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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade04.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= The Poker Party

      In  the  years  since my graduation from college I've managed to

stay  in  touch  with  several  of the people who were friends of mine

during  those  formative  years.  Usually once a year three of my male

college  friends come to visit and spend the weekend with me.  I'd not

had  the  opportunity  to  introduce them to my new wife, and I looked

forward  to  them  coming this year perhaps more than any other in the


      Monica  had  heard  me mention the three guys often.  Jack was a

judge  now  in  one  of  the  bordering  states.   He'd  always been a

handsome  guy,  a  bit  taller than me at 6'2" and weighing around 200

pounds,  and  he  had  somehow managed to stay single all these years.

Mark  was  shorter  than Jack and not quite as popular with the women,

but  still  had  a  good  strong,  well-shaped  body  because  of  the

bicycling  that  he did almost every day.  He was an examiner with the

federal  reserve  system  and  was the father of two young boys.  Tony

was  of  Italian descent and had that dark hair and olive colored skin

that  so many women love.  His mustache and his big muscles from years

of  weight-lifting  made  him  a  favorite  of lots of women.  Married

twice before, Tony was now single once again.

      I  didn't  have  to  tell Monica that I'd be sharing her with my

friends  while  they  were  here, just my avoidance of the subject was

all  the  confirmation  that  she needed.  Her training had taught her

that  unless  I  told  her otherwise in advance that she was to assume

that  she  would  be my slave when we were in the privacy of our home,

and  that included those times when there were others present.  As the

arrival of the guys grew closer I could since her excitement growing.

      I had sent each of the guys a letter explaining Monica's role as

my  Wife-slut  and  had  told them that she would be serving them over

the  weekend  while  they were here.  They knew me well enough to know

that  I wasn't kidding about it when they got the letter and while the

letter  did  result  in some excited phone calls from them, everything

was set and they were really anxious to come.

      They  all flew in to the nearest airport on Friday afternoon and

rented  a  car  together for the drive to our little town.  I had told

them  to  call  me  when  they  got  to the airport to give me time to

prepare   things  for  them.   I'm  sure  Monica  wondered  if  Friday

afternoon  would  ever  come.  In the days between her introduction to

our  nurse  friend Donna and the arrival of my college buddies she had

been  extremely  hot and I had to make her masturbate at least 3 times

each  day just to keep her calm enough to normally function.  I fucked

her  during  that  time  as well, of course, but a guy can't just stay

home and fuck all the time, you know.

      I  came  home  early  on Friday to make sure that Monica had the

house  ready  for my friends.  I had instructed her to make sure there

were  clean  sheets  on the beds and clean towels in the bathrooms and

had  told  her to douche and give herself an enema around 2:00 so that

she  would  be  nice  and clean too.  When I got home that afternoon I

checked  to  see if she had followed my directions.  Everything seemed

to  be  in  order, except that if she douched it was difficult to tell

from  the  state  her  pussy was in.  She had always lubricated freely

and  it wasn't too surprising to me to find her cunt extremely wet and

aromatic  when I checked her holes.  I had her squat in the shower and

douche  once  more  for  me to make sure that she would be as clean as

possible, although I was sure that wouldn't last long.

      After  watching  Monica  douche  I  laid  out her outfit for the

evening  on  the  bed  for  her.   I chose a tiny pair of pink panties

which  had  almost  no  back to them at all, mostly just a strap which

slid  into her crack and often seemed to work its way between her cunt

lips  as  well.   It  would just barely cover her trimmed cunt hair in

the  front.   In  addition  to  the  panties, I laid out the pink high

heels  and  a  nice  little  summer dress that I had allowed Monica to

modify  just a bit in order to make it more sluttish.  It was a pretty

pink  sundress  which  had  a  very  low cut top with just little thin

straps  holding  the  top  up,  and  which  when  we had bought it had

already  been  quite  short.   But I had allowed Monica to hem it some

more,  making  it  just  barely  long enough to cover her ass when she

stood.   I  also  had  her  cut  a three inch slit in each side of the

dress from the bottom up.

      Before  allowing  her  to dress I laid her on the bed and rubbed

lotion  all  over  her  body,  wanting  it to be nice and smooth to my

friends  when  they  touched her.  It soon became evident that she was

going  to  have  to douche again before they came, so I allowed her to

do that before she dressed.

     She'd  just  finished  dressing  when  the  door-bell  rang and I

instructed  her  to  assume  "the  position"  in the foyer prior to my

opening  the door.  I led her to the foyer and watched as she knelt in

the  floor,  sitting between her feet and placing her hands behind her

back  and  lowering  her head.  The short dress rode up just enough in

that  position  that  it  made  her pantied crotch easy to see and her

arms  behind  her  back  allowed  her hard nipples to push through the

thin fabric of the dress.

      Finding  her  position  pleasing,  I opened the door to greet my

friends.   As  they  came  in we exchanged pleasantries and they stood

around  rather  nervously as we chatted just inside the door, glancing

down  at  Monica frequently and no doubt wondering when I was going to

introduce  them  and  how  long  I was going to require her to stay in

that position with her head bowed and her eyes lowered.

      "This  is my slave, Monica" I said extending my hand to indicate

the  kneeling woman in front of them.  After allowing them to all look

at  her  and giving them a chance to see that she didn't lift her head

or  speak  even  though  they  were speaking to her, I reached out and

took  her  elbow  and allowed her to stand and return their greetings.

She  spoke  to  each  of  the  warmly,  but  in  a reserved manner, an

embarrased look on her face as their eyes roamed over her.

      "Show my friends how glad you are that they are here, Monica," I


      "Yes,  MASTER,", she replied and moving from one to the other of

them,  she  wrapped her arms around their necks and kissed them deeply

on  the  mouth.  She kissed each of them just long enough to make sure

that  their  cocks  were  stirring  in  their  pants  and when she had

finished she moved back to my side and hooked her arm in mine.

      "Bring  your  luggage  on  in  guys," I said, "we've got alot of

catching up to do!

      Monica  prepared  a nice meal for us all as we sat in the living

room  and  talked  about what all had occured in the year since we had

seen  each  other.  While it was cooking she set up the card-table and

chairs  in  the living room, doing an excellent job of showing off her

sweet little body to my friends in the process.

     "Are we gonna play cards?", asked Tony.

      "Yep,  I  thought  after we ate dinner we'd play a little poker.

The  winner  for  the  evening  gets  to  have  Monica  sleep with him


      The  idea of winning Monica for the evening excited all of them,

and I knew we would have a spirited night of poker.

      Before  long  Monica announced that dinner was served and we sat

around  the  dining  room table and enjoyed the excellent meal she had

prepared.   Monica  was  allowed  to eat in the room with us, standing

and  eating  from  her  plate  on  the serving board at the end of the

room.   We sat around the table afterward, allowing our food to settle

and  giving  Monica  a  chance  to  remove the dishes and clean up the

kitchen  before  moving  into  the  living room once more to begin the

card  playing.  My friends seemed to really be enjoying themselves and

were  certainly  warming  to  the idea of having a sexy young slave at

their disposal for the weekend.

      While  the  cards  were shuffled and dealt I invited the guys to

feel  free  to touch Monica whenever or however they pleased, and told

them  that  they  would  find  her  very  receptive to everything that

happened  the rest of the evening.  I didn't have to say any more than

that  and  as she moved around the table bringing us drinks and snacks

they  each  reached  out to fondle her ass and legs and tits, allowing

their   hands  to  roam  up  under  the  short  dress.   Monica  stood

obediently  still whenever she was being fondled and did not move away

until  she  recieved a sign from me to do so.  As I had instructed she

did  not  speak unless spoken to and although it was obvious to all of

us  that  she  was  extremely  excited,  she  stood quietly and merely

closed her eyes when she was being fondled.

      After a couple of rounds of being fondled, I asked Monica if she

was enjoying herself.

      "Oh yes, MASTER, you're friends are very nice and its so kind of

you to allow me to serve them!", she replied with a smile.

      "Good  girl!   Remove  your  dress  and  panties  now Monica," I

instructed in a level voice.

       Monica  lifted  the short dress over her head and slid the tiny

panties  off her ass, twisting her hips slightly to the right and then

to  the  left  as  she  worked  them  lower  and  stepped out of them.

Tossing  the  dress  and the panties on the floor beside her she stood

quietly  allowing  us  all to look at her nakedness.  We all stared at

her  with  interest  and  the other guys complimented her on her perky

tits  and  her nicely trimmed bush.  Upon my signal she turned around,

allowing  them  to  observe  her  tight  young ass which elicited more

compliments from them.

      "You may lay in the floor and finger-fuck yourself now, Monica,"

I said.

      She  lay on her back in the floor near the table and opening her

legs  wide  and  bending  her  knees  she  began  rubbing her clit and

working  her  fingers  in  and out of her pussy.  After watching for a

few  moments  we  continued  to play cards, only occasionally glancing

over at her as she fingered herself to the brink of an orgasm.

     "May I pleeeeasssee cummmmmmmm now MASTER!!??" she moaned.

     "Do you need to come badly, my little slut?"

     "Oh yesssss, MASTER, I need to come soooooo badddddd!!!!"

      "Will  you  suck us all if I let you come now, little slave slut


       "Oh   yesssss,  MASTER!!!!,  I  love  to  suck  cocks...please,

pleaseee, let me come now, Pleassssssssseee!!!!"

      "You'll crawl under the table and take our cum if I let you come

now, Monica?"

      "Anythingggg,  MASTER,  you  know  I'll  do  anythinggggg,  just

please, oh, please let me come!!!!!!"

      "You  may come then my little cock-sucking slave," I said with a

smile and a wink to my friends.

      We  all  watched  as Monica hunched her naked hips into the air,

using  both  hands  on her dripping wet fuck hole.  With her left hand

she  was  rubbing her clit and she had three fingers of her right hand

deep  in  her  cunt,  pumping  them  in and out as if she needed to be

fucked more than anything else in the world.

      Finally  with a loud moan the rapid thrusting of her hips turned

into  a  slow,  rythmic, circular hunch, and her orgasm began sweeping

over  her.   Her  moans  became  animal  grunts  and  the sound of her

fingers  fucking  in  and  out of her sloppy wet hole filled the room.

Finally   her  grunting  and  fingering  slowed  to  a  stop  and  she

collapsed, a sweaty, panting, trembling bundle of skin and juice.

      We continued to play cards as she recouped her energy, and after

about  ten minutes  she crawled on her hands and knees under the table

to  begin  her  service of our cocks.  I felt her mouth nibbling at my

cock  through  my pants, but aware of the excitement of my friends and

wanting  her  mouth  to  already be wet with cum when she sucked me, I

pushed  her  head  away  and  toward  Tony's  lap who was seated to my


      She  took  her time with each man, licking and kissing each dick

as  if  it  were  a  lollipop.  She made it very obvious to each of us

that  cock-sucking  was  indeed  something  which  she did because she

liked  it,  no...loved  it,  and  not simply because she was my slave.

Each  of us in turn spilled our hot fuck into her eager mouth and felt

the  lingering  sucking  of  her  mouth  afterward milking and drawing

every little drop of spunk from us into her hungrily.

      By the time she had finished sucking us all we had completed the

previously  specified  number  of  hands  and had declared a proud and

happy  Tony  the nights winner.  I explained to Tony that Monica would

spend  the  night  in  the  bed  with him, and that he could choose to

sleep if he desired, or he could use her in anyway he chose.

      "Just  remember,"  I  said  with a smile, "that we have two more

days  to go, and if you wind up sleeping all day tomorrow, you'll miss

some fun."

      While  Tony  contemplated his delicious dilema, I told the group

that  it  was still a bit early to call it a night, and suggested that

we  each  take turns fucking Monica in her bed until it got to be bed-

time.    They  all  agreed,  and  I  send  Monica  into  the  bedroom,

instructing  her  to  lay on her back and take us all until we decided

to  stop.  She did as I requested, and allowing my friends to go first

once  more, we began filling her cunt with cum one at a time, watching

tv  in  the  living  room in between fucks, allowing our cocks to rest

and our balls to refill with more cum to pump into her.

      The  first  time  I  fucked her I discovered that she had merely

been  fucked in her middle fuck hole by the other guys and I of course

reminded  them  that  she  did  have  two other holes in which to take

cum.   On  my  second  trip  into the bedroom to pump her I discovered

that  they  had  taken  my  advice and her ass and mouth had both been

shot  into  on  the  second  round.  Gradually the guys began dropping

out,  Tony  because  he  had  the  rest  of the night, and Jack simply

because  he couldn't get it up any more.  Mark finally decided that he

was  ready  for bed and I entered the bedroom for the last time of the

night  to hold Monica and talk to her about the evening before sending

her to Tony's bed for the night.

      Realizing  how  dripping  wet she was with sweat and cum and her

own  juices,  I suggested that she take a warm bath following our talk

so that she would be nice and clean for Tony.

      "You've  been  a  very obedient and extremely pleasing slave, my

sweet darling slut" I said proudly.

      "Oh, MASTER, I've had a wonderful evening.  I really wish that I

could  sleep  in your arms tonight, but I understand you're wanting to

share  my body with your friends.  I loved the cum and the hard bodies

laying  on  me  fucking  my  holes  with  their hard cocks, and I look

forward  to  being  your  slave  tomorrow as well.  Thank you so much,

MASTER,  for  knowing  who  I  am  and  what I am, and for using me so


     Kissing  my  precious wife warmly on her full lips I sent her off

to  her  bath  and  rolling  onto my side fell asleep with a contented

smile  on  my  face,  knowing  that Tony had won the poker game of his



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