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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade12.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= Karen, The Sorority Slave, Part One

      A  year  or so before I met Monica I had met a pretty young girl

named  Karen  in  a  rather  unusual way.  I was staying in a hotel in

Chicago  on business and one evening after having been out rather late

I  walked  down the hall to my room and noticed someone sitting in the

floor  outside one of the other rooms.  It soon became obvious that it

was a woman sitting there, and that she was completely nude.

      I was afraid that she might be in some need of help, so I walked

past  my room until I confronted her, asking her if I could be of help

in  some  way.   She never raised her head, but continued to sit there

naked  with  her  head  bowed.  I could tell that she had been crying;

there  were  tears  still  glistening  on  her bare legs.  She made no

effort  to  cover  herself and her cross legged position allowed me to

see  her  naked  pussy  as well as her bare tits.  While her tits were

quite  small  they were still attractive, and her nipples seemed to be

quite hard and red looking.  Her pussy was completely shaved.

      "I  don't mean to intrude, but its a bit unusual to find a naked

woman  sitting  in  the  hall....are  you locked out of your room?", I


      "They  locked  me  out", she answered quietly, still not raising

her head from its bowed position.

     "Who are they?", I asked, perplexed.

     "The girls sent me out here to sit."

      It  all  sounded  so matter of fact in the way that she said it.

It  was  as  if  it should all make sense to me, but regardless of how

calmly  and  matter-of-factly she said it, it didn't make sense at all

to  me.   Who  were  these girls, and why did they send her out in the

hall  naked, and why did she allow herself to be sent out, and why did

she  just  continue  to  sit here naked?  I had lots of questions, but

she didn't seem to be to quick with answers to them.

      "Look,  I'm  in room 410 just down the hall...why don't you come

down  to  my  room and let me loan you a robe?  Then, if you like, you

can  call the room and talk to them about letting you back in, whoever

they are."

      "No,  they  wouldn't  like  that, and they would punish me", she


      Just then the door opened and two young black teenage girls came

out of the room.

      "Who  is  this honkey white man Karen, you little slut?", one of

the girls asked menacingly.

      "I  don't  know him, honest!", Karen said with an obvious amount

of fear in her voice.

      "Look...what's  going  on  here?",  I asked.  "If this girl is a

friend  of  yours  why  is  she  sitting  out here naked?  Who are you


      The two young girls brushed past me and lifted Karen by her arms

and  led  her  back into the room, closing the door in my face with no

further  explanation.   I  walked  back to my room shaking my head and

wondering  if  I  should  call  the  front  desk  or  perhaps even the

police.   But still the girl they had called Karen didn't seem to want

any  help  from  anyone,  even  though  she did seem to be being taken

advantage  of  in some way.  She seemed several years older to me than

the  black  girls.  It really seemed as if she could have perhaps been

their  school  teacher or chaperone or something, but there was little

doubt who was in charge for the moment at least.

     I had just about decided to call the desk when the phone rang.

     "Yes?", I answered.

      "Mister,  this  is  Karen,  the  girl  you just talked to in the

hall.   I just wanted to make sure that you understand that I'm ok and

in  no danger.  We wouldn't want you get worried about me and have you

cause trouble for us."

      "Well,  honestly, I was just about ready to call the front desk.

Would  you  mind  explaining  to  me just what is going on?  After all

they  could  be  forcing  you  to make this call or something too, you


     Just then one of the black girls took over the phone.

      "Hey,  Mister,  why dont' you come on down to our room and we'll

explain  it  all  to  you so you won't worry so much.  You may be just

what we're looking for anyway", she said.

      "Ok, I'll do just that, but you'd better have a good explanation

and you'd better not try any funny stuff with me!"

      The  whole situation was pretty wierd, and I wasn't about to get

messed  up in something that would get me in trouble.  Still, I knew I

wouldn't  be  able  to sleep until I knew that this Karen was going to

be ok.

     "I'll be right down", I said, hanging up the phone.

      When I entered their room I found Karen sitting in the center of

one  of the queen size beds, in much the same position as she had been

in  while out in the hall.  There were in total six black girls in the

room  along  with  Karen and I and the one who seemed to be the leader

motioned to a chair and asked me to have a seat.

      I  sat  in  the  chair  and  looked at the girls curiously.  The

situation  seemed  far less ominous now than it had before.  The girls

were   all   young,   probably  college  age,  and  all  really  quite

attractive.   In addition they were all wearing night-gowns of various

and sundry types.

      "You  see,  Mister...hey  what is your name anyway?", the leader


     "My name is Wade, and I'm from Virginia", I replied.

      "Well,  Mr.  Wade,  we're all in a sorority at a nearby college.

Its  an  all  girls school, and this is sort of an initiation ceremony

we're having here.  Its nothing for you to worry about."

      "Well,  that  all  makes  sense,  except that this lady you call

Karen  seems  to  be the one being initiated.  She seems old enough to

be  your  chaperone  or  something, and it is a bit odd that she's the

only white woman here.  How do you explain that?"

      The black girls all giggled.  "Its really very simple.  Karen is

a  slave-slut.   Her  husband  has some ties with the President of the

college  and he sent her to our sorority house to be our slave.  She's

a  very  bi  little  slut  and loves for us to use her and we all have

great fun doing just that.  Feel better now?"

      "Is  what  they  are  telling me the truth, Karen?", I asked her


      "Yes,  it is the truth, Mr. Wade.  And the whole truth is that I

love  every  second  of  it.   Nothing turns me on more than being the

slave  of  these black girls and doing whatever it is that they ask me

to do."

       Her  response  was  quite clearly spoken and seemed to be quite

sincere,  but  still  there  was  something about it all that bothered

me.   Perhaps  I just wasn't used to the idea of a woman wanting to be

the slave of a group of black teenagers.

      "You spoke of punishment out in the these girls punish

you often Karen?", I asked.

      "Not  really",  she replied, "you see they only punish me when I

don't  do  the  things  they  request  of  me,  and  that  very seldom


     "Just what sort of things do they make you do?", I wondered.

      The  black  teen  who had been acting as spokesperson smiled and

said,  "Why don't we just show Mr. Wade some of the things we make you

do?  He might find it very interesting."

     "Anything you say, Mistress", Karen said calmly.

      The other girls all clapped and giggled and the "Mistress" Karen

had  referred  to  opened the drapes which covered the large window at

the  end  of the room and cleared off the low table which sat in front

of  it.   She  then instructed Karen to stand on the table and to show

her  body to us.  I watched with wide eyes as Karen moved from the bed

to  the  table,  standing  in  the  open  window  completely  nude and

spreading  her  legs lewdly in front of me and the other girls who had

now  all  sat  down  in  the  floor  and  on  the  bed  to  watch  her


      I was slowly aware of music playing on the radio in the room and

Karen  moved  her naked and quite pretty body sensuosly to the beat of

the  song  which  was playing.  Her hands played at her tits, pinching

her  nipples  and  making them hard and then cradling them and lifting

them  in  an  offering kind of way to those of us who watched.  Slowly

her  hand  moved  down  her stomach to her belly and on further to her

crotch  where  she  reached  between her now wide open legs and pulled

her  outer  cunt  lips  down  and out opening her pussy to the view of

those who were watching her.

      "Now,  show  us  your  ass,  dirty  white  slut!", commanded her


      Karen  turned  slowly,  exposing her bare tits now to anyone who

might  be  watching  from  the outside and bending over slowly reached

back  behind herself to spread her ass cheeks open wide, giving us all

a clear view of her shaved pussy and her little brown asshole.

      One  of the black girls seated in the floor now produced a dildo

and  handed  it  to  Karen as she straightened up once more and turned

back  to  face  us.   It  was a big dildo, one of the largest ones I'd

ever  seen,  and  it was totally black and shaped like a cock in every

way,  complete  to  the veins along the sides of the shaft and the big

head at the tip.

      Karen  seemed  to have this routine down to a science and didn't

have  to  be  directed  as  to what to do next.  Bending her knees and

assuming  a semi-squatting position, she began to insert the big dildo

in  her  now  dripping  wet  cunt.   I watched excitedly as she slowly

inserted  more  and  more of the huge cock like rod up into her pussy.

I  was  not  the  only  one  becoming  excited.  Some of the girls who

watched  were  now  playing with their nipples and running their hands

into  their  panties  as they watched their white slave performing for


      The  expression  on  Karen's  face had slowly changed during her

performance.   At first it had been a rather blank look, much like she

had  no  emotion  at  all  about  what  was happening.  But as she had

become  involved  in showing off her naked body she had begun to smile

and  show  signs  of  honest enjoyment and genuine excitement.  Now as

she  began  fucking herself with the dildo in earnest, the look on her

face was one of extreme passion.  It was a sight to see, for sure.

      Two of the pretty young girls now came and knelt beside my chair

and  reaching  over  into my lap began rubbing my crotch.  My cock had

grown  quickly  hard  watching  the  horny  little  slut  display  her

nakedness  and  the  touch  of  the two young hands rubbing me made me

even  harder.   I  wasn't  sure  whether to allow them to do what they

were  doing  or  not,  but the sight of Karen fucking herself with the

huge dildo made it very hard to say no.

      The  room  was  beginning  to smell strongly of sex.  I was sure

that  Karen's  pussy  was  not  the  only wet one in the room and as I

looked  around at the young girls they were all freely fingering their

pussies.   While  Karen continued fucking herself on the table, two of

the  young  girls  crawled  up  onto one of the beds and stripping off

their  clothes  began  sixty-nining.  Karen's eyes became glued to the

sight  of  the  two girls eating each other and her movements with the

huge fake cock grew more rapid and intense.

      The  two  girls who had knelt beside my chair now had removed my

throbbing  member  from  my pants and were alternately stroking it and

licking  at  the  head  with  their pink tongues.  Karen's eyes darted

back  and  forth  from  the  bed  to my chair and her breathing became

suddenly audible throughout the room.

     The  two  girls who were left rose and stood next to Karen on the

table.   One  of  them reached behind her and began to insert a finger

up  her  ass.   The other moved her mouth to Karen's breasts and began

sucking  at her hard, pink nipples.  Standing on her tiptoes, the girl

who  was  fingering  Karen's  ass moved her mouth to Karen's mouth and

began  kissing  her  deeply.   The whole room reeked with the smell of

cunt  juice  and  reverberated  with  the sloppy sounds of wet pussies

being licked and fingered and fucked.

      I felt my cock being taken deeply in one of the girls mouths and

began  hunching  my  hips  up to stroke my cock in and out of her wet,

red  lips.   The  sight  of  Karen being made love to by the two young

black  girls  was really getting to me, and I knew that it wouldn't be

long  before I would be spewing my hot white cum into one of the girls

mouths  who  knelt  beside  me.   I ran my hands down the backs of the

girls  on  either side of me and reached into the tiny panties to find

the  wet  pussies  which were by now begging to be filled.  Sliding my

fingers  into  both  of  them at once I began to finger-fuck two black

teenage  girls  as I watched two more sixty-nining on the bed and as I

watched  two  more of them bringing their exhibitionist white slave to

a climax in front of the big window.

      When  Karen began to moan in the young girls mouth and hunch her

hips  violently  back and forth against the huge black dildo the chain

reaction  began.   Suddenly  all  over the room orgasms were occuring.

My  own  came swiftly and the hot cum shot out of my jerking cock into

the  mouth of the tiny little black girl on my left who was sucking me

at  the  time.  She sucked and sucked and sucked and while I was aware

that  she didn't seem to be swallowing any of it, she seemed intent on

getting every drop of my cum from my cock.

      Her  very  strong orgasm now over, Karen was led over to the bed

in  front of my chair, the big dildo still inserted in her cunt.  They

laid  her  on  her back in front of me, and all surrounded her as they

watched  the  girl  who  had  taken  my  cum  rise  and  move over her

outstretched  body.   She  lowered  her face to Karen's and kissed her

mouth  deeply, spilling the cum which I had filled her mouth with into

Karen's  hungry  and  waiting mouth.  They each took turns kissing her

now,  letting  her  slide the still warm cum from her tongue to theirs

as they french kissed her with abandon.

      I  was  certainly  convinced  now  that Karen was not being held

against  her  will  by  the  young  teen black girls.  And my attitude

toward  the  entire evening had changed quite a bit since my return to

the  hotel.   I was no longer considering calling the front desk.  Nor

was  I  in  any hurry to return to my room.  I was sure there was more

that  I  needed  to  learn  about  this  sorority to which these girls

belonged, and about the white slave they so eagerly used.


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