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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade02.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= Monica Goes For a Ride

          It   was   one of those lovely May days when the temperature,

flowers,  and   the   sound of the birds made anyone with the least bit

of   sensitivity    overwhelmingly   aware   that   spring  had  indeed

arrived.  I  had been at work    for  only  an  hour when Monica called

and  asked  if  I could come home.  It    was  not  unusual  for her to

make  such  a  request;  we  had  an  understanding    about  that.   I

allowed   her  to  call  me anytime she wanted to and to ask    for  me

to   come  home  whenever  she  needed  sex.  Sometimes I just made her

hotter   and  made  her masturbate herself, but other times I went home

and     either   watched  her  bring  herself  to an orgasm or used her

in some way    until she came at least once before I returned to work.

         We   had  only been married for a little less than a year, but

Monica     had  been  my  slave  long  before  we  married.  We had met

on  a  computer     service  that  was  somewhat  sex oriented, and had

gradually  become  aware     that   we  enjoyed  and  needed  dominance

and   submission   in  our sexual    relationship.   This had continued

over  the  telephone  and  later on when we    dated, but it had really

begun to flower once we were married.

         I   had   taken   my   time  in  training  Monica  and she had

responded     beautifully.    She   had   gradually   been  exposed  to

more  and  more  of  the     realm   of  the slave until almost without

realizing  it she had turned into    a  hungry  slave  slut  who  could

never seem to get enough of her MASTER.

    She  had  long  ago  learned  that  it  not  only  pleased  me  for

her  to    masturbate  often,  but  that  I expected and demanded it of

her.   Often  I     would   tell   her  what  to  think about while she

fingered  her  little  clit  or    shoved  things  up  her  hungry slut

fuck  hole,  but  there  were other times    when  I  simply  told  her

to   go   masturbate  and  think about anything or    anyone  that  she

wanted   to   think  about.   Most of the time when I was    around  to

watch   I   would  make  her  come  back  into  the  room that I was in

when   she   was   ready to come and finish while she stood or knelt in

front     of   me, but other times when she came in the room to ask for

my  permission     to   come  I would just send her back to the bedroom

and  listen  with  a  smile    on my face at the moans and gasps as she

brought herself to a climax.

          What  really  surprised me about her calling so early on this

spring     morning   was  that  I had allowed her to come before I left

for  work,  and  it     had  seemed  to  me  to  be an unusually strong

orgasm  for her.  There was    nothing  at all unusual about her waking

up  horny,  she had been doing that    for  months  now,  ever  since I

started  inserting  the  dildo in her ass at    night  before  allowing

her  to  sleep.  There was something about waking up    in  the morning

and  realizing  that she had slept all night with that dildo    in  her

ass   that   made  her  really  hot  to fuck.  Some mornings if I awoke

before   her   I  would  wake  her by rubbing my balls against her lips

as  I     knelt  over her, but usually I would awake to find her hungry

little  mouth     working   on my cock, balls or asshole.  Monica is an

extremely  oral  little     slut   who  really  loves  cocksucking  and

the  taste  of  warm  cum, but its    almost  as  if  she  loves  balls

and  assholes just as much as cocks.  One    time  just  as  a  test of

my  control  and  her submissiveness I told her to    lick  my  asshole

without   touching   my  cock  until I told her to stop and    over  an

hour   passed   before  I  finally  let  her  take my cock in her mouth

and finish me.  Even then she seemed reluctant to leave my ass.

          But  this  morning  when I awoke I found her laying beside me

on  her     stomach   humping  her hand.  I slid my hand under her warm

little  belly  and     let   my   fingers   join hers at her sloppy wet

cunt,  sliding  two of mine in    along  side  the  two she already had

up  inside  her little fuck hole.  She    fucked  those four fingers as

if  they  were  the  best  cock  she  had  ever had,    her  tight  ass

rising   and   falling   deliciously  with  each thrust of her    hips.

She   still  had  the  dildo  in her ass, of course, she knew full well

that   only  I could remove the dildo from her ass in the mornings, and

when     she   was   ready   to  come  she  reached back with her other

hand  and  began     fucking  the  dildo in and out of her hot asshole.

She  turned  her  head to    me  as  she  hunched and bumped and humped

her  slut  holes against the firm    intruders  inside  them  and  said

"I   live   to  fuck, MASTER, I'm a dirty    little  tramp  slave  slut

who  wants  only  to  please  her  MASTER!!  Please,    please  MASTER,

may   your   dirty   slave  slut whore show you what a hungry    little

piece  she  is  and  come  all over her hand?"  Turning my head to look

into   her  eyes  and  smiling  wickedly, I began spanking her churning

ass     cheeks   and   replied   "   Yes,  my  trembling and submissive

little slave you    may come for your MASTER now!"

          Her   hips  raised  higher and higher with each thrust as she

continued     to  impale  her  hungry  holes  on  the fingers and dildo

inside  her  body,    until  at  the  height of her orgasm she was like

a  wild  and  wanton animal    lewdly  slamming  her holes full of hard

probes  and  grunting  over and over    again  as  she  came.   Finally

her  moans  stopped  and  she  collapsed  on  the    bed breathless and


          Now,  not much over two hours since coming so violently, here

she  was     on  the  phone  wanting  me  to  come  home  and fuck her.

I  decided  that     perhaps  this  was  a  good day to exlore some new

territory  with  my  slave     and   told  her  that  I  would  be home

shortly.   I  also  told her to dress    herself  in  the  white  dress

that  I had bought for her the previous week    and  to  wear  under it

her  white  garter  belt outfit and tan stockings.  I    also  told her

to  not  wear  the  bra that came with the set, only the garter    belt

and   the   little  shiny  white  panties.   It  was  a lovely dress, a

very      light   material   that  was  actually  rather  easy  to  see

through.   Normally  a    woman  would  not  wear  that dress without a

slip  under  it,  especially  if    she  was  wearing  a  garter  belt,

but  we  both  knew when I bought it that    there  would  not  be many

times  when  Monica  would wear it with a slip, no    matter  where  we

were   going   or  who  would  see her.  She knew without my    telling

her   to   wear  the  ankle  bracelet  on which I had had the word slut

engraved as well as the 4 inch high heels that matched the dress.

          Much   to   my   delight   when   I  arrived home I found her

dressed and    sitting  on  the couch in the living room watching an x-

rated  movie on the    vcr  her  fingers  busy  inside her little white

panties.   I  kissed  her  on    the  cheek and played with her nipples

through  the  thin material until she    was  almost  ready to come and

then  made  her  stop,  turning off the vcr and    informing  her  that

we   were  going for a ride.  She was never very happy    when  I  made

her  stop  before  she  could come, but she knew that she would    come

many   times   before  the  day  was  over  and of course she knew that

she     would   be   punished  if  she  complained  about my making her

stop.   So  with  a     loud sigh she lowered her dress and followed me

out to the car.

          Opening  the  door for her I watched her enter the car in the

manner     which   I   had   prescribed for her, sitting down first and

then  sliding  her     dress   up  above  her  knees  just the required

amount  before  swinging her    legs  in  and sliding her dress up even

further.   She  had  long  ago  learned     the  proper  way  to  enter

and   exit   a   car  both when there were others    present  and  when

we   were   alone.    Actually  there  was only one major    difference

in   the  two  approaches,  that  being  that  when  we  were alone she

raised   her   dress  all the way to her waist and opened her legs wide

after     having   swung her legs inside the car.  If there were others

present  or  if     another   man was holding the door open for her she

merely  raised  her  dress     as  high as possible without her garters

showing  before  he closed the door    on  her  side  of the car.  This

in  itself  was  of  course a very sexy thing    to  see  and  I  often

had   enjoyed   watching  men  roll  their  eyes as they    watched  my

little   slut  enter  and leave cars.  Monica seldom had to open    the

door   of   a   car   for  herself.   The procedure was the same if she

was     driving   and  a man opened the drivers side door for her, even

if  I  was not    along.   I  knew that the men who watched her display

her  legs  in  that  way    would  want  to  fuck  her, but I also knew

that  she  would  only fuck those    men  that  I  allowed her to fuck,

and  it  pleased me for her to make cocks    hard.   When  she  got out

of  the  car  the procedure was even more exciting    because  she  had

been   trained   to  open  her  legs  and  place  one foot at a    time

outside   the   car  when  the  door  was  being  held open for her and

only     to   lower  and  smooth  out  her dress after standing.  There

was  always  a    good  view  to be had even when I allowed her to wear

pantyhose,  which  was     not  often,  and even then they were usually

crotchless pantyhose.

          I   was aware that she had turned her head and was looking at

me  as  I     turned  into the gas station, but I paid her little mind.

She  knew that I    would  not  allow  her  to lower her dress, and she

also  knew  how  much the    man  who  ran  the  station loved to clean

the  windshield  of our car while    the  gas was being pumped into the

tank.   She  hated  the  way  the  man  looked    at  her so lewdly and

openly  stared  at  her pantied crotch and yet she knew    that  I  was

allowing  him  to look and that there was nothing she could do    about

it  that  she  would  not pay for later on.  So she just sat there with

her   head   bowed   and  her  eyes  lowered  as  the man looked at her

stockinged     legs  and  her damp white panties.  I always acted as if

there  was  nothing     unusual   at   all   about her sitting there so

exposed  and  paid  no attention    at all to the man's lewd staring at

my wifes exposed crotch.

          Soon   we  were back on the road again, and while I knew that

she  was     upset   with   me   for exposing her to the man at the gas

station  I was also    very  much aware that her cunt had dampened even

more  in  the  process.   the     smell  of  her  pussy  permeated  the

air in the car and I breathed it in    deeply with great satisfaction.

          As we turned onto the four lane highway leading away from our

little     town   I   inserted the tape that I had been saving for just

such  a  day  into    the  cassette  player.   It  was  a  special tape

that  I had made just for    Monica  to  listen to while we were in the

car  together.   It had been made    at  a  party  which  I  had thrown

while  Monica  had been away visiting her    father  and brother in New

York.   I  had  invited  a  group  of  people over who    were  special

friends   of   ours.   They  were  all very much aware of who    Monica

is   and   what   she  is  for, and all of them had had sex with her on

numerous   occasions.    The  reason I had thrown the party was to give

us  a    chance  to  discuss  our  next get-together with Monica and to

plan  how  we     would   use  her at that time, but I had also had the

idea for this tape and    had planned on making it also.

           The  tape  had  some  of  our  favorite  music  on  it,  but

interspersed  with     the   music   were   the   voices of our friends

speaking  to  Monica about very    filthy  and dirty things.  There was

Dan  the  college quarterback reminding    Monica  that he still wanted

to   have  her  join  him  and  the  rest  of  the  team     in   their

lockerroom   some   night   after  a  game.   He  talked  openly to her

about   how  they would all let her suck their cocks and how they would

take     turns   fucking   her   over   and  over  again until they had

spilled  all  their     cum   into  and  onto her.  Then there was Paul

the  dark-haired  stockbroker     who   talked   for   a  solid fifteen

minutes  about  how  much  he loved to fuck    her  in  the ass.  There

was  Cindy,  the  high  school cheerleader who in her    giggly  little

voice  kept  telling  Monica  over  and  over how much she wanted    to

let   the   whole  cheerleading  squad  watch  Monica perform for them.

She     made  it  quite  clear that "performing" for them would include

eating  all     their   juicy   little   cunts.    Robert,   the  black

lawyer,  loved  to  tease     Monica   about   her   love   for   black

cocks,   and   spent  his  allotted  time     talking   to   her  in  a

really  degrading  way  about  what a slut she was to    love  to  suck

him    off    as  much  as  she  did.   While  his  features  were  not

particulary   those  of  a  black  man his voice certainly was, and his

teasing     and  chiding  words  took  on  extra  impact because of his

accent  and  the     sound   of  his  voice  calling  her  a slut and a

whore  and  a  dirty little    nigger  sucking tramp.  John, the police

sargent  talked  about  hand-cuffing     her  and  fucking her with his

night-stick  while  some  of  the  other  guys  in     the   department

watched,   and   then  letting  them  all  take  turns with her.     He

also   talked   about  catching  her  with  Robert  and spanking her in

front    of the others because she had been sucking his black dick.

          As   I  had expected, Monica was unable to listen to the tape

without     getting   very  excited and she would either finger herself

or  reach for my    hand  and  place  it  on  her sopping wet cunt each

time  one  of  the voices    would  begin  to  speak.   I  smiled  with

satisfaction  watching  her  grow     increasingly  hot  and seeing her

come  over  and  over again as the familiar    and exciting voices made

her feel even more submissive.

          As   we  rode  along she became far too hot and submissive to

care  what    was  going  on  in  the world around her, and I purposely

pulled  alongside     trucks   to  let  the  drivers have a view of her

fingering  her  little  cunt  as     she  listened  to  the  voices  on

the  tape.  I also told her to open her    dress  from  the  top to her

waist  so  that  the  drivers  could see her perky    little  tits  and

watch     as     she    pinched    her    hardening    nipples    while


          When   the   tape  ended,  I  turned  on the cb radio so that

we  could     listen   to  the  chatter  among  the  truck  drivers who

had  been  watching     Monica   perform  for  them.  That seemed to be

the  first  time  that  she  was     really   aware  that they had been

watching  her,  she  had been so lost in her    lust  that  she  hadn't

given  it much thought while it was occuring.  When    she  saw me take

the  microphone  in  hand and begin to talk about her to the    drivers

she   began   to   beg  me  to  stop, telling me that I was embarrasing

her   and  pleading  with me to not tell them all the dirty things that

she     enjoyed   doing   as   my  slave.  But I not only told them how

much  she  loved     to   suck  big hard cocks, but invited them all to

meet  us  at  the next rest    stop where I would let them all have her

hot little mouth on their dicks.

          When   we   pulled   into  the rest stop we were met by 9 hot

and  horny    truck  drivers  of  all  descriptions  who  couldn't wait

to  have  this  hot     little   slave  of  mine  take their cum in her

mouth.   Knowing  that  there  was     no   point   in   refusing,  and

frankly   needing  their cum as much as they    needed  for her to suck

it  from  them,  Monica  got  out of the car and walked    directly  to

the  mens  room  motioning  for them to follow her.  Once inside    the

men   began  pawing  at  her,  their  rough hands unbuttoning her dress

and     sliding   it   off  her body.  They all grabbed at her tits and

felt  between    her  legs  and  pressed  their  mouths against hers in

hot,  sloppy kisses.     She  felt hands on her ass cheeks pulling them

apart,  hands on her thighs,    hands  on her tits and lips kissing her

naked  legs  and  neck.   Their  seemed     to  be  fingers everywhere,

fingers  pinching  her  nipples,  fingers  pusshing     at   her  cunt,

trying   to   enter   her asshole.  She felt hard dicks being    placed

in   her   hands   and  rubbed  against her naked body.  She jerked the

cocks   in  her  hands  as  they  lowered her to the floor, feeling two

men     opening   her   legs   and   holding  them apart as another man

lowered  himself     between   her   stockinged   thighs.   Now another

sweaty  body  was straddling    her  chest  and a cock was being placed

in  her  open and hungry mouth.  All    she  could  see  feel and think

about  was  cocks.   There  seemed  to  be  cocks    everywhere.   Hard

thick   smelly   cocks   fucking   her  mouth  and  hands  and    cunt,

fucking  her and spewing their white hot cum into her and onto her.

    She   had   no   idea   how  long  they  kept her there or how many

times  they     fucked   her.    She  really  didn't even know how many

times  she  came herself    although she knew she came several times in

succession  more than once.        Finally  she  realized  that she was

alone  and  that  they  had  left her    there  by  herself,  naked and

covered  with  cum,  lying  on  the  floor  of the    mens  room.   She

struggled   to   her   feet  looking around for her dress,    realizing

to  her  dismay  that  the  dress  was  not  there.  She washed herself

off   as  best she could and then peeking out the door of the mens room

saw     her   MASTER  standing  by  their  car holding her dress in his

hands.   She     motioned   for   him   to bring her the dress and then

realized  that  he would    not  do  that,  and  that she would have to

cross  the  parking  area  clad in    only  her  stockings and panties.

The  embarrasment  of  having to cross the    parking  area nearly nude

was  minor  compared  to the gang-bang she had just    experienced  and

Monica   walked   calmly   to   the  car.   She expected me to    allow

her   to   put   her   dress  on, but instead found that I had spread a

sheet   over   the   back   seat  and was instructing her to lay on her

side  in     the   back  for the remainder of the trip.  She meekly lay

on  her side with    her  naked  ass  exposed  and  felt my handcuffing

her  with her arms beind    her.   The tape played over and over on the

return  trip  home  and  she  found     herself  still  longing  to  be

able  to  finger  herself and being terribly    frustrated by the cuffs

which kept her hands behind her back.

          After   what  seemed like hours but was only a few minutes we

arrived     back   at  our  home.   I helped the bound little slave get

out  of  the back    seat  and  led her into the house still semi-naked

and  still  cuffed.   Once    inside  I removed the handcuff's and took

Monica  into  the bedroom and laid her gently on  the bed to rest while

I  ran  her bath.  I finished removing her clothing while the water was

running  and  afterward  slowly eased her into the hot water and bathed

her  gently,  making  sure to remove all the come that had been spilled

onto  her  earlier.  After the bath I allowed her to douche in front of

me  and  then  having her kneel in the tub greased her asshole well and

inserted  the  enema  nozzle,  filling her ass with warm soapy water to

remove  the  cum that had been shot up her dark hole by the horny truck


       After  drying  her  beautiful  naked  body  off with a big rough

towel,  I  turned back the covers of our bed and laid my sweet slave on

the  cool  sheets,  kissing  her gently and telling her to rest while I

fixed  her  something  to eat.  I then fixed a nice chef's salad for us

both  and served her the salad and a glass of white wine in bed.  After

we  had  eaten  I  told  her  I  wanted her to take a short nap while I

attended  to  the  preperations  for  the rest of her evening.  She was

asleep  in  less  than five minutes, and taking the piece of paper from

my  wallet  on  which she had written her phone number, I called my new

friend Donna.  This was going to be a day to remember.

          Once in the living room Monica was placed in a straight chair

in  the     middle   of   the  room  and  her  ankles were bound to the

back  legs of the    chair.   Her  hands  were  tied behind the back of

the  chair  and  she  found     herself   bound   and  naked  with  her

legs   open   and   her  cunt and tits    exposed.   Cheryl  bent  down

and   kissed  Monica  warmly  on  the  mouth,  her     tongue  slipping

between   her   lips   to   tease  and  touch her own hungry    tongue.

She  then  explained  to  Monica  that  they  were going to observe her

for   a   while   before   allowing  her to eat them, and slowly Monica

became    aware that others were entering the room.

To Be Continued...

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