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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade13.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= Karen, The Sorority Slave, Part Two

       The  sight of the big black dildo still sticking out of Karen's

shaved  cunt  was more than I could handle sitting down.  So I did the

obvious  thing.   I  knelt between her legs at the foot of the bed and

started  fucking  her  with it.  I worked it slowly at first, watching

with  interest  the way her lips hugged it when I pulled it outward. I

worked  the  dildo  with my right hand and rubbed her hard little clit

with  the  thumb of the left one.  I loved the sound the big hard fake

cock  made  fucking her almost as much of the sight of it.  She was so

wet  that  the fucking made a sort of sloppy, slurpy sound.  Sort of a

"Sworp, Sworrrrp, Sworrrp".

      She  had  great  legs,  and  there were little goosebumps on the

insides  of  her  open  thighs.  If she hadn't looked so good with the

high  heels  on  I would have taken them off so I could watch her toes

curl.   I  knew they were.  A tiny rivulet of cunt juice began running

downward  from  her  full   hole  to  the  empty   one below it, and I

watched  the  ring of her asshole catch the juice.  I couldn't look at

it  for  long  without wanting to taste it, and I reached forward with

my  head,  searching  for  it  with  my tongue.  It was good juice.  I

could  understand  why  the  girls liked their white slave.  I mean, I

know a slut when I see one.  This Karen was a slut.

      The  black  girls  were taking turns sitting on her face now.  I

have  to  admit,  the contrast of their black asses and her white skin

was  pretty  exciting.   I smiled at the way they humped her face.  If

they  were  worried  about  whether  she liked it or not, it certainly

didn't show.  But then the juice that continued to flow from her baby-

like  little  hole  wasn't  all  from the dildo either.  I knew better

than that.  She liked eating pussy.  No question about it.

      When  her hips started working overtime I sped up  the fucking I

was  giving  her and rubbed her clit even harder.  I even thumped it a

few  times  with  my middle finger, just for good measure.  Two of the

girls  started sucking at her tiny tits while another was hunching her

face,  and  I knew it wouldn't be long before she started coming. When

another  black  face  appeared  at  her  belly  and a long pink tongue

started  licking  at  her clit, I moved my hand to her ass and started

sliding  in  my  long  middle  finger.  All the flags went up then.  I

thought  she  was going to buck us all off the bed.  If she hadn't had

wet  black  girl  pussy  spread  all over her face I'm sure they would

have heard her all over the hotel.

      We could have stopped then.  I know some people would have.  But

after  all,  I  hadn't  fucked  the slut yet.  And seeing her fuck her

hungry  little  ass  up  in  the  air  like  that had really gotten me

going.   Besides,  the  young  black  girls  hadn't  shown any sign of

stopping either.

      I slid the big black dildo out of her well used cunt and started

pressing  it against her asshole.  I wasn't sure if she could take the

thing  there  or  not,  but we were about to find out.  Nothing better

than  a  slut  who  can take it up the ass, I always say.  I had to go

slower  than  I  had  thought  I  might.  The damn dildo was so fuckin

big!   But  the  girl  who had been licking Karen's clit had now begun

licking  at her shiny pussy lips  and it wasn't long before the little

bi-slut's  hips were working once more.  The head of the dildo slipped

in  with  a  small popping sound, and I slowly worked more and more of

it  up her chute.  I heard a muffled moan from her still covered mouth

that told me everything was going to be just fine.

      I  had  just  worked the full length of the long and thick black

fucker  into  her  ass  when  one  of  the girls who had sucked me off

earlier  said,  "Here...let  me do that for you..climb on and fuck the


      Sounded  like  a  great  idea  to  me!  Dropping my pants to the

floor,  I  crawled  up onto the bed and slid the full length of my now

throbbing  cock  immediately  into the wet slut cunt that was so ready

for  more.  No way my cock could compete with the huge fucker that had

been  there  before  me,  but still I knew how to use the thing, and I

know  there's always something special about having the real thing.  I

worked  my  hips  in  slow circles, letting the shaft touch all of her

wet  hole.   The  movement  of  the  big  black  dildo  in her ass was

exciting  to  me, and I knew without a doubt that it certainly was for


      There  were  still two girls kneeling on each side of Karen, but

now  instead  of  sucking on her little tits, they were pulling at her

nipples  with  their  fingers.   They also had taken her hands and put

them  to  work  in  their wet little cunts.  They worked like twins or

something.   With  their  inside  hands they pinched and pulled at her

nipples.   Their outside hands were holding her wrists and pulling her

hand  ever  tighter  to  their  humping  fuck holes.  The girl who was

using  Karen's  mouth  was  now squatting over her facing me.  She had

her  hands  behind  her  pulling  her ass cheeks open, and I could see

Karen's tongue working hungrily on the girl's pink asshole.

      Just  for  the heck of it I reached forward and tried out one of

the  young  black  girls' ass, just to see if she liked a finger there

or  not.   I  knew  the girl couldn't have been over 19 years old, but

her  little  backdoor  was  obviously  very  used  to having something

inserted  in  it.   In  no time I was working a third finger in it and

she was humping our two hands like crazy.

       Karen  was  having  a  string  of  orgasms  now  and  they were

beginning  to  run together so that it was hard to tell when one ended

and  another  began.  The earlier blow job had been good for me, and I

had  just about convinced myself that I could fuck the little slut all

night  long  when I felt that familiar feeling at the base of my dick.

I  started  ramming her really hard then.  I could feel the head of my

cock  hitting the back of her cunt with every stroke now, and I humped

at  her  as  if  I  was  trying  to make it go all the way up into her

womb.   The  cum  shot out with such force that it almost made my eyes

cross,  and  I  pumped  the  hot  fuck  into  the quivering slave cunt

beneath  me  in  what  seemed  to  me  like  such great amounts that I

envisioned  it  squirting out of her hole and spraying the face of the

young  black  girl  who was fucking her with the dildo.  Finally I had

dumped  all  the  cum  I  had  to dump and suddenly feeling very weak,

moved back to the chair to rest once more.

      Eventually the girls had their fill too, and one by one began to

lose  interest  in their slave.  Finally she was left laying all alone

on  the  bed, still spread-eagled and covered with cunt juice and cum.

I  watched  as her breathing finally slowed, smiling as a river of cum

leaked out of her cunt and ran down the crack of her ass.

      "Now  do  you  believe our story?", asked a smiling black girl I

later learned was named Suzie.

      "Yes,  I  must  say  there is little question about you having a

slut on your hands here", I responded happily.

      "Oh,  yes,  we  sure  do!!   And, believe it or not, Mister, you

haven't seen anything yet!!"

      I  felt that just a bit hard to believe.  There wasn't much else

that  they  could  put  Karen  through.  She'd been well used and well

fucked  already.   "Oh,  I  expect she's finished for the night, dont'

you think?", I asked.

      Their  laughter  told  me  that,  at  least  in  their  eyes, my

appraisal of what would happen the rest of the evening was very short-


      "Let's  clean the little whore up girls, and show our new friend

just how wrong he is!", laughed Suzie.

      They  all  gathered around Karen, who had reverted to her almost

stupor  like  state,  and  lifting  her,  carried her roughly into the

bathroom.   "Come on, Mister," one of them taunted, "you don't want to

miss anything."

      I  followed,  and watched as they laid her in the tub.  She sure

could  use  a  bath,  no question about that, I thought.  The bath she

got  was  not exactly what I had envisioned, and as much as she seemed

to  be  willing  to  take  what they gave her, I had to really grit my

teeth  to  keep from stopping them.  One by one they squatted over her

naked  body  and  pissed on her.  Most of them squatted over her face,

and  I  guess  it  was the way she opened her mouth like a little bird

and  tried  to  drink  the  piss that made me decide not to intervene.

But  by  the  time  they were done they had coated her whole body with

their  yellow  urine.    Laughing as they completed her drenching, the

girls all filed out of the bathroom.

      "You  aren't going to just leave her there like that, are you?",

I asked in dismay.

     "For right now we are, and if you know whats good for you, you'll

leave  her  there  to soak too, Mister!", said one of them menacingly.

While  I'm  not  one  to  let  teenage girls stop me from doing what I

believe  is right, the look that I saw on Karen's face told me that it

was  ok,  so  I  left  the  bathroom and rather embarrased for her and

somewhat  ashamed  that  I  hadn't stopped it, I cleaned myself up and

put my clothes back on.

      Finally  one  of the girls went in and  turned the shower on the

beautiful  naked  girl who had laid there so submissively and let them

all  urinate  all  over  her.   Perhaps if they had been white I would

have  been  able  to  take it better.  But the fact that they were all

black  and  so  much  younger  than  her  made  it all seem so odd.  I

debated  about  leaving,  but  I really wanted to make sure that Karen

was going to be alright, so I stayed.

      Sometime  after  hearing  the  shower  stop,  the  girl  who had

evidently  been  assigned  the  job  of washing the slave off came out

leading  Karen  by  the  hand.   She led her to the center of the room

where  she  stood  submissively,  her head bowed and her hands clasped

behind her.

      Suzie  spoke  to her with a tone of authority.  "Now Karen, show

us your holes, so that we may check to see if they are clean!"

      Karen reached between her legs and pulled her cunt lips down and

out  while  the  girls  all  paraded by and looked closely at her open

pussy.   Some of them sniffed at it and made ugly faces and held their


      "Gonna  have  to  douche that whore cunt, thats for sure!", said

Suzie, in an ugly tone of voice.  "Now the asshole, slut!"

      Obediently,  Karen bent turned around and bent over, pulling her

ass  cheeks  open  to allow them to check her asshole.  Once more they

paraded by her, checking her ass just as they had her pussy.

      "Hell,  that  ain't  gonna  do either!" said Suzie, and slapping

Karen's  ass  roughly,  she  told  her  to  go prepare herself for her


      Karen  sighed,  but  obediently  turned and walked back into the

bathroom.   One  of  the girls handed her a douche bottle and they all

filed  into  the bathroom behind her to watch her squat in the tub and

douche  herself.   When  she  had finished, she stood, and handing the

now  empty  bottle  to  one  of  the  girls,   assumed  the submissive

position I had observed her assume earlier in the living room.

      Suzie  hung  a  water  filled  enema bag from the shower rod and

rubbed  the  long nozzle with ky jelly.  "Ok, slut, bend over and lets

clean your dirty little ass out", she sneered.

      Karen  bent  over  as before, opening her cheeks with her hands.

Suzie  inserted  the  long  thin nozzle into Karen's asshole, twisting

and  turning it as she did so.  Then she squeezed the bulb letting the

warm  water  enter  the  slave slut's ass.  I was quite sure that they

had  pumped more water into her than was necessary, but she took every

bit  of it with only a slight moan.  When she felt that Karen had held

the  water  inside  for an appropriate length of time, Suzie once more

spoke to her.

      "Now,  Slave  Karen,  stand up straight in front of us with your

legs spread wide and tell us who you are!"

      "I'm the slave of a whole sorority of black girls, MISTRESS!!  I

love  to  eat  black  pussy  and  I  love to do whatever it is that my

MISTRESSES  demand  of  me!!  I'm yours to use in any way you please!!

Please let me be of service!!"

      "Good  girl!", replied Suzie.  "Now open your asshole for us and

let  us watch the water run from your full bowels and stream down your

slut legs!"

      Closing  her eyes with embarrassment, Karen did as she was told.

The  water  squirted  out  of her ass with a rush and sprayed out over

her  thighs and calves.  Suzie took the flexible shower head down from

its  perch,   and  turning on all cold water sprayed Karen's pussy and

ass  once  more.   The water must have been icy cold, for after only a

moment  of  contact  with  the  water her teeth began to click and her

body  covered with goosebumps.  Finally Suzie stopped spraying her and

turned  the  shower  off.   They filed out, leaving her to dry herself


      When  she came out of the bathroom this time I was struck by how

very  lovely  she  was.  She had taken time to fix her hair, and there

was  a  look  of contentment on her face that was almost angelic.  Her

nipples  stood  out  from her small but pleasing tits, no doubt partly

because  of  the  cold  water, but also I was sure from the continuing

excitement  which  she  felt.  I ached to take her to my room and hold

her  tightly  in  my  bed  for the rest of the night.  I knew she must

need  a  good  nights  rest  after  what she had been through.  As she

passed  by  my chair I reached out and grabbed her hand and pulled her

to me as I whispered to her.

      "Let  me  take  you  back  to my room now.  I'll give you a nice

massage  and  I  promise  you  can  sleep  the  whole night without me

bothering you.  I know you must be exhausted."

      Karen  smiled  a  warm  smile  and replied quietly, "You're very

kind.   There  may  be  a time in the future when I can take you up on

your  offer.   I'd  like it very much.  But as you'll see if you stick

around,  the  night  is still young.  They aren't through with me yet,

and  even  if I wanted them to be, which I really and truly don't, the

punishment  for  going  to your room would be more than I even care to

think  about."   Her  eyes  confirmed for me the the truth of what she

had  said.   Warmly,  she squeezed my hand, and then releasing it, she

turned  back  to  her  waiting MISTRESSES. Moving to the center of the

room  once  more,  she  sat naked before them, her legs spread and her

hands behind her back.

     "Satisfied now, Mister?", asked Suzie.

      "Yes,  I  am,  Suzie...but  if  you  dont mind, I'd like to hang

around  for  as  long  as  you'll let me.  Its all very interesting to


      "Sure,  just don't get in our way.  And hang on to your hat, its

gonna be one hell of a ride!"

      I  knew she spoke the truth, and something told me that I really

had alot to learn.  I looked forward to learning it.


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