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Archive-name: First/yungstf3.txt


Archive-title: Young Stuff - 3

Chapter 3 - Gettin It On

     After  Debbie had masturbated him to climax and he  had  cum

all over her bared chest, he practically ordered her to give  him

a blow job.  But Debbie only hesitated a moment at his desire and

he wondered if she hadn't already had some boy's cock between her

virginal-looking lips.  She dropped to her knees in front of  his

naked hips and took his rod in her mouth.

     "Oh,  Debbie...." he moaned, stretching his other hand  down

onto  her chest.  He stroked his hand back and forth  across  her

bare skin above her breasts.

     "Yes?" she whispered, breathily.  "What?"

     "Mmmmm.......suck it!" he moaned, as she flicked her  tongue

across his cock-head.  "Suck me hard!"

     Debbie  hesitated for a moment, pressing her pursed lips  to

his  cock-head.  He reached lower and grasped her closest  nipple

between  his thumb and forefinger, pulling on her  tender  flesh.

She squealed softly and he felt her lips part against his prick.

     "!" he grunted, pulling again on  her


     Debbie cried out again and he felt her lips slowly  encircle

the head of his penis, as she took his organ in her mouth and her

tongue flickered against its tip.  With his hand holding the back

of her neck, he thrust his hips forward, driving his entire  cock

into the startled girl's mouth.

     "Hold  my  balls," he groaned, as the  girl's  tongue  moved

awkwardly around his organ.  "Squeeze them..."

     Debbie reached up between his legs with one hand and brought

her fingers up beneath his testicles.  As she felt his balls,  he

began to rhythmically thrust his hips back and forth, sliding his

cock in an out of her mouth.  She held her head motionless and he

grunted  as she pushed her fingers against his balls.  His  penis

began to rapidly swell again.

     "Oh,  Debbie,"  he grunted, sliding his penis  in  and  out.

"Oh, honey...bite it...that's the way...suck it!"

     He  could  only hear Debbie's muffled  gurgle  in  response,

since  her  mouth was stuffed full with his penis.  He  felt  her

hands  moving erratically between his naked thighs all  over  his

hairy  balls.   He was so excited that this  sweet-looking  young

thing was sucking him that his cock was again good and hard,  and

he  rammed it fully into her mouth, trying to hold it  motionless

as  he  felt  himself  incredibly  approaching  another   climax.

Feeling his thickened penis pulsating in her mouth, Debbie gasped

and tightened her lips around his thick shaft.  He looked down at

the  half-naked  girl kneeling between his feet  as  his  pre-cum

began  to ooze slowly from the tip of his organ.   Debbie's  eyes

opened wide as the first pungent drops hit her tongue.

     "Oh,  Debbie!   I'm gonna cum!" he cried out.  "Is  it  okay

if....I want to cum in your mouth!"  The girl didn't say anything

in response.

     He  bent  forward and reached down, cupping both  his  hands

over  Debbie's naked breasts and spread the forefinger and  index

finger  of  each  hand like scissors, trapping  both  her  little

nipples  between  them.  He groaned loudly and jerked  his  naked

hips forward, ramming his rigid prick deep into the girl's  mouth

to  its root, his pubic hair pressed tightly to her pursed  lips.

He felt his cock-head pressing against the back of her mouth.

     "Debbie,  I'm  cumming  now!"  He began  to  ejaculate  into

Debbie's mouth.

     He heard her muffled choking as the full spray of his second

ejaculation  hit  the  back of her throat.   Debbie's  mouth  was

pressed tightly around the base of his penis and she coughed into

his groin.  She didn't try to pull away, but was clearly startled

by  his  sudden  explosion.  Hearing  her  choking  surprise,  he

thought wildly about pulling his cock from her mouth, but he  was

too  far gone to do it.  He held his organ deep between her  lips

and  continued  to  empty  his load in the  back  of  her  mouth.

Grasping  his  balls tightly in her fist, Debbie  squeezed   them

roughly and accepted his stream of semen on her tongue.

     As  he  pulled  on  her nipples, he  glanced  down  and  was

surprised  to  see  that while she was blowing  him,  Debbie  had

snaked  her free hand under her skirt and up between her  thighs.

The  cloth of her dress was billowing across her lap as her  hand

moved.  She continued to masturbate as his climax peaked and  his

penis began to shrink and slide from her lips.

     As soon as his cock popped from her mouth, and before Debbie

could  say anything, he dropped to his knees in front of her  and

wrapped  his arms around the girl's naked torso.  She  still  had

one  had between his legs squeezing his testicles.  He  held  her

bare  chest  against him and squeezed her warmly as he  felt  her

fingers  move  from  his nuts to his prick.  He  heard  her  sigh

slowly and he held her tight.

     "Oh,  Debbie, what can I say?" he sighed in her ear.   "What

can I say?" he repeated.

     "Hmmm...." she breathed in response.  "I don't know what you

can say.....but I know what you can do...."

     He pulled his head back to look at  her face.  "What?   What

do you want?" he asked.

     "Can  you  do  that to me?" she purred,  nudging  her  knees

against his.

     "You want me to eat you?" he grinned.

     "Can  you do that?  Can you put your mouth  on....on  my..."

she stammered.

     "On  your  pussy?" he finished her question for  her.   "Get

up..."  he replied, standing up and holding out his hand to  help

her to her feet.

     He moved Debbie backwards to the bed and she sat down on the

edge,  her  young breasts flushed from the  excitement.   With  a

light  touch on her bare shoulder, he moved onto her back on  the

bed  with  her  legs hanging off the side.   Slipping  his  hands

beneath her dress, he lifted her skirt up to her waist.

     "Lift your bottom up, sweetie," he directed.

     Debbie  pressed her feet to the floor to raise her  buttocks

from  the mattress.  Quickly, he lowered both hands to  her  hips

and  slipped a finger into the waist of her panty.  She held  her

buttocks up, and he smoothly pulled her panty down her thighs.

     His  blood pounding in his ears, he paused for a moment  and

stared  at  her naked cunt.  He could see the split of  her  lips

beneath her pubic hair at the bottom of her groin, and he  wanted

to get her legs apart fast.  After flinging her panty down to her

ankles, he reached down with one hand and tossed them aside.   He

slipped  his other hand under Debbie's right thigh.  Lifting  her

leg,  he also pushed it to the side.  When he'd disposed  of  her

panty, he quickly raised her other thigh and pushed them apart.

     Her  breasts  naked, Debbie lay on the bed  with  her  dress

shoved  up  to  her waist and her panty stripped  off,  her  slim

thighs  spread wide apart, and her heels clinging to the edge  of

the bed.  He paused again and gazed down at her wide open  crotch

and stared at her pink lips and glistening pussy.  She looked  up

at  him with glazed eyes, her face warm and flushed  and  covered

with a eager smile.  The process of him preparing her had  deeply

aroused her.

     "Are  you gonna put your mouth on pussy  now?"  she

asked, her voice small and husky.

     "Is that what you want, honey?" he asked.  She nodded and he

knelt  between her legs, his hands on the bed.  "You want  me  to

eat  you,  right?"  She nodded again.  "What?   I  couldn't  hear

you?" he teased.

     "Yes!  Yes, I want you to eat me!" she cried.



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