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Archive-name: First/younignr.txt


Archive-title: Young and Ignorant, The (1-5)


We were good friends, ever since we were 10 and 12 respectfully.  We first

met when we were both involved in a local multi-city boy's choir.  When we

traveled - once a year - across the states, we often stayed in private

homes of families that were willing to put up a couple of boys for the

night.  The choir group linked up "veterans" with "rookies" so they'd learn

the ropes a bit easier.  So I was linked with James.  Yea not Jim, or

Jimmy,... just James.

Well on one of these trips, a house we stayed in was fairly large they said

they would take four boys instead of the usual two.  So James and I were

with a couple of "older boys", around 16 years old.  That night we all

bunked down in the basement with our sleeping bags.  It didn't take long

before the "other" two boys conversation's got to sex.  Actually

masturbation.  Neither I or James knew of this and it sounded weird.  One

of the boys then stripped completely naked and showed us what a "boner"

looked like.  My gosh his was huge!  It must have been 7 to 8 inches of

hard straight cock!  I was used to seeing my own which at my age was very

small - maybe 4 to 5 inches.  Anyway I digress, the naked kid, "Mark" show

us some things that would "feel good" to do with out young members.  The

first thing he did was to bob his body up and down so that his prick would

go up and down - slapping his stomach on each upswing.  He said that it

feels kind of like when you're ridding in a car and then you go over a

hill, kind of tinglie "down there".  Well neither James or I were ready to

strip let alone try to create a "hard on" for these guys, so Mark showed us

how to masturbate.  Gripping the cock like a bicycle handlebar, he began to

stroke it slowly, but quickly getting faster until he "came".  Wow that was

something!  I never knew something beside piss could come from a dick!

Well the show was over and we all went to sleep.  James turned to me in the

dark and quitely asked if we should try to do what Mark did.  I said sure

and so we each started stroking inside our pajamas.  We both did it quite a

while and I guess James "achieved" some kind of orgasm.  Me?  I eventually

fell asleep without anything more that doing something that "felt good".

The next morning nothing more was said but I noticed my pajamas were kind

of wet "down there" and I must have had my first "wet dream".  Yea, we

heard about them too but really didn't know what it was about until then.

The rest of the trip was uneventful and soon we were back home.

I was 13 when James and I became good friends; mainly because of being in

the choir together and we both like photography.  He had his own Darkroom

and could develop his own black and white pictures.  I thought photography

was neat and making you own pictures was like magic!  James then showed me

some "new" photos he had done.  They were of naked women!  I was instantly

hard and was afraid it would show so I quickly shot my hands in my pockets

and said,"Cool!  Where did you get these?"   James told me his Dad was a

Mailman and got magazines like these all the time from work!  (Well that's

what he told me...)  His dad had a whole storehouse under the basement

stairs - under lock and key of course.  James knew where the key was kept

and soon our afternoons were filled with massive "reading"!  I knew these

gave me instant hard-ons but I couldn't tell if James felt the same as me.

I guessed he did since we both were so quiet when we looked at them.

Then one Friday night James asked me to stay at his house for a sleep over.

We instantly went up to his room (The whole upstairs of this small one-&-

half-story house was his - including the bathroom/ Darkroom) and started

going through the magazines, taking pictures of them with his camera and

then making black and white prints of them.  We even made some real small

ones to carry around in our wallet or even taped to the back of our wrist

watches.  This was fun for a while but James wanted to make some live

photos!  We soon realized that we knew of no girls that would pose for

us...  Damn!  Then he had an idea; how about ourselves!  I was kind of shy

but he explained; at this age we were both hairless except for a little at

the base of our dicks.  He said if we tuck our dicks backwards between our

legs, it would look like a girl!  He was right, it did work and so we took

a few shots of each of us from the waist area only.

Then James decided to take some pictures of our hard-ons in different

positions.  I was afraid of someone finding the negatives of pictures so he

agreed to shoot from the neck down instead.  He had shot a few "singles" of

me when he suggested that we try doing some shots with both of us in it.  I

asked how he could do that and he explained that he has a release cable

that was about 30 feet long and he could trigger the camera with it.  I had

this perpetual boner and was already naked so anything that allowed me to

touch some skin other than my own sounded great to me!  He immediately

stripped and was trying to position me so that the photos would look like

he was screwing a girl.  I looked at his cock and noticed it was large but

not hard at all.  I was getting very self-conscious since I could not make

my boner even slightly flaccid.  He positioned me on my back with my dick

painfully tucked between my legs.  He focused the camera on me, which was

on a tripod at my feet, and soon was straddling me at my knees.  He took a

couple of rear shots of his limp cock dangling over my pseudo-cunt.  When

his bare thighs touched mine I though I'd cum right then!  Soon he had me

in all kinds of positions, always making sure not to get our faces in the


Then he grew even more bold and said we should take some of us "touching"

each other... YES!  This sounded better and I knew He was getting horny

because he was now sporting a sizable hard-on.  He grabbed my dick

nonchalantly and told me to do the same.  I immediately got that "tingle"

in my lower stomach and knew this was a good thing!  I grasp his and

stroked it a little to get it completely hard.  A couple pictures of this

and we decided that we needed relief or our balls would burst!!!  So we

laid on the bed next to each other and stroked each others dick.  His was

much larger than mine, longer and thicker - my fingers didn't quite touch

each other.  It felt great and we both agreed to tell each other when we

were ready to cum so as not to "mess" on each others hand, and whoever came

first would finish the other guy so as not to leave him "blue-balled".  I

of course came first after about 10-15 strokes and cleaned up with my

underwear.  James was almost there so I gripped a little harder and stroked

a few more times and he came also.  This fused our friendship and we never

thought that what we had done was bad because we always stated that we did

this while thinking of girls.  (Well "he" did anyway... ;-) )

I was in a perpetual state of sexual hunger and my erection would not go

down!   We both agreed that it would be fun to sleep in the nude -his Mom

would not come upstairs without knocking and even then it was very doubtful

she would bother us at all.  We put up a cot next to his bed so we would be

close enough to talk, etc..  We both jumped into our own beds and off went

the lights.  We talked for a little bit but soon he was asleep.  I was wide

awake and my heart was beating quickly, all I could think of was a naked

body was so close!  I wanted to feel that cock in my hands again, and have

it touch my cock too!

I waited nearly an hour before I started to slowly, very slowly, untucking

his sheets on my side of the bed.  I thought the sound or movement might

wake him so I often stopped and listened for him beyond my controlled heavy

breathing and quickening heart beats.  I finally got the sheets untucked to

about my waist and paused.  There was quite a large opening now but it

wasn't enough, I wanted to get my side of his bed completely open so I

could eventually crawl in next to him!  So I started back to work with the

rest of the sheets, quietly and slowly loosening them with my left foot

until the whole side was undone.  Now I was on his right so I slowly worked

my left hand under the covers.  The back of my hand brushed his stomach and

I knew he was sleeping on his side facing me!  What luck!  At first I

thought he was pretending that he was sleeping but as I was undoing the

sheets, (aprox.  a half an hour's worth of work) he shifted and turned

enough that I figured it was too real to be fake.  Anyway I was glad he was

facing my direction and brushed against him with the back of my hand a few

more times to make sure he wouldn't wake.

No movement or change so I slowly and quietly worked my hand down until it

found what I had been so patiently waiting for!  His cock was limp as I

gently fondled it, exploring it completely, the way I couldn't while he had

been awake.  As I stroked, it slowly stiffened and filled my hand until it

stuck straight out and touched the bottom of my forearm.  All the while I

slowly stroked my own with my right hand.  This was great!  To feel the

warm and hard but softness of his cock in my hand, to gently squeeze it and

play and feel the weight of balls much larger and heavier than mine.  Even

when his cock was hard it still maintained a slight squishyness which was

so different than mine.  When I got hard it was like a steel pipe with thin

layer of skin on it.  I slowly slid off of my cot and slid up next to his

body.  I could feel the heat from his torso as I move closer and closer.  I

finally was close enough to touch my cock-head to his.  Ooohhhh that was

great!  It felt so good I didn't realize that I was stroking him until I

felt his cock start to pulse and jump.  I hung on as I felt his jism squirt

onto the bed a moment later.  I had never held on while he was coming,

feeling it pulsing and throbbing through it's spasms as it got slick and

sticky - and I loved it!  I immediately came too but gripped my dick as

tight as possible so as not to cum on the sheet that was on top of us.  We

came together, I had done it to both of us, it felt good!  I soon had to

let go as he started to move around.  I quickly retreated to my own cot,

spent and finally tired!

So the rules between us had been set; we only fooled around with each other

for lack of women!  How true, where could a 13 year old find a girl willing

to do anything where we lived?  We were still in the boy-germs/girl-germs

stage even though our hormones were screaming to get closer to a girl!  I

knew I liked being with James just because he was James, not because he was

a stand-in for a girl.  He did not seem to feel the same way so I kept the

quiet and played "the game" as long as possible, not letting on how much I

really enjoyed it.

THE YOUNG AND IGNORANT  II  (dildo Discovery)

I often stayed overnight because we didn't live close enough to walk or

bike.  And every time I stayed over, we would wind up doing at least a 36

exposure of film if not more.  Plus we tried other things too.  Like James

had this thing for technical stuff and decide we needed to measure our

hard-ons to the precise millimeter; like on some mechanical drawing.  Out

came his dick and a Micrometer.  He soon had every detail down and was

ready to do mine.  This was a bit embarrassing since I knew he was bigger

but went along since he was so into it.  I thought it would be fun but it

wound up being dull and a bit painful since the edges of the Micrometer

were kind of sharp.

We also wanted have rubbers on hand in case we ever got "lucky".  (Yea,

right!)  Because we were too chicken to attempt to buy one, we decide that

we could make some by making replicas of our dicks and then coating them

with some kind of rubber.  We came upon aquarium sealer and it seemed like

it would be perfect for the job.  We made tinfoil molds of our cocks and

then poured wax into them.  This worked alright but there wasn't much

detail.  It was still fun having it around though.  We coated the wax

copies with the aquarium sealer and waited for it to dry.  We then peeled

back the home-made rubber and tried to put them on...  They ripped right

off!  Oh well...

This got me going about making a better detailed copy of my dick though.  I

had the idea to do it differently and decide I would do it the next time my

parents went to the cabin.  The following weekend they did just that and I

got out the tools.  I clipped and shaved all around my cock to be sure

there wasn't any hair.  I then mixed up a large batch of Plaster of Paris

in an old gallon ice cream bucket.  I then took a large piece of plastic

and poked a hole in it to shove my dick through.  Once I had my dick and

balls through, I laid down on the floor and poured a small amount of

plaster onto my stomach to the base of my cock.  I was so hard by all of

this that I had to have a layer of plaster down between by rock-hard cock

and my stomach or I'd never get a cast of the top part of my dick.  Once

that amount of plaster was semi-hard, I poured the rest of the plaster all

over my cock and balls.  I forgot that plaster gets warm when hardening and

this only made my cock get bigger and harder!  I didn't think this would

get so erotic but the tightness and warmth was getting to me.  Of course at

16 my hormones had kicked in at such a heavy rate that I'd get horny just

about every 10 minutes anyway!  Fortunately I poured the plaster thick

enough not to crack from my cock's straining to get bigger.  Finally the

plaster was hard enough that I decided to take it off.  I didn't realize

what a tight fit it would be.  It felt like a super-suction blowjob!  Every

time I'd try to pull free, the cast would hang on tight and give me the

best feeling.  I could not get it off before I got off!  And that happened

after a couple more pulls.  It was unbelievable, I just kept spasming over

and over with warm flashes up and down my spine as I came and came.  I

finally removed the cast whole and in one piece and it looked perfect!  I

washed it out and let it dry for a day or so and then poured in the liquid

latex moulding compound.  It is carried at many hobby stores for people to

make molds of knick-knacks and then make wax candles from the mould.

Anyway I allow some curing time so I'd get a thick enough layer of latex

built up on the inside and then poured the rest of the latex out.  the

latex was about 1/8" thick and I allowed it to dry completely which took

about 3-4 days.  Once I was confident it was completely dry, I pulled the

rubber cast out of the dick-hole of the plaster.  Perfect!  It looked

exactly like mine, with every little bump and vein!  I made a couple more

from the mould before I destroyed it.  They were real fun to have around

but many years later I threw them out for fear of someone finding them.


James' and I were always trying to find out the ultimate question: what a

real cunt felt like.  We first started by alternately putting our dicks

into the other's underarm pit.  Not great.  We didn't know of oral sex but

thought that might feel good.  I liked doing it to James, the feel of the

head in my mouth - soft and yet hard and velvet like.  When he did it to me

I thought it was great but he didn't do it for more than a minute and

wasn't satisfied with the feel - he wanted more!  He then asked about

putting it into my butt!  I was positive anything that big would never fit

and I was just too damn scared of ripping my ass hole wide open!  He said I

could do it him first.  It never occurred to us to use a lubricant of any

kind and so all I wound up doing is pushing my dick backwards up into me

which was not real comfortable.  I liked trying though but since I couldn't

achieve penetration, James got bored and wanted to try himself.  Doggie-

style he attempted to mount me.  NO WAY!  I tried to be brave but it felt

like he was about to rip me in two so I yelled for him to stop!  I was

scared, all I could think was that if he did it again I would have to go to

the emergency room at the hospital and try to explain how I permanently

ripped open my ass hole!!!  (I wish now I had thought of Vaseline or the

like, we might have never stopped then!) We settled for mutual jack-off and

that ended that.

We once tried to use my parent's foot vibrator against my cheek while his

dick was in my mouth - again I enjoyed it but he just wasn't satisfied.

One of my favorite positions was to have him lay on his back and then I

laid on my back on top of him.  I was about a head shorter than he and so

my head would be on his chest while his dick was resting against my

scrotum, right between my legs and poking out like I had a second dick or

something.  It felt great to have it there, rubbing against that spot

between the scrotum and ass hole, sensitive, smooth and fleshy.  I

pretended it was mine and imagined what it would be like to have one so big

I could actually screw myself!  Another great position was to sit face to

face, my legs over his, with our cocks pressed together with our hands.  We

would both grip the double-cock and move our handfulls up and down until we

were about to cum.  I loved that kind of stuff and wanted to keep doing it

until I did cum but James didn't like to.  He just wanted to finish himself

off all the time.  Besides, I figured I must be way over sexed since I

would just cum and then want to do it again.  James was satisfied once he

got his rocks off, and then he wasn't interested in any playing around

until much later.


My friendship with James lost it's way once girls found me!  I say found me

because even though I was a well renown class-clown,  I was very shy around

girls.  So they had to nearly throw themselves at me before I would ask one

out.  I was fortunate that even though I was on the short side (perpetually

5' 6") I had my 1/2 Italian background that made me attractive to girls my

age and sometimes older.  Which reminds me...

There was a girl who made it known she wanted me in a big way, and at that

point (I was 15 she was 14) I had no experience with girls at all.  I mean

yeah, I knew where that parts were, just not what they "really" felt like.

Well she was willing to show me and I didn't turn her down!  We were

outside in a local park late at night and I started to give her a backrub.

She was enjoying it and so I went underneath the top she was wearing to get

to the "flesh" of her back.  She said she really liked that but would undo

her bra so the straps wouldn't be in the way.  Fine, fine with me!!!  As I

reached back up under her top I didn't remember such large zits!  Gross I

thought until I realized she was on her back and these were her nipples!!!

No way!  Here I was rubbing them like everything and it must have hurt but

she didn't say a word!  I was so embarrassed and I thought she knew I was

too but just didn't say anything.  I kept my cool (what was left) and kept

fondling her, slowly exploring her upper regions until I got up enough guts

to go for the crotch.  I slid my hand down her belly to the edge of her

panties.  I swam my hand all around the area to see if she would resist.

Nothing.  So I slipped my hand underneath her panties until I felt the

little mound of pubic hair, passing it I found the soft, wet surprise.  I

fingered her as she grabbed at my crotch in my jeans.  Just then someone

came over the hill we were on and we quickly ended our groping.  So much

for that night.  Damn.  She then told me here parents would be gone for

most of Saturday and we could finish there.  I stumbled out Ok and walked

bent over until then.  ;-)

She answered the door wearing cutoffs and some kind of t-shirt I don't

remember.  We immediately went up to the bedroom I began to grope her

again.  This time it was during the day and I could see everything!  Wow

this was what my mind had constantly dreaming of!  I got her shorts to her

knees and then I grabbed her pussy and fingered it for all I was worth.

She went right for my zipper and had my shorts to my knees in no time as we

lay on our sides facing each other.  She took hold of my member, which was

rock hard as soon as I left my house, and immediately pumped it!  I grabbed

her hand once to slow it down or I'd cum and/or get rug-burned by her heavy

fist action.  I had little control once a "real girl's hand" was on me, so

it wasn't long before I came all over her hand.  She got up for a towel and

that was that!  We never did it again and she asked me later why I didn't

even kiss her..  What a selfish dope I had been, I just wanted to please

myself and then high-tail it out of there.  Really, to me a kiss was more

serious than a grope.  I figured I'd grope or let myself be groped by

anyone, but a kiss is for someone I loved.  Yea, well it made sense to me!


I found other girls (or they found me) that were willing to fool around but

I always felt the same way; after cuming I wanted to leave and not see her

until I was horny again.  I went with a girl in my senior year of high

school that was cute and short - my favorite!  It took a while for us to go

beyond the kissing stage, I guess I really liked her.  Well it began after

about two months of dating, in her driveway.  She was on top of me

passionately kissing away when my hands dared to wander... wander to her

ass.  I kneaded them and push-pulled them as I ground my crotch against

hers.  I worked a couple of fingers down to the outside of her jeans-clad

crotch.  She started to squirm and her hips were doing circles on top of me

- she loved it!  Yes!  I had thought for sure she was a virgin but she knew

she liked this!  I then reached around the front to undo her pants when she

stopped me.  Double-damn!  But then she said we can go inside to her room.

Alllllright!  She locked her door - her parents room was at the other end

of the huge house so no problem.  We flopped onto the bed and quickly got

back into the mood of things.  I think I made her cum but she made no noise

at all.  Not that I expected anything, after all James' magazines didn't

have audio  ;-).  I had no idea how a girl reacted to an orgasm anyway!

Again though, once I had shot my load I was out the door.

The next time we were in her room we began the mutual fondling when I

decided I wanted her to give me a blowjob bigtime!  The only way for that

was to do her too, so with her pants at her knees, over my head she went

until she was laying on my stomach with my dick in her face!  I began with

what was near me and started to lick.  I didn't really like the smell but

it wasn't REEEEAAAL bad so I kept going.  She got the hint and began on my

member too.  Her mouth felt so warm that it was only a minute or two and I

shot - missing her mouth and onto my stomach.  Ahhhhhh that was nice!  Just

then there was a knock at her door and then it opened to reveal her little

brother who thought the cat might be in her room!  She immediately started

yelling at her brother to stay out and never to open the door unless she

said so!!!  I went for her closet with my hands trying to keep hold of my

pants!  I don't think he saw anything because the way her room was laid

out, her dresser was between us on the floor and her door.  Needless to say

that kind of ended the mood.

One time when she was over at my house we started going at it on my bed.

Now she had been asking for me to go all the way with her for a while (Yea,

I know most GUYS do that but I never wanted to go all the way with any girl

because I was so afraid that I'd get the girl pregnant) and so I planted

the "wax copy" of my dick, that James and I had made, under my pillow.  As

we kept going I slowly worked my hand to the pillow and took the "copy"

out.  When she started to really get heavy with the french kissing I

started using the wax dildo on the outer edges of her pussy.  I could tell

she thought it was really me!  So I slowly started to insert it but pretty

soon had a regular rhythm going with it.  I almost lost it up her pussy

twice but she was having to good of a time to notice I guess.   Anyway

after she seemed to have enough, I removed it and hid the dildo until

later.  I really don't think she knew that it wasn't me.

Most of the time we were at her house since it was empty most of the time

and her parents had been separated since she was 4-5 years old.  "They

stayed together for the kids...", yea, real smart.  As if they didn't know

what dad was doing in his own apartment.  Well anyway we tried different

places to fool around.  Once, late at night, we took her dad's speedboat

out to the middle of the lake the house was on, and started to have some

fun.  Just as she got her hand in my pants she jumped and said that she was

sure she saw a bat.  Sure enough they were flying around catching bugs and

stuff.  Well she wasn't convinced that they would leave us alone so we went

back to shore.  We then swam out to a floating raft about 50ft from shore,

that was made for swimming from.  You've seen them; covered with

indoor/outdoor carpeting, all kept afloat with about six large empty

barrels.  We swam underneath the raft and hung on while we removed our swim

suits.  It was a very freeing impression to feel the cool water breeze by

my crotch.  She felt great all slippery and everything against me, but it

was too light out to get out of the water and onto the raft so horny as

hell; back to the house.

Ok so here comes an embarrassing part...  We knew her parents were gone for

the whole weekend and while I was drying off, she lined the master bath's

sunken bathtub with candles.  We got in and being naked and slippery from

the bubble bath made us both very hot!  She wanted me very badly but I

didn't have a rubber and refused to do it without protection.  She didn't

want to give up and somehow we came up with the stupid idea that we could

try using a Baggie!  You know, sandwich bag type Baggie?  Well I slipped

one on and somehow wrapped it around my dick enough that we went for

insertion.  It worked and fortunately we were both in the bubble bath so we

really could not see how ridiculous it probably looked.  And it was not

working for her at all!  She couldn't feel a thing and so in the passion of

the moment we threw away the Baggie and went for it with no protection at

all.  Double stupid!  I came in her and it DID feel great, but not 3 days

went by before she called me and said she thought she was pregnant!  I told

her I was willing to go with her to get an abortion but a few days later

she told me she was Ok and had her period.  Later I found out from a mutual

friend that she made the whole thing up because she wanted me to marry her.

I was still in high school and found it really odd that she wanted to marry

so young.  I knew that she wanted out of her home as soon as possible so I

guess I was to be her ticket!  Needless to say our relationship cooled a

bit!  By her first year at college she had gotten engaged to some other

poor soul and although I was crushed I didn't fight it.  I felt a bit

betrayed since it was the guy that drove her home on the weekends to see


That was the first and last time I ever made love to a girl until I married

a wonderful girl seven years later.  How did I manage to abstain for so

long?  Fear was a good motivating factor.  Secondly, I did not want to mess

up my mind with conflicting feelings for someone because I went all the way

with them.  I found that it became much easier to deal with relationships

when "the other brain" didn't have input... ;-)  I really love it when

people say, "How do you know you're compatible if you don't fool around

before getting married?"   Well as I got older I realized no matter how

passionate you are, there will be more time spent together NOT having sex

than having sex.  So if you have a good relationship outside of sex, it

will follow that you will enjoy sex together too! [Thankyou Dr. Ruth!  ;-)]

Sorry to get windy about it, I just felt the need to explain...


Hope you'all enjoy it!  What a weird young life eh'?  Heh heh, it DID all work

out Ok in the end though.  Happy reading folks!


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