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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade03.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= A Nurse for Monica

        As  I  dialed the phone I wished I had been able to call Donna

earlier  in  the  day.   There  was  no gaurantee that she would be at

home,  and  if  not  my  plans  for  the  rest of the evening would be

foiled.   I was soon smiling, however, as Donna's sweet voice answered

the phone.


     "Donna, how are you this evening?"

      "MASTER!!,  what a pleasant surprise!  I'm fine thank you! Ohhh,

how glad I am you've called!  I've thought about you all day!"

     "Good girl!", I replied with a smile.  "Are you busy tonight?"

     "No!  I'm never busy when you want me, MASTER!"

      "I'm  glad to hear that.  I've been wanting you to meet my wife,

Monica,  and  I  was  hoping  you  would  come over tonight and let me

introduce you to her."

     "Does your wife know about me, MASTER?"

      "Not yet, Donna, and thats one thing which will make the evening

so  special.   I  want you to wear your nurse's outfit if you will and

I'll  be  expecting  you  to  play along with me in a very special way

with Monica."

       "You know I'll do ANYTHING you want me to do, MASTER, just tell

me how you want to use me."

        As  I  told  Donna  of  my plans for the rest of the evening I

could  tell  that  she  was becoming very excited and stopped short of

telling  her  all  the  details simply because I feared she might come

just  from hearing me talk about it.  I gave her enough information to

get  us  started,  and I knew that everything would fall into place as

the evening wore on.

        I  let  Monica  sleep  while  I  straightened up the house and

prepared  for  Donna's arrival.  About fifteen minutes before the time

I  had told Donna to come, I woke Monica and spoke to her gently about

the rest of the evening.

      "Monica,  you've  had  quite  a  full day.  Its been a bit of an

unusual  day for you, and I'm concerned that you may have been injured

in  some  way  by  all those rough men.  I've made arrangements for my

doctor's  nurse  to  come over and check you, just to make sure you're


      "Oh,  but  MASTER,  I've  never felt better!  I loved everything

that  happened to me today, I'm sure there isn't anything at all wrong

with me."

     "Still,  I will feel much better if we have the nurse look at you

and  give  us  her opinion.  Get up now, and fix your hair and put the

little  white  slip  on that we bought for you last week and the white

high heels, she'll be here shortly."

      "Shouldn't  I  put  on  a  robe?",  Monica  asked  with a rather

embarrased look on her face.

      "No,  just  the  slip  and  the high heels will be sufficient" I

replied.  "When you're ready come on in the living room."

      Before  Monica  could  prepare  herself  the doorbell rang and I

opened  it  to  greet  Donna.   She  looked  just  as  lovely as I had

remembered  her,  and  was  dressed in  another white skirt and blouse

just like the ones she had worn the other day in the doctor's office.

      "Hi  Donna,  come  right in, Monica will be joining us in just a


      "Its  nice  to  see you again, sir" Donna replied, and I led her

into  the  living  room  offering  her  a seat on the loveseat.  I sat

beside  her  and  we  exchanged  small talk for a moment or two before

Monica entered the room. Rising, I introduced the two women.

      "Donna,  this  is my wife, Monica.  Monica, Donna is my doctor's

nurse  that  I  told  you  about.   We  certainly do appreciate you're

coming  over to check Monica, Donna.  I love her very much and want to

be sure that she's ok."

      Monica  greeted Donna with a warm but slightly embarrased smile.

I  knew  that she felt a bit uncomfortable about wearing just the slip

and  high heels, but I loved the way she looked, and I knew that Donna

did  too.  I sat back on the loveseat next to Donna leaving Monica the

chair across from us.

      "He's  really  being  overprotective of me, Donna, I really feel

just fine."

      "Well,  you  have  had  quite an experience today Monica and its

important that you be checked out" I told her with a smile.

      Turning  to  Donna  I  began  to  explain  what  Monica had been

through.   "You  see Donna, Monica called me from work today and asked

me to come home because she needed to have sex...."

      Monica interrupted my explanation.  "Its not really necessary to

tell Donna EVERYTHING, is it dear?"

      I  looked  at  her  and  smiled  and said, "Yes, Monica, it is."

Turning  back to Donna once more I continued, "When I got home I found

that  Monica  was very sexually excited and decided we should go for a

ride  in  the  car.   But as we were riding along in the car, she kept

playing  with  herself  and  the  truck  drivers  we  passed along the


      "Really, I don't think we need to tell Donna all of this..."

       This  time I interrupted Monica's interruption.  "Donna, please

excuse  us for a moment, I need to talk to Monica alone."   I motioned

for  Monica  to  walk  ahead  of  me into the bedroom.  Once there she

opened  her  mouth  to  speak  but  the  look  in my eyes stopped her.

"Monica,  you're  embarrasing  me in front of our guest.  She has been

kind  enough  to  come  to our home tonight to reassure me that you're

alright,  and I will decide what she is to be told, not you.   But its

obvious  that  you need to be reminded of who you are and who I am, so

assume the "lap position" for your punishment."

      Monica  was  fully  aware that Donna would now not only hear the

full  story of her afternoon, but was also going to hear her receiving

a  spanking  from me, and without another sound laid herself across my

lap.    Sliding  the  slip  up over her lovely ass cheeks I gave her a

good  spanking,  making  sure  that  the sound of my hand slapping her

well  fucked  ass could be heard plainly in the living room.  Monica's

cries  could  also  be  heard plainly.  I could only guess what Monica

thought  Donna's  reaction  to this would be, but I knew for sure what

was  happening  in  the living room.  I knew that Donna would have her

hand  up  under  that white dress and that at least two of her fingers

would smell like cunt juice when we returned.

      Just  to  make  sure that we were not interrupted again, I bound

Monica's  wrists  behind  her  head and taking the shiny white panties

she  had  worn  earlier  in  the  day  from  the pile of dirty clothes

stuffed them in her mouth to serve as a gag.

      Leading  her  back into the living room I then guided her to the

corner  of the room and making her face the wall with her back to us I

sat back down beside Donna to finish my explanation.

      "Now,  where was I?  Oh, yes, you see Monica allowed those truck

drivers  to watch her masturbate as we rode along, and when we stopped

at  a  rest  stop, the car had hardly stopped before she jumped out of

the  car  and, motioning for them to join her, took on a whole gang of

them  in  the  men's room." I was purposely avoiding any references to

my  part in the afternoon's activities because I knew it would be even

more humiliating for Monica the way I was telling it to Donna.

     "Oh, my!" moaned Donna in mock alarm, "how many men were there?"

      "Well, I saw 9 men enter the restroom, but I think there were 11

who  left  just  before she did.  I think there were a couple of black

maintenance  men in there already.  I assume that they fucked her too,

although I haven't asked."

     "You mean they all raped her?" Donna asked.

      "Well,  raped  is  hardly  the word, Donna.  You see Monica is a

slut  and loves cocks and the taste of hot cum.  She loves to fuck and

so  it  really  wasn't  a matter of rape.  When I brought her home and

checked  her  I  found  cum in all her holes, so I thought it would be

best if you examined her."

      "Yes,  I  can certainly understand your concern," Donna replied.

"I  wish  we could do this at the office, however, the examining table

would be most helpful with this type of examination."

      "Well,  we  can certainly improvise," I told her.  "Why don't we

place her on the kitchen table and I'll hold her legs up for you."

      Monica  had stood in the corner listening to Donna and I talking

about  her  and  the  sluttish  afternoon  she had experienced, and in

spite  of  everything had found herself becoming more and more excited

with  every  word.   Rising  and  guiding  Monica  with my hand on her

waist,  I  led  her into the kitchen and watched as she obediently sat

on  the table edge and laid back on the table.  I watched with delight

as  Donna  slid  Monica's  slip  up  until  it  was bunched around her

shoulders  and  neck.  I slid Monica's body down toward the end of the

table  until  her  ass  was  positioned  just at the edge, and letting

Donna  sit  in  the chair directly in front of Monica's bottom, lifted

her  legs,  spreading  them  open giving Donna full access to Monica's

cunt and asshole.

       Having  followed  my  instructions  to  the  letter,  Donna had

brought  a  bag  full  of  instruments  with  her, and opening the bag

prepared to examine Monica's holes.

      "She is dripping wet, does she usually get this excited when she

is examined?" Donna asked.

      "Well, I'm not usually there when her doctor looks at her holes,

Donna,  but  I  would  think  so,  her doctor is a handsome man and it

takes  very little to make Monica wet.  Of course she does enjoy being

bound  and  gagged, and the fact that you're another woman no doubt is

having an effect on her as well."

      "I  see,"  Donna replied, "well, she does have a very attractive

pussy.   And  her  asshole doesn't look as if its a stranger to having

things  placed  in  it.  The way her hair is trimmed to leave her lips

slick,  but  still  provide  a little patch of hair at the top is cute

too, was that your idea, or hers?"

      "Mine,  of course," I explained.  "I saw a pussy like that in an

x-rated  film once and decided that I would like for Monica's pussy to

look like that."

      "I'm going to have to soak up some of this juice before I can do

the  examination  properly.   I've  never  seen anyone so wet before."

Having  said that, she reached in the bag and took out several tissues

and  began  wiping  the  cunt  juice  from  Monica's  slit and ass.  I

noticed  that  she  was  careful to stroke Monica's clit each time she

made  a swipe with the tissues.  Looking up at Monica's face I saw her

eyes  opened  wide  and  smiled at the way she was holding her head up

off  the  table,  wishing  that  she  could have a better view of what

Donna was doing to her.

      "There, thats some better, but I think I'd better hurry with the

examination, she seems to be lubricating very quickly."

      Donna  took  out  an instrument which I was unfamiliar with, but

which  I  soon  learned  was used to look deep into a vagina.  Sliding

the  end  of it into Monica's wet cunt, she showed me the very back of

Monica's  vagina.  We could see her cervix easily and the walls of the

back of her cunt.

      "Well,  its obvious that her cervix has been bumped into lots of

times  in  her  life,  but I don't see any damage to it.  Actually the

vagina  and  womb  are  very  resilient parts of the body and can take

quite alot.  Does she enjoy having her cervix stimulated?"

      I  had to admit to Donna that I wasn't sure, but that I was sure

she  would  enjoy  it.   Donna  explained that many women did enjoy it

when  their  cervix  was  stroked  with  fingertips but that not every

woman  had  learned to accept enough of a hand inside her to allow for


      "I've  been  wanting  to  help her learn to accept a hand in her

pussy.   Do  you  think  her cunt lips are elastic enough to allow for

that without any damage?"

     "Oh,  without  a  doubt they are.  Most women can do that without

any problem...babies come out there, you know."

      We  both chuckled and Donna removed the instrument from Monica's

vagina  and  made  some adjustments to it in preperation for inserting

it  in  her asshole.  Laying it temporarily aside, she said, "Normally

a  lubricant  such  as  KY  jelly would be used on this instrument for

anal  insertion.  But she is lubricating so nicely that I think we can

use  her  own  juices  for  that  purpose."  Reaching forward with her

fingers  she  inserted  three of them quickly and deeply into Monica's

cunt  moving  them  around  and in and out gently, letting the copious

juice  cover  her  fingers.  Monica began to hunch her hips in the air

at the touch of Donna's slim fingers inside her.

      "Oh  my,"  Donna  exclaimed,  "I'm  exciting her when I do that.

Look at her hips move!"

      Monica  obviously wanted to say something in response, but could

only  grunt,  and  as  she grunted her hips seemed to buck even higher

off the table.

      Ignoring  the hunching of Monica's hips, Donna removed the three

fingers,  eliciting  a  disapointed moan from Monica, and began to rub

the  juices  on  the  shaft  of the instrument.  Having coated it with

Monica's  fuck juice, she pressed the end to Monica's anus and slid it

in gently.

      "Yes,  she  is  obviously accustomed to having things put in her

anus.   Look  how  much  of  the  instrument  I can insert without any

resistance at all."

      "I've been training her to accept things in her ass, Donna.  She

sleeps  with  a dildo in her asshole every night now and seems to love


      "My,  my,"  exclaimed  Donna.   "You do have quite a horny young

wife here, don't you?"

      I  smiled  at Monica and replied to Donna, "Yes, I certainly do,

Donna.   I bet she's especially horny now, aren't you Monica?"

     Donna and I both watched as Monica nodded her head vehemently and

began  hunching  her ass on the instrument which Donna had inserted in

it.   Donna  left the instrument in her ass and we both watched Monica

fuck  her  ass  against  it  for  a very long time, commenting to each

other about how eager she was and how hot and horny she seemed to be.

      "She  just stays running wet!  I know I've continually commented

on  it, but I just can't get over how wet she gets."  Having said that

Donna  leaned  forward  and  licked  at Monica's slit with her tongue,

gathering  a  large  amount  which  she then swirled around inside her

mouth with obvious delight.

      "She really tastes wonderful as well!" Donna exclaimed, lowering

her mouth back to Monica's pussy for more of the glistening juice.

      By  this  point Monica was beside herself with passion.  To have

the  attractive  young nurse licking her cunt and fucking her ass with

the  hard  instrument  was  more  than she could stand.  Her hips were

thrusting  wildly  up  into the air and her head was rolling from side

to  side.   Moans of delight and passion were seeping through the cunt

juice  filled crotch of the dirty panties in her mouth.  Concentrating

on  her clit, Donna sucked and nibbled at it with her experienced lips

until  with  one huge thrust of her hips Monica's climax began.  I had

all  I could handle trying to hold her legs still as she came, and the

air  was filled with grunting noises as the passion washed through her

body.   Finally  her  moans  and  movements  subsided and she lay limp

before  us.   Things  were  going  nicely already, and the evening had

just begun.


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