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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade10.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= The Shopping Trip

     One  afternoon not long after lunch, I called home to tell Monica

that  I  was  going to take her to a nearby city for some shopping.  I

told  her  to  dress in the black dress with her black garter belt and

stockings  and  that I would pick her up around 3:30.  When she got in

the  car  and  assumed  the  position I had trained her to assume when

getting  in  automobiles  I  saw  that  she had worn the black panties

which match the garter belt.

     "Those  panties  will have to go, Monica...but you can leave them

on for a while I suppose if you like."

     "I'm  sorry,  MASTER,  you  didn't  say  whether  to wear them or

not...but  of  course  if  you like I'll take them off right now!  Did

you want me to wear the bra?"

     "No...did you wear it too?", I asked with disappointment.

     "No,  you know I don't like to wear bra's much unless you request

that  I  do..I  left it off.  Here, let me take these panties off too,

they'll  only  get  soaked  anyway."   She slid the tiny black panties

down her pretty legs and began to place them in her purse.

     "Here,  let  me  have them", I said, reaching out for them.  When

she  gave  them  to  me I pressed them to my nose to smell her juices.

The  crotch  was already quite damp and they smelled wonderful.  I put

the  panties  in  my  coat  pocket.  "I'll just keep these, thanks", I

said smiling.

     It  was  a  rather long drive to the mall to which we were going,

and  as  usual  I enjoyed fingering Monica's pussy along the way.  She

learned  long  ago  to always bring a towel to sit on when we go for a

ride.   With  some  women that might not be necessary...with Monica it

always  is.  She returned the favor, of course, and was just finishing

with  my  cock  when  we  turned  into the parking lot of the mall.  I

lifted  her  head  from my lap and told her to brush her hair and wipe

the cum off her chin.

     "Anything  in  particular  we  are  shopping  for,  MASTER?", she


     "Well,  I  want to take you to Victoria's Secret and look at some

lingerie  for  you.   You've been pretty hard on your stockings lately

and  the  order  we  placed  with Fogal hasn't come yet.  I thought we

might  find  a new garter belt or two also.  I'd like to buy you a new

bikini  bathing  suit now that your cunt hair is trimmed as it is. You

can  wear  a  much  smaller  one than you did last year.  Anything you

know of that we need?"

     "You  asked  me  to remind you to buy a new jar of ky

said  the jar we got last week was almost you want to get it


     "Yes,  thank  you...I'll let you get that from the drug store for

us.   Oh,  and  buy  some rubbers too.  We don't need them, but I like

for  you to buy them.  Get one of the big boxes.  Come to think of it,

get a new enema bag and a copy of Penthouse for me too."

     "Yes,  MASTER."   I  glanced over at her and saw the smile on her

face.   She was beginning to see that this was going to be a memorable

shopping trip.

     We  entered  the  mall and immediately inside the door we entered

was  the  shoe  department  of  one  of  the  larger  chain department

stores.   The  clerk  who  seemed to be on duty was a handsome looking

young  guy in his mid twenties.  I figured him to be a college kid who

was  working  in  the  shoe department part time.  He looked at us and

smiled,  his eyes roaming over Monica in her black dress.  Hooking her

arm I steered her over to a display of high heels.

     "Lets  let you try on some shoes, Monica.  These seem to be along

the  lines  of  the ones we like, and I'm sure the young salesman will

be happy to let you try some on."

     We  picked  out a pair of black pumps with a relatively high heel

and  Monica sat down in one of the chairs as the young man went to get

her  size.   I walked around looking at some of the other shoes on the

wall  across  from  where  she  sat.  Looking back at her I smiled and

gave   her   the  hand  signal  which  directed  her  to  change  from

restrictive   positioning   of   her  body  and  clothing  to  relaxed

positioning.   I  also  gave her the signal that told her to raise her


     When  the  young shoe salesman came back he was greeted by a very

pretty  pair  of  crossed  legs  in black stockings and a skirt raised

high  enough that the band at the top of her stockings was just barely

visible  along the sides of her legs.  He sat on the bench in front of

her  and  took her foot in her hand and placed one of the shoes on her

foot.   Monica  held  her  leg  just  a  bit  higher  than  was really

necessary,  allowing  him  a  view  which  went  above the tops of her

stockings.   Placing  that  foot  on the floor, she held out the other

one,  raising  her  leg  even  higher this time, and very nonchalantly

letting  her legs part as she did.  Looking over his shoulder, I could

see  that  he  had  an  unobstructed  view  of her naked and partially

shaved  pussy.   I watched him squirm rather awkwardly on the stool as

he  took much longer in putting this shoe on than it should have taken


     After  he  had  put  the  other  shoe  on, Monica rose and walked

around  slowly  in  them,  turning  around  in front of the mirror and

letting  her  dress  swirl  sexily as she did.  Walking over to me she

asked, "Are these high enough, dear?"

     "Turn  around,  Monica  and  let  me  see  from the back.  That's

it....your  dress  is too long for me to really tell....lift it just a

bit for me in the back...yes, thats better..well..."

     "I'll  be  happy  to  try on another pair if you don't like these

dear!   I  love  trying  on  shoes!  Why, I could try on shoes all day

long with a nice salesman like this one!", she purred.

     There  was  little doubt, judging by the bulge in the young man's

pants, that he would love for her to try them on all day too.

     "Yes,  I  know  you'd love that, Monica, but we really don't have

all  day.   Perhaps  if  this  young man is working tomorrow you could

come back and try on some more shoes while I'm at work."

     "I'll...ahem,    cough,    yessss...I'll    be    here   tomorrow

afternoon...not  in  the  morning though...come tomorrow afternoon and

I'll help you try on all the shoes you like!", he said excitedly.

     "We'll  consider  that then, we really must move along now.  Lets

not get these right now, dear", I said impatiently.

     Sitting  back  down  to allow the man to remove the shoes, Monica

raised  her skirt much higher than necessary.  She looked quickly from

side  to  side  to see if anyone was watching and then slid it up over

the  tops of her stockings.  Then she smiled a sweet and sexy smile at

him  and said, "I hope you really wasn't that I didn't

see anything I liked."

     "Noooo,  of  course  not...please  don't concern yourself.  I get

paid  for  letting  people  try on shoes, and believe me...its usually

not  the  pleasure  this  has  been.   Please  do  come back tomorrow,

perhaps  I'll  be  able to help you `put your hands on something' that

will really please you then", he smiled broadly.

     Monica  just  smiled  and  touched his cheek gently as she turned

and  walked  away  beside  me.   After  we had walked a few steps  she

turned  her head and winked at him as he stood shaking his head slowly

from  side  to  side.   He'd  never  see  her again, but he would sure

remember her for a long time.

     Just  inside  the  mall entrance to the department store were the

restrooms,  and I stopped Monica as we neared the entrance to them.  I

reached  in  my  pocket and handed her a set of ben waa balls and told

her  to go in the ladies room and insert them in her vagina.  I wanted

her  to  feel  them  moving  around  inside  her  as  we completed our


     While  I  waited  for  her, I walked over to the edge of the wide

walkway  that looked down on the lower section of the mall.  There was

a  sitting area just below and there was a group of older teenage boys

and   girls   sitting  there  talking  and  laughing.   They  were  an

attractive  bunch,  and  pleasant  to  watch  as I waited for Monica's

return.   When  she  joined  me  at  the railing, I had her stand very

close  to  it and look down at them.  I had an idea that they would be

able to see up her dress from their vantage point.

     Sure  enough  we  had  only  been  standing there for a couple of

minutes  when  the  guys  started whispering among themselves and then

glancing up at us much more regularly.

     "Those  young  guys  are looking up your dress, Monica.  I wonder

if  they  can tell you don't have any panties on?  Think they can tell

you  have  ben  waa  balls  in  your cunt?   Look at the blonde headed

kid...nice  body,  huh?   Bet  you'd  like to see what he's got in his

jeans,  wouldn't you?  The guy next to him doesn't look so bad either,

nor  the  other  one.  Maybe I should let all three of them spend some

time  with you...It would be fun to watch three young guys use you for

a while.  Do you like exposing your naked pussy to them?"

     Monica  blushed  at my words and whispered hotly, "Yesss, MASTER,

I  do enjoying exposing myself to them.  And they are talking about me

to each other too, I can tell they are."

     "Well,  its a shame to end their show, but we do have shopping to

do.   Maybe  we'll  run  into them later on.  Come along now."  Taking

her  by  the  arm  I  led  her  away  and  down the walkway toward the

lingerie  store  at  the  other  end of the mall.  I could tell by the

expression  on  her face that the ben waa balls and the teasing in the

shoe  store  and  at  the  railing  was  beginning to have its desired

effect on her.

     Once  in  the  lingerie  shop we browsed around for a good while,

both  of  us  finding  things  which  it  would be fun to buy for her.

There  was  an  attractive young sales girl on duty who did a good job

of trying to be helpful without being heavy on the sales pitch.

     "I  like  to  see her wear bra's around the house", I said to the

young  girl, "but I usually prefer for her not to wear bra's under her

clothing.   She  has rather small breasts and doesn't need to wear one

often  anyway.  Except that her nipples do get...well, they have a way

of showing through some things, if you know what I mean."

     The  girl smiled a rather tight smile and replied that she did in

fact  know  what  I  meant.  Holding up a pair of panties that were so

skimpy  they were nearly non-existent, Monica said very seriously, "Do

you have any panties in this same color that are smaller than these?"

     "You mean a smaller size?", the young girl asked.

     "No, I mean that don't cover so much up", Monica replied.

     "You  see  dear,  most  of  her hair...well, her hair down there,

that  is...most  of  it has been removed, and so she doesn't need much

in  the  way of panties."  Turning to Monica I said, "Those really are

a  lovely  color,  Monica.   I'd  like  them  alot  if they weren't so

conservative looking."

     The  young  salesgirl was blushing now and it was obvious that we

were not her normal run of the mill customers.

     Monica  addressed  her once more.  "You know, I realize that some

women  don't  like  panties like these because they have a tendency of

working  up  into  you, but I guess thats one reason that I like them.

I think it feels really good when they do that, don't you?"

     The  girl  was  really  at a loss for words.  I walked toward the

other  side  of  the  store  to help ease her embarassment just a bit.

Still  close  enough to hear the conversation between the two of them,

I  heard the girl ask Monica quietly, "Do you really have most of your

hair trimmed off...down there?"

     "Yes,  I  do.   My, well, my husband did that for me one

night.   He said it would make me more pleasant to kiss there after he

did  it.  And so far noone has complained, and quite a few people have

complimented me on it."

     "You  say  everything so calmly, just like its not unusual at all

for  people  to compliment you on having your private place shaved!  I

wish  I  could  feel  as  free  as  you do to do things like that.  It

excites me to hear you talk about it all!"

     "Monica  handed  her  one of my business cards from her purse and

smiling,  said  to her, "Here...why don't you call me sometime.  We'll

get  together and maybe we can be friends.  I'd love to help you learn

to be more free and to feel good about yourself."

     Before  the  girl  could  answer, I called to Monica, telling her

that  is  was  time for us to be moving along.  We thanked her for her

help,  and  Monica  reminded  the  girl  to call her at any time as we

walked from the shop.

     "That  girl  has  some real potential", Monica said eagerly, "you

should  have  seen  her  face  when she asked me about having my pussy

shaved.   And  when  I  said  something  about  being kissed there...I

thought  the  poor  little  thing  was  going  to have an orgasm right

there.  Oh, I hope she calls soon!"

     I  smiled to myself at the changes that had taken place in Monica

over  the  last  year or so.  She was beginning to really get the hang

of being my little bi-slut, and I was loving every second of it.

     "I'm  going  to sit down here and rest a run on down

to  the  drug  store  and  get  the  items  I told you to get.  Do you

remember what they were?", I asked.

     "Yes,  I  think  jelly,  condoms..a big box, a new enema

bag, and a penthouse magazine...was that it?"

     "Exactly  right!...Good  girl!..oh,  damn..we  forgot  to get the

stockings  for  you  while we were in the lingerie store.  I'll go get

them while you are in the drug store, and meet you back here."

     Blowing  me a kiss and smiling, Monica left to do her shopping in

the  drug  store.  I walked back into the lingerie store and found the

young clerk over by the cash register.

     "I'm  sorry  to  bother  you  again,  miss,  but we forgot to get

stockings  when we were in here earlier.  Monica keeps getting runs in

the  knees of her stockings.  We go through a pair nearly every day it

seems.   At  least  with  stockings  you can mix and match them rather

than having to have a new pair just for one run."

     The  girl  smiled knowingly, and replied, "Yes, I know, thats one

of the reasons that I enjoy wearing them so much too."

     "Well,  I  like  them  mainly because they look so sexy, and also

because  you  can  get to things...well, because they are so much more

convenient at times."

     "You  and your wife are some couple!", the girl grinned.  Did she

tell you that she asked me to call her sometime?"

     "Yes,  and I'm really glad she did.  I hope when you come over it

will  be  sometime  when  I  can  be  there too.  There's nothing more

enjoyable  to  me  than watching Monica with another woman...unless of

course  its  helping  her  with  another  woman!",  I  said,  grinning


     "Help  her?...Ohhhh,  you  men!   She just wants to be my friend,

you  silly,  and all we'd do is just talk girl talk, I'm sure.  But if

you like I'll try to come over at night when and if I do that is."

     I  winked  at the pretty young girl and replied, "Well, I'll have

a  fresh  blade  in the razor just in case...but you surely won't need

to  worry  about  doing  anything you don't really want to do.  I hope

you will're a lovely and very sweet girl."

     Handing  the stockings to me she thanked me for my compliment and

assured me that she was even more anxious to visit now than before.

     When  I  returned  to  the  rest  area  Monica was already there,

sitting calmly, but with a rather red face.

     "You  do  know  how  to  embarass me, don't you?", she asked with

raised  eyebrows. "The man who rang up my purchases had a grin as wide

as the Hudson river the whole time he was waiting on me!"

     I  laughed  heartily,  and  said with a grin almost as big as the

East  river,  "Well,  did it make your pussy wetter to stand there and

have him grin at you while you bought all those things?"

     "Of course it know me!" she replied with a chuckle.

     "Then  I'd  call  it `mission accomplished' my dear", I said as I

took her arm and led her away from the rest area.

     With  the exception of a bikini bathing suit and some more garter

belts,  we had bought everything that we had come to buy and were just

about  ready to go back home when I spied the three young guys who had

been  treated  to a view up Monica's dress earlier.  Stopping Monica I

whispered  to  her.  "Look...there are the young guys who were looking

up  your  dress.  Its pretty close to closing and the mall has thinned

out  alot  since  we  came.  I think its time for you to really be the

slut you've been hinting at being all day long.  Are you game?"

     "You  know  I'll  do anything you ask me to do, MASTER!...what do

you have in mind?"

     "Look  at  their tight jeans and their crotches.  I bet they have

some  young  meat there that would literally explode if you got a hold

of  it.   Just  think  of  all  the cum that they could shoot for you.

You'd like to have their cum, wouldn't you Monica?"

     "Yesssssss, I love young cocks MASTER...but how and where..."

     "Listen...I'll  go check out the men's room...its just around the

corner.   I  bet there is noone in there at all at the moment.  What I

want  you  to  do is to go up to those guys and offer to suck them all

off  in  the men's room.  You can do it in one of the stall's and I'll

stand  guard just inside the door for you and let you know when its ok

for  you  to take the next guy.  I'll send them in one at a time until

you've taken on all three."

     "You  just  want  me  to  walk up to them and offer to suck their

cocks?", she asked incredously.

     "Thats  exactly  what I want you to do want to please me

don't you?"

     "Yes,  of  course  I  do!...and you're exactly right, I'd love to

have  their  young  dicks jerk in my mouth and shoot gobs of white cum

in my throat.  Let's do it!!"

     "Good  girl! go ahead and talk to them while I check out the

men's  room.   I'll  let  you  know  if we need to wait for someone to

leave the men's room before you enter with them."

     I  checked  out  the  men's room and it was, as I had expected it

would  be,  empty.  In the meantime, Monica had walked up to the three

teenagers  and  smiled  warmly  at  them,  staring  at  their crotches

openly.  She later told me what she had said.

     "I  said  to them...Hi guys!..You know I've noticed you guys ever

since  my husband and I got here.  And just looking at you has made me

so  horny!!   If  I could I'd just reach out and grab all three of you

right  here, but it is a bit too public here...listen...I want to take

all  of  you  in  the  men's room and suck each one of you off.  I not

only  want  to...but  I  need  to!  Will you help me out and let me do

it?  I'll do a good job, I promise!"

     They  all three had grinned big grins, and the blonde had replied

to  her,  "Gosh,  lady...are you serious?  You're a fox!  And you want

to  suck  us all off in the men's room?  How about your husband, won't

he care?"

     "No...he  will  stand  guard for us  and let us know if anyone is

coming...well,  if  anyone  is  about  to  enter  the  men's  room,  I

mean...someone will be coming, thats for sure!"

     "Lead  the  way,  lady...this  is  outa  sight!!", the blonde had


     The  men's room was still empty when they arrived, Monica walking

in  front  with  a  huge  grin  on  her face, and the three young guys

nearly  drooling  at  the mouth and sporting big bulges in their tight

jeans  already.   I  nodded  to  the guys and looking around to see if

anyone  would see, opened the door for them all to enter.  Once inside

I  asked  Monica, "Which one do you want first, you horny little cock-

sucking slut?"

     "The  guy  with  the cute mustache", she replied, and opening the

door  to  the  nearest stall walked in and sat down awaiting her first

young  cock.   The  one she had referred to rubbed his hands anxiously

and  began  unzipping  his  jeans  before he ever got inside the stall

door.   Soon  the three of us could hear the sounds of Monica's hungry

mouth  working  on  the boys hard dick and in less than two minutes we

could hear him groaning as he shot his hot sperm into her.

     He  walked back out of the stall cockily, and with a big grin and

a stuck-out chest, almost crowed out the invitation, "Next!"

     I  had  seen  Monica  staring  at  the blonde a bit more than the

others,  so  I  gave  the dark haired boy a slight push, indicating it

was his turn.  Might as well save her favorite for last, I thought.

     In  less  than  a minute this young guy had spilled his fuck into

her  mouth.   She  was  either  turning in a remarkable performance or

these guys were really ready...perhaps it was both.

     "Ok,'re  next!",  I said, smiling at the good looking

blonde boy.

     "Yummmmmy!!",  we  heard  Monica  exclaim only a short time after

the  blonde  guy  had entered the stall.  This time the sucking noises

seemed  even  louder  than  they  had before, and once again in a very

short  time  we  could  hear  the  grunting  sounds of another teenage

climax.   But  this  time the door didn't open, and the sucking noises


     "She's  gonna  suck  him  off  again!",  one  of  the  young boys


     "Sure  seems  like  it",  I  said with a smile.  "Think maybe she

found something she likes?", I asked.

     "Ole  Davey  is  hung  like  a  horse!", he replied. "I guess she

likes 'em big, huh mister?"

     "She likes 'em all, son, believe me she does", I said.

     "Ohhhh,  what  a cock!!", Monica exclaimed from within the stall.

"You've got to fuck me with that thing!...Shove it up my cunt..Now!!"

     I  saw  her hands appear at the top of the stall as she stood now

begging the young stud to fuck her doggy style.

     "Sure  lady!!..I'll fuck you...I can't wait to get this dick into

your  juicy  little  twat!...hey've got something in

here...what  is...hey  Sammy!!...the whore has some metal balls up her

cunt!!  ever  heard  of  such  a  thing?   Fuckin  metal  balls!!


     "Wait,  I'll  get  them  out!",  Monica  cried,  "just  don't  go

anywhere...I     need     that     monster    cock    in    my    fuck

hole!! meeeeee!!!!"

     After  having  already  shot  a big load of cum in my slave-sluts

mouth,  the  blonde-headed Davey had much more staying power this time

around,  and  he  pumped  his  thick  and long cock hard into Monica's

dripping  wet  cunt.  I watched her knuckles turn white as she grasped

the  top  of the stall and really began to fear we would be discovered

as  what  was  supposed  to  have  been a quick blow-job turned into a

marathon fuck.

     "Damn!,  he's  really  screwing  the  whore!", exclaimed the dark

haired  boy,  "listen  to  her  moan and groan!  Fuck her Davey!! Fuck


     "Yessssss,  Ohhhh  Yesssss!!!!,  thats  it!!!...fuck me, fuck me,

fuck  me.....fuuuuuuuckkkk  meeeeeee!!!!",  Monica cried, and suddenly

her  orgasm  was  sweeping  through  her impaled body.  Davey began to

come  for  the second time as Monica screamed her delight, and finally

after  what  had  seemed  like  forever, a pleased but exhausted Davey

walked out of the stall.

     "Mister...thats  some  wife  you've  got there!  If you ever need

our  help  again,  I  hope  you'll  let us know.  I work at the Kroger

store  on  Hanover Avenue every afternoon.  Gimme a call.  The name is

Davey Anderson.  Whew!!...what a piece of ass!"

     The  guys  left  the  men's  room  amid profuse and sincere thank

you's  and  I  walked  over  to the stall to check on my now obviously

very   satisfied  wife.   She  was  still holding on to the top of the

stall,  her  dress rolled up in a ball and tucked under her belt.  Her

legs  were  still  spread  open  widely  and cum ran from her hole and

dripped onto the floor below her.

     I  took  the  ben  waa  balls  from her tightly clenched hand and

pushed  them  back  into  her cunt.  Lowering my pants, I took my cock

out  and  dipped  it  in the fuck that the horny young blonde stud had

just  deposited  in  her still trembling pussy.  Removing it from that

hole  and  positioning  it  at  the  opening  of her ass, I pressed it

forward  feeling  the  head  pop  into  her asshole.  Without a word I

began  fucking her in the ass, my hands holding hers to the top of the


     I  was  vaguely aware at some point during the fucking of her ass

that  someone  had  entered  the  men's room, but it didn't matter any

more.   It  also  didn't matter that the door was open or that we were

being  watched.   I  had cum to dump, and there was only one hole left

that didn't have the cum of some other cock in it.

     Moments  later  when I had spilled my cum into her ass, I lowered

Monica's  dress  and  led her out of the stall.  The black maintenance

man  stood  smiling  at  us,  leaning on his mop and  obviously having

enjoyed the show.  "Hot stuff!", he exclaimed with a slow whistle.

     "Hot  stuff  is  right!",  I  said with a smile, and took my wife



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