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Archive-name: First/yungstf4.txt


Archive-title: Young Stuff - 4

Chapter 4 - Takin' A Licking

     While he was jacking off into her mouth, he was startled  to

see that Debbie had her hand up beneath her skirt and was  busily

fingering   herself  as  she  choked  on  his  jism.   When   his

ejaculation subsided, he wrapped his arms around the girl's naked

torso  and  held her tightly, while she kept her  other  hand  up

between his legs, squeezing his testicles.  Their few moments  of

silent  hugging  was  ended  when  Debbie  shyly  asked  him   to


     "Can  you  put your mouth...on  my  pussy"  she


     Without  a moment's hesitation, he helped her onto her  back

on  the  bed  and pushed her skirt up out of  his  way.   At  his

instruction, Debbie lifted her bottom and he quickly stripped her

panty  off.   Spreading the girl's knees wide apart,  he  eagerly

prepared to kiss her cunt.  Her breasts naked, Debbie lay on  the

bed with her dress shoved up to her waist and her panty  stripped

off, her slim thighs spread wide apart, and her heels clinging to

the  edge of the bed.  She lay open and ready, and she looked  up

at him with glazed eyes.

     "Are you gonna put your mouth on me...on my pussy now?"  she

asked, her voice small and husky.

     "Isn't that what you want, honey?" he asked.  She nodded  as

he knelt between her feet, his hands on the bed.  "You want me to

lick you, right?"  He leaned over her crotch, reaching down  with

his fingertips to lightly stroke the back of her thighs,  raising

goose-bumps  on  her bare flesh.  The scent of her  aroused  cunt

rose to his nose.

     "Yes!  Yes, that's what I want!  I want you to eat me!"  she

cried, her legs shaking beneath his hands.

     He placed his hands on both Debbie's knees and pressed  them

gently  apart and downward, flattening the girl's  widely  spread

legs  on  the  mattress with her feet touching  his  knees.   Her

crotch  was  stretched open beneath him, her  pink  vaginal  lips

glistening  with moisture beneath her fine cunt  hair.   Sweeping

his  fingers lightly along the inside of her thighs, he drew  his

hands   toward  her  naked  crotch  and  her  body  shivered   in

anticipation.   The flesh of her thighs twitched as  his  fingers

passed  along  and finally moved into her pubic hair  beside  her


     "Ohhh..." she moaned.  "Please don't hurt me...."

     Debbie's mouth hung open limply and she gave a small  squeal

as  his hands touched her cunt lips and parted them briefly.   He

worked the fingertips of one hand into her warm flesh,  massaging

her lower groin all around her pubic mound.  He probed around her

pussy  lips  with  his  other hand,  locating  and  tickling  her

stiffened  clitoris  and probing between her  lips.   Her  breath

caught and her legs shuddered as he gently pinched her clit.   He

took her lips between his thumb and forefinger, and squeezed  her

labia  together,  causing  Debbie's  whole  body  to  shake  with

excitement.  He bent forward, lowering himself over her crotch.

     "Ohhhh......"  Debbie moaned softly as he pushed his  middle

finger  between  her cunt lips against her clit.   "Oh  my,  your


     Her  hips flexed slightly and he flicked his finger  to  the

center of her vagina.  She didn't know what to do with her  hands

so  they  lay limply beside her on the bed.  As  he  pressed  his

mouth to her inner thigh a few inches below her crotch, he pushed

his finger downward, forcefully sliding his digit partially  into

Debbie's burning hole.  Her slot was tight, very tight around his

finger,  and he almost wondered out loud if she really  had  lost

her virginity.

     Debbie  moaned  again,  more loudly  this  time,  her  voice

squeaky and breathy, as he kissed her thigh, licking her  shaking

flesh  and  moving his lips ever upward.  He  pushed  his  finger

further down, slipping two knuckles into her constricted  vagina,

savoring  the  thickly textured feel of the inside of  her  young

cunt.  He wiggled his finger inside her and brought his mouth  to

the  silky junction of her thigh and crotch.  Sliding  his  digit

firmly  and slowly, he pushed his middle finger all the way  into

her,  and  Debbie  groaned loudly.  Deep within  her  pussy,  his

fingertip  poked at her cervix and his remaining fingers  pressed

tightly against her naked crotch.

     "Oohhhh...." the girl groaned, thrusting her naked hips from

side  to side beneath his manipulating hands.  She  thrashed  her

hands about on the bed beside her.

      He  finally moved his mouth directly onto  Debbie's  crotch

and tasted her dripping pussy.  The girl's entire body  shuddered

with excitement as he swept his tongue back and forth between her

cunt lips while wiggling his embedded finger.

     "Oh, god!" Debbie cried, pressing her hand on  one

of   her   naked   breasts   and   squeezing   herself   roughly.

"'re  licking  it!  You're touching it  with  your


     In her excitement, Debbie's knees popped up around his head.

As  he sucked on her cunt and she gasped for air, she  found  her

hardened nipple and pulled on it.  He pulled his finger from  her

pussy  and quickly placed both hands on her upraised  knees.   He

pushed both knees down to the side flat on the bed, splitting her

cunt  wide  open beneath his mouth.  While rapidly  stroking  his

hands up and down her bare thighs, he chewed on her virgin  lips,

sucked  deeply on her hole, and swept his tongue all  across  her

pink, inner lips.

     "Uhhh!   Oh, my god!" Debbie cried out, humping her hips  at

his face.

     A  continuous moan escaped from Debbie's  slack-jawed  mouth

and  she  heavily  placed a hand on the back of  his  head.   She

pulled and pinched her stiff and sore nipple and pulled his  head

tightly  to  her cunt.  He obliged her desire  by  thrusting  his

tongue  deep into her vagina.  With a loud groan, she arched  her

back  and lifted her ass off the bed and began to cum.  He  swept

his hands from her thighs under her ass.

     "Oh!"  she  cried,  her  entire  body  shaking.   "Oh,   I'm

exploding!   Oh  my!"  Debbie pushed her hips at him,  trying  to

lift  her spread crotch up higher.  He pushed his face  into  her

pussy  and dug his fingers into the naked flesh of her  buttocks.

"Oh, god, I...can't...believe it!" she choked out.

     He  licked her furiously, trying to keep her flying as  long

as he could.  Her hips pumping convulsively, she humped his  face

and let out small, choking noises every few seconds.



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