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Archive-name: First/yungstf2.txt


Archive-title: Young Stuff - 2

Chapter 2 - The Contact

     Debbie had pulled the top of her dress down to her waist.   After

displaying  her  bra for a few moments, she decided to  show  him  her

breasts by pulling her bra open and down.  Debbie told him she  wasn't

'exactly' a virgin in an attempt to convince him that she was a widely

experienced  female, not an immature 16 year old.  When she  told  him

she'd  never been laid, he'd asked her how she was 'not exactly not  a

virgin.'   Debbie  had replied that she had lost  her  virginity  from

either  an over-eager date's fingers or a girlfriend's vibrator.   She

didn't know which.

     "Why don't you know if a boy or your girlfriend's dildo did it?!"

he blurted out in amazement.

     "Well....I don't know why..." Debbie replied, almost looking like

she   might   pout   over   his  amazement.    "I've   never   let   a

boy...y'know...put       his...his      'thing'      in       me...but

sometimes....y'know...fingers  can  get  pretty  rough...and  Brenda's

vibrator  was  a real big one....I don't know which it  was  that  did

it....I know it sounds dumb, but that's the truth!"

     "It's  not  dumb, Debbie, it's just surprising, that's  all,"  he

said, trying to reassure her.

     She  watched  him  stare at her uncovered breast  for  a  moment,

before  lowering her hand to uncover her other tit.  She  clasped  her

hands  behind her back and watched him eye her bare breasts.   He  was

sure both her little nipples were hard and erect, as was his cock.

     "So...?  Will you show me what you call well-hung?" she murmured.


     He looked at her silently for a long moment.

     "C'mon," Debbie urged.  "Who's gonna know?  Please?"

     He  shook  his  head.  He gazed at her  bare  chest  for  another

moment,  and  shook  his  head again.  She smiled  at  him,  her  lips

mouthing  her request again, and he suddenly found  himself  unzipping

his pants.

     "Oh, great!" Debbie exhaled, as if she'd been holding her breath.

"I just know this is gonna be super!  I really appreciate this!"

     His  fly open, he quickly unbuckled his belt and popped open  the

waist-button.   As he pulled open his pants, they began to  slide  off

his hips.

     "I  hope  to hell I don't regret this...." he  muttered,  as  his

pants slipped down his legs into a heap at his feet.

     "Oh,  you won't!" Debbie replied gleefully.  'I'll make sure  you


     A  broad smile on her face, she stared at his bulging  underpants

as  he  stepped clear of his pants.  She looked up  and  down  several

times  from his feet to the obvious large lump in his  jockey  shorts.

He  tried  to  focus  on  her nipples  as  her  breasts  jiggled  with


     "Far  out!   I really like those underpants!" she  muttered.   "I

like them a lot!  But...I want to really see how you're hung...."

     "You mean you want me to take these off too?" he asked,  slipping

his thumbs under the waistband of his shorts.

     "You know it!  Do it for me, please!"

     With as little thought as possible, he sighed, shoved his  thumbs

down,  and pushed his jockey shorts off his hips.  His hard and  hairy

cock  sprang  free  and Debbie's mouth  immediately  dropped  open  in

surprise.  His penis wasn't especially long, but it was fairly  thick.

Debbie eagerly drank in the sight as he wiggled his legs to shake  his

underpants  down to his knees, and his bare cock bounced up and  down.

Except for his underpants clinging around his knees and his shoes  and

socks,  he was naked below his waist.  He stood in front of the  young

girl  and watched her bare breasts shake as her slender body  vibrated

with excitement and his erect cock pointed straight across the room at


     "So....?  What do you think?" he asked.

     "This  is great!" Debbie replied, excitedly.  'I mean,  it  looks

huge!  I guess you are really well-hung!'

     "No,  I don't think so..." he smiled, awkwardly.  He  nudged  his

slightly  throbbing penis to the side with one hand so she  could  see

his swollen balls better.

     "Oh,  gosh,  but, balls look big,  too!   They're  so

hairy!   This is so great!  I really appreciate your showing me!"  she

gushed, babbling on.  "Is your...uh...'thing' it shaking, or


     "I've  got  a  hard-on,  Debbie!  During  an  erection,  a  penis

will...throb like this..." he replied, smiling at her question.    She

craned her neck to see, as if examining someone's science project.  He

lifted  his  shaft  up  away from his testicles  with  his  thumb  and


     "Oh,  please,  can  I touch you?  I really would  like  to!"  she

blurted  out,  stepping toward him.  "You don't have to  do  anything!

Oh, please?"

     "Oh,  jeez,  Debbie, I don't know...."  he  stammered  nervously,

remembering  her age.  His penis was as hard as a rock and he  had  no

idea  how long he would be able to control himself.  "Debbie, I'm  not

sure that I...."

     "Oh,  say  yes!" she urged, standing right in front of  him,  her

eyes alternating from his face to his rigid penis.

     "I....I don't know...." he repeated, hesitantly.

     Without another word,  Debbie reached out and slipped her fingers

around  the head of his shaft.  His cock surged in eager response  and

she moved her cool fingers down the length of his stiff organ.

     "I've  felt  a hard one before, but never one  this  thick!"  she

observed as her hand reached his pubic hair.

     "Why don't you ever use the right word?" he murmured weakly.

     "Huh?   What  do  you  mean?"  she  asked,  holding  her  fingers

motionless around the base of his cock.  Debbie pointed her forefinger

down beneath his penis and touched his balls.

     "You  never  say  'penis'  or  'cock'...."  his  breath   gasping

involuntarily  as  she squeezed him.  "You've  said  'thing'....a  few


     "I don't know why I said it like that.  Say, are you OK?"  Debbie

asked, looking truly concerned about his suddenly labored breathing.

     "Yes!"  he groaned.  He felt her briefly tighten her grip on  his


     "You  really  do have a thick, um, penis," Debbie  said,  staring

intently  down at his prick in her hand.  "It's hard as a  rock!"  she

murmured, squeezing him again.

He gazed through half-closed eyes at her bare breasts with their stiff

little nipples, only inches away from him.  He tried to decide whether

he should cover them with his hands or his mouth.

     " careful...." he groaned.

     "What's  wrong?  Are you OK?" she asked, glancing worried at  his

face.  "Did I hurt something?"

     "No,  no...I'm  fine!"  he  grunted.  "You  just  can't  do  this

without....I don't know how long...."  His response was disjointed and

rambling, and she didn't understand any of it.

     "What's wrong?" she asked, squeezing his cock repeatedly.

     "You're  gonna  bring me off....I can't take  much  more...."  he


     "Bring  you  off?  What....?  Oh!  Are you gonna  cum?   Are  you

gonna  cum?" With a wide smile on her face, Debbie finally caught  his



     "In  my hand?  Are you gonna cum in my hand?" she asked  eagerly.

She vigorously squeezed and pulled on his penis again.  "Are you gonna

cum in my hand?  Now?"

     With a loud groan, his cock exploded and the first spurts of  cum

flew  from  its swollen tip.  She squealed in surprise  as  his  cream

jetted  over her wrist and landed in the middle of her  bare  stomach.

His  bursting  penis sprayed more juice onto her, and  the  hot  semen

began to drip down her hard, flat stomach.

     "Oh,  man!  Are you ever cumming!" Debbie  exclaimed,  excitedly.

"Oh,  man, is this something!  I've never watched it  before!   You're

getting it all over me!  This is just great!"

     She  moved  closer to him, still holding onto his  spurting  cock

with  one hand.  As she moved nearer, he groaned loudly and his  penis

angled  higher,  squirting his pungent jism across the bottom  of  her

naked breasts.  Startled by his semen hitting her tits, Debbie  almost

backed away, but she gurgled with delight and stayed close to him.

     "Ohhhh!" he moaned, as she pulled on his cock.

     "Does it feel good?" she asked, breathily.  "Do you like it?"

     "Yes!" he grunted.  "Debbie...!"

     "What?  Does it feel good?" she asked, squeezing him hard.

     "Oh,  Debbie......suck  it..."  he moaned  in  response,  as  his

ejaculation  began  to slow.  "Please suck me now!"  He  clenched  his

legs together as his cum dribbled onto her hand.

     "What?   Put it in my mouth?" the girl asked, her eyes wide  with

uncertainty.  "You want me to put it in my mouth?"

     "Just lick me....oh, do it now!  Suck me!" he moaned.

     Debbie  slowly  sank  to her knees in front  of  him  and  looked

nervously  at his slowly shrinking cock, only inches in front  of  her

eyes.   She  loosened  her sticky fingers, which  were  still  tightly

wrapped  around  his shaft.  Nervously sticking out  her  tongue,  she

closed  her  eyes  and  slowly leaned  her  head  forward.   His  body

shuddered  violently as he felt her tongue tentatively touch him  just

beneath  the  tip of his penis.  His ejaculation ended  with  a  final

spurt  of cum dripping onto her arm, as she slowly ran the tip of  her

tongue along the length of his cock.

     "Is that the right way?" Debbie murmured.  "Am I doing it right?"

     "Y..Y..Yes!" he grunted.

     Debbie's tongue slid up and down the length of his shaft  several

times  as  though  she  was  licking  a  lollipop,  and  he   shivered

involuntarily  with each pass of her tongue.  He reached down  to  put

his  hands  on her bare shoulders, running one hand behind  her  neck,

which he squeezed gently.

     "Oh,  Debbie...."  he moaned, bending slightly and  reaching  his

other  hand down onto her chest.  He stroked his hand  awkwardly  back

and forth across her bare skin above her breasts.

     "Yes?" she whispered, breathily.  "What?"

     "Mmmmm.......suck  it!"  he  moaned, as she  flicked  her  tongue

across his cock-head.  "Suck me hard!"

     Debbie hesitated for a moment, her lips just resting against  his

cock-head.   He bent over a little further, reached lower and  grasped

her  closest nipple between his thumb and forefinger, pulling  on  her

tender flesh.  She gasped softly and he felt her lips part against his


     "!"  he  grunted,  pulling  again  on  her


     Debbie  cried out again and he felt her lips slowly encircle  the

head  of his penis, as she took his cock in her mouth.  With his  hand

holding the back of her neck, he thrust his hips forward, driving  his

entire cock into the startled girl's mouth.

     "Hold my balls," he directed, as he felt the girl's tongue moving

awkwardly beneath his organ.  "Squeeze them..."

     Debbie reached up between his legs with one hand and brought  her

fingers up beneath his testicles.  As she felt his balls, he began  to

rhythmically  thrust his hips back and forth, sliding his cock in  and

out of her mouth.  She held her head motionless and he grunted as  she

pushed her fingers against his balls.  His cock began to slowly  swell


     "Oh, Debbie, suck me!" he grunted, sliding his penis in and  out,

faster and faster.  " it, Debbie!  That's the way, girl,  suck




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