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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade06.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= The Poker Party: Part Three

      As I sat in the chair with Monica sitting beside me in the floor

it  slowly  dawned  on me that my three friends still had needs.  They

had  been  so  busy  working on Monica that they hadn't had the chance

that  I  had to come.   There could be little question of them needing

it.   Not  after  having  seen  Monica  come  so strongly only moments


      "Monica,  our friends no doubt have cum to dump", I said matter-


     "How may I serve you MASTER?", she asked submissively.

     "How many holes do you have, Monica?"

     "I have three fuck holes, MASTER."

      "And  how  many of your slut fuck holes are empty at the moment,


     "They are all empty, MASTER", she replied with a sigh.

     "And how many cocks do our friends have, my little whore?"

     "Three, MASTER!...Three WONDERFUL cocks!", she beamed.

      "I want you to take our friends into our bed, Monica, and I want

you  to  take one cock in each hole and let them all three fuck you at

the  same time until they spew their hot cum into you.  Would you like


      "Yesssssss, MASTER!!...I need to be fucked so badly, MASTER, and

I love cocks so very much!!  Pleassssse may I take them all now?"

      As  she spoke the desires of her body her hand moved between her

legs and began rubbing her clit.

      "Yes, it now....take all three of them and fuck them

well...and  when  you are done, come tell me which man shot his cum in

which of your holes."

      She rose slowly, and walking over to the men and stroking Tony's

cheek,  said  sexily,  "My  MASTER is allowing me to be the recepticle

for  your cum....please come dump it into my eager holes!"   With that

she  walked  toward  the bedroom, her naked ass swaying deliciously as

she  moved.    My  friends  followed almost as if in a trance, shaking

their heads in disbelief as they walked behind her.

      While  Monica  was  serving our friends, I took the time to plan

the  activities  for the rest of the day.  I had just about decided to

go set up the slut meter when the phone rang.

      "MASTER!..he  was  called  out of town unexpectedly on business,

and  won't  be  home until tomorrow at lunch!  May I serve you in some

way?"  Donna's wonderfully sexy voice crooned her request.

      "Hi,  Donna,  you  did  right in calling me, however I have some

guests  over  and  I'm  not  sure  that  this is the right time for me,  wait  a  minute..I  think it would be great for you to come

over  today!...yes,  it  will  work out just fine.  Dress in something

very  sexy  and  come over at about 2:00...that should give us time to

finish lunch, ok?"

      "Ohhhh,  yes!!,  MASTER,  I'm so glad that you can use me.  I'll

see you at 2:00 then!!", she responded excitedly.

      Hanging up the phone, the wheels really began to turn in my mind

now.   The  unexpected  but  delightful  addition of Donna to the days

activities  would make for some interesting changes in the plans I had

made.  Very, very interesting!

      I  hadn't  been off the phone with Donna long when Monica walked

in  and stood before me.  Her hair was disheveled and there was a spot

of cum still on her chin.

      "MASTER,  our  guests  have fed me their cum, will it please you

for me to give my report now?", she asked obediently.

      "Yes,  Monica,  admit to me how your slut body has been used", I

replied firmly.

      "I  was fucked thoroughly in all my holes, MASTER.  Tony gave me

his  cock  in  my  asshole,  Jack  shot  a large amount of cum into my

mouth,  and  Mark fucked my slut cunt.  All my holes have been sprayed

well with their fuck as you requested."

      "I can see the cum on your chin, Monica, open your mouth and let

me see if there is cum remaining there", I instructed.

      Bending  over  in  front  of  me  and opening her mouth wide she

allowed  me  to search for traces of sperm in her mouth.  I found much

more  than traces, and realized that she was awaiting my permission to

swallow Jack's fuck.

     "You may swallow now, Monica", I said.

      "Thank  you MASTER," she said and I watched as she swallowed the

large gobs of his cum down her throat.

      "Now,  open  your  cunt  for  me and let me check for cum there,


       She  obediently  opened  her legs and bent at the knee, pulling

her  lips out and letting me look into the opening of her cunt.  There

was cum cum there as well.

      "Yes,  I  can  see turn around and show me your bottom

fuck hole."

      Her  ass  cheeks  still were a bit red from her ass-fucking, and

when she bent over there was white cum still oozing out of her hole.

      "You have pleased your MASTER, may go prepare lunch

for us now."

     "Would my MASTER like for me to clean up first?", she asked.

      "No,  leave  their cum in your holes for now...just go fix lunch

as I asked", I said rather sternly.

      "Of  course,  MASTER,"  she replied and went into the kitchen to

prepare our mid-day meal.

      Later  on,  after we had all eaten and Monica had cleaned up the

kitchen, we gathered in the living room once more.

     "What do you have planned for us this afternoon?", asked Jack.

      Looking  at my watch, I replied happily, "I have a special treat

for  you  this  afternoon.  A treat which Monica isn't even aware that

I'm  going  to be able to provide.   While the three of you were using

my  little  slave  so adequately earlier the phone rang.  It was a new

friend  of  ours  named Donna who was calling to ask if she could come

over  to visit today."   I looked at Monica and noticed the small grin

that  appeared on her face.  I smiled back at her and continued.  "One

of  the  things  about  Monica  that you've not had the opportunity to

observe  yet  is  that  she is being trained to be bi as well as being

allowed  to  enjoy  the pleasures that men can provide.  I thought you

might  find  a  little  show by two bi-sluts interesting entertainment

this afternoon."

      This announcement brought big smiles to the faces of our friends

and  excited  jabbering about how they had always wanted to experience

what we were going to be able to provide for them.

     "Is this Donna a lesbian, or what?", asked Tony.

     "No,  Donna  is  a  slave-slut  just  as  Monica  is",  I replied

patiently,  "but to answer your question more completely and honestly,

I  will  say  that  Donna  really  finds  being  with Monica extremely

exciting  and  enjoy's  dominating  her, while Monica is at the moment

learning   the   world   of   the   bi-slave,   and  is  predominantly

participating  in  bi-sexual  activities merely to please me.  I think

you  will  find  though  that  it  is  difficult  to  tell that by the

responsiveness which Monica displays.  It should be quite exciting."

      Just  then  the  door-bell  rang and I opened it, inviting Donna

into  the  living  room.   She was dressed in a lovely red wrap-around

dress  which came just above her knees and red high heels.  Monica sat

obediently  in  the floor with her head bowed as I introduced Donna to

the  men.   Following  the routine round of name giving I stood beside

Donna  with  my  arm  around her waist and said: "This afternoon Donna

will  be  submissive  to  me,  but dominant with Monica.  That will in

effect  make  Monica  the  slave of a slave, which is of course a very

submissive  position  to  assume.   Donna will of course do everything

which  I tell her to do, but she will also be free to direct Monica to

do anything which she might desire for her to do."

      I  could feel Donna's body begin to tremble as I talked.  "Until

you  are  told  otherwise  I  would  appreciate it if you would merely

observe  our  two  slave-sluts as they perform for you...of course you

may  feel  free to masturbate at any time if you feel the need...which

I expect you may very well do", I continued.

      Turning  to address Donna, I then directed her to stand in front

of  the three men and lift her dress to her waist, displaying her legs

and  panties  to them.  She slid the soft material up slowly revealing

her  lovely  legs  which  were  encased in tan nylons and held up by a

pretty  red  garter  belt.   Her  panties  were red as well and barely

covered her sparsely haired pussy.

     "Now, show our guests your nipples, Donna", I commanded.

      Dropping  her  dress,  she  opened  the top and pulled it to the

sides.   She  wore  no  bra and her nipples had already grown nearly a

half-inch  long.  The contrast in her full, round breasts and Monica's

smaller   ones   was  not  lost  on  our  guests,  who  whistled  with


     "Monica, remove Donna's dress for her now", I directed.

     Rising eagerly, Monica moved to Donna, and standing behind her in

order  to  allow  our  guests to see, reached around to untie the belt

holding  Donna's  dress  together,  and  opened  it.  She then slid it

gently  off  her  body, kissing her shoulders and back as the material

fell  away.  She folded the dress neatly and laid it on the table next

to the couch.

     "Monica, greet Donna properly now and tell her who you are."

      Monica  moved  back  to Donna and sitting in front of her in the

submissive  position  so familiar to us all by now, said with her head

bowed:  "I  am  your slave-slut, MISTRESS Donna, and I am pleased that

you  are  here  to  use me in whatever way you choose.  May I rise and

kiss you please?"

      Looking  at  me  for  approval  and recieving it, Donna began to

assume  her  role  as  Monica's mistress.  "Yes, slave...rise and give

yourself to me", she said with authority.

      Monica  stood and, pressing her body against Donna's, kissed her

with  open  mouth,  running  her hands over Donna's back and squeezing

her   ass   through   the  red  panties.    Donna  returned  her  kiss

enthusiasticly  and  pulled  her  submissive  body tightly against her


      The  sight  of  the  two garter-belt clad women locked in a deep

kiss  in  front  of  them was beginning to have an affect on the three

men  and  I  watched with a smile as I saw them licking their lips and

beginning to rub their cocks through their pants.

      Donna's hands now moved to Monica's head and pressed it downward

toward  her  chest.   Monica  kissed  her  way  along Donna's neck and

across  her  chest  to  her breasts, taking the right one in her mouth

and  sucking  on it delightedly.  Donna ran her hands through Monica's

short  hair  as  she  suckled her tit.  Moving her head back some now,

Monica  took  the  hardening nipple between her lips and sucked on it,

feeling  it  grow  longer and harder.  Her teeth pulled and bit at it,

eliciting  a moan from her mistress.  Donna was breathing hard now and

her voice broke as she gave her slave the next command.

     "Take my panties off, Monica, and lick me...NOW!!"

     Reluctantly  leaving Donna's beautiful breasts, Monica kissed her

way  down  the  flat  belly,  her  hands  moving to the pretty and now

soaking  wet panties covering Donna's aching cunt.  She slid them down

the  sexy  legs  and  tossed  them aside as her mouth moved to the wet

pleasure  pit  in  front  of  her.   Donna  opened  her legs wider and

pressed Monica's face against her crotch.

     Reaching  out  to  pick  up   the pretty panties which had landed

near  my  feet,  I  held them to my face to smell the aroma of Donna's

cunt  juice  and  then  tossed  them across the room to the other men.

They  in turn sniffed the crotch, smiling at the soaked fabric and the

delightful smell.

     Monica  was  now  eating Donna eagerly, licking her slit from her

asshole  to  her clit, and Donna was humping her hips with earnest.  I

watched  as  Monica's  right hand moved between her own legs and began

to rub her hard clit.  Donna had noticed as well.

     "Ohhh,  so  the little slave slut is getting off on eating pussy,

is  she?",  Donna  asked  in mock disgust.  "In that case, lay down on

your  back  and  open your legs for the men so they can see you finger

your slave-slut hole, you tramp!"

     "Yessss,  MISTRESS!",  Monica  replied  and  lay back on her back

spreading  her  legs  with  her  pussy pointed at the three men on the

couch.   Her  right  hand  began  a  circular motion at the top of her

slit,  rubbing  her  hard  clit  furiously.  "Please, MISTRESS, please

give  your slave the pussy she loves to eat so much, pleassse let your

slave eat it some more!", she begged.

     Kneeling  over  her,  Donna  lowered  her  hips to Monica's face,

rubbing  her  sopping  wet  pussy  against  her  open mouth, and began

pinching  and  pulling  at her left nipple with one hand and on one of

Monica's nipples with the other hand.

     "Yessss,    lick   back   further....just   like   that...yessss,

slave!!..lick  my  asshole!...stick  your tongue inside my asssss!!!",

Donna moaned.

     My  poker partners now had their cocks out and were stroking them

earnestly,  excited  tremendously  by  the  two  bi-sluts  who were so

eagerly  enjoying each other in front of them.  I too was aroused, but

needed   to   relieve   myself  before  really  being  able  to  enjoy

masturbating.   Rising  with  my  semi-hard cock poking out of my open

fly,  I  moved to the two women and straddled Monica, sticking my cock

in  Donna's open mouth as she knelt above her face.  Slowly the stream

of  piss  began to run from my cock into Donna's willing mouth and she

swallowed  quickly  trying to catch it all.  Unconcerned about whether

she  could  swallow  it  fast  enough  or  if some would leak out onto

Monica's  writhing  body beneath her, I let the piss flow as it might.

Donna  tried valiantly, but some spurted out of her mouth and splashed

onto  Monica's  chest  and face.  When I was done I wiped my wet cock-

head  on  Donna's  cheeks  and  moved  back  to  my  seat and began to

masturbate in earnest.

     Such  a degree of submissiveness was obviously new to our guests,

and  two  of  them  were  experiencing  strong orgasms as they watched

Donna  licking  her  lips  with  delight at being fed my urine. It was

obvious that they were enjoying what they were seeing.

       Supporting  herself  with  her  left  hand and leaning forward,

Donna  began  to  slide  two of her fingers into Monica's dripping wet

cunt  alongside  the  two  of  Monica's  that were already  there.  As

Monica  pulled  hers  hard  to  the top of her slit, Donna pushed hers

hard  to the bottom, spreading it open wider and wider, stretching it,

making  it  ready for even more.  Monica moaned and worked yet another

of  her  fingers  into  her hole, inviting Donna to do the same.  When

Donna's  third  finger  was  added  to the five fingers already there,

Monica's  ass  began  humping  up  into  the air and she began fucking

herself hard against the six intruder's.

     Unable  to  see  the finger-fucking, although instinctively aware

of  what  was  taking  place, my eyes were fixed on Donna's rising and

falling  ass  as  she  humped  herself on Monica's face.  Reaching out

with  my  bare  foot,  I  rested  it on Monica's forehead and began to

press  my  big  toe  against  Donna's  exposed  anus.  As I pressed it

harder  and  harder  against  her,  she fucked herself back on it with

more  insistence,  until  it popped into her ass noisily.  I shoved it

in  with all my might as my own orgasm began, powerful spurts of semen

erupting  from  my  dick and shooting out onto Donna's ass in front of


     Before  my  cock  had  finished  jerking,  the two slave-sluts in

front  of  me  had  also begun to come, and their cries and moans soon

resulted in our third male guest spilling his cum into his lap.

     Monica  continued  to  lick up the leaking fuck from Donna's cunt

long  after  her  orgasm  had ended, until finally Donna rolled off of

her  juice  drenched  body  and lay beside her.  They lay, untouching,

while  their  breathing  returned  to  normal  and then I watched with

pleasure  as  they  almost simultaneously turned toward each other and

began  to  kiss once more.  This time the kisses were softer, gentler,

filled  with more deep emotion than before.  I was glad that Donna had

been able to come over.  And I knew I was not alone.


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