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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade14.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= Karen, The Sorority Slave, Part Three

     Suzie,  the  leader of the young black girls, tossed a dress over

on  the  bed  as  she addressed her white slave. "Ok, slut, put on the

dress  and  your  high heels, its time to take you out in to the world

for a bit!"

     Karen  obediently slid into the white dress. It was not much of a

dress,  frankly.   Just a plain white dress with a rather low circular

neckline  and  no  sleeves.   It  was  quite short as well, showing at

least  8  inches of her legs above the knees when she stood.  They had

allowed  her  no  underwear,  of course.  After she had slid the dress

over  her  naked  body  and  slipped  on  the  white high heels, Suzie

continued her instructions.

     "When  we get downstairs, you're to walk over to the bell captain

and  ask him to get us a limo with a horny driver.  If he asks why you

want  a  horny  driver,  you're  to tell him because you're horny too.

Don't  worry  about  the bell captain coming on to you.  If he asks if

you'd  like to fuck him or something like that, you can just ask me if

it  will  be  ok,  and  I'll  tell you no, maybe later, but not at the

moment.   It will be embarrasing for you to have to ask the permission

of  a  young  black girl, but then who gives a shit?"  The rest of the

girls  laughed heartily, and Karen blushed a deep red.  "Now, when the

limo  comes, you are to sit in front with the driver...not in the back

with  us.   If he says anything about it, you just tell him that those

young  black  girls are always trying to touch your private parts when

you  ride with them, and that you'd rather be up front with him if its

ok.   Whatever  happens,  you  have  to ride in the front with him, so

promise  anything  you  have to do get to ride up there with him.  You

see,  slut,  what  you've  got  to do is get us a free limo ride while

you're  up  there.  We aren't gonna pay for the damn limo trip, and so

you've  got  to  please  the  driver  enough  that  he won't charge us

anything.   Either  that,  or  you'll  have  to pay, and of course you

won't  have  any  money."  This brought another round of chuckles from

the now excited girls.

     "When  the  driver  asks  where  we want to go," continued Suzie,

"you  ask him if he knows where there is an adult book store that also

has  the  twenty-five  cent  peep show booths.  Tell him you're in the

mood  to  buy some magazines and toys and watch a movie or two.  You'd

better  hope  he  knows where one is, if not we'll have to pay him off

and  find  another  driver  who does know, and you'd have to start all

over again."

     Suzie  paused  for  a  moment  and  reaching  over to the dresser

behind  her  took a wide black leather studded dog collar from the top

drawer  and  handed it to Karen.  "Here, put this on too...when we get

to  the  book  store  we'll  hook  the leash to it and lead you around

inside.   You're to pick out some magazines on bondage and lesbianism,

and  of  course  if you can find some on black men and white women, or

even  better  on  white  women and black women together, then get them

too.   We'll  lead you over to the counter where you will then ask the

man  behind  the counter for the biggest dildo that he has also.  When

he  adds it all up and tells you how much it is, you then will have to

tell  him  that  you were hoping you could suck him off to pay for the

merchandise.   If he hesitates, then you tell him you'll also suck off

some  of his peep show customers if he likes, but that you really need

the  merchandise  you've  selected.   After you've done whatever it is

that  you  have to do to pay for all the trashy magazines and the huge

dildo,  then we'll go back to the limo and come back to the hotel.  Do

you understand what you're to do Karen?"

     Karen  swallowed  hard  and nodded quietly, dropping her head and

staring  at  the  floor.  The studded collar was so obvious around her

neck  and  contrasted  so  much with her sweet appearance, even in the

short  white dress.  There was no mistaking it for anything other than

a  dog  collar.   I was amazed at the really sluttish things they were

going  to  make  her do, but I knew without a doubt that she was going

to do them all.

     "Ok,  lets go then...Mister Wade, you stay in the background now,

and be a good boy...don't mess us up!", Suzie says.

     "Oh  yea,  I'll be good, Suzie...this is going to be something to

see!", I said.

     When  we  got  downstairs,  Karen walked over to the bell captain

and  made  the  request  she had been instructed to make.  Sure enough

the  bell  captain, laughing at her, told her that if she was all that

horny  he  could  take  her in the baggage room and take care of that.

And,  as  instructed,  Karen  asked Suzie if it would be alright.  The

neat  thing  was  the really excited way that Karen asked her, and the

disappointment  that  she showed when Suzie told her no.  Since he had

some  hope  that he'd have another crack at her, the bell captain took

no  for  an  answer,  and  said he thought he knew just the driver for

us.  In less than ten minutes the limo drove up.

     I  was  really  impressed with the well laid plans that Suzie had

come  up with.  The conversation in the front seat went almost exactly

as  she  had  invisioned  it, except that the guy did know where there

was  a  dirty book store, and except that it was the driver who struck

the  free  ride  for a blow job deal, not Karen.  Maybe it was the way

her  legs looked with that short dress on, or maybe it was the way she

licked  her lips when he got in the drivers seat.  Whatever it was, it

worked  perfectly,  and  Karen's  head  had  disappeared before we had

driven a mile.

     After  about  ten  minutes  of  wondering  if the limo driver was

going  to  wreck  us or not, Karen sat back up wiping her mouth on the

back  of  her hand and smiling.  The satisfied driver slowly shook his

head  from  side to side in disbelief.  He turned to her and said with

a  big  smile,  "Honey,  you  can  ride with me ANYDAY!!", and laughed


     The  book  store/porno  shop was, as most are, in a pretty shoddy

section  of  town.   I  wondered to myself how often limo's graced the

parking  lot, and decided that the answer was probably more often than

most  people  realized.   Suzie  had  decided  that three of the girls

looked  too  young to go into the book store, and would only allow the

older  looking  girls  to accompany us inside.  The other three stayed

in the limo with the now satisfied driver.

     Just  before we got to the door, Suzie stopped Karen and attached

the  long  black  leash  to  the  dog collar.  Then she went in ahead,

leading  Karen  behind  her.   I  waited just a moment or two before I

entered,  not  wanting  to  give  away  the fact that I was with them.

"What  the  heck,"  I  thought to myself with a sneaky smile, "I might

want  to be one of the customers when it comes time for her to pay for

her purchases."

     Once  inside  I  saw  Suzie  leading  Karen  over  to  a  wall of

magazines.   I glanced at the man behind the counter and smiled at the

look  of surprise mixed with delight on his face.  He'd seen alot, I'm

sure,  but  I  don't think he'd ever seen anything quite like this.  I

walked  over  near  them  so  that  I  could  watch  Karen  select the

magazines.   She  chose some good ones, every one of them sure to make

her  blush  a deep red as she laid them on the counter.  She picked up

three  on  bondage  and  discipline,  a  couple  on lesbianism and one

entitled,  "White  Girls Sucking Black Cunts".  She looked at Suzie as

if  to ask if that was sufficient, and Suzie pointed to one more which

Karen  obediently  added  to  the  stack.  It was entitled, "Girls Who

Love Dog Dicks".

     Suzie  then  led  Karen  over  to  the  counter.   Karen laid the

magazines  down,  and  as instructed said to the clerk, "I'd also like

the longest and thickest dildo that you have."

     The  man  behind the counter was a young guy, probably in his mid

twenties.   He had long blonde hair and a mustache that was more brown

than  blonde.   He  was  wearing  a  Harley-Davidson t-shirt and had a

rattlesnake  tatooed on his right arm.  He smiled broadly at Karen and

said,  "Lady,  we've  got  some pretty big dildo's....are you sure you

can  handle the biggest one we've got?" While he waited for her answer

he  began  looking  through the magazines she had selected and ringing

them up.  He grinned broadly at the choices she had made.

     Karen  blushed  a  deep  red  and  replied, "I'm quite sure, sir,

please  give  me the very biggest one you have.  I'd prefer that it be

cock  shaped  if  possible  and if it is black it will be even better,


     He  laughed  out  loud  and  reaching  under the counter produced

almost  exactly  what  she  had  asked  for.   The  biggest  and  most

realistic  looking  dildo I had ever seen.  It even had balls attached

to  it.   Laying  it on the counter, he said with a grin, "This is the

biggest  they  make  lady...its 14 inches long, four inches across and

made  out  of  a new material that feels a hell of a lot like the real

thing.   Unfortunately,  its  not  black, but then when its in use you

won't  be  able  to  see  it  anyway,  huh?"  He laughed loudly at his

little  joke.   Feeling a sharp tug at her collar and glancing over at

Suzie,  Karen  realized immediately what her mistress wanted her to do

next.   Looking  once  more  to  Suzie, Karen said loud enough for the

clerk  to  hear  her,  "Mistress, may I have the dildo, Pleasssse?  It

seems to be very near the size I've been wanting.  Pleasse, may I?"

     The  clerk  grinned  at  the exchange and waited patiently for an

answer  from  Suzie.   Suzie  frowned and replied, "Ain't no white man

got  a  cock  like  that slut, but I guess it will keep you busy for a

while...go ahead and get it."

     "Ok, that will be $78.83 then", said the clerk.

     "Sir,  I  don't  have  any money", Karen said embarasingly.  "But

I'd  love  to  please  you  in payment for the merchandise if there is

somewhere we can go."

     "Look  lady....I've  got  to work here at the counter, I can't go

anywhere...and  besides,  I'll  have to put that money in the register

to  make  it  balance, and no blow job is worth 78 bucks!!  Either pay

up  or  get  the fuck out of here."  This part wasn't going exactly as

Suzie had planned.  I watched with interest from a distance.

     "Could  I  please  some of your customers as well?", asked Karen,

visibly  beginning  to  become  upset.   "I'll do anything, sir, but I

have  to have these items, and I really don't have any money.  Please,

help me sir!"

     "Look  you  tramp," snarled the man, "if you want to whore around

in  the  booths  for a while and see if you can come up with the money

its  ok with me...but you aren't getting any of this stuff until I get

$78.83, and thats final!"

     Walking  up  to  Suzie  and  taking  out my wallet, I said with a

smile,  "Miss...I'll  give your slave $5 for a blow job back in one of

the booths, if thats ok with you."

     Karen  looked  at  her  mistress  with  pleading  eyes  and said,

"Mistress....I  know  five dollars isn't very much for a blow job, but

perhaps  there are some other men back there who will also let me suck

them...I  really want the magazines and the dildo...please let me take

his money!"

     Suzie  looked  at  Karen  with mock disgust, and slapping her ass

hard  with the leash, said roughly, "Go ahead, cheap white tramp, suck

all  the  cocks  you  can,  but  hurry up about it, we haven't got all

night."   I handed Suzie the five dollars and taking the leash from hr

led  Karen  into  the  room where the quarter movie booths were.  Once

inside,  I  slipped  my  arm around her waist and spoke to her softly.

"Look,  this part has turned sort of sour on you, I know...let me give

you  the money and you can watch a movie or two with me and then we'll

go back out and tell them that you earned it all, ok?"

     Karen  smiled  warmly at me and rubbing my cheek with the back of

her  hand  said,  "You're a really nice man...and I think I'll have to

take  you up on your offer, even if I pay you back sometime, because I

don't  see  many occupied booths in here.  But you still don't realize

how  much  I  need  to  do  these  things, do you?  Sure, its terribly

embarassing  for  me  to have to suck cocks to pay for dirty magazines

and  dildo's  and even limo rides....but I need that embarassment!  it

makes  me  horny  as  hell  to be embarassed and humiliated like that!

So,  yes, I will accept some of your help this time....but dont' do me

too many favors, or you'll ruin it all for me...Ok??"

     Shaking   my   head   slowly,   I   replied.   "Sure...Look,  I'm

sorry...all  this is pretty new to me.  I've never met anyone like you

before.    I   mean,  you're  wonderful,  so  beautiful  and  so  very

submissive...and  the  things  that  you'll do to please other people!

I'll  wait  here  for you while you earn what you can from some of the

others  in  here,  if  thats what you want.  But don't take long, I'll

make  up  the difference for you.  Just promise me that you'll give me

your  telephone  number so I can get in touch with you after I've gone

back  home  to  Virginia.   I'd  hate to think that I'll never see you


     "Thanks,  Mr.  Wade!",  she  said in a voice much like a child at

Christmas.    "And  listen,  don't  you  worry  about  not  seeing  me

again...I'll  make  sure  that  you do.  I'll give you my phone number

when  we  get  back to the hotel." Then she started to walk toward the

nearest  booth  with  a  red light on, and smiling broadly at me again

said, "Don't go away...I won't be long."

     I  watched  as  she  put her head close to the door and said loud

enough  to  be  plainly heard and understood, "Hey, mister...if you'll

let  me  in  I'll  suck  that big cock of yours!"  Needless to say the

door  opened  and  pretty  soon  I  heard  the  sound of her wet mouth

sucking  off  the man inside the booth.  In less than five minutes she

emerged  again  and  flashing  a ten dollar bill at me and smiling she

moved on to the next occupied stall.

     Fifteen  minutes and forty dollars later she came back over to me

and  said,  "Well, I earned over half of it anyway.  Looks like I need

about twenty-five dollars."

     Glad  to  see her time in the booths come to a close I handed her

the  extra  $25  and  walked  back  out  of  the booths with her.  She

proudly  approached  the counter and handing the money to Suzie, bowed

her  head  and  said submissively, "Thank you MISTRESS!  I have enough

now  I  think  to  pay  for  the  items you allowed me to get."  Suzie

handed  her the money which Karen then paid to the clerk.  He began to

bag  up  her  purchases,  but  was stopped by Suzie who told him there

would  be  no need of a bag.  He smiled a knowing smile and handed the

magazines  and  the big dildo to Karen, inviting her back at any time,

but advising her to bring at least some money the next time.

     Suzie  led  Karen across the parking lot with the leash attached,

and  took  it off only as she allowed Karen to enter the front seat of

the  limo  again.   As  we drove off Suzie and the other two girls who

had  witnessed  Karen's  performance began telling the other girls all

about  it,  and  I watched as Karen's head once more disappeared, this

time with no negotiation required at all.

     As  we  turned into the hotel parking area, I glanced at my watch

and  was  amazed  to see that it was nearly 5:00 am.  I had a plane to

catch  that  morning  at  7:30  and  still  had to pack and get to the

airport.  As much as I hated to do it, I said my good-byes.

     "Young  ladies, you're creativity has amazed me.  I must say that

you've  provided  a  very interesting and enlightening evening for me,

and  I  appreciate  it.   Best  of  luck to you and your slave.  She's

really  quite  something,  and I hope you realize how luck you are.  I

have  a  plane  to  catch  in  just a few hours, so I will have to say

goodby  to  you now.  But if you don't mind, I'd appreciate just a few

words alone with Karen before I go."

"Glad  you  enjoyed  yourself, Mister", said Suzie, "go ahead and talk

to  Karen  for  a  bit if you like, but dont' keep her too long, we've

still got plans for her."

     Thanking  her,  I  walked Karen over to the side of the lobby out

of  the  ear-shot of the others.  "Thank you once again Karen.  Here's

my has both my work and home numbers on it.  I guess you'll

want  to  have  your husband's permission before you call me.  If so I

certainly  understand.  He's quite a lucky fella, and I'd love to meet

him  someday.   If  he  says  its  ok, please give me a call sometime.

Maybe  I  can  entertain both of you in Virginia sometime, or meet you

back here in Chicago the next time I'm here on business."

     Karen  wrapped  her  arms  around my neck and kissed me deeply on

the  mouth.   "You've  been  so nice, and you made the night even more

special,  Mister  Wade.   I'm  sorry  that  we  didn't  have more time

together  alone,  I  would  have  really  enjoyed  that.  I'll tell my

husband  how  helpful  and nice you were, and I'll have him send you a

check  for the money you lent me.  You're right, I will have to see if

its  alright  with  him before I can call you, but perhaps he will let

me.   I  do hope so, really I do.  Now you go back home and find you a

girl  who  will  be  submissive  to  you  as  I am to my husband.  You

deserve a woman like that!"

     "I'd  love to think I could find one someday, Karen", I said with

a  warm smile.  Taking her hand in mine and squeezing it one more time

I  turned  and walked to the elevator.  I glanced back just before the

doors  opened  to see Suzie talking to the bell captain as he motioned

toward  the  baggage  claim  room.   He  handed Suzie what looked like

money  and  Karen  was led into the room behind him.  Smiling softly I

entered  the  elevator  and watched the doors close on one of the most

interesting nights of my life.


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