her  mouth even more tightly against her

trembling pussy.

      I  began  pumping  my  cock  in  and  out of Allison's hot cunt,

grabbing  her  by  the hips as I stroked my meat into her.  When I had

established  a  nice  comfortable  rythym, I moved one hand to her ass

and  began  pressing  a  finger against her asshole.  Realizing that I

needed  lubrication,  I  slid  my  hand up Allison's back and past her

head  to Monica's cunt and slid my finger in between Allison's bi-slut

mouth and and the juicy dirty tramp fuck hole on which it sucked.

       Coating  it  quickly  with  the juice that Allison so obviously

hungered  for, I moved it back to her ass and slid it quickly into her

tight  little  shit-hole.   Her  hips  really  began moving now as she

fucked  herself  back and forth on my thick cock and on my finger that

was moving in and out of her chute.

      Monica  began to moan softly, and her breathing began to come in

gasps.   I  knew  her  orgasm was beginning and wanted Allison to come

with  her.   I  picked  up the pace of my assault on her holes and was

rewarded  by  a  continually more frenzied movement of her hips.  When

Monica's  ass  began  to  lift  from  the chair and thrust itself into

Allison's  face,  I  felt  Allison's  cunt  and  asshole  both  clench

noticibly.   The  small of her back started dipping and rising in time

to  the  fucking  of my cock in and out of her hole and I heard a deep

scream  begin in her throat, muffled only by the juice that filled her

mouth  and  the  pussy  against her lips.   Monica's climax was a very

strong  one, and she grabbed Allison's hair and pulled at it trying to

draw her head tighter against her crotch as she came.

      The  scream  that  had started in Allison's throat grew stronger

and  moved  through  the  juice  and  cunt to her own lips and escaped

strongly  now.    Her  whore  hips  bucked  high and strong as my cock

began  spewing hot wet fuck into her.   She jerked from the waist back

and  thrusted  outward  from  the waist up, both ends fucking, one end

taking,  the  other  end  giving.   Suddenly her whole body locked up,

tight  as  a drum, and then just as suddenly she went limp, falling on

the  floor.   My  now  soft  cock  slid out of her hole and Monica was

forced to release her head from her grasp.

      Rolling Allison over on her back I checked her breathing to make

sure  she  was  alright.  I'd seen a similar response to orgasm before

with  Donna,  so  I  knew  she  had  just momentarily passed out.  She

stayed  out  longer  than  Donna  had, however, and it was nearly five

minutes  before she came to.  By that time Monica had knelt beside her

also,  partly  out  of  concern  for  her  safety,  and  partly out of

gratitude for the orgasm she had just helped her achieve.

      When  she  did  come  to  we all smiled at each other and hugged

warmly.   It  had  been  a very pleasant and exciting introduction for

us.   Monica  had been right about Allison, and I was proud of her for

being  able  to  tell.   How right she had been we wouldn't know until

later  on.    But  we all knew then that there would be more times for

us in the future, and we were glad.   Boy, were we glad!


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