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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade07.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= The Poker Party: Part Four

     All  three   men  expressed  delight  in the performance they had

just   witnessed.   It  had  been  a  very  sensual  and  submissively

beautiful  thing  to  watch...the girls had done well.  So well that I

suggested  that  they  be allowed some private time together before we

had dinner and began the evenings activities.

     "Monica,  take  Donna to our bedroom and the two of you spend the

next  couple  of  hours  cleaning up and relaxing.  Donna may help you

prepare  dinner  for  us.  Make sure that all your holes are clean and

ready  for the rest of the evening.  I'll lay out some clothes for you

later on."

     "Thank  you  MASTER,  and  thank  you  for allowing Donna to come

visit us...its going to be such a wonderful evening, I just know!"

     Monica  and  Donna  both  came  over  and kissed me warmly before

retiring  to  the master bedroom to do as I had instructed them to do.

I  found  the  Lakers/Celtics  game  on  the tv for the other guys and

began  assembling  the  necessary items for the slut-meter competition

that would occur later on that night.

     I  had  not  completed the renovation of the basement, but it was

beginning  to  take  shape  nicely.   I  had recognized the need for a

special  room  for training and disciplining Monica and had just about

completed  that  part  of  the renovation.  It was in that room that I

set  up  the  slut meter.  The room was a good sized one, allowing for

the  inclusion  of  a  king  size  bed  and still leaving room for the

whipping  post, the spanking horse, the desk, and the couch. I debated

for  a  while  about whether to set the meter up at the desk or at the

bed,  finally  deciding  that  for  the  comfort of those who would be

using her the bed would be the better choice.

     The  slut  meter  was  set  up  on  a rolling stand which made it

rather  easy  to  move around.  It was mainly an electronic monitoring

device  with  a monitor and the necessary dials to set the sensitivity

and  to  turn  the  meter  on and off.  The screen showed the rise and

fall  of the readings in a graph format.  Attached to the monitor were

eight  leads which would be attached to Monica's body.  There were two

leads  which would be attached to her ass cheeks, measuring the amount

of  clenching  which  occurred during her orgasms.  In addition, there

were  two  leads  which  would be attached to her belly just above her

pubic  area  which  were  sensitive enough to pick up the trembling in

that  area.  There was a lead for each of her breasts which were a bit

different  from  the  others.  They were cone shaped with cut-outs for

her  nipples  and  fit  over  her  breasts still allowing room for the

stimulation  of  the  nipples.   The  seventh lead was attached to her

neck,  reading  the  tightening  of  the neck muscles.  The eighth and

final  lead  had  a thermometer type attachment which was to be placed

in  her  mouth.   In addition to reading her body temperature it would

also  monitor  the  amount  of  saliva  in her mouth at any particular


     I  was  rather  proud  of  the device I had invented.  It had the

flexibility  of  either  displaying  the  reading from each individual

lead  as  well  as  combining them all into a graphic display with the

normal  resting  state  of  a person as the lower reading on the scale

and  the  level  of excitement which could be dangerous to a person as

the top level of the scale.

     After  I  was  sure that the meter itself was ready for our use I

changed  the  sheets  on  the  bed  and  checked  the plastic mattress

protector  which  kept  the mattress from being stained by her copious

juices.   I had thought about putting such protectors on all the beds,

but  decided  against  it.   There  were times when it would have been

nice  to have had them and when they were needed, but this bed usually

was  the  one  which  seemed  to  get  soaked more completely than the

others.   It  embarassed  Monica  that such a thing was needed, but of

course  the way her pussy literally poured out its juice was something

which  I  enjoyed  very  much  about  her.   The  other sluts who were

allowed to eat her seemed to like it very much too.

     Satisfied  that  all was in order I went back upstairs to see how

the  girls were progressing.  When I walked into the living room I was

surprised  to  see  Donna  on  her  knees in front of Jack sucking his

cock.   The  poor  darling  just couldn't stand all the excitement and

needed  to  be  fed.   I  smiled  at  the  guys  who seemed to be more

interested  in  the  ballgame  on  tv  and went on into the bedroom to

check on Monica.

     She  was  laying  on her stomach on the bed with her hand between

her  legs  fingering  herself.   I  lay beside her and rubbing my hand

over her ass cheeks as I talked to her.

     "Hi  precious...I  see  you are feeling horny you know

that  your  little  friend  Donna is in the living room sucking Jack's

cum into her hungry mouth?"

     "Yessss,  MASTER....she  told  me  she had to have some cum...she

got  so  horny  when  I was washing her body off!  I told her that you

might  not  like  her doing that without your permission, but she said

she  couldn't  help  it.   Then I started thinking about how you might

punish  her  for  sucking  someone's  cock  like that and....well, I'm

sorry MASTER, but I just got sooooo hot!!"

     "I  understand,  Monica...but you might also give some thought to

what  is  going  to  happen to you in just a little bit.  I'm going to

hook  you  up  to  the  slut  meter downstairs and let everyone have a

crack at you, you know."

     "Unnnnngggggghhhhh!!!!!",  she moaned, and her hips rose and fell

quickly  as  the orgasm swept over her.  The mention of the slut meter

and  everyone  using  her was all it took to bring her to a climax.  I

squeezed  her  ass  cheeks  tightly  and kissed her mouth as she came,

loving the hunger that I sensed in her body and her kiss.

     When  she had calmed down I kissed her again gently and went back

into  the  living room to see if Donna had finished yet.  She was just

rising  and  running  her tongue over her lips with a big smile on her


     "Come  along Donna, I need to talk to you and Monica for a moment

before we go downstairs", I said.

     Donna  followed me into the bedroom.  Once inside I shut the door

behind  her  and turning her by the shoulders to face me, spoke to her


     "Donna...I  know  that you are a hungry little cock-sucking slut.

And  I  know  that  you do have needs from time to time and that those

needs  do  include  being  fed  cum.   But  you  have displeased me by

assuming  that  while  in  my home you have the right to suck whatever

cock  you  may choose to suck.  I'll decide when you are to suck cocks

and whose cocks you will suck.  Do you understand?"

     She  trembled  slightly  in  my  hands  and bowed her head as she

replied.   "Yes,  MASTER...I'm very sorry, MASTER.  But Monica excited

me  so  much,  and  you were not here to ask....but I know I did wrong

and  I  will accept whatever punishment you choose to give me.  Please

don't be too severe though!"

     "In  the  future  you  will  do  better I'm sure, Donna.  For the

moment  there  will be no punishment for you.  However you will please

me  totally the rest of the day or there will be severe punishment for

you.   Later  you  will have the opportunity to make Monica come while

she  is  attached to the slut meter.  I am putting you on notice right

now  that  I expect a really high reading from the time that you spend

with  her.   You  know that I'm training her to enjoy other women, and

I'm  counting  on you to have a high score in the competition with the

other men, do you understand?", I asked.

     "Ohhhh,  thank  you  MASTER!!...Yes, I understand completely, and

I'll  do  my  very  best  with her, you know that.  I love to kiss her

juicy pussy and I just know I can please you.  I can't wait!"

     Releasing  her and addressing both of the slave-sluts I told them

to  both douche once more and advised Donna to brush her teeth and use

a  mouthwash.   When  they had finished I checked their pussies to see

if  they  were nice and fresh and examined Donna's mouth for traces of

cum.   Determining that they were clean enough, I had them put on high

heels  and  the  matching  wrap  around  satin  gowns that just barely

covered their asses and led them back into the living room.

     "Gentlemen,  its  time  for  the slut-meter competition to begin.

We  will  start  by  a tour of the training room and an explanation of

how   the  equipment  works  and  then  the  actual  competition  will

commence.  Please follow me."

     I  led  them  all  to the basement and showed them the room I had

prepared  for  Monica's  training,  explaining  the  usage  of all the

ammeneties.   It was the first time Donna had seen the room too, and I

could  tell  that  it  made  her very wet to think about its use.  She

grabbed  me  by the arm and held me close to her as I talked about the

whipping  post  and the spanking horse and explained that the desk and

couch  were  both used for various training routines as well.  I could

tell  that  they  were  all  especially  impressed with the slut-meter

itself  and  were  anxious  to  see  it  in  use.  Monica was terribly

embarassed  by the whole situation and kept her head bowed practically

the whole time.

     "Do  you  want  to  be used by all of us on this bed, Monica?", I

asked teasingly.

     "  know  this  room frightens me...but you also know

that I love to please you and that I will do anything you ask of me."

     Turning  to  Donna I said, "Donna, I think Monica is more excited

than  she would like for us to believe.  Open her cunt lips and see if

she is wet yet."

     Donna  did  as  I had directed and withdrawing three fingers from

Monica's  hole  showed  us how covered with juice they were.  "MASTER,

you're quite right...she's has a very wet and excited pussy."

     "Yes,  I   thought  so.   Now Monica, lay on your back on the bed

while I attach the equipment to you."

     The  others  watched with interest as Monica removed her gown and

lay  on  the  big  bed.  I pulled the wrist and ankle cuffs from their

attached  positions  at the corners of the bed and bound her securely.

Then  taking  the  leads  one  set  at a time, I connected them to the

various  parts  of  her  body,  explaining  how  they  functioned as I

worked.   When  all  the  leads  had  been  attached,  I turned on the

monitor and showed her current level of excitement.

     "You  see,  the  monitor is already revealing a rather high state

of  excitment  for  our  little  slave slut.  Donna, rub Monica's clit

slightly  so that we can watch the line move up the scale."  Donna did

as requested and the thin white line moved upward jerkily.

     "Now  that you see how the meter works, do you have any questions

about the competition?", I asked.

     There  were  quite  a  few  questions, mostly concerning what was

allowed  and what was prohibited as far as using her was concerned.  I

explained  that  there  was  not really anything which was prohibited,

other  than  the  inflicting of pain of any kind.  I further explained

that  each  of us would have forty-five minutes with her after which I

would  come  down and read the meter and reset it for the next person.

This  would also give her approximately ten minutes of rest in between

each  session.   There  were  questions  also about whether or not the

first  person would have an advantage over the others, but I explained

that  while  it  might be true that the first person to fuck her might

have  a  slight  advantage,  that  it  was  also  true  that those who

followed  might also have an advantage if her state of excitement grew

as  we  went  along.   The only fair thing to do was to draw straws to

see  who  got  to fuck her first, which we did.  Jack got to go first,

followed by Tony, me, Donna and then Mark.

     "Ok,  lets  leave  Jack and Monica alone and gather in the living

room  to  wait our turn.", I said.  Then setting the timer which would

automatically  turn  off  the meter after forty-five minutes and which

would  ring  a  bell  to  signal  the  end of his time, I followed the

others upstairs.

     Still  concerned that she had displeased me, Donna sat obediently

in  the floor in front of me with her head resting on my leg.  She ran

her  hand slowly up and down  her bent leg in a sensuous manner that I

always  enjoyed  watching.  It was a habit with her, and she seemed to

do  it  very  often when she was sitting.  Under circumstances such as

these  she  rubbed it all the way to the top of her leg; in situations

where  she was dressed she seldom went above the hem of her skirt.  It

was always very sexy.

     The  tv  was  on,  and  we  all  sat  rather  quietly, each of us

thinking  about  what we would do when it was our turn with Monica and

no  doubt  wondering just what Jack was doing with her at that moment.

After  what seemed quite a long time the timer sounded and I went back

downstairs to reset the meter.

     "I  don't  know  how  I  scored,"  said  Jack, "but she certainly

seemed excited enough!  That was great!"

     "I'm  sure  you  did  well  Jack,  but you won't know the results

until  the  final  tabulation  when  everyone  is  through.   See  you

upstairs in a minute", I said.

     Monica  was  still  trembling  a bit from her time with Jack as I

check  the  leads  to make sure they were all attached firmly.  I took

the  sensor  from  her mouth and kissed her tenderly and wiped some of

the  sweat  from her forehead.  Replacing it I then saved Jacks scores

and  reset  the  controls  for  Tony.   Giving  each  of Monica's hard

nipples a quick pinch I then left her and went back upstairs.

     "Tony....your  turn,  buddy!",  I said, and Tony eagerly went off

to  do  his part in exciting my beautiful slave-slut. Jack was talking

about how it had gone with him.

     "The  thing  in  her mouth bothered me a little bit.  I wanted to

kiss  her  and  thought  about  feeding  her my cock in her mouth, but

wasn't  sure if I could remove it or not.  So I concentrated mostly on

her  cunt  and  asshole.   Should  I have removed the mouth lead?", he


     "Well,  you  could  have...or  you  could have also kissed her or

fucked  her  mouth with the sensor still in there.  The presence of it

might  excite  her  even  more.  We should have covered that, I guess,

but  then  being  able to improvise and adapt to circumstances is part

of the test, I guess", I said.

     Jack  smiled  warmly and replied, "Well, it was great anyway, and

maybe I'll get another chance some day.  I sure hope so."

     "Well,  she's  only  29  now  Jack,  she's  got  lots of years of

fucking  ahead  of  her.   I'm  sure  you'll have other chances as the

years go by", I assured him.

     Time  passed  even  more slowly for me this time, since I was the

next  in  line.   But  finally Tony's time was up and once more I went

downstairs,  pleased that I wouldn't have to come back up as soon this


     "First  time  I've  even  fucked  anyone when they were tied to a

bed,"  Tony  said  with a big smile, "that was really something.  Have

fun with her....see you back upstairs when you're done."

     "Ok,  Tony...wish  me  luck!"  I  said and performed the required

resetting  of the meter.  This time I didn't even look at Monica until

I  had finished the work and had stripped naked.  I stood with my back

to  her  and  ran my hand up and down my cock to make sure it would be

good and hard when I turned to face her.

     I  walked  over  to  the  side  of the bed and checked the leads,

talking  to her softly about what each lead registered and what a slut

she  was  to  lay there bound and naked with all these things attached

to  her.  Then reaching out to stroke her clit gently with my fingers,

I continued to talk to her.

     "Two  men  have  just  finished fucking you, Monica.  They fucked

you  and spilled their cum into you while you are tied to this big bed

and  hooked  to  this machine which measures just what a slut you are.

Your  body  is  sweaty  and  still hot from taking their fuck meat and

you're  going to take my meat as well.  Then when I'm done feeding you

my  cum,  that  pretty  little nurse is going to come down here and do

whatever  she  likes  to  you.   You're  actually going to let another

woman see you tied like this and you're going to come for her too."

     As  I talked and rubbed her clit, Monica's breathing grew heavier

and  more  labored  and her hips began lifting from the bed, trying to

hunch her hard clit against my fingers.

     "Look  at you fucking your cunt up in the air like a nymphomaniac

whore.   You  love it.  You love being fucked and used and turned into

a dirty little tramp slave-slut."

     Her  first  orgasm  began  and  when it did I reached out for her

nipples  and  began  pulling  and  pinching them roughly.  I wanted to

keep  her  close  to  the  edge  after  her  climax and focused all my

efforts on doing that.

     "How  was  Jack's cock, Monica?  You liked Jacks big cock, didn't

you  baby?   And Tony's...oh yes, Tony's had them both, you

little slut, you took both of them in your little fuck hole."

     She  kept  her  hips  up as much as possible in her tied position

and  ground  her  hips in a slow circular fucking motion as I spoke to

her,  still  breathing  heavily  and  now moving her head from side to

side  slowly.   I  slid  my fingers lower now and let two of them slip

inside  her  drenched and well-fucked cunt.  When they were completely

covered  with  her own and the other mens' fuck juices I moved them to

her  mouth and removing the sensor slid them inside her mouth, feeding

her the fuck.

     "Here,  my  little  slave-slut-whore.   Here,  eat  your own cunt

juice  and  the  cum  from  the two men.  I know you love the taste of

pussy  and  I  know how much you love the taste and smell of


     She  licked  hungrily  at  my  fingers  and  when  she had almost

cleaned  them  I  moved  them back to her hole and got more juices for

her.   I  only  let  her  have a slight taste this time and rubbed the

rest  of  the  fuck all over her face, concentrating on the area under

her  nose  so  that she could smell the result of her sluttishness.  I

also  rubbed  a  large  amount  on her forehead, aware that simply the

presence of the fuck juice there would remind her of who she is.

     Still  pinching  her hard nipples I put my right hand back at her

cunt  and  slid  three fingers in and began fucking them in and out in

earnest.   "I'm  going  to  give you my whole hand, Monica.  The whole

hand  is  going  up  inside  your  dripping  wet  slut-cunt."   Having

forewarned  her  I  inserted  a  fourth  finger and heard her begin to

climax once more.

     "Yes,  my  precious  little  cunt, you want the whole hand, dont'

you?   You  want  to  be fist-fucked, don't you?  Tell me you want it,

let me hear you  grunt out the words!!"

     "Yessssss....Fist-Fuck  my  slut-cunt!!"  she hissed.  "Fist-fuck

me...Fist-fuck me...Fist-fuck meeeeeeeee!!"

     "No!..You're  too  fucking  wet to be fist-fucked", I said.  Then

removing my four fingers, I rubbed more juice onto her face.

     "Pleasssssee,  MASTER!!  Please fist-fucccckkkkkkk meeeeeeee!!!",

she moaned.

     I  put the sensor back into her mouth which was now wet with cum,

cunt  juice  and  her own saliva and crawled up onto the bed with her,

squatting  over  her face to allow her to lick my ass.  My hands moved

back  to  her  still  hunching  bottom.   Careful  not  to disturb the

sensors  attaced  to her ass cheeks, I slid my left hand under her ass

and  began  pressing  my  middle  finger  of  that  hand  against  her

asshole.   Then  with  the  right  hand  I  slid the four fingers back

inside her once more, hearing her moan excitedly as I did so.

     "Tongue   my  asshole,  Monica...tongue  it  deep  for  me!!",  I

commanded.   I  felt her tongue press even more insistently at my anus

and smiled at the eagerness she displayed to do it.

     Pressing  all  my fingers hard to the bottom of her cunt I rubbed

my  thumb  against her clit rapidly and then slid it downward to touch

the  tips  of my other fingers.  Then pressing firmly inward I fed her

more  and more of my hand until with a sloppy popping sound the entire

hand slid into her cunt.

     "Unnnnnnggggghhhhh!!!",  she  said,  and  thrust  her hips upward

violently.   I  pressed  the middle finger of my left hand deep in her

ass  as  I  pressed  my hand back to the back of her cunt and began to

rub  her  cervix  with  the  tips  of my fingers.  Then I began a slow

fucking in and out of my arm, fisting her firmly.

     Suddenly  her  whole body tensed and her hips flew up and stopped

at  the  top  of  their  restricted  travel  as  her next orgasm began

sweeping  over  her.  When she began to slow I took my hand slowly out

of  her  cunt  and  removed  the  long  finger from her ass and turned

around  to  kneel over her chest.  Holding the cunt juice covered hand

up for her to see I talked to her once more.

     "Look  at  my  hand,  Monica.  The hand that was just inside your

fuck  hole.  Look how big it is, how covered it is with your juice and

the  cum of the men who fucked you."  Then rubbing my hand in her hair

to  clean  it  I  held  up  the middle finger of the left hand.  "This

finger  was  in your ass, Monica.  It was deep in your little asshole,

and  now you get to lick it clean."  I pressed it against her lips and

slid it into her mouth, watching as she licked it eagerly.

     "Now  you get what you've been wanting all night, Monica.  I know

who  you  are.  I know how much you love cock-sucking.  So now you get

to suck my cock.  Now you get to have my cum fed to you."

     I  slid  my  rock  hard  fuck  meat  into her mouth, pressing the

sensor  to  the side.  It stretched her mouth to take both my cock and

the  sensor,  and  I knew that it would make her even more hot to know

that she was sucking me while the sensor was in her mouth.

     As  my thick cock slid deeply into her mouth and throat I reached

back  behind me to rub her clitoris with my left hand.  I knew that my

time  was  almost up, and wanted to make sure that I came before I had

to  go  back  upstairs.   So  I began fucking her mouth with long deep

thrusts  holding  her head up with my right hand as my left rubbed her

clit.   I  knew  she  would  get off on sucking me, and it wasn't long

before  yet  another  orgasm  swept  over  her.  When it did I stopped

holding  back  my  own orgasm and allowed the pent-up cum to shoot out

in  to  her mouth.  I pulled my cock back as I came in order that most

of  the  cum  would  land  near  the sensor rather than shoot down her


     Just  as  the  last  huge glob of cum shot from my cock the timer

sounded  its  alarm  and  I withdrew my cock from her mouth and rubbed

the  last  drop  of cum from my cock on her chin.  I wanted Donna, who

was  next  in  line  to  have  a bit of a remembrance from me when she

began with Monica.

     "You're  a wonderful slut, you precious girl", I said, smiling at

her,  and  then  quickly  reset  the machine and dressed.  I met Donna

outside the door waiting patiently.

     "She's  all  yours,  baby.   And  remember  now...I'm expecting a

really good score from you.  Make my little slut whimper and moan!"

     "Yes,  MASTER...I  can  hardly  wait!", Donna replied.  Squeezing

her  left  ass  cheek with my hand I shooed her into the room and shut

the  door gently behind her.  Just before returning upstairs I checked

to  make  sure  that  the  hidden  video  camera was still functioning

properly.   Satisfied  that  it  was I joined my friends in the living


     Later,  after  the alarm had sounded one more time, I found Donna

looking  almost  as  well  used as Monica.  Obviously the time she had

spent  with  Monica  had been very exciting for her, regardless of how

high  her  score  happened  to  have  been.   She  was still trembling

slighly  from her own orgasms, and I suggested to her that she compose

herself  on the couch while I reset the machine.  I found Monica to be

still  very excited by her situation and as I looked her over to check

the  attachment of the leads I found that her body was fairly drenched

now  in  sweat  and  cunt juice and cum.  Giving her a tender kiss and

noticing  the  taste  of pussy juice on her lips, I left her once more

and  led  Donna  back up the stairs.  As Donna and I walked together I

slid  my  hand  between  her  legs  from behind and found that she was

still  dripping  wet.   Three of my fingers slid easily into her empty

hole.   She  moaned  slightly,  but  continued  to  walk as I kept the

fingers inside her, even after we had moved into the living room.

     I  stood with my fingers still inside Donna and told Mark that it

was  now  his turn.  Excusing the two of us, I then led Donna into the

bedroom  as  Mark  left  to go downstairs.  Finding Donna in the state

she  was  in was just more than I saw any need to pass up and I wanted

to play with her for a bit while Mark was fucking my wife.

     Donna  could  have used more than forty-five minutes, but then it

wasn't  really  her  need that was the highest priority at the moment.

Laying  her  on  the  bed I allowed her to masturbate while I stripped

and  then  fucked  her  hard  and  long  bringing  us  both  to strong

climaxes.   I  was  anxious  to see how the scores came out.  Still it

was  mixed  emotions  that I heard the alarm sound indicating that our

competion  had  ended.   I  would  have  enjoyed  a bit more time with

Donna, and I hoped I'd be able to get it soon.

     I  asked the rest of the group to wait in the living room while I

compiled  the  results  of  the  competion and removed Monica from her

bonds.   After  removing  the  ankle  and  wrist  cuffs  I held Monica

tightly  for  a  long  time,  letting  her  come  back  down  from the

continuous  sexual  excitement  that she had experienced over the last

four  and  a  half  hours.  When she had composed herself a bit I then

washed  her face and body gently with a warm washcloth and allowed her

to  put  the  gown  back on.  She waited patiently for me while I read

the  reports  from  the  slut-meter and wrote down the scores.  When I

had  finished we began to leave the room, but I stopped her and turned

her  to  me  as  I  said,  "Monica...We'll talk more about all of this

after  the weekend is over.  But I need to tell you right now how very

much  I  love  you,  and  how much it has meant to me for you to be so

wonderful  about all of this.  I know that you've enjoyed it too.  But

I've  asked  alot  of  you  in the last two days, and you've performed


     Still  weak  and  slightly trembling she merely hugged me tightly

and  smiled warmly at my words.  Then placing my arm gently around her

waist  and  clutching  the compilation of scores in my left hand I led

her back to the living room to join the others.

     "Well,  I  know  you  are  all  interested  in the results of our

afternoon's  activities.  One result is pretty obvious, and I think as

you  look  at Monica standing beside me you can see that she has had a

wonderful  but tiring time.  I'm proud to announce that I had the best

score.   I  suppose  its not too surprising that I did since Monica is

my  wife  and I do know her and her needs better than the rest of you.

But  still,  we  all  know the power of "strange" sex, and its quite a

compliment  to  me  to  have  won.   Of course neither Donna nor I are

actually  in  the  running for the prize to be awarded, that of having

Monica  in  our  bed for the night, so the second place winner will be

awarded  that  prize.   Its  my pleasure to announce that second place

goes to Mark, third to Tony, fourth to Jack, and fifth to Donna."

     Mark  was  of  course  thrilled  to  be the winner, and while the

others  were  somewhat  disappointed that they didn't win, I know they

were glad to see Mark have his chance with Monica for the night.

     "To  perhaps  put  our  scores  in their proper perspective, I'll

give  you  the  total  compiled score for each of us.  This score is a

weighted  average  of  all the maximum levels attained by each sensor.

The  highest  possible  score that can be obtained without endangering

Monica  is  a  score of 245.  My score was 200.  Mark scored 155, Tony

135,  Jack 130 and Donna 95. You are all to be congratulated on giving

Monica  so  much  satisfaction.   You  may find it interesting to know

that  on  several  occasions  when I have attached Monica to the meter

and allowed her to masturbate, she has never scored higher than 120."

     I  turned  to Donna and spoke directly to her.  "Donna, you might

notice  that  your  score  with  Monica  is  less  than she is able to

achieve  on  her own.  I'm quite displeased with your performance, and

you  will  spend  the  rest of the evening with me in order that I can

properly  express  my  displeasure and perhaps discover why your score

was so low."

     Re-addressing  my  comments  to  the  remainder  of  the group, I

continued.   "Mark  will  no  doubt want Monica to be well rested when

she  joins  him in his bed tonight, and she's had quite a busy day.  I

think  it  would  be well if she is allowed to clean up and take a nap

for  a  few  hours to assure that she will be pleasing to him tonight.

Donna  will  prepare  our supper and following supper you are all free

to  relax  in  whatever way you choose while Monica sleeps and while I

concern  myself with Donna's dismal performance this afternoon.  Thank

you for your efforts today, it's been great fun."

     A  full  description  of  what took place between Donna and I the

rest  of  the  day and on through the night is another story in itself

which  perhaps  I  will share sometime in the future.  Needless to say

she  was  well disciplined and punished.  I finally concluded that she

had  been  so hot and so involved in her own satisfaction that she had

neglected  to concern herself with the excitement that Monica might or

might  not  be feeling.  While there are certainly circumstances where

such  an  approach would be appropriate this had not been one of them,

and  before  the evening was over Donna was well aware of that and was

also much more oriented toward assuring the pleasure of someone else.

     The  day ended quietly for the others, with Monica being composed

and  rested  and joining Mark in his bed to administer to his needs as

required.   It  had  been  a  busy day for all of us, and one which we

would remember for a long time.


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