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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= Series Introduction and Index

     Dear Reader,

          The Master Wade stories are not for the faint of heart,

     but for those who enjoy such subjects as Dominance and

     submission, female bisexuality, public exposure, humiliation,

     bondage, group and interacial sex, and almost every other type

     of sexual relating that the mind can conceive.  Some of the 

     adventures related here are true and names have been changed

     for the protection of those involved.  Other stories were 

     written for the enjoyment of particular women I have known,

     and as such may or may not include activities which Master Wade

     particularly enjoys personally.

          I hope this index will help you discover stories that are

     of interest to you and that you will enjoy them.  The stories

     are available on many adult BBS's, and in many cases you may 

     address any comments you may have to Master Wade via the message

     portion of the board on which you find them.  In most instances

     where Master Wade is not a current user, the sysop will be able

     to help you locate him, or you may contact him on compuserve at

     user id# 76650,715.


                                            Master Wade

                        Master Wade Story Index

Index Number  Bytes Title and brief synopsis

MRWADE00.STY   7973 Preface to the Master Wade Stories.

                    Some information explaining the reason for

                    the existence of the Master Wade stories.

MRWADE01.STY  18935 The Nurse

                    Master Wade meets nurse Donna who reveals her

                    "golden" submissiveness and a generally sluttish 

                    nature. (Includes some water-sport activity)

MRWADE02.STY  23306 Monica Goes For A Ride

                    Master Wade's favorite slave Monica is treated

                    to a drive in the countryside, only a portion of

                    a full day of training and usage.

MRWADE03.STY  16642 A Nurse For Monica

                    Following Monica's ride she is introduced to 

                    the bisexual nurse Donna who examines her to

                    make sure she is in good shape after her day's


MRWADE04.STY  16835 The Poker Party: Part One

                    Master Wade invites three male friends from his

                    college days to visit for a weekend of poker

                    and a chance to meet his new wife, and slave,


MRWADE05.STY  17267 The Poker Party: Part Two

                    The weekend continues as Monica performs for and

                    serves the four men. Master Wade describes his

                    new invention, the "Slut Meter".

MRWADE06.STY  17608 The Poker Party: Part Three

                    Nurse Donna is invited over and dominates Monica

                    as entertainment for Master Wade and his friends.

MRWADE07.STY  33294 The Poker Party: Part Four

                    Monica is attached to the "Slut Meter" and the

                    guests compete with each other in their usage of



MRWADE08.STY  31110 The Poker Party: Part Five

                    Donna and Monica are displayed in public, and 

                    Monica is humiliated and whipped by Master Wade

                    and his guests.

MRWADE09.STY  21164 Michelle, College Coed

                    Monica introduces a new friend to Master Wade

                    and Michelle visits them in their home where

                    she displays her bisexual hunger and delight

                    in the succulent slave Monica.

MRWADE10.STY  27368 The Shopping Trip

                    Master Wade takes Monica shopping at a nearby

                    mall for items erotic in nature.  The evening's

                    climax involves three young men who discover

                    what a delightful slut Monica will be for her


MRWADE11.STY  17536 The Delivery Boy

                    Monica is encouraged to seduce and please a young

                    delivery boy who has appreciated her beauty for

                    some time.

MRWADE12.STY  15751 Karen, Sorority Slave: Part One

                    On a trip to Chicago Master Wade discovers a

                    pretty young woman nude outside her hotel room.

MRWADE13.STY  16487 Karen, Sorority Slave: Part Two

                    Karen's role as a slave to a sorority of black

                    college girls is learned and Master Wade is

                    witness to their somewhat bizarre usage of

                    Karen. (Includes some water-sports)

MRWADE14.STY  19634 Karen, Sorority Slave: Part Three

                    The sorority girls continue displaying the

                    extent of Karen's submissiveness as Master

                    Wade observes.

MRWADE15.STY  19898 Monica And The Saleslady

                    A pretty insurance saleslady comes to call and

                    is invited back for supper and a chance to be

                    seduced by Monica.

MRWADE16.STY  19600 Monica Reveals Her Thirst

                    Monica expresses her desire to do ANTYHING

                    and everything her Master wishes, no matter

                    how dirty it is.  For Golden Shower fans.

MRWADE17.STY  20195 Allison Brings A Friend: Part One

                    Insurance saleslady Allison returns to visit,

                    bringing along a beautiful bisexual friend who is

                    somewhat new to the realm.

MRWADE18.STY  15974 Allison Brings A Friend: Part Two

                    Allison and her friend Kristi join Master Wade

                    and Monica in a heated and instructive adventure.

MRWADE19.STY  15974 Out For Drinks

                    One of Monica's personally favorite experiences, 

                    she is taken to a bar for the purpose of picking

                    up two men to service at her home.

MRWADE20.STY  19553 Monica Goes To The Movies

                    One of the more popular Master Wade stories, this

                    contains the details of the public exposure of 

                    slave Monica to a stranger in a movie theater.

MRWADE21.STY  22034 Monica's Early Training: Part One

                    Following an extended period of long distance

                    relating between Monica and Master Wade she at

                    long last moves to be near him, where her initial

                    hands-on training begins.

MRWADE22.STY  23196 Monica's Early Training: Part Two

                    Covering many of the fundamentals in the 

                    Wife/slut Course with Monica.

MRWADE23.STY  28923 Karen Comes For A Visit: Part One

                    Sorority slave Karen visits Master Wade and

                    Monica, bringing some of her Mistresses along.

MRWADE24.STY  13557 Karen Comes For A Visit: Part Two

                    The black mistresses entertain Master Wade by

                    showing off the talents of their slave Karen.

MRWADE25.STY  15126 Karen Comes For A Visit: Part Three

                    Karen and Monica are both used and the young

                    black college girls show their own sexual 

                    talents as well. (Includes some bestiality)

MRWADE26.STY  25704 Karen Comes For A Visit: Part Four

                    Master Wade takes the girls out to a club where

                    Karen is allowed to perform on stage.

MRWADE27.STY  13736 Buying Jennifer

                    While free pussy is always nice, sometimes it

                    can be fun to pay for it.  Jennifer sells hers.

MRWADE28.STY  20279 Kristi Gets A Workout

                    Sports-minded Kristi is well used in the locker


MRWADE29.STY   6377 A Letter From Laura

                    Master Wade receives a letter from a lovely

                    young blonde admitting who she is.

MRWADE30.STY   7716 A Letter To Laura

                    Master Wade's response to Laura's letter.

MRWADE31.STY  16532 Thursday With Laura: Part One

                    Following their exchange of letters, Laura

                    shows Master Wade what she is offering him.

MRWADE32.STY   5778 Thursday With Laura: Part Two

                    The conclusion to Laura's visit with Master


MRWADE33.STY  10240 Finger Music

                    Master Wade plays with a woman he has never met

                    before while at a concert.

MRWADE34.STY  21661 Julia Opens Up

                    New Yorker Julia admits her submissive nature.

MRWADE35.STY  19235 Karen Kidnapped: Part One

                    Karen makes another visit only to be kidnapped

                    along with Master Wade by a jealous biker and his


MRWADE36.STY  15636 Karen Kidnapped: Part Two

                    Tied, Master Wade can only watch as the group of

                    male and female bikers get Karen drunk and use

                    her in extremely humiliating ways.

MRWADE37.STY  11484 Karen Kidnapped: Part Three

                    Karen is drugged and responds hotly to the lurid

                    usage given her by the bikers.  Finally she and

                    Master Wade are released.

MRWADE38.STY  11859 Julia's Ass: Part One

                    Julia meets Master Wade in his hotel room in 

                    Manhattan and is spanked.

MRWADE39.STY  11986 Julia's Ass: Part Two

                    Julia is sent out to do some shopping with very

                    explicit directions about how to conduct herself.

MRWADE40.STY  22822 Julia's Ass: Part Three

                    Julia returns to the hotel, recounts the events

                    of her shopping trip, and is surprised by some

                    unexpected (?) guests.

MRWADE41.STY  11475 Julia's Ass: Part Four

                    Julia awakes the following morning tied to the

                    bed and is whipped and used.

MRWADE42.STY   8397 Ashley Presents Herself: Part One

                    Master Wade prepares for his first encounter

                    with slave Ashley, remembering their first


MRWADE43.STY   9217 Ashley Presents Herself: Part Two

                    Ashley arrives at the converted old plantation

                    where she is escorted to the restored slave

                    quarters and prepared for service.

MRWADE44.STY  18048 Ashley Presents Herself: Part Three

                    Ashley is teased at dinner by Bob and Kim

                    and used later in the slave cabin.

MRWADE45.STY  15099 Legs, Legs, Legs!

                    Master Wade discusses his profound appreciation

                    for women with great legs and some of the women

                    responsible for that interest.

MRWADE46.STY  18543 Ashleigh-1932: Part One

                    Master Wade discovers this story of his Grand-

                    father Wade and his "job" of keeping a Chicago

                    gangster's moll occupied and happy.

MRWADE47.STY  22144 Ashleigh-1932: Part Two

                    Ashleigh's training begins, including a trip

                    to a black neighborhood porno theater. (Those

                    offended by racist terms used in this story are

                    reminded that it occurs in 1932, an era of rather

                    un-enlightened racial attitudes)

MRWADE48.STY  17667 Ashleigh-1932: Part Three

                    Ashleigh's punishment in a converted gym used

                    by Master Wade's Grandfather for the training

                    of slaves continues, with the introduction of

                    Razley (a huge mixed-race man) and Lu Sing (an

                    oriental bisexual).

MRWADE49.STY  10074 Ashleigh-1932: Part Four

                    Having watched with interest the usage of the

                    beautiful blonde Ashleigh, the other slave-sluts

                    in attendance put her through quite a bit them-

                    selves as the story concludes.

MRWADE50.STY  17327 Julia's Begging: Part One

                    Julia and Master Wade attend a New Year's Eve

                    Party and Julia behaves as a slut.

MRWADE51.STY  17850 Julia's Begging: Part Two

                    Julia tries to explain her behavior at the party

                    and Master Wade explains how she will be

                    punished for her behavior.

MRWADE52.STY  13499 Julia's Begging: Part Three

                    Julia begins carrying out her punishment and

                    finds herself growing extremely hot.

MRWADE53.STY  11538 Julia's Begging: Part Four

                    While watching an x-rated video she was ordered

                    to rent, Julia is surprised by a phone call and

                    an unnannounced visitor.

MRWADE54.STY  12268 Julia's Begging: Part Five

                    No sooner has the first un-invited guest left

                    than Julia is surprised by yet another one.  She

                    finds her activities are known by her Master and

                    tries to explain, once again.

MRWADE55.STY  15138 Julia's Begging: Part Six

                    Julia is sent to the dungeon for severe 

                    punishment by her Master.

MRWADE56.STY   6152 Julia's Begging: Part Seven

                    Julia's punishment is concluded.

MRWADE57.STY   8302 Waitresses

                    Master Wade describes some adventures with 

                    waitresses he has known.

MRWADE58.STY  27925 Fax About Max

                    Master Wade receives a fax from a west coast

                    couple who know his tastes in women and who

                    have met a young woman they know he will like.

                    Master Wade travels to meet her and they do

                    in fact have a "dog-gone" good time. (Includes


MRWADE59.STY  16742 Surprising Sandy

                    Master Wade receives a surprise himself as he

                    observes a friends wife in her backyard "petting"

                    her pet. (Another story for bestiality fans)

MRWADE60.STY  10911 The Leg-Show Stint

                    Master Wade discusses his one time job with

                    Leg-Show Magazine.

MRWADE61.STY  10995 Complimenting Julie

                    Master Wade says the words that Julie loves to 


MRWADE62.STY   7896 Art and Bob Discuss Julie

                    It appears that Master Wade isn't the only one

                    who knows Julie and her inclinations.

MRWADE63.STY  14019 Hole Heaven

                    Master Wade is treated to some fun at a reform

                    school for girls.

MRWADE64.STY  15233 Raping Brenda: Part One

                    *NOTE*  Rape is a crime, and reprehensible to

                    the author.  This story is not actually about

                    rape, nor does the author condone the activity.

                    After being teased unmercifully for months by

                    an attractive secretary who is obviously fucking

                    his boss, Master Wade has the opportunity to

                    give the young slut a ride home from a company


MRWADE65.STY  17367 Raping Brenda: Part Two

                    The drunk secretary passes out, and Master Wade

                    takes her to a motel where he ties her and begins

                    conditioning her for her training as a slave.

MRWADE66.STY  16104 Raping Brenda: Part Three

                    Brenda slowly begins to admit her true nature and

                    her attitude changes from one of rejection to one

                    of total submission.

MRWADE67.STY  15895 Raping Brenda: Part Four

                    Continuing her training to the point that she is

                    now hungry for more and more, Master Wade gives

                    the pretty young secretary a taste of what her

                    future holds before returning her home.

MRWADE68.STY  15002 Watching Pauline

                    Having made plans to share Pauline with her

                    Master, Master Wade poses as a waiter and

                    enjoys his first exposure to the hot slave.

MRWADE69.STY  12248 Warming Pauline

                    Master Wade joins Master Charles and Pauline

                    in their hotel room where he and Charles examine

                    the tied and blindfolded slave.

MRWADE70.STY  18304 Wenching Pauline

                    Waitress Cindy is allowed to play with the naked

                    and tied slave.

MRWADE71.STY  15536 Whipping Pauline

                    Cindy joins Master Wade and Master Charles in

                    whipping the highly aroused slave.

MRWADE72.STY  15994 Whoring Pauline

                    So far deprived of that for which she hungers,

                    slave pauline is sent down to the bar to sell

                    her body.

MRWADE73.STY  21550 Monica's Vacation: Part One

                    Monica is sent on a pre-arranged vacation to

                    visit Master Wade's friend Nancy at the beach.

MRWADE74.STY  21400 Monica's Vacation: Part Two

                    Monica recounts her exciting and busy activities

                    at the beach.

MRWADE75.STY  19751 Lusty Leggy Leah

                    Monica and Master Wade meet Leah, who performs

                    for them and later writes Master Wade describing

                    her evolution as a "Leg Slut".

MRWADE76.STY  14114 Portrait of a Stripper

                    Master Wade shares the story of Vicky, a very 

                    experienced slut who enjoys stripping for groups.

MRWADE77.STY  23721 Lauren's Leaky Lips

                    GYN friend Doctor John invites Master Wade

                    to join he and nurse Donna in examining a

                    very unusual 22 yr. old woman.

MRWADE78.STY  11008 The Farmer's Step-Daughter: Part One

                    Melinda Kay Burch (Mink) finds her life

                    changing for the better when her mother


MRWADE79.STY  13568 The Farmer's Step-Daughter: Part Two

                    Mink dates Matt and presents herself to

                    her step-father (Jim) afterward.

MRWADE80.STY   6656 The Farmer's Step-Daughter: Part Three

                    While doing chores in the horse stable,

                    Mink finds herself aroused by the big

                    stallion and his response to her touch.

MRWADE81.STY  14464 The Farmer's Step-Daughter: Part Four

                    Mink has high hopes for the evening as she

                    goes on a date with Chuck, but is frustrated

                    by the turn of events.

MRWADE82.STY  18816 The Farmer's Step-Daughter: Part Five

                    Very much aware of Mink's frustration, Jim

                    makes the most of it and turns Mink's evening

                    around for her as they share their first

                    sexual experience together.

MRWADE83.STY  11264 The Farmer's Step-Daughter: Part Six

                    Mink plays with the stallion for Jim.

MRWADE84.STY  19328 The Farmer's Step-Daughter: Part Seven

                    While Mink's mother is away, Jim takes

                    Mink shopping and leads her more deeply

                    into a relationship with him.

MRWADE85.STY  18649 The Farmer's Step-Daughter: Part Eight

                    Jim invites neighbor Vicky and her daughter

                    Wendy to come for a visit while Mink's

                    mother is away, making clear his intent.

MRWADE86.STY  21179 The Farmer's Step-Daughter: Part Nine

                    Vicky brings her bisexual daughter for a

                    visit that excites all those present.

MRWADE87.STY  11457 The Farmer's Step-Daughter: Part Ten

                    Mink's conversion to Jim's sexual slave

                    is completed.

MRWADE88.STY   5872 A Letter To The Modern Woman

                    An open letter to women in which Master

                    Wade challenges submissives to admit

                    their true natures.

MRWADE89.STY  20939 Monica's Virginal Fantasy

                    Monica describes a fantasy concerning how

                    she might have enjoyed losing her virginity.

MRWADE90.STY   9600 Filled Stockings: Part One

                    Master Wade meets Kerri.

MRWADE91.STY  13824 Filled Stockings: Part Two

                    Kerri visits Master Wade's snow covered farm

                    and reveals her sexual hunger.

MRWADE92.STY  12416 Filled Stockings: Part Three

                    Master Wade slowly exposes Kerri to bondage.

MRWADE93.STY  12288 Filled Stockings: Part Four

                    The sleeping Kerri is blindfolded and Kristi

                    is invited to come share the fun.  Waking,

                    Kerri admits her interest in sexual slavery.

MRWADE94.STY  15232 Filled Stockings: Part Five

                    In the middle of Master Wade's usage of the

                    blindfolded and bound Kerri, Kristi arrives

                    and Kerri is used by them both.

MRWADE95.STY  12050 Balling The Bought-Boobs Babe: Part One

                    Master Wade answers an ad on a BBS from

                    a hungry little slut searching for a new

                    Master.  She becomes Shannon Wade and meets

                    Master Wade for a first encounter.

MRWADE96.STY   8997 Balling The Bought-Boobs Babe: Part Two

                    Shannon returns home well used but still

                    horny and anxious for more usage from her


MRWADE97.STY  19624 Balling The Bought-Boobs Babe: Part Three

                    Shannon returns to the hotel for more usage

                    from her Master and others.

MRWADE98.STY  11926 A Letter To Karen

                    Master Wade writes to Karen, describing the

                    young swedish exchange student who hungers

                    to be her Mistress. (Bestiality)

MRWADE99.STY        A Letter From Carolyn: Part One

                    Master Wade recieves a letter from Carolyn, a 

                    friend of Karen's who describes her adventure

                    as a uncontrolled slut.

MRWADE.100          A Letter From Carolyn: Part Two

                    Carolyn's letter continues, describing Madley, 

                    the big mechanic and his helper Raiford and how

                    they used her.

MRWADE.101          A Letter From Carolyn: Part Three

                    In the conclusion to Carolyn's letter she

                    reveals the dirty climax to her dive into

                    the world of the slut, and her rescue from

                    its depths.

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