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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade08.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= The Poker Party: Part Five

     I  awoke  the next morning to find both the beautiful slave-sluts

in  my  bed.  Actually it was almost afternoon.  I had kept Donna very

busy  through  the  night,  and  I  later learned that Monica had been

pretty  busy  herself.  Mark had slept late as well, and Tony and Jack

had been kind enough to see to their own breakfast.

     It  was with a touch of sadness that I realized that this was the

last  day  of  our  poker  party  weekend.  With only one day left the

challenge  was  to make this last one a good one.  I wondered just how

long  Donna  would  be  able  to stay and asked her when her husband's

plane was to land.

     "It  doesn't  come  into  the  airport until 7:00 tonight.  May I

stay until about 6:00, MASTER?", she asked.

     "Yes,  that  should work out nicely, Donna.  I think we'll all go

out  for  lunch  and  then  have one last good get-together before our

weekend  is  over.  Donna, you'll have to wear the red dress to lunch,

and  you  may  wear the garter belt and stockings as well.  You'll not

wear  a  bra or panties. will wear your white dress that

buttons  up  the  front  and  you  will  leave the bottom five buttons

unbuttoned.   You'll wear the white garter belt with tan stockings and

your  white high heels.  You will also not wear panties or a bra nor a

slip,  which  I  am  aware  will be more than just a little revealing.

While  we  are  at  the restaurant you will be alert as usual for hand

signals  from  me.  Since we have not had the opportunity yet to train

Donna  completely,  she is not aware of the signals and you'll have to

whisper  to  her  to  tell her what she is to do, but I want her to do

the  same  things  which  my hand signals indicate which I want you to

do.   So  stay  by  her  side the entire time, and help her to perform

adequately.  Now  I  want  the  two of you to bathe each other, assist

each  other  in  your  douching and taking enemas, and then join us in

the living room."

     The  hand  signals  which I had mentioned to Monica were a series

of  coded  commands which cover the way she is to position herself and

her  clothing when we are in the presence of others.  We had both come

to  enjoy  the freedom that they gave us to communicate confidentially

when  around  others,  even when we were seated across from each other

in  some  setting, and I often had quite alot of fun teasing other men

by  telling  Monica to display herself through the coded hand signals.

It  would be fun playing with two slave-sluts in such a way.  I made a

mental  note to spend some time with Donna soon on the signals so that

she would be able to learn to please me in that way.

     Later,  we  all  assembled in the living room and I explained the

order  of  activities to the group.  Jack said he'd really like a blow

job  before  lunch so we waited long enough for Donna to kneel in from

of  him  and  suck  his cum into her mouth one more time and then left

for the restaurant.

     We  arrived  about  15 minutes earlier than our reserved time, so

we  all  took  a  seat  in  the corner of the bar area to wait for our

table.   Monica  and  Donna  sat  side  by side on one of the circular

couches  with  Mark  and  Tony  on  either  side of them and with Jack

sitting  with  me.   There  was  another  young  couple sitting in the

circular area next to Jack and a couple of businessmen to our right.

     Monica  and  I exchanged smiles, and we both knew that our little

coded  message game was about to begin.  Her dress was already showing

alot  of  her  legs, as it fell open due to having five bottom buttons

unbuttoned.   Donna  also  was displaying her legs nicely, more out of

habit  and  an awareness of who she is than because she felt compelled

to  do  it.   Glancing  around  at  the  others in our little circle I

noticed  that  the eyes of all the men were on the two beautiful women

who  sat  across  from  me.   Even the young girl seemed to be looking

over at them regularly.

     I  gave  Monica  the  raised index finger sign to indicate that I

wanted  her  to  assume the relaxed positioning mode as opposed to the

restrictive  positioning  which she had been trained to assume until I

advised  her otherwise.  Then, holding two fingers up and placing them

along  my  cheek  to make the signal less obvious, I instructed her to

cross  her  legs.   I  watched  as  she  crossed  them sexily and then

whispered  to  Donna  telling  her  to  do the same.  Every eye in the

group was on them as their sexy legs crossed.

     I  added another finger to the two which were pressed against the

side  of  my  cheek  and  Monica began raising her dress.  When it had

reached  the  level  I  desired I moved my hand back to my lap and she

stopped  raising her dress.  It was now slid up until the hem was just

below  the  level  of  her garters.  Once again she whispered to Donna

and  Donna  slid  her  skirt  up unobtrusively until it too was nearly

displaying  the  tops of her stockings.  Now there was for sure no one

who  wasn't  looking  at  the sexy legs they had displayed to us.  The

bottom  garter  on  Donna's right leg was visible as I gazed under the

edge  of  the side of her dress.  I overheard the girl sitting next to

us  whispering  to  her friend.  "Look how high those girls have their

dresses  raised!   And that girl in the red dress has on a garter belt

underneath?  Do you think they are hookers?"

     I  smiled  at  the  words  the  young girl whispered and listened

eagerly  to  the  young  man's  response.   "She's  even prettier than

Janie,  wouldn't  you  just  love to get it on with her sometime?", he

asked, teasingly.

     "Hush,  Jimmie,  someone  might  hear  you!  But I bet the two of

them get it on allll the time!  And, I bet its good too!"

     Just  as  I  was  about to give the girls another command we were

summoned  to our table.  I made sure that there was a guy on each side

of  the  two  girls as we sat down to eat.  I knew that after the leg-

show  we  had  just  seen  that there would be alot of hands under the

table.   I was right.  In the middle of the meal both Monica and Donna

got  finger-fucked  by two men at once.  I know, because I was sitting

between  them  and  one  set  of  the fingers in the two crotches were


     Needless  to  say  it  took  us  a  long time to eat, but when we

finally  finished  we were all eager to get back home.  Just before we

were  about  to leave the restaurant, I saw the young girl get up from

her  table  and  go to the ladies room.  I whispered to Monica, "Go to

the  ladies  room  and  see if you can set something up with the young

girl  that  just went in there.  She was the one who was watching your

show  earlier,  and  I  overheard  some whispering that made her sound

interesting.  And, she has a pretty nice ass, too."

     Monica  did  as  I  requested, and she later told me that she ate

the  girl  before  their discussion was over.  I was very proud of her

and  told  her that I'd make arrangements to have the girl and perhaps

her boyfriend over to visit soon.

     Once  we were back at our home I knew that everyone was ready for

some  no holds barred sex.  I directed the two girls to stand in front

of  us  and  strip  slowly.  I told them to leave on the stockings and

garter  belts  and  high  heels,  so  the  strip show didn't last very

long.   Still  it  was quite exciting.  Then I simply told the guys to

help  themselves  and soon Monica and Donna were laying on their backs

in  the floor.  Jack was fucking Monica while Tony knelt over her head

and  shoved  his  cock  into  her  mouth.   Mark  was plugging away at

Donna's  juicy  pussy  and  Donna turned to me and began begging me to

fuck  her  mouth.   I let her beg for a while, knowing that her hunger

would  excite  the  others  and then pumped my cum into her with great

pleasure.   After  we  had both cum, Tony and I exchanged places and I

let  Monica  suck  me hard again.  Once I got hard I had a sudden urge

for  some  ass  and told Jack to turn Monica over so that I could fuck

her  from  behind  while he continued to screw her cunt.  Mark decided

that  he  wanted to come in Monica's mouth so he pulled out of Donna's

pussy and moved in front of the kneeling Monica and slipped his pussy-

juice-drenched fuck meat into her hungry mouth.

     Donna's  hands  moved to her now empty pussy and began probing it

while  Tony  continued  to  pump  his cock in and out of her mouth.  I

glanced  over at Donna using both hands on her pussy and smiled as she

slipped  in  two  fingers  from  each hand.  Suddenly I was aware that

Monica  was  coming  and I shoved my cock in harder into her tight ass

as  her  body  tightened  and jerked from having all her holes filled.

Mark's  orgasm  was  perfectly  timed  with  Monica's  and I heard his

grunts as his warm cum spilled out into Monica's mouth.

     Tony  decided he wanted to come in Donna's pussy so he pulled out

of  her  mouth  and  laid on his back allowing her to sit on his cock.

He  turned  her around so that her back was to him and pulled her body

back  on  his, feeling her nice round tits with his hand as he screwed


     I   looked  at  the  passion  in  Donna's  eyes  and  asked  her,

"Donna...would you like another cock in your cunt?"

     "I....I don't know..can I take two cocks in my cunt, MASTER?"

     "We  can  try  if  you  want it you want two cocks in

your hungry little slut fuck hole?"

     "Yesssss,  I  do  MASTER, please give me two cocks in my hole!!",

she pleaded sincerely.

     Pulling  out  of  Monica's  ass I moved between her bent legs and

pressed  the  head of my cock at the top of her cunt.  Tony's cock was

large  and  I was having difficulty getting the head of my cock inside


     "Monica...come  over  here  and  kiss  Donna  on  the  mouth",  I

instructed.   She  rose  and  got  on her hands and knees so that Jack

could  stick  his  cock  back  into  her cunt from behind.  She kissed

Donna  hard  on  the  mouth, her tongue reaching into Donna's mouth to

play  with  her  tongue.  As the two girls kissed I continued to press

the  head  of my cock hard against the top of Donna's hole and felt it

slowly  moving  into  her  hunching pussy.  Finally I had inserted the

whole  length  of  my  cock in alongside Tony's and began fucking her,

keeping  time with the thrusting of Tony's cock.  When I began pulling

on  her  long  nipples  and  pinching  them really hard Donna's orgasm

began.   It  was the most explosive orgasm I'd ever seen her have, and

she  humped her ass hard on the two cocks deep in her pussy and pulled

Monica's head tighter to hers as she gasped into Monica's open mouth.

     We  continued to use the two slave-sluts in various positions for

nearly  another  hour.   Finally we had all pretty much worn ourselves

out  for  a  while and needed to rest.  It was close to time for Donna

to  leave,  and she needed to shower before she could go, so I watched

Donna  and  Monica  shower  together and then made Monica dress Donna.

It  was exciting to watch Monica sliding the stockings up Donna's long

legs  and  to  see  her  attaching  the  garters  at  the  tops of her

stockings.   When  she  was ready to go I led her back into the living

room  and  allowed  her  to  give  all the other guys a good-bye kiss.

They  were all very sorry to see her leave and thanked her for all the

pleasure she had given them over the weekend.

     After  Donna  left  I told Monica that I would fix supper for us,

and  left  her  between  two  of  the  guys on the couch in the living

room.   I fixed steaks for all of us with the usual trimmings and when

I  walked  into  the  living  room  to inform them that it was ready I

found  Monica on her knees with a cock in each hand and her mouth full

of  Tony's cock.  Without saying anything I turned and returned to the

kitchen  and  sat  down and began eating.  Some bit later before I had

finished she came into the kitchen to see how I was progressing.

     "Oh,  MASTER,  you  didn't  tell us you were ready for us to come

eat!", she said...aware that something was wrong.

     "No,   I   started  to,  but  you  were  obviously  busy  feeding

yourself.   I don't remember you asking my permission, I'm afraid."  I

enjoy  Monica  sucking  other  men  and  the  sight  was  exciting.  I

probably  would  have  allowed  her  to  suck  them all off if she had

asked, but she hadn't.  That was a major breach of the rules.

     "No,  MASTER,  I  didn't  and  I  should  be  punished  for that.

Tomorrow  night  after  they've  all gone you can punish me.  I'm very

sorry", she said.

     "You  will  suffer  your punishment tonight in front of the other

men,  Monica.   Now  go tell them that their supper is ready and go to

the  bedroom  and  masturbate.   Masturbate  thinking  about the three

cocks  that  you've  just  sucked, and when you are ready to come, you

may  come  back  into  the  kitchen  and finish in front of all of us.

Then I will punish you."

     "Oh,  no!,  MASTER,  please don't make me finish in front of them

here  in  the  kitchen!!   And  Pleassse  don't  punish  me n front of

them!!   You  know  how embarassing it is for me when you punish me in

front of others!"

     "Your  delay  in  complying  with my wishes is only going to make

your punishment more severe, Monica.  Go do as I say."

     "Yes,  MASTER",  she  replied  quietly  and  padded  off into the

bedroom  to masturbate as I had told her to do, stopping in the living

room long enough to tell the men that supper was ready.

     When  they entered the kitchen the guys were aware that something

was  wrong  and  expressed  concern that perhaps they had over-stepped

their  bounds.   I  assured them that I was not upset with them.  "You

are  guests  in  my  home,  and my slave's role is to please you.  I'm

upset  with  her  because  she  knows that she is to get my permission

before  engaging  in  the kind of activity which she just now enjoyed.

And,  if  I  know Monica, she sucked you all not because you asked her

to, but because she had the idea herself, am I right?"

     "Yes,  you're  right  about that", Tony said, "but we didn't want

her to get in any kind of trouble.  Don't be too hard on her."

     "Embarassment  and  humiliation  is part of her life, Tony, as is

the  discipline  and  punishment  which  she  will also recieve as you

watch.   While  it  is temporarily disquieting for her, she also finds

it  very  exciting,  and  it  will  result  in a much higher degree of

sexual  satisfaction  for  her  in the long run.  I'll be hard on her,

but not out of anger, merely out of devotion to her and her needs."

     Just  about  the  time  that they were all through eating, Monica

walked  meekly into the kitchen nude and stood before me with her hand

clasped in front of her and her head bowed.

     "MASTER,  I  have been masturbating thinking about the three hard

cocks  that I just sucked, and I need to come...may I come for you and

your friends now?", she asked quietly.

     "Yes,  Monica...stand  before us and finger your hole and come as

we watch."

     Monica  opened  her  legs  wide and reached between her legs with

her  right hand.  With her left hand she began pinching and pulling at

her  small  tits  and  hard nipples.  She closed her eyes and her head

rolled back as her right hand rubbed her clit hard.

     "Don't  just rub your clit, slut, finger your slave slut-cunt for

us!", I commanded roughly.

     "Yesssss,  MASTER,  I  love to finger my SLUT-CUNT!!"  She nearly

shouted  the  words  "slut-cunt"  as  she  began  to  finger her hole,

hunching her hips wildly now.

     Watching  the  pretty  young woman stand before us and finger her

own  pussy  was  quite  a  sight.   In  almost  no time she was coming

strongly,  her  legs  bent  and her hips fucking back and forth on her


     When  she  had  finished  she  knelt at my feet and asked me once

more  not  to punish her in front of our friends.  I told her to go on

down  to  the  room  in the basement and that we would soon follow.  I

directed  the others to the room only moments later, and directed them

to  make themselves comfortable on the couch.  Monica sat in the floor

in the submissive position she had been trained to assume.

     I  lowered  the  lights  in the room and began playing the tape I

had  made  of  Monica  being  used while she was attached to the slut-

meter.   She  had  not  been  aware  that I was taping it and her eyes

opened  wide as she saw herself being used on the screen.  I then told

her  to  stand  and  led  her over to the whipping post.  I placed her

wrists  in  the  cuffs  which  were high over her head on the post and

took  the  spreader bar which was hanging on the wall and attached the

ankle  cuffs mounted on each end to her ankles.  The spreader bar kept

her  legs  spread  exactly 2 1/2 feet apart, allowing her cunt and ass

to be open and exposed.

     With  Jack  fucking  Monica on the tv screen I took the home-made

cat  with  the  leather laces and began to flick it over Monica's bare

ass.   I  swung  it  gently  at first, just letting the rawhide strips

flick  across  her body.  I moved it up to her shoulders and back down

across  her  ass to the backs of her thighs.  Then I changed the angle

of  attack and allowed it to flick forward between her thighs, lightly

caressing her exposed cunt lips.

     Moving  back to her ass once more I began to swing the cat faster

and  harder,  allowing  it to make a slight slapping noise as it stung

her  tender  flesh.  Her ass cheeks began to clinch in anticipation as

I  continued to swing the cat, letting the force increase slowly until

she began jerking with each slap of the leather against her ass.

     "Do you want the cat on your pussy, Monica?", I asked.

     "Noooooo,  MASTER,  PLEASE...  Don't  hit my tender pussy!!", she


     "But your pussy is wet, isn't it Monica?", I asked knowingly.

     "Yesss, MASTER, you know I get very wet when you punish me."

     "Then  you  want  to  feel the leather flicking against your cunt

lips, dont' you little slave slut whore?"

     "Yessss!!!.....Yessss!!!....Yesssss!!!...I  don't care if they do

know...I  don't  care  if  they  do see...Please, hit my cunt with the

cat, MASTER!!!"

     I  stepped  back  from her and waited, letting her anticpate what

was  about  to  happen.   Her  ass cheeks continued to clench open and

closed  as  she  waited for the cat to reach between her open legs and

lick  at  her  trembling  pussy.   She  turned her head, trying to see

behind  her,  trying  to judge when the strike would come.  She moaned

loudly  now in frustration, wanting the cat to do its work, needing to

feel it.

     "Pleassssseeee,    MASTER!!!     Don't    make   me   wait   like

this...Pleaseee hit my cunt with the cat!!"

     "Tell  me  what  you  are Monica...tell me in front of my friends

what you are!", I shouted at her.

     "I'm  a dirty minded cum loving dirty tramp cock-sucking bi-slut,

MASTER!!!  Hiiiiiit Myyyyyyyy Cunnnnnnntt!!!!!"

     With  a  quick movement of my arm in an upward arch I flicked the

leather  strands between her legs forcefully.  Her body jerked and her

head flew up and back.

     "Againnnnn MASTER!!!!! Hit my cunt again!!!!! Harder!!!!!"

     Once  more  I swung the cat upward, more forcefully this time and

the  leather  strands slapped loudly against the naked pussy lips that

wanted their caress so much.

     "Ohhhhhhhhh!!!!!!  Yessssssss!!!!!!, Morrre MASTER!!!, More!!!!",

she cried out.

     "No,  Monica,  you need the strap now...but before I give you the

strap,  you  need your hole filled."  Tossing the cat onto the desk, I

took  the  big  vibrator  from  the desk drawer and began inserting it

into  her  cunt.  It was a very large vibrator, almost ten inches long

and  nearly  three  inches wide.  She was juicy enough that it was not

at  all difficult to insert it nearly all the way inside her.  Once it

was  deep  inside  I  turned  the  control  at  the  base  to  set the

vibrations at their highest level.

     "Your  asshole  is  empty  too, Monica...that will never do.  You

need something up your ass too, don't you?"

     "Yesss,  MASTER!,  please  fill  both my fuck holes!" she moaned,

the  vibrator  causing  her  hips  to work back and forth now in their

fucking  motion.   Reaching  back  into  the  desk drawer I took out a

smaller  vibrator  and  moved it to her mouth so that she could wet it

with  her  saliva.  It was a black cock shaped vibrator about 6 inches

long  and around 1 1/2 inches wide.  She licked at it hungrily.  After

she  had  wet it sufficiently, I slid the entire length up her asshole

and turned it up to its maximum setting as well.

     Aware  that  the  two  invaders  might work themselves out of her

holes,  I  took  the leather harness from its position on the wall and

strapped  it  around  her  waist,  carefully  cupping  the ends of the

vibrators in the leather holders as I did so.

     Once  that was done I took the strap that I had fashioned from an

old  belt  of mine out of the drawer.  It was a strip of thick leather

about  an  inch and a half wide and about 20 inches long.  It had been

mounted  to  a  walnut handle into which I had carved finger grips.  I

began  working  the  strap  across  her ass with increasingly forceful

slaps,  letting  the  strap  move  occasionally  to  the  backs of her

thighs.   As  the  vibrators  continued  to  work inside her holes her

moans  became  more  regular and louder.  I knew she was very close to

having  an  orgasm.   I  let  the  strap come closer and closer to the

harness,  knowing that any contact from it would push the vibrators up

into her holes with a sharp jerk.

     The  loud  slaps  of  the leather strap as it spanked her now red

ass  cheeks  and the sight of this beautiful young woman bound, spread

and  harnessed  was  exciting  to  all of us.  Monica's passion filled

submissive  moaning  only  added to the excitement in the air.  On the

one  hand  the  men  watching were taken aback by the punishment I was

inflicting  on  my  wife,  but  on  the other hand they recognized the

passion  that  she  found  in  it  and  found it terribly exciting.  I

glanced  over to them and saw that they were all three masturbating as

they watched.

     While  they  were not aware of it, I knew full well just how hard

to  swing  the  cat  and the leather strap.  The pain that it appeared

Monica  felt  was  merely discomfort...enough to get her attention and

to  make  her feel very submissive...but certainly nothing which would

really  hurt  her.   Monica and I knew that, but of course we chose to

pretend that it was more painful than it really was.

     I  let  thick  leather strap begin to hit along the inside of her

thighs  now,  drawing  it  ever  closer  to the harness and the huming

vibrators  inside her holes.  The closer I came the closer she came to

her  orgasm.   When  her  moans had become almost constant I swung the

strap  back  in a low arc and swung it forward underhanded to allow it

to  strike  the  harness directly on the cups which held the vibrating


     "Unnnnnnghhhhhhhh!!!!!  Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!  Yessssssssss!!!!!!",

cried  Monica  as her body jerked uncontrolably.  Her head jerked back

and  forth,  her  hips  thrusted  backward and forward and her muscles

tensed  as  the  orgasm ran through her body.  I continued to slap the

harness  with the strap, stopping only when her head fell forward once


     Turning  to  the  men, I cautioned them..."Don't come'll

get your chance in just a second..stay hard and ready."

     I  left  the harness on her, but freed Monica's wrists and ankles

from  the  cuffs  that  had  bound  her to the whipping post.  She was

nearly  limp with exhaustion and passion when I guided her over to the

desk  and  laid  her  on  her back with her head hanging back over the

edge.   The  vibrators  continued  to  hum  away  inside  her cunt and


     "So,  you like cum, do you little slut?  Well, we'll give you cum

if  thats  what you like.  Tony, you guys come stand around the little

sluts  head  and  jerk  off into her face.  She loves to have men spew

their fuck in her face, don't you Monica?"

     "Ohhhh,  MASTER!!   Yessss,  I  do.  I know its dirty, and I know

I'm  a slut...but MASTER...I do love it so!!! Please spray me with hot

cum!!!"   Her  words  were  sincere  and  they served to bring the men

jumping  up  from  their  seats  on  the couch.  They moved in a semi-

circle  around  her  head as it hung from the edge of the oak desk and

began stroking their cocks fiercely now, already close to coming.

     Mark  was the first to come as his dick erupted sending spurts of

his  semen  onto  her nose and cheeks.  Jack was close behind, and his

cock  shot  hot  cum  onto  her lips and chin in long strings.  Monica

held  her  head  up  as best she could and openend her mouth trying to

catch  what  she  could.   Tony  shot the most cum of all at her, huge

squirts  flying  from  his  cock-head and landing with a splash on her

forehead, her neck, her mouth and her cheeks.

     When  they  were  done  she  lay  there hunching at the vibrators

still  buzzing  inside  her  with  cum covering her face.  Large globs

were  everywhere  and she reached up with one hand and began spreading

the warm cum into her skin and licking it from her fingers.

     Tying  her  ankles  to the left end of the desk and her wrists to

the  other  end  of  the  desk, we left her there in the room with her

holes still full.

     "I'll  come back for you later, Monica, when I think you're ready

for  Jack  to  take  to bed with him.  No doubt he'll want to feed you

some  cum  tonight  since  you  haven't  had  any  today",  I  sneered


     I  glanced back over my shoulder as I was closing the door behind

me.   The  video  tape  was  now  on  the part where I was fucking her

mouth,  and  as  I  looked at Monica laying on the desk her tongue was

flicking  out  trying  to get to more of the cum that the men had shot

into her face.

     It  was a very tired and very submissive Monica that I untied two

hours  later.   She  had had numerous orgasms while bound to the desk,

and  she  said  she  wasn't sure she would be much good to Jack in bed

that  night.   I  told  her  I  was sure that he would want to use her

mouth  and that I knew he would be understanding of her exhaustion.  I

took  her  to  the  bathroom and bathed her body gently.  After drying

her  off  I  laid  her  on  the  bed and gave her a long and lingering

massage  with  baby  oil before leading her naked back into the living


     "Jack...Monica  has  had  quite  a  day.  She is very tired and I

expect  that  she will not be quite as active with you as she has been

with  Mark  and  Tony.   I apologize for that, and we'll make it up to

you  some  time  in  the  future.  But she will sleep with you tonight

since  you've  not  had  the  chance,  and  of course you may fuck her

anyway  you  chose.   Her  pussy is quite sore from the strappings and

the  long  period  of  time  with  the vibrator inside her, so I would

advise  that  you  fuck her mouth most of the time for the rest of the

night.   Her  mouth  has been trained well, and she can take it in her

mouth  just  like  she does in her pussy, so feel free to lay over her

and fuck in and out of it just as you would her cunt.  She loves it."

     Jack  was  very  nice  about  it all and said that he would enjoy

every  minute  that he was with her and that he understood completely.

Saying  goodnight  to  each other the day ended for all of us but Jack

and Monica.

     I  arose  early  the  next morning to fix breakfast for everyone.

The  men  all  had  to leave in a hurry since they all had jobs to get

to.   There  wasn't time to have any sex with Monica before they left,

but  each  one  of  them  gave her tender kisses and thanked her for a

weekend that they would never forget.

     After  they  had  left,  Monica  looked up into my eyes and said,

"You've  put me through alot this weekend.  Some of it was

very  embarassing  and  humiliating,  and  some  of  it was very, very

exciting.   All  of it was wonderful, and I can't thank you enough for

being my MASTER and letting me experience it all."

     I  held  her  tightly  and kissed her soft clean hair.  No matter

what  happened  in our future there was one thing I was sure of.  That

was  that  I  loved  this woman with all my heart and soul.  Whether I

continued  to  be her MASTER or not and whether she continued to be my

slave  or not was really immaterial.  What really mattered was that we

had each other.


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