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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade05.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= The Poker Party, Part Two

      I  awoke  the  following morning to find my cock growing hard in

Monica's  mouth.  I pretended to be asleep and lay quietly feeling her

mouth  suck  my  thickening  meat.  She  sucked  it so lovingly and so

patiently,  not as if she had a goal of making me come quickly, but as

if  she  was  simply  intertaining herself.  When my cock had hardened

completely  she  kissed  her way down the shaft to my balls and taking

my  cock  in her hand began to kiss and suck at my balls with the same

kind  of  patience  she had shown with my cock.  Her hand slowly moved

up  and  down  the shaft as her kisses eventually moved below my balls

and she began to lick and suck at my asshole.

      Although  I  tried  my best to be unresponsive, wanting to allow

her  to continue for as long as she wished, her touch soon became more

than  I  could  stand  and  I  began  moving  my  hips, giving away my

awakened  state.  While I'm sure she knew I was awake she never looked

up  and kept trying to insert her tongue in my ass as her hand slid up

and  down my cock.  Her strokes kept time with the movement of my hips

and  as  I  felt  myself  growing  nearer  and  nearer  to orgasm they

increased  their  speed appropriately.  Finally the warm spunk she had

coaxed  from  my  balls  shot up through my shaft and shot out onto my

belly  and  her  pumping  hand.   She  continued to lick and press her

tongue  at  my  asshole  while her hand milked my cock, draining every

drop of cum from it.

      When  my cock began to soften she raised her head and looking in

my  eyes began to lick the cum from her hand hungrily.  Having cleaned

her  hand  her  mouth moved to my belly where her tongue licked out at

the  gobs  of  white  cum which lay there.  When she had gotten it all

she  crawled  up  over  my  body  and lay atop me, kissing my neck and

breathing in my ear, "Thank you, MASTER, for your cum."

      We  lay in bed for a long time that morning, both of us reliving

the  previous evenings excitement in our minds and thinking about what

lay ahead.

     "How did your evening with Tony go?", I asked.

      "Ohhh, MASTER, your friend Tony was very kind to me!  He used my

mouth  all  night  long  until  he finally fell asleep.  The first two

times  he  simply  let me suck him, but then he began fucking my mouth

while  he  lay  over  me,  humping his hips and thrusting his big dick

into  my mouth as if it were a cunt!", she explain excitedly.  "And he

also  let  me  play  with  myself while he was using my mouth...he's a

very nice man."

      "I'm glad that it went well, sweet slave," I said with a knowing

smile, "were you able to sleep any at all?"

      "Yes,  MASTER, I slept for a couple of hours, and when I woke up

I  wanted  your  cum  so  much.  I hope you didn't mind me sneaking in

here as I did."

      "No,  you did fine, darling girl.  I'm sure Tony will be out for

another  hour  or so anyway.  He's not used to having evenings like he

had last night, I'm sure."

      Monica  and  I  showered together and I laid out her clothes for

our  morning  with  my friends.  I had chosen something which would be

in  once  sense  a bit demure when I had allowed her to wear the dress

the  day  before,  but now that she had been properly introduced to my

friends  as the slave-slut that she was, there was no need for as much

clothing.   I  picked  out  the  black  garter  belt, the black seemed

stockings and the black high heels and laid them on the bed.

      I  watched  Monica dress with delight.  She had taken readily to

all  the  training  I  had  given  her  and the results were certainly

paying   off.   I  had  made  a  tape  many  years  ago  which  was  a

compliation  of women putting on stockings.  As a part of her training

I  had  allowed  Monica  to watch the tape and learn the proper way to

hold  her  leg  up  and  out and the way to point her toes as she slid

each  stocking  up  her  leg.   She  had  learned  the  importance  of

smoothing  the  stockings  out  with  her  hands and how to attach the

garters  in  the most seductive of ways.  And last, but not least, she

had  learned  how  to  stand  and  turn before the full length mirror,

making  sure  that  the  seams  where  straight  in back.  I knew, and

Monica  was  learning  quickly,  that  the  key to being a really good

slave-slut was in paying attention to all the little details.

      She busied herself in the kitchen, preparing our breakfast while

clad  only  in  the garter belt, stockings and high heels.  Slowly the

other guys began to stir and to come in for their morning meal.

      After breakfast, we retired to the living room while she cleaned

up  the kitchen.  We discussed the previous evening and of course Mark

and  Jack  were  anxious  to hear how Tony had enjoyed having the sexy

slut  in  his  bed  for the whole night.  Tony grinned like a Cheshire

cat  and  told  us  about the use he made of Monica's very willing and

seemingly  insatiable  mouth.   It was obvious that the other two guys

were envious and were hoping that their turn would come as well.

      "Are  we  going  to get a chance to have her for the whole night

too?", asked Jack.

      "Well,  in  order  to be fair about it, I want each of you to be

able  to  spend  a  night  with  her in your bed, the only competition

today  will  determine  which  of  the two of you gets her tonight and

which one will have to wait until tomorrow night". I explained.

      "And how will we decide that?", Mark asked.

       "I've  invented  a  little  electronic  device that I think may

prove  helpful  with  that,"  I said.  "I call it a slut meter, and it

measures  the  strength  of a slut's orgasms.  At one point in the day

we  will  connect  Monica  to the slut meter and allow you and Jack to

see  which  of  you  can  provide  our little slave with the strongest

orgasm.   The  winner  of  that  contest  will  have  her  in  his bed


      "Where  did  you  ever  come up with an idea for such a thing as

that?", Tony asked.

      I  smiled  proudly  as  I  explained.   "Several years ago I was

invited  to  a party by a friend who lived in California.  This friend

was  a Doctor who was doing research on the muscles and their response

to  different  kinds of stimuli.  He showed me the device that he used

and  the  way  that  he  attached  it to lab animals.  It was really a

rather  simple  device,  mainly  a  series  of  electronic  leads with

sensors  which  attached to different parts of the animal's body and a

meter  which registered the movement which those muscles made.  It was

only  after I met Monica that I began to get the idea for using such a

device  in  measuring her orgasms.  She isn't aware that I have such a

thing, but she will soon know."

      "Its  a bit early for that though," I said.  "We have some other

things  to  do  before  we  get  started  on  that portion of the days

activities.   Are  you  guys  too worn out from yesterday for more sex

now, or are you still as randy as ever?"

      "Seeing  Monica  in that black garter belt this morning is all I

needed to make me ready for more sex," sighed Jack.

     "Me too!",echoed the other two men almost simultaneously.

      "Good!  I know Monica would be disappointed if we spent too much

time today ignoring her.  She's having a wonderful time."

      Calling Monica in from the kitchen, I motioned for her to sit in

the  straight  backed  chair I had positioned in the front of the room

and stood behind her as I spoke to my friends.

      "By  now  I'm sure you're aware that Monica is an extremely oral

little  slut  who  loves  to  suck cock and loves the taste of hot cum

spewed  into  her  mouth.   There are still some things, however, that

you  don't  know  about  Monica.   One  of  those  things  is how much

pleasure  it gives me to see her perform in front of other people, and

how accomplished she is becoming at it."

      "Monica's  training is not complete yet, by a long shot, but she

has  learned  alot about the art of being a slave, and you will notice

that  as  she sits before you her legs are opened wide and the lips of

her  trimmed  cunt  are  easily observable.  You will also notice that

her  hands  are  behind the chair as if they were tied there, and that

the  positioning  of  her  hands causes her breasts to push out toward

you and gives you a good view of her nipples."

      "I  want  her  to  give  you a more complete view of her private

parts  than  you  have  at  the  moment, even in her current position.

Monica  dear,  stand  in  front  of  Tony  and  show him how hard your

nipples can become."

      Monica obediently walked over to Tony and standing as closely as

possible  to him, began pinching and pulling at her nipples.  Her eyes

were  focused  directly  on  his  eyes  as  her  fingers worked on her


      "Monica  loves  to have her nipples pinched really hard.  As you

will  see  later  on  during  the  weekend her nipples can withstand a

great  deal  of  pressure  and her pussy gets very, very wet when they

are played with and used.  Now...let Tony pinch them, Monica."

      Monica  reached  out and took Tony's big strong hands and placed

them  on  her breasts.  She kept her hands on his wrists as he kneeded

her  soft  flesh in his palms and pulled her breasts out away from her


      "Roll  her nipples between your thumbs and forefingers, Tony", I


      He  did  as  I had asked, and as his fingers tweaked and twirled

the  hard nubs Monica's head rolled back and her eyes shut.  Her hands

were  now rubbing his arms gently as he pinched and pulled ever harder

on her lengthening nipples.

      "Now,  Monica  dear,  move over to Mark and let him see just how

wet this has made your little dirty tramp slut cunt."

      Reluctantly she removed Tony's hands from her breasts and moving

directly  in  front  of  Mark  she stood with her legs open.  Reaching

between  her  legs  with  both hands she gripped the outer lips of her

cunt  and  pulled  them  outward,  exposing  the inner part of her now

dripping wet hole.

      "Mark,  notice  how  wet the stimulation of her nipples has made

her.   Look  how  the  juices  are thick inside her inner lips and how

they have leaked out onto her thighs."

      Mark  eagerly  bent down and looked closely at Monica's open and

exposed cunt which she so compliantly held open for him.

      "Pinch  one  of  her  nipples  and  watch as the juice begins to

almost run from her hole."

      Mark  reached  up  and  took  her left nipple in his fingers and

began  to  pinch  really  hard.  Momentarily he chuckled softly as the

cunt  juice bubbled in her middle fuck hole and began to drip onto the

carpet between her legs.

      "Now,  Mark,  take  your  free hand and thump her clit with your

middle  finger.   Thump it as if you were playing caroms and trying to

shoot the "shooter" carom across the board.  Thump it really hard."

      Holding  his  middle  finger back with his thumb, Mark moved his

hand  close  to  her pussy and letting it fly with great force watched

as  the tip of his middle finger smacked her hard clit with an audible


      Monica's  body  jerked and her head rolled back and then forward


     "Thump it again, harder", I instructed.

      Quickly,  Mark  once  more  thumped the little slut's clit, this

time  eliciting a moan from her and causing her to bend her legs a bit

at the knee.

     "Doesn't that hurt?", asked Jack.

     "Does it hurt, Monica?", I asked teasingly.

     "Yesssss, MASTER, it does hurt, very much!" she breathed.

     "Do you want us to stop doing that, Monica?" I asked.

      "Nooooooo,  MASTER,  pleasssse  don't stop thumping my hard slut

clit!  It makes my pussy tingle so!!!"

      Smiling  at  the  three  of  my  friends I told Mark to continue

thumping  her  clit  and to note what happened to her juice flow as he

did.   I  also suggested to Tony that he take over from Mark and pinch

both  of  Monica's  nipples  for  her  while  Mark  was  thumping her.

Monica's  fingers  were  pulling at her cunt lips now, stretching them

and rubbing them.

      "Monica,  let  Mark slide the fingers from his free hand up your

twat  now  and  reach  back and expose your asshole to Jack by pulling

open  your  ass cheeks.  Jack, why don't you move around behind her so

you  can  see  how  her  ass  cheeks  clinch everytime Mark thumps her

clit?  You might also notice her asshole opening and closing."

      Jack  moved  around  behind  the  now trembling little slave and

watched  as  she  spread the cheeks of her ass open wide, allowing him

to  see  her asshole plainly.  Mark began inserting his fingers in her

deliciously  juicy  cunt  and  pumped  them  in  and  out of her as he

continued  to  thump  her  clit  with the middle finger from his other


      "Ohhhhhh,  MASTER!!!!  feels soooooooo good!!! Please may I

have something in my ass MASTER?"

      "Wet  your  finger with some of the juice on her thigh and slide

it  up  inside  her  ass  Jack.   I'll  get something she'll like even

better than your finger while you get her lubricated."

      Having  said that, I walked to the bedroom and returned with the

small  dildo  which  Monica  had become accustomed to having placed in

her  ass  each  night  before she was allowed to sleep.  Handing it to

Jack  I  instructed  him  to insert it slowly after coating the tip in

some of the juice that was puddled on the floor between her legs.

     "Thats  it,  now  fuck it in and out of her ass like a cock...she

loves it!"

      "Unnnnngggggh!!!  Yesssssss!!",  Monica  moaned  as she felt the

dildo  being  fucked in and out of her ass.  "More!!!...please give me


      The  sight  was  more  than I could bear and I took my throbbing

cock  from  my pants and began to stroke it as I watched the three men

using  my  nearly  naked wife in front of me.  Her head was rolling in

small  circles  now  and  her  moans and cries came nearly continuosly

now.   I  knew  her orgasm was not far away.  She stood with her knees

bent  and her hips fucking back and forth on the hard intruders in her

cunt  and  ass.   Tony's  fingers  were  pulling and pinching her hard

nipples violently now as the other two men fucked her.

     "Pleassssssse MASTER!!! may I come now??!!! Pleasssssse!!!"

      My own orgasm was not far away either, and I was silent only for

a  moment  before shouting out breathlessly, "Yes, precious tramp slut

whore,  come  for  the  men who are watching and using you!  Come like

the trembling fuck hole that you are!! Come NOW!!!!"

      Her  fingers  dug  hard  into the cheeks of her ass and her hips

pumped  even  more  rapidly  as the moans she had been emitting turned

into  a  high pitched scream.  Her extremely strong orgasm washed over

her  like  a  tidal  wave and in the middle of it she lost her balance

and  had  to  reach out to grab the shoulders of Tony and Mark to keep

from  falling.   As  her  passion slowly subsided she stood erect once

more  and  placing  her  hands behind her head her breathy voice asked

weakly, "MASTER, may I sit?"

      "You  may  kneel in front of me and lick up the cum that I spilt

on  my  thighs  and  stomach,  Monica.   And when that is done you may


      The  four  of us sat quietly while Monica completed her assigned

task.   We  had  all  been witness to a very special moment.  A moment

which  would  normally be a very private moment for a woman, but which

for  this  woman had been shared with four men.  When she had finished

licking  up  my  cum  she  sat in the submissive position she had been

taught  in the floor at my feet, her head bowed.  For a long time none

of  us  spoke,  to a man we were all still a bit in awe of the passion

we had just witnessed.  And we knew there was more to come.


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