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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade09.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= Michelle, College Coed

     Several  days  following the exciting weekend with Tony, Mark and

Jack,  Monica  got  a  call  from  the  young  girl she had met in the

restaurant  when I had taken them all out to eat.  I had overheard her

saying  something  which  indicated  she  might enjoy being with other

women  and  when I saw the pretty young girl go into the ladies room I

told  Monica  to  go  in and see if she could strike up a conversation

with  her.   She did much more than strike up a conversation with her,

she  wound  up eating the girl before coming back out to join the rest

of us.

     The  girl  was  calling  to  see  if  she could come visit Monica

sometime soon.

     "I  hope  you  don't  mind me calling, Monica.  I've just thought

about  you  so  much  since  that day in the restaurant and I'd really

like to see you again" , she said in a slightly trembling voice.

     "No,  I'm  glad  you called, Michelle.  I'd like to see you again

too.   I  should  tell  you  that  my husband knows what we did in the

ladies room that day.  In fact he sent me in there to talk to you."

     "Ohhh,  he  did?  He doesn't mind if you do those kinds of things

with other women?"

     "No,  in  fact  he  often sets up situations for me when I can be

with  both  women  and  men.  Would you mind him being present when we

are together and perhaps participating with us?"

     "Ummmmm,  well...I  guess  I'd  be  sort  of embarassed the first

time,  with  him  being  so  much older than me and all, but I saw him

with  his  arm around you after we had left the ladies room and he's a

good looking man.  I guess it would be alright."

     "I'll  have  to  clear it with him before I can allow you to come

visit,  but  I  don't  think  there will be any problem as long as you

understand  that  he  decides  for me who I'll be with sexually.  I do

anything he says sexually."

     "Really?   Anything?  You mean he can tell you to be with someone

and you'll be with them?", Michelle asked excitedly.

     "Yes,  thats  exactly  how  it works.  He's my MASTER and I'm his

sex  slave.   I  do anything with anyone he says, male or female.  How

do you feel about that?"

     "Gee,  well,  it  sounds  kind  of exciting.  I wish my boyfriend

would  make  me  be  with other men.  He's not really all that excited

about me being with other women.  Too jealous, I think."

     "Maybe  you'll discover that you'd like for my MASTER to make you

do things.  He might be willing to train you as a slave."

     "Ooooooh...that  sounds so wicked!  I'm not sure I could do that,

but  it  is making me wet to think about it.  When can you let me know

if its ok for me to come visit?"

     "I'll  call  him  right  now and ask and call you back, ok?  When

can you come if he says its alright?"

     "My  classes  are  over  for  the day now and I can come any time

today  or  tonight.   I'll  be  free  again  on  Friday night if today

doesn't suit.  Ohhh, I hope he says its ok!"

     "You  do  understand  that  he  will  at the very least watch us,

don't you?"

     "Yes,  I  understand,  and that will be ok...who knows after he's

watched  me  for  a while and seen me naked I may not mind if he joins

in.   But  I'd  like  it  if he'd go slow with me at first.  I've been

with women before, but never in a threesome."

     "I'm  sure  he'll be very understanding.  Ok, let me call him now

and see what he you back in just a few minutes!"

     Monica  called  and told me of her conversation with Michelle.  I

was  pleased,  of  course, and told her to let Michelle come over that

night  after supper.  I was thrilled by the excitement I could hear in

Monica's  voice and by Michelle's interest in learning more about what

it might be like to have a MASTER.

     Later  on  that day, as we sat at the dinner table trying to eat,

I  suggested  to  Monica that she wear the same white dress and garter

belt outfit that she had worn that day in the restaurant.

     "Michelle  wants  you,  so there really isn't a need for seducing

her,  except  that  we  want her to be very, very turned on.  The more

exicited  we  can  get her the more responsive she will be to the idea

of  giving  herself  to  us  more completely.  So I want you to really

turn  on the charm with her, but to tease her a bit as well.  The idea

is to get her so hot she'll do anything", I explained.

     "I  could  wear  something  more revealing, like the little satin

gown, or maybe the cut-off's and a halter top if you liked."

     "No,  you'll  not  have  the dress on long anyway, but her seeing

you  in  it  will remind her of how you ate her in the ladies room and

will  have  an  immediate  warming effect on her young pussy.  Just be

very,  very loose in the way you cross and uncross your legs and touch

yourself  in  sexy  ways letting her see your hands caressing your own

body.   You  might  also  talk  to her about our relationship some and

tell  her  with  delight  some of the things that I make you do.  Just

making  her sit there in front of us while we talk about very explicit

sexual things will open her up quickly."

     "You  know,  she  really  has  a delightful pussy....its so young

looking.   She  has  blonde  hair  there  too, and its very thin.  Its

almost  bare  once you get down to her pussy lips.  And wait until you

see her legs!  Ohhh, I wish she would hurry and get here!"

     I  sent  Monica  in  to change clothes and not long after she had

finished  and  had returned to join me in the living room the doorbell

rang.   All  three  of  us  chuckled  when  we  saw  what Michelle was

wearing.   Remembering  the  dress that Monica had been wearing at the

restaurant,  Michelle  had  worn  one almost identical to it.  If they

had  been  more  alike  physically they could have passed for twins in

their white dresses and high heels.

     Monica  introduced  us  and we led Michelle into the living room.

She  was a striking young lady.  Her hair was shoulder length and worn

straight  with  bangs.   It  was a natural blonde, and had that lovely

color  and  sheen  that  so  many men are crazy about.  She was a tall

girl,  slightly  over  5'8"  tall  and  had  long trim legs which were

perfectly  proportioned.  Her ass had been the part that I had noticed

first  at the restaurant and it was indeed a nice one, but as I looked

at   her  in  the  white  dress  I  found  her  over-all  figure  very

appealing.   Her  breasts  were  not particularly large, but they were

also  not too small.  Something between a b and a c cup, but very pert

and firm.

     I  sat  in the chair across from the couch and watched as the two

"twins"  sat  on  the couch turned toward each other.  Monica had bent

her  inside  leg  and was sitting with her ankle under her outside leg

so  that  they  were wide open.  With the dress unbuttoned most of the

way  from  the  bottom the tops of her thighs were very exposed, and I

knew  that if she took her hand from her lap Michelle would be able to

see  Monica's  pussy.   She had an excellent view of her stocking tops

and garters as it was.

     Michelle  sat  more  demurely,  but her dress was also unbuttoned

several  buttons,  and I could almost see the tops of her stockings as

well.   I'm  sure Monica could see much more.  She reached forward and

laid her hand on Michelle's knee as she spoke warmly to her.

     "You're  so  adorable,  Michelle...I'm really glad you could come

over.  My MASTER and I felt it took forever for us to eat supper."

     "Do  you  always  call  him  MASTER?",  Michelle asked her with a

nervous smile, glancing over at me and then back to Monica.

     "Well,  not  always,  of course...but he is my MASTER, and I like

to  call  him  that.   You  know  I  haven't always enjoyed women...he

helped  me  learn  to  like  having  sex  with  women,  and  I'm  very


     "How did he help you learn to like women?"

     "Perhaps  I  should answer that one, Michelle", I said.  "You see

Monica  discovered  that  she has a very submissive nature in terms of

her  sexual interests.  She was never able to give herself the freedom

to  do  and  think  and  be  what she really wanted to, and her former

husband  was  very conservative sexually and domineering in every area

of  her  life except the area of sex where he was mostly non-involved.

Once  she  began  allowing  me  to  decide  what  things  she would do

sexually,  she  began  to  discover  that  there  were  alot of hidden

fantasies  which  didn't  really have to always be fantasies any more.

At  first  those  hidden fantasies were the things we concentrated on;

sex  with  two men, sex with several men, sex in semi-public settings,

those  kinds  of  things.  As she began to discover the joy that could

be  hers  by  submitting  to  me  she was then able to relax enough to

allow  me  to  encourage  her  to  fantasize about new things as well.

I've  spent  many,  many  hours talking to her about watching her with

other  women  and  requiring her to talk to me about what she would do

with  another  woman  while  she  masturbated  me.  I've made her read

novels  about  bi-women  and  made her look at pictures of naked women

while  I ate her, and made her watch movies with women having sex with

other  women  while  I  fingered  her or ate her.  Its been a learning

process for her, but one which she has handled really well."

     Michelle  had  listened  intently as I had answered her question,

only  partially  distracted by Monica's hand which was rubbing her leg


     "Have you had sex with many women, Michelle?", Monica asked.

     "Only  three or four actually, and they have all been in the last

three  years.   My  first  time  was  with my dad's girlfriend. He's a

paramedic  and is often on call.  One night when she was over visiting

he  had to answer an emergency call and we were left there alone.  I'd

had  a  fight  with  my boyfriend and she was consoling me.  One thing

led  to  another  and  before I knew it we were kissing.  It was kinda

strange  making  it  with  my dad's girlfriend, but we handled it well

until  they  broke  up.   He still doesn't know to this day that there

was  anything  going on between us.  The other girls have been friends

I've met since I've been going to college."

     Monica's  hand  had  now  crept up under Michelle's dress and was

rubbing  the  inside  of her thigh above the top of her stockings.  As

she  had  spoken  Monica  had continued to lean closer to her and as I

watched  she  placed  her  free hand behind Michelle's head and kissed

her  deeply  on  the  mouth.   Michelle  returned the kiss eagerly and

reached out to caress Monica's breasts through her dress.

     Michelle  let her kisses run along Monica's neck, working her way

ever  lower.   As she did Monica glanced over at me and I motioned for

her  to  slid  Michelle's  dress  up  higher.  I wanted to see more of

those   long  legs.   She  went  one  better.   Moving  her  hands  to

Michelle's  lap  she began unbuttoning the dress and didn't stop until

it  was  completely open.  She met no resistance at all from the young

blonde  and  I  watched  excitedly  as  Monica  spread  the dress open

allowing  me  to  see  all  of  Michelles  body.   She  slid it off of

Michelles shoulders letting it fall behind her on the couch.

     Unlike  Monica, who was not wearing any underclothes at all other

than  the  garter  belt,  Michelle had a lacy white bra and a matching

pair  of bikini panties which she had knowingly worn on the outside of

her  garter  belt.   Monica  kissed  her  way  down  to  the  swell of

Michelle's tits, and  reached behind her to unhook the bra.

     Michelle  was  busy now unbuttoning Monica's dress and had spread

her  legs  open  wide.   I  could  see  the crotch of her tight little

panties  and  could  tell  that she was quite wet already.  Before she

could  finish  unbuttoning  the dress Monica suddenly got up and moved

over to me, asking me to finish taking the dress off.

     "Master...strip  me  for  Michelle,  please.  I want her to watch

you  bare  my slut body for her.  Please show her my naked tits and my

bare slut cunt."

     Rising  and  standing behind Monica I reached around and finished

unbuttoning  the  dress,  sliding it off of her and letting it drop to

the  floor.   Monica  had  wisely realized that Michelle would have to

sit  nearly  naked  and  exposed  in front of both of us as I stripped

her.   When  the  dress had been removed, I moved my hands to Monica's

breasts  and  cupped them, offering them to Michelle.  Then letting my

hands  move  down  to  her  crotch,  I  reached in with both hands and

pulled  her  cunt lips down and out, showing Michelle Monica's now wet

fuck  hole.   Michelle  began  to  rub the front of her panties as she

watched in an almost trance-like state.

     "Ohhhh,  feels  so  good  for you to touch me there!

Kissing Michelle has made me so hot!", Monica moaned.

     "What  do  you  want, Monica...tell your MASTER what you want", I


     "I  want to eat her pussy, MASTER.  I want to lick it and kiss it

and suck her juice into my mouth!!...Please...may I eat her now?"

     "Do you want Monica to kiss your pussy, Michelle?", I asked.

     Michelle  at  first  just  nodded  as her hand moved more rapidly

over  her  pantied  crotch.   When  I said nothing further she finally

responded quietly, "Yes, I do."

     I  watched  Michelle  swallow  hard  as  she  rubbed  her  crotch

insistently,  her eyes glued on Monica's nude body which was displayed

to  her.   I  began  fingering Monica's pussy  and pinching her nipple

with my other hand.

     "Show  me  your  sweet  pussy, Michelle", Monica whispered across

the room hotly, as my fingers moved in and out of her.

     Michelle  closed  her  eyes  and her head rolled back slightly at

the  request  Monica  had  made.   Then opening her eyes once more she

reached  down  and  slid  the tiny panties off her bottom and down her

incredibly  sexy legs.  Spreading the legs wide open she took her lips

in  her  fingers and pulled them apart allowing us both to look at her

open cunt.

     Monica  moaned  and  hunched  her  hips against my hand.  "Ohhhh,

MASTER...her  cunt  is so pretty!  I neeeeeed to lick my tongue up and

down her soft wet lips...Pleeeeease let me kiss her pussy, MASTER."

     "Are  you  sure you want Monica's mouth on your cunt, Michelle?",

I asked again.

     "Yesss,  I  do!", she replied quickly and firmly this time as she

rubbed her clit hard now, her pussy openly displayed.

     "Yes, I do what, Michelle?", I teased.

     "Yes, I do want her to kiss my pussy, sir!", she replied.

     "Put two fingers in your hole, Michelle", I demanded.

     "Yesss,  sir",  she replied weakly and slid two fingers deep into

her pussy.

     "Look  at Michelle fingering her pussy, Monica.  She is very sexy

when  she  masturbates,  isn't  she?"   I  slid  another  finger  into

Monica's now dripping pussy as I waited for her response.

     "MASTER!!...Please,  oh  please  let  me eat her!!...she said she

wanted   me   heard   her...Please,  let  me  kiss  her  wet

pussy...look how it glistens with her juices!!", Monica pleaded.

     "Yes,  but Michelle keeps calling me sir, Monica.  I'm not a sir,

am I?  Is that what I am, Monica...a sir?"

     "Noooo,  you're a MASTER!!  If she calls you MASTER  will you let

me eat her?...Pleasssse????"

     "Well,  I  can't  be  her  MASTER  though trembling

little  bi-slut  whore, unless she is a slave-slut, now can I?  Is she

a  slave-slut, Monica?", I asked lewdly, as I fucked my fingers harder

in and out of her hot cunt.

     Michelle  was  fingering  her cunt furiously now.  I knew that we

were  working  her  up  to the desired state and wanted to milk it for

all it was worth.

     "I think she is, MASTER...."

     "You  THINK  she  is?",  I  interrupted rudely, "you think?  What

kind  of  answer  is that, Monica?  Why don't you ask her to tell you,

Monica, and then maybe you will know!"

     "Ohhhhh  Gawd,  Michelle!!!...Pleasssse  tell him you're a slave-

slut!!..please  do!..I  need  to  taste your cunt juice in my mouth so


     Michelle  swallowed hard once more, her eyes now glazed over with

passion  as  her fingers flew in and out of her fuck hole.  She opened

her mouth and then closed it and then opened it again.

     "Yessssss,  Yessssss, yesssssss...I'm a slave-slut...I'm ...I'm a

slave-slut...I'm  YOUR slave-slut...I'm your bi-slave slut MASTER!!!!!

Now  can  she  eat  my hot pussy, Pleeeeeeeeease??????"   Michelle was

beside  herself  with  need now, and it showed all over her body.  Her

thighs  were  now wet with her juices and her nipples stood out firmly

on her rising and falling breasts.

     Taking  my  fingers  and  rubbing the juice which covered them on

Monica's  face  I  whispered  hotly to her, " the slave-slut, her until she comes all over your face!!"

     Monica  quickly  knelt  between  Michelle's  nylon  clad legs and

stuck  her tongue straight into the hungry fuck hole which was already

so  wet  and  hungry for her touch.  As she licked at the young girl's

pussy  she  reached back between her legs and began fingering her hole


     I  had  grown  incredibly hard during the teasing of my two sluts

and  the  sight  of Monica's up-raised ass and her busy fingers was an

open  invitation  to  me.   Quickly sliding out of my clothes, I moved

behind  her  and  knelt, rubbing the head of my thick fuck meat up and

down  her  dripping  wet slit.  I stared straight into Michelle's eyes

as  I  fucked  Monica  doggy-style, and reached forward to pull at her

rock hard nipples.

     Michelle's  head  began  swinging back and forth, her blonde hair

flying  as  it  did  so.  Her orgasm hit her strongly and quickly as I

pinched  her  long  nipples hard and as Monica sucked on her clit with


     "Ohhhhhhhhh!!!!!Ohhhh!!Gaaawwwwddddd!!!Unggggggggghhh!!!!",   she

screamed  wildly  as  she  came.  "Yessssss!!!!!Yesssssss!!!!,  Ohhhhh


     The  animalistic   passion  exhibited  by  the young blonde drove

Monica  and  I  both  over  the edge and our own grunts and moans soon

joined Michelle's in a climactic chorus.

     Finally  we  were  all spent and Monica fell onto Michelle's body

holding  her  tightly  in  her  arms.  I sat beside them on the couch,

stroking their hair alternately with my hand and smiling at them.

     "You did well, Michelle", I said quietly.

     "I've  never,  ever, experienced anything like that before!", she

said  earnestly.  "I didn't know I was capable of feeling such extreme

passion!   The  way you made me beg for her to eat me!!...Ohhhhhh, you

are a MASTER!!! Thank you both so very much!"

     Monica  looked  up  at  her and smiled, dropping her head back to

her  belly  and  kissing her flat stomach tenderly as she continued to

lay with her head in her lap.

     "Michelle,  you  needn't  thank was our pleasure to share

our  passion  with  you.   I  know  we  both  hope  that you'll let us

continue to help you discover more and more about what excites you."

     All  three  of us slept especially well that night.  Monica and I

both  knew  that  we had a new friend who would be our friend for many

days  to  come.   Michelle knew that she had opened herself up to more

passion  and excitement than she ever expected existed before and that

she now was indeed a slave-slut who both needed and  had a MASTER.


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