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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade01.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= The Nurse

      The  appointment  with the doctor had been made for an insurance

physical.   I'd  had  several  of them over the last several years and

really  didn't  mind  them  at all, especially since the new nurse had

started  working  for  my  doctor.   Her name was Donna, and she was a

petite  little  package,  so  cute  that  had  her  body been any less

voluptous  she  would  have  almost  been  one  of those women who was

nearly  too  cute to fantasize about.  You know the type I mean.  Some

women  are  just  so  precious that its hard to imagine them naked and

hungry for a good fuck.  Thats almost the way it was with Donna.

      The  first time I'd met her she'd had on a pair of white slacks,

pressed  so  crisply  that  there  was  not  even  a hint of a wrinkle

anywhere,  even  though  it  was  nearly the end of office hours.  She

obviously  had  on  white knee highs or thigh highs, because the lines

of  her bikini panties were so plainly obvious as she walked away from

me.   Her  ass  was perfect in every way, proportioned ideally for the

rest  of  her body and just full enough to make your mouth water.  And

the  panties she chose to wear were just enough proof that there was a

sexually  alive  woman  inside  those  clothes  to make staring at her

tight  little  buns  seem perfectly alright.  She had worn a pale pink

and  blue  sweater  that  day,  made of a rather smoothly woven fabric

that  followed  the  curves of her breasts perfectly.  I felt sure she

was  wearing  a  bra, but was also just as sure that her perky breasts

would appear just as firm and full without one.

      The  wedding  ring  on her finger was a disappointment to me, of

course,  and  I  was  a good little soldier in my remarks to her, even

though  her  smile and her attitude told me that she found me at least

interesting.   We  exchanged  small talk in between the blood pressure

and  blood  sample taking, and I learned that she had been married for

a  little  over  two years and lived in a neighborhood between my work

and  my  home.   Her  husband  was  a  salesman who traveled to nearby

cities during the week but was always home on the weekends.

      Much  to  my  chagrin,  the next time that I was at the doctor's

office  another  nurse  did  the  honors, but Donna walked by the door

often  and  looked in and smiled each time she passed the door.  I had

run  in  to  her  a  time or two since as I was shopping in our little

town  and  we  had greeted each other pleasantly, but had never really

had  much time to talk.  Finally I had returned to the doctor one more

time  and  was really pleased that Donna was my nurse once again.  She

seemed  pleased  too,  and  the examining room seemed charged with sex

the moment she entered.

      This  time  she  was  wearing  a  white skirt and blouse and the

normal  white  stockings.   She  sat  across  from me asking the usual

questions  for  the insurance form and when she crossed her legs I was

in  the  perfect  position to look up the sides of her little skirt as

she  swung  her  foot  to and fro nervously.  I was enjoying myself so

much  that  I  really didn't care whether or not she saw me staring at

her  legs,  and  if she noticed she made no effort to let me know that

she  was  aware.  She also never stopped swinging that foot, and every

time  she  did  her skirt would raise just a bit letting me see mearly

to  the  tops of her stockings.  I could see the thicker band near the

tops  of  them  and although I really couldn't be sure she didn't have

on  thigh  tops  or  pantyhose,  in  my mind at least there was also a

pretty white garter belt under that crisp white skirt.

      When she finished asking her questions and rose to take my blood

pressure  I  fixed  my  gaze  on  her chest trying my best to see if I

could   see   anything   at   all   through  the  white  blouse.   But

unfortunately  I  couldn't  tell  for sure even if she had on a bra or

not  until  she  bent lower to test my reflexes with the little hammer

on  the  knee  trick  and  her blouse fell open just enough to make it

clear  that  she  was  not  wearing one.  I could see the swell of her

right  breast and as she moved slightly to her right to check my right

knee  I  could  see  the darkening circle of the tip of her breast and

her  pink  little  nipple  as  it poked forward out of the circle.  My

smile  must  have  told  her  that I'd seen something that pleased me,

because  when  she  straightened  up and saw my face she smiled at me,

and  with  a  small  chuckle  handed  me  the  specimen  cup and said,

"Here...put  those eyes back in your head and go fill this up for me".

I  smiled  a broad smile and without another word went to the restroom

and  did  as  she  had requested.  When I returned I handed the cup to

her  and  jokingly remarked, "Here you go, now don't confuse that with

Mountain  Dew".   She  smiled  back and with a mischievous grin on her

face  said, "Oh there's a big difference in this and Mountain Dew....I

don't  like  the  taste of Mountain Dew".  With that she turned on her

heel and walked away leaving me to wait for the doctor.

      Over  the  next  several  days  I couldn't think of anything but

Donna.   The  teasing  views  of  her luscious body and the incredibly

sexy  come-back  to  my  teasing  about the specimen had really had an

effect  on  me.   I  knew I was going to have to find out just exactly

what  kind  of  girl this Donna was, no matter what kind of trouble it

got me into.

      Several  days after our last encounter I made the stupid mistake

of  letting  a  chisel  slip in my woodworking shop late one afternoon

and  had  to  go  over  to  the doctor's office for stiches in my arm.

Just  as  the  doctor  was  finishing up he got a call to attend to an

emergency  situation in the emergency room of the local hospital which

was  just  next  door  to his office.  He asked Donna if she could put

the  dressing  on  my injury and if she would close the office for him

as  he  was  sure  he would not be able to get back before it was time

for  everyone  to  leave.   She  confidently told the doctor she could

handle  it  all  and by the time she had finished bandaging my arm the

other nurses and doctors had all left.

      I  apologized  to  Donna for being responsible for her having to

stay  late, to which she replied "Oh, don't apologize, I don't get the

chance  to  "play  doctor"  often,  and after all, you are my favorite

patient...and  besides, Frank is out of town and I don't have anything

to do the rest of the evening anyway."

      "Well,  Doctor," I replied with a smile, "are you sure you don't

need  another   specimen  from your favorite patient?...seems like you

ask for one every time I come".

      "Come  to  think of it," she smiled, "why don't you give me one,

just in case you have gotten some kind of infection or something?"

      I  chuckled as I took the cup and went to the bathroom to comply

with  my new "doctor's" wishes.  When I returned to the examining room

I  handed  the  cup to Donna and with a sly smile said, "Well, it does

look a bit like Mountain Dew, doesn't it?"

      "Ummmmm,  now that you mention it, it does!  Now, I wouldn't put

it  past  you  to  try  to trick me by giving me a cup of Mountain Dew

instead  of  what  I  asked  you for.  Maybe I'd better check this and

see,  just  in  case!"   With  that she lifted the cup to her face and

swirling  the yellow liquid around like brandy sniffed the aroma.  "It

doesn't  smell like Mountain Dew....but the the only way to be sure is

...."  and  with  that she placed the cup to her lips and took a small

sip.   Swirling the still warm piss around in her mouth as if she were

tasting  wine,  my  sweet  and cute little nurse then smiled and said,

"Oh,  no,  this  certainly isn't Mountain Dew, this is wonderful!" and

tilting  back  her  head  she  drank the remainder of my piss into her


      Without  another word I took the cup from her hand and set it on

the  small  table and staring directly into her eyes began unbuttoning

her  blouse.   Tugging  the  hem  of  her  blouse  from  her skirt and

spreading  it  open,  her  beautiful breasts were exposed to my hungry

gaze.    I  slid  the  blouse  off  her  shoulders,  but  rather  than

completely  removing  it, I left it half way off her back, letting the

white  fabric  serve  as  bonds  on  the young nurses arms.  She stood

quietly  without moving, allowing me to do whatever I chose to do with

her  clothing.   Her  breasts  were now completely exposed to me and I

reached  out taking one of her nipples between my thumb and forefinger

and  pinching  it.   "How  do you like for your nipples to be pinched,

Donna,  lightly, or very hard?"  She swallowed visibly and closing her

eyes  breathed her response: "I love for them to be pinched very, very

hard!"   Tightening  my  grip  on her nipple I clamped down on it with

increasing  force,  twisting  it  and  pulling  it  out  away from her

breast,  reaching  forward  with  the  other hand to perform identical

ministrations on her other nipple with my free hand.

      Donna's  head  rolled  back and her eyes glazed over as I played

with  her  hardening  nipples.   I  could feel them growing longer and

longer  between  my  fingers,  and  by the time I had satisfied myself

with the pinching and pulling they had grown nearly an inch long.

      "Play  with  them  for  me  Donna, while I remove your skirt," I

commanded.   With  absolutely  no hesitation whatsoever, Donna's hands

moved  to  her  breasts and took over the pulling and pinching that my

hands had begun.

      Reaching  to  her  waist,  I  slid the zipper on the side of her

skirt  downward,  unhooking  the small clasp and lowering her skirt to

the  floor.   I  knelt in front of her, lifting her feet one at a time

and  removing  the skirt from around her ankles.  For the first time I

was  now  sure what my favorite little nurse wore under her skirts and

the  sexy  white  garter  belt  that  met  my  gaze as it moved up her

curvaceous  legs  framed her young pussy beautifully.  Evidently Donna

only  wore  panties  when  she  wore pants, because her sweet cunt was

completely exposed as she stood before me.

      Without having to be told, Donna opened her legs wider, standing

with  her  feet  a  good 2 feet apart.  Rising, I walked slowly around

her  looking  at  her ass and the backs of her thighs.  Her right hand

moved downward toward her obviously hot cunt, but I stopped her.

      "No,  Donna,  don't touch your hot little slut cunt yet, I'm not

ready for you to do that."

      "Yesssssss, Yesssss....oh Pleeeassee, let me touch it!!...Its so

hot and ready!!!"

      "I  said NO!! do want to do everything I tell you to

do, don't you?"

      "Yesssss...but...oh, God, did you know how much I've been

needing  you?   How  did you know how much I need a MASTER, how much I

miss being trained and used?  How did you know???!!!"

      "Its  my  job  to  know, Donna," I smiled, " and besides, only a

cheap little tramp slave slut enjoys drinking piss."

       Donna's  eyes  closed  tightly  and a low moan escaped from her

mouth  at  the  sound  of  my  words,  and  her hands worked even more

feverishly  on  her long and hard nipples.  Reaching forward I lightly

let  the  tips of my fingers graze the damp folds of her pussy through

the  thin  whisp of cunt hair.  Her cunt hair was like that of a young

girl,  so  sparse  and thin as to be almost non-existant, and her hips

bucked  and  she  moaned more loudly as my fingers touched her already

throbbing  nether  lips.   Even  with that slight touch my fingers had

become  coated  with  her fuck juices and I held the fingers up to her

nose allowing her to smell the aroma of her own cunt.

      "Smell  your  cunt,  my  little  whore,  smell the juice that is

pouring from your hot little hole!"

      "Ohhhhh,  MASTER!!!," she breathed hotly, and her tongue reached

out and licked at the wet fingers being offered to her.

     "You love pussy juice, don't you my little slave?" I teased.

      "Yesssssss  MASTER!!, I do love pussy juice!!!...please, please,

please feed me more of my fuck!!!"

      Moving  my fingers back to her hot hole I slowly inserted two of

them  deeply  inside  her  and  moved them back and forth letting them

become  drenched  with  the  warm  and slick juice that bubbled in the

heat  of  her  passion pit.  Moving them back to her mouth I slid them

between  her open lips and watched with delight as she sucked hungrily

at them.

      "You  love  piss and you love cunt juice...what else do you love

my little slave slut whore?"

      Her  breathing  now  was ragged, coming almost in spurts and her

hips  were  moving back in forth in a fucking motion even though there

was nothing at all touching her cunt or ass.

      "I  lovvvvvve  cummmmmm, MASTER!!!!...I love your cummmmmmmm and

want it in my mouth sooooo much!!!!!!"

      My  fingers  moved  back  to  her spread and exposed cunt as she

moaned  her  answer, and I added yet another finger, now sliding three

hard  fingers  into her dripping honey pot.  The thrusting of her hips

now  picked  up  speed and I knew that if I continued she would surely

come.   My  cock  was  pressing the front of my trousers out violently

now.   I  couldn't  remember  a  time  when I'd been as excited.  This

wonderfully  attractive  young nurse had in the space of a few moments

turned  into  a  quivering  slave who I now knew would do anything and

everything that I asked her to do.

      "Morrrrrrrrrrrre,  MASTER......  pleeeeeeeeeeease,  pleeeeeease,

fuck me harder and give me morrrrrre!!!!"

     "Do you love cocks, Donna?"

     "Ohhhhh MASTER!!!...YESSSSSSS!!! You know I love cocks!!"

      "You  love  to suck big hard cocks and take the warm cum in your

mouth, don't you Donna?"

     "Yesssssssssss!!, MASTER!!!"

     "Do you like to fuck, Donna?"

      "MASTER!!!!!!,  don't  tease  your  little  slave  anymorrrrrre,

pleassseeee!!!!!...Fuck me!!!!!, Fuck me!!!!!, Fuck me!!!!!"

       "Will  you do anything I say, Donna?  Will you suck anyone, eat

anyone, fuck anyone I tell you to?"

      "Annnnnyyyyything!!!!,  MASTER, I'll do annnnnyyyything you tell

me to do...just Fuuuuuuuuucccccccckkkkkk meeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!"

        Reaching forward I took one of Donna's hands and moved it from

her  breast  to  her  cunt  and  pressed her own fingers up inside her

hungry  pussy as I removed my fingers from her.  She immediately began

fucking  herself  while  I  removed  my clothing and watched the young

slave  performing  for  me.   Once  stripped,  I  backed her up to the

examining  table  and laying her down on it lifted her stockinged legs

in  my arms.  My throbbing member stood straight out and as I moved my

hips  forward  the  head  of  hard cock was sucked into her sloppy wet

hole as if it had a mind of its own.

      Feeling  my  thick  meat  slide  deeply  into her pleasure hole,

Donna's  hips  lifted  upward  off  the  table  empaling  herself even

further  on  my cock.  She gripped the sides of the table with all her

might  and  her head now moved from side to side as she fucked herself

on  my  dick.   Reaching  forward  I  pinched  her  long nipples hard,

twisting and pulling and pinching them roughly.

      "Unnnggggh!!,  Unnngggggh!!, Unnnnggggghh!!!!....fuuuuucccckkkkk

meeeeeeee!!!!!   Ohhhh!!!  Yessssssss!!!!  I'm  soooooooo  hotttttt!!!


      I was aware that she was coming at first by the look in her eyes

and  the way her head suddenly stopped turning from side to side.  Her

eyes  were opened wide and every muscle in her neck suddenly stiffened

as  she  lifted her head from the examining table, staring down at her

still  jerking hips.  Then her whole body tensed and her hips rose one

final  time  stretching upward in the air and holding my fuck meat all

the way in her trembling pussy.

      My  own  orgasm  exploded  within  me  as I watched her come and

unable  to  move  my  cock  in  and  out  of her because of the raised

position  of her body, I felt my whole shaft jerk inside her, the hot,

copious  cum  spurting  out  wildly  with each jerk of the  imprisoned


      Her eyes still transfixed and every muscle  tensed, she made two

more  hard  thrusts  of  her hips and then collapsed on the table, her

eyes  closed  and her head falling to one side.  Her arms fell loosely

to  her  sides  and I was afraid for a moment that something was wrong

with  her.   But her chest still rose and fell and it was obvious that

she  had  simply  blacked  out.   Withdrawing  my  cock  from her as I

lowered  her  legs, I leaned forward to kiss her mouth tenderly.  With

a  slight  start  she  came to and returned my kiss tenderly, her arms

reaching around me to hold me close to her sweat covered body.

      Neither  of  us  could  believe that it was already 7:00 when we

recovered  enough  to look at our watches.  Our first sexual encounter

had lasted nearly two hours and yet had seemed like only minutes.

      Kissing  Donna  goodbye at the door of the doctor's office I did

not  have  to  ask  if I would be seeing her again.  We both knew that

she  had found what she had been searching for all her life, and I had

never  before  been  with a woman who was more hungry for a MASTER and

who  would  as unquestioningly do anything and everything that I asked

her to do.  The best was indeed yet to come.


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