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Archive-name: First/woods.txt


Archive-title: Woods, The



For hours, Scott sat in his dorm room, hashing away at his

physics homework.  Finally, after finding one error near the start

of his lab report that meant redoing fully nine-tenths of his

subsequent calculations, he felt like going mad.

At that moment he decided to leave and take a stroll in the park.

Somehow, it was just not his lucky day, and he took a wrong turn,

because instead of returning to the rear of his campus by the

dorms, he found himself standing in front of a waterfall.

The waterfall was fairly short, about twenty feet from the bottom

to the top.  Easily visible behind it was the broad mouth of a cave

roughly fifteen feet high and a little broader than the waterfall

itself.  In front of it was a yard-sized pool of water, which led

off to a brook which turned sharply to the left and went on

through a heavily wooded section Scott had never seen before.

As he threw his arms down with frustration, looking about, he

also found, to his right, a smaller, sauna-sized pool, which

seemed to be steaming.  Considering how cool it was during that

time of the year, he figured, it did not have to be that warm to

do that.

BUT, this was no time to be caught out in no-man's land, lost

with no idea on how to get back to somewhere he recognized.  He

started looking around for a marker - anything on the horizon that

looked like a part of the suburban landscape he knew to be the

home of his university.

"How in the HELL could this have happened?!" he said out loud.  "I

know this park back and forth - I went the same way in here and

came out the same way, on the same damned stone path -"

And then, someone lept through the waterfall and into the pool.

Scott's jaw dropped as a red-headed woman, with shapely legs and

a completely well-endowed body, came out of the water in front of

him.  Completely naked, her breasts pushed out proudly, capped by

firm, erect, pink nipples.  She was dripping wet from her swim in

the nature-made pool, and seemingly extremely comfortable despite

Scott's presence.

Most of all, he knew her.  She was Shawna, a woman from one of his

English classes, way back in junior college.

"Oh, perfect!" she said, looking at him.  "I thought I'd never get

it right!"

"Me?!" Scott said, pointing at himself.

"Yes," she answered, "YOU.  I saw you on campus last week and went

about the business of bringing you here.  This is where I live."

"Shawna?" he sputtered.

"Yes, I'm Shawna," she replied, "I knew you a few years ago.  You

were so in love with me that when you got that fine restaurant

ticket for being computer salesman of the month, you pulled me 

aside before class and asked me to go with you."

"That date was the best day of my life." he said, reflectively.

"Well," she said, taking a seat on a rock beside him, "if you

still feel the same way about me now as you did then, I'll let you

in on my secret."

"Oh, I do!" he replied, turning around.  "You don't KNOW how


"Oh, I know." she said, cutting him off.  "And I want to give you

a few hours away from all that homework, to enjoy life a little.

When you go back, it'll be as if you'd just taken a short stroll

in the park.  Trust me."

"So," he asked, "what *is* this place?"

"It's my home." she replied.  "I found it as a little girl when I

got lost in a forest in Ireland.  Now it seems to show up whenever

I concentrate and ask for it, and when I come out, I end up right

where I was in time and space before I came here."

"Nice." Scott said, looking around - anywhere but at her luscious

body.  "Anyone else here?"

"No." Shawna replied.  "This place has no boundary, either.  It

looks like Ireland without any people, and there's a body of water

west of here that stretches on forever, but it's bordered by a

forest that seems to have no end, either."

"So how did you get *me* here?"

"I concentrated on you until I spotted you in my mind." Shawna

replied.  "You've passed through here a dozen times, but I always

screwed up and brought your buddies along, too, so I tried to send

you back as fast as you could."

"It worked," Scott said, "because I do not ever recall being

anywhere I did not recognize well enough to know my way back to

the dorms.  And why didn't you take me out while I was in my dorm


"I will." she smiled.  "I'm still not comfortable with this stuff.

I was more confident when you were in the forest."

"Well," he said, looking around, "what am I here for now?"

She stood up.  "You've been spending too much time hashing out

b.s.  numbers and formulas for your Physics major.  I never see you

with any girlfriends or at any social events, and I go to LOTS of

them.  Hell, you're probably still a virgin."

"Hey!" Scott protested.

"Well?" she pressed, standing up.  "Take off your clothes for me."

"Hey," he said, "come on Shawna, I'm not..  well, you know.."

"Not that easy?"

"Well, it's not like that, but -"

With that, she cut him off with a kiss to the lips.  She wrapped

her arms around his shoulders and pressed her lips firmly against

his.  Immediately his pulse increased.

"Open your mouth for me," she said before re-engaging their kiss.

Scott did as she asked, and immediately, her tongue thrust in,

sliding against his.  Her tongue explored his mouth slowly and

firmly, then she drew his into her mouth.  He nervously moved his

tongue over and around hers, and then she disengaged again.

"Yeah," she said, "you're a virgin still.  If I couldn't just feel

it, your heart rate and sweating would give it away."

"That's not true -" he stammered.

"Oh yes it is!" she said firmly.  Gingerly, she added, "Take off

your clothes for me, Scott.  Please."

Scott, figuring she had virtually forever with him until he did

as she asked, took off his shirt, then his jeans, and finally his


"You also look wonderful." she said.  "Thank goodness no one's

taken you yet.."


"I'm going to have you fresh." she said.  "Untouched.  You're a

wonderful person in mind and in body, just my type."

Shawna smiled and took his erection into her hands, causing him

to jerk back.  His glans slid out of her water-slickened hands, as

he fell on his rear on the rock.  As he gasped and his heart tried

to beat its way out of his chest, Shawna beckoned to him to join

her in the water.  

"Come on in!" she called.

Scott watched her plunge into the water, and then, resolving

himself to go all the way with this, followed her in.

The two of them ended up at the foot of the waterfall, where

Shawna scrambled up the mossy rocks, and then under the water.

There, she stood, the water cascading down on her head, motioning

to him to join her.

"Come on in," she said, "it feels great!"

"You sure it's safe?" Scott replied.

"Sure," she said, "I shower here!"

Scott followed, took a deep breath, and stepped in.  Promptly,

Shawna reached out and drew him to her for a kiss.

For several moments, their tongues explored each other's mouths.

Shawna, meanwhile, reached down with both hands, and gently

caressed his erection, giving it long, leisurely strokes, as well

as feeling, seemingly innocently exploring, its contours.  She

continued with him until Scott needed a breath of air.  Then, he

stepped inwards, into the cave.

He breathed in deeply, then looked back at Shawna, who was still

standing in the water, turned towards him, her hands clasped above

her head.  Her breasts were visible in reasonable detail when she

came out, entering the cave.  There, she rolled her nipples between

her thumbs and forefingers, in front of Scott, while approaching


"Shawna.." he gasped, his manhood swollen, pointing straight at


"SCOTT.." she smiled.  "You're obviously happy to see me."

He looked down and saw his shaft growing, and sighed, looking

back at her.  "Oh, I am."

She kissed him again and looked at his penis as it grew in length

and swelled in width.  "Mmmm, your manhood is perfectly shaped."

She looked into his eyes and gently stroked the head of his

erection.  "I'm gonna like the feel of this going in me.  Ohhh, yes

I'm gonna like it."

"Shawna," he stammered, "that's too much.."

"No problem," she smiled, kissing him again.  "Let's get you


With that, she kissed him again, then moved down to his chest,

caressing his back and sides with her hands, while licking and

kissing his chest, navel and stomach.  As Scott gasped and sat

down, she straddled his legs, and began stroking his staff with

her hands.

"You'll fit in my vagina perfectly," she murmured, "it's shaped

just right to stroke my G-spot.."

Slowly, she moved her hands up and down, putting pressure with

her palm on the sensitive underside of his penis.  As Scott

squirmed and groaned on the moss floor, she stroked up and down,

then from side to side, then she corkscrewed up his shaft gently.

Occasionally, she stayed still to feel him stiffen and swell in

her hands.  Finally, she pressed her thumbs on the underside of his

staff, as she stroked him.

Finally, he was so wide that she could not wrap her hand around

it.  "Oh, Scott, you're incredible!  So long and thick.."

Scott held his head as the pleasure overwhelmed his senses, and

groaned out his acknowledgement of her words.  Finally, he felt

something warm and moist sliding along the head of his penis, and

he looked up quickly.

Shawna licked the mushroom-shaped head of his penis firmly, then

gently licked the opening where she hoped his semen would soon be

released.  She took the tip between her lips, licked it gently, and

gave him a strong suck.

Scott shuddered and groaned out loud from the pleasure she gave

him, and finally, he had to close his eyes as she slowly and

firmly slid her tongue back and forth across the underside of his

shaft, taking as much into her hot, moist mouth as she could.  She

wagged her tongue from side to side against the sensitive, broader

part of the underside of his glans, and then slid it back and

forth, lengthwise.

Shawna held the lower, exposed half of his penis in her hands,

and started to gently drum his glans with her fingers, making

them ripple across his length, as she firmly stroked the underside

of his upper half with her tongue.  After a while, she alternated

by simply stroking him firmly, with increasing speed each time she

cycled from drumming to stroking.  All the while, she continued to

suck harder and harder on the part of his penis in her mouth.

Scott, for lack of words, merely groaned and squeezed his eyes

even tighter, moaning out her name.  His breaths came in gasps as

she drew him to his climax.

Finally, he sighed, and Shawna smiled as pre-cum leaked onto her

tongue.  She licked the head of his shaft where it oozed out,

gently stroking across the opening as it spilled more cream.

Shawna moaned on his penis from the pleasure she got from tasting

his release, and as she squeezed him and stroked upwards, her hand

milked a good squirt of pre-cum into her mouth.

When his pre-cum stopped coming, she could feel him throbbing

dangerously in her hands, and she started to stroke him

constantly.  Her hands moved fast and gripped him firmly, her

tongue continued to slide across the underside of his shaft, and

she sucked strongly on him, all at once.

She released him from her mouth, licked her hands, and with wet

palms and fingers, she stroked him firmly again, making squishing

sounds as wet skin stroked wet skin.  "Come on, Scott, I just

tasted your pre-cum, you can do it.."

"Uuuggghhhh, Shawna," he gasped, "ohhh I feel it coming.."

"Yes," she said, now drumming his lower half with one hand and

stroking him with the other, "relax, just relax.  Let your body

erupt when IT wants to."

She took him in her mouth again, rasping her tongue fast and

furiously along his length, flattening her tongue so that she

covered as much of the broad underside of his erection as she

could.  She stroked him constantly, feeling him swell between her

lips, throbbing on her tongue and in her hands, almost starting to

jerk.  She gave him strong sucks, then released the pressure, and

then sucked hard again, all in rhythm.  She switched to a fast,

firm stroking rhythm with one hand, and drummed his penis with two

fingers from her other hand.

"UUUUGGHHH.." Scott gasped.  "OHHHH Shawna I can't hold it.."

Shawna moaned again on his shaft, causing him to shudder.

"I'm gonna cum.."

She released him from her mouth and said, "Let it go," Then she

kissed his tip and took him back in her mouth, stroking him

quickly and firmly with her hands and tongue.  She sucked him as

hard as she could, drawing him slowly into her mouth, working him

firmly and wetly with her tongue.  Her sucks came hard, released

quick, and then draw hard on him again, and in return, she could

feel him throbbing on her tongue, in her mouth and in her hands.

As her own body grew excited and her juices lubricated her vagina

and made her outer lips moist, she groaned strongly, even with his

erection in her mouth.

Finally, he cried out and pounded the moss floor with his fists.

His penis swelled in her hands, as semen raced up in such amounts

that her tongue could feel it as it raced through his shaft, and

it jerked violently in her mouth.  Shawna closed her eyes, held him

still, and withdrew her tongue, and drew it firmly across the head

of his manhood.  Then, she sucked him strongly, and waited.

The next instant, he grunted mightily, and she felt a warm thick

splash against the insides of her mouth.  She smiled as his initial

jet coated her tongue and the back of her mouth, making her entire

mouth sticky with semen, as his shaft shrank slightly in her


Scott cried out in protest against the strain of release as he

erupted heavily into Shawna's hot, warm mouth, firing thick, hot

streams of semen, as her hands gently squeezed and stroked him,

her mouth and hands working in unison to drain him.  His mind went

into overload, his senses spinning, his heart fighting to escape

his chest.  "SHAWNA---!"

Shawna moaned with surprise as he jetted into her mouth again,

his bursts more than she could swallow in one shot.  Finally, it

overflowed and she had to let it flow out of her mouth so she

could taste and then swallow the rest.  Within seconds, her hands

were coated with semen, even as she was feeling warm, thick and

sticky jets still spilling healthily against the insides of her


Finally, he erupted one last time, bloating her cheeks and

causing a wave to cascade down his shaft and her hands.  Then, he

was reduced to strong spasms, and as he recovered his senses, she

swallowed what cream hadn't yet escaped from her mouth, then took

her hands off his penis.

Shawna looked at her hands, covered with warm, thick and sticky

cream, and, shaking her head, she started the pleasurable task of

cleaning the cum off her hands and his erection.  "Shit, you sure

erupted a lot, hon," she said, as she slowly and leisurely cleaned

every inch of him with her tongue and lips.

Scott groaned, "Sh--Shawna.."

Immediately, she moved over in front of him.  "It's okay, honey.

It felt good for me, too.  I got off feeling your cream splashing

into my mouth."

"That was incredible.." he responded.

"I take it you came like that because I made you feel good?

Hmmmm?" she said, teasing him.

"Definitely," he replied, still taking deep breaths, before

sitting up to find her with his eyes.

Shawna sat down beside him, laid on her side, and drew him into

her arms.  She patted him on his back gently.  "It's okay, Scott..

Just relax."

"Shawna," he finally said, "where did..  HOW did..  where in the

world did you learn THAT from?"

She put her hand on his chest.  "Your heart is still racing," she

said with a smile.  "I'll let you answer that question in just a


*You bet,* he said to himself, feeling more confident as his

arms, then propping him up, stopped having that wobbly feeling.

"Shawna, why are you doing this to me so fast?" he inquired.

"Because you're mine, Scott." she said.  "I wanted to express that

message to you as strongly as I could.  I don't suppose you object

too strongly, I hope.."

"NO WAY!" he gasped.  With that, he strained himself, and forced

himself to his knees.

Scott took her in his arms, and immediately brought his lips to

her neck.  Shawna, finding it more comfortable, sat on her knees in

front of him, and held his head against her neck.

Scott kissed, sucked and licked his way down her neck, her

throaty moans easily felt by him.  Shawna looked down at him and

smiled as he stroked her neck with his tongue, leaving a warm and

moist trail behind.  Finally, as he reached her upper chest, she

sighed, running her fingers through his hair.

He took her stiff nipples between his thumbs and forefingers, and

squeezed them slightly, as he kissed and licked his way towards

her warm, endowed breasts.  He kissed her between her breasts

first, licking and tasting her, before moving over the top of her

breasts.  He took a nipple into his mouth and licked it, slowly but

firmly, and then sucked on it.

"Aaaaahhhh," Shawna sighed.  Scott could hear squishing sounds; he

looked up, saw her face aiming up towards the ceiling, and when he

looked down, he saw her vagina greedily slurping wetly against her

long and slender fingers, which were now buried inside her.

"Do it fast, Scott," she gasped, "I want to cum really well in

your mouth, real soon.  I want to wet your cheeks and coat your

tongue with my sweet, hot juice."

Scott groaned and eagerly went back to sucking her nipples even

as she continued to ramble on, mostly for her own excitement.  As

he moved down to the underside of her breasts, sucking, licking

and kissing firmly, she licked her creamy natural lubrication off

her fingers.  With that, she moaned with pleasure, and put both her

hands back into his hair.

Shawna looked down as Scott continued to suck her nipples, and

then lick from the undersides of her luscious breasts to in

between them.  She steadied her breathing as she allowed him to

explore her upper body with his tongue, letting him taste and

please her erogenous parts.  He was facing an unknown stretch of

paradise, and his intense curiosity at it, made her even hotter

and wetter.  So she relaxed and held his head gently, as he moaned,

kissed and licked around her breasts.

Finally, she pushed down gently on his head.  He looked up at her.

"That feels absolutely heavenly." Shawna said with a smile.

"Explore other parts of me now."

"Sure.." he replied.

With that, he moved down, licked the underside of her breasts

again, and then went down to her stomach.  There, he ran his tongue

across her skin, where his sucking reduced his saliva to a mere

trail of moisture.  Again, he meticulously licked her body,

thrusting his tongue into her belly button whenever he made a pass

by it.

"Uuugghh," Shawna gasped, as her sex ached for him.

"Ohhhh!" she moaned as his tongue pressed firmly against her

navel for an extended period of time.

Finally, she moved away, and laid on her back, spread her legs

apart, and put her feet into the air.  She pulled back her nether

lips with her fingers, spreading herself wide for him.  Her breasts

heaved as she breathed hard, moaning his name repeatedly.

Scott gasped as he stared into her moist, pink sex.  A bead of her

juice leaked over the edge of her labia, into the moss, and he

almost went into shock.  He got control of his senses, knelt

between her legs, held her feet on his shoulders, and started to

kiss his way up from her legs, to her thighs.

"Ohh, yes, Scott.." she moaned, "tease me.."

Scott licked his way up her thighs, before he reached her spread

lips.  Suddenly, she took her hands away from her crotch, and

firmly wrapped her legs around his neck, clasping her feet behind

him.  Then, she abruptly drew his face to her moist, hot, shaved

sex, with her thighs.

Scott moaned against her clitoris, and then pushed his tongue

between her labia.  Her juices coated his tongue, shocking him with

the lusty, musky scent of her, and her unexpectedly sticky, sweet

taste.  As he probed into her with his tongue, her muscles clamped

down gently on his tongue, squeezing out more juice.

Then, Shawna sat up.  "Scott!" she gasped.  "Lay on your back!"

Scott felt her legs releasing him, and then he looked down at

her.  "What was that?"

"Lay on your back." Shawna repeated.  "I want to straddle you."


"Just lay down and I'll show you."

"Okay." he said, leaning back, pulling his legs out from under


As Scott laid on his back, Shawna got up on top of him, moved up

over his chest, and stood up over his head.  She planted her feet 

on either side of his shoulders, and slowly spread her lips, 

exposing her vagina to her lover's eyes below.  Scott's eyes bulged

and his pulse quickened from the sight of her moist sex over head,

and the way she stood over him comfortably, expectantly.

Shawna stroked her clit until it peeked out from its hiding place,

and spread her lips more, contracting her muscles so Scott could

have an idea of what was going to happen when he entered her,

later on.  She looked down at him, smiling, as she stood over him,

showing him her engorged clit, swollen, dark-pink labia, and the

dark, wet entrance to her depths.  He began stroking her ankles and

legs slowly and leisurely.

Shawna noticed he felt comfortable on his back with her standing

over him, showing him her delicious sex, and gave him more time to

look, before she started to come down into a squat.

"Shawna.." Scott murmured.

"Save your breath, hon," Shawna said, smiling.

As she came down to him, she kept her lips open with fingers from

one hand, making sure she kept the entrance to her vagina over his

eyes so he could easily see into her depths.  Then, she changed

from squatting over him, to sitting on one knee.  She took her hand

from her mound, and used it to push Scott down further.  His mouth

and nose disappeared below her, and then she sat down on her other

knee, on his chest, as he helped bring her down with his hands on

her backside.

Shawna leaned back on his chest as she sat on her knees, her

moist, hot sex now right over his mouth.  She sat on her knees

comfortably on the moist, mossy floor, with her knees spread and

Scott's head firmly but safely nestled between her thighs, and her

smooth, shaved mound planted firmly on his lips.  She planted her

hands on her thighs and relaxed.

"Ohhhh," she smiled, looking down at him.  "Ohhh, this is gonna

make my release SO much better..  cumming right in your incredible


Scott enjoyed the feel of her warm thighs on either side of him,

and, while caressing her backside and the sides of her abdomen, he

thrust his tongue against her throbbing clitoris, then in past her

swollen labia.  He licked all around inside her, before pushing his

tongue into her vagina directly, as far in as it would go.

"AAAahhhhh!" Shawna gasped, her upper body swaying back and

forth, as her juices flowed, moistening Scott's cheek and leaving

his tongue sticky.  "Suck me off, make me cum in your mouth,

honey..  I want you to feel my hot juices coat your tongue."

Scott moaned as her vagina contracted on his tongue, and then

started to move his head from side to side slightly, rubbing his

nose against her clit.

When he looked up at her, her chest was flushed, and her mouth

was wide open, as she stared down at him in awe.  "Yes, honey, you

can feel it..  my warm cum juice leaking into your mouth..  I want

you to drain me of my cum, I want you to taste it.."

He breathed hotly against her sex, causing her to shudder above

him.  She bent over severely, almost in half, as her arms

threatened to give way.  Her fingernails nearly dug into her

thighs, as her breathing became frantic.  Her mouth hung open as

her eyes squeezed shut occasionally from the shock waves of

pleasure rocketing up and down her spine.

"Oh, shit.." she gasped, as Scott thrust in and out of her vagina

with his tongue, rubbing her clit with his nose, and sucking on

her lips.

"Do it, baby, do it.." she gasped.  "I'm gonna release so well and

reward you so sweetly.."

He spread her inner lips, the entrance to her warm, moist vagina,

with his tongue, and then gently licked her inner walls as deeply

as his tongue would go.  He alternated with licking all around the

entrance to her vagina, then sucking her clit.

"UUUUGGGH.." Shawna gasped.  "I'm gonna cum!  I'm gonna cum in your

mouth!  Open your mouth so I can cum in it!"

She quivered, lurched on her knees, then rocked rhythmically,

moaning, "Cum in it, cum in it, CUM IN IT, CUM IN IT!!!!"

Then she let out a deep, satisfied, explosive sigh, as a warm,

thick and gooey release, meant to lubricate a thrusting penis,

slid out of her spasming vagina, and down Scott's tongue.  She

wheezed as her muscles contracted again, this time squirting her

thick juice into his mouth.

Scott moaned loudly as her cum spilled into his mouth, and down

his cheeks.  He looked up as she was cumming in his mouth, and saw

her leaning over weakly, her eyes squeezed shut, her mouth open in

a silent cry of unbearable pleasure.

"Scott..." she gasped.

Then, finally, she was reduced to mere dripping, and as her lips

curled into a smile of sexual satisfaction, she opened her eyes,

and looked down at him.

Instead of speaking, she just groaned and breathed heavily, a few


With that, she got up off of him, but when she saw the streamers

from her vagina to his mouth, she knelt down firmly but slowly.

He smiled, not needing her to ask him, and licked her clean.

Then, she got up off of him, and kissed him in his lips.  Her hand

felt some of her slippery juice on his cheeks, and she paused to


"Oh, yes.." she moaned.  "Oh, that's SO wonderful.."

Shawna got up, her feet again beside his shoulders, and

masturbated over him.

"You are so incredibly sweet," Scott gasped.

"Really?" she smiled.  She dropped one knee back down beside his

head.  "Want to drain me some more?"

Scott held onto her legs.  "Sure."

"Good," she said, kneeling back down on him.  Within seconds, she

knelt down completely, and was moaning from his tongue probing

deep inside her.

Scott eagerly worked her still-excited sex, sucking her lips and

clitoris, and exploring her depths with his tongue.  As a result,

Shawna gently wiggled on his face, smearing his cheeks, chin and

nose with cum, making him slick enough so she could ride him

easier and stroke his nose with her clit.  Her juices came in small

waves, flowing down his cheeks in trails led by small droplets,

ultimately leaving his face quite moist.

Then, she reached back and felt his shaft.  It was erect.

"Oh.." she smiled, "I see this is making more than just me


She thought she was feeling his glans, until her finger suddenly

found the opening at the tip.  She reached back down, and found his

glans was actually much wider, thicker, harder...

And longer.

"Oh my goodness," Shawna suddenly gasped.  She instinctively

rubbed her mound up and down, smearing moisture from his chin to

his nose.  After a moment of that, she pressed her moist sex firmly

on his mouth, and enjoyed his tongue deep in her for several


"Hold your tongue inside me.." she said.  "Just hold it there."

Scott replied by wiggling his tongue in her vagina, licking her

sweet, moist inner walls.  Shawna sighed and started to rub her

clit and lips against his mouth, again.  Her inner lips and vaginal

muscles clasped against his tongue, amplifying the sensation she

received from his probing.

Again, all Scott could see of her was her rippling stomach

muscles, her firm, erect nipples, and her face - her eyes closed

tight and her mouth open in a silent gasp of sexual rapture.  But

it was enough to make his erection so big and so needing of her,

that it ached badly.

Finally, after a few minutes of probing her as deep as his tongue

would go, Scott felt her muscles contracting powerfully on his

tongue again.  Shawna quivered above him, her thighs squeezing him

tight until her feet were almost under his back, and then breathed

out heavily.  Previously drained, her vagina now leaked mere

droplets of juice down his tongue, as she moaned from the pleasure

of her orgasm.  She pressed herself down hard on his mouth, holding

his head firmly, as she came in his mouth again.

"AAAAhhhh, yes.." she gasped, as her contractions, weaker than

before, still sent waves of sexual satisfaction through her body.


Her muscles relaxed on Scott's probing tongue, and then so did

her thighs.  It took her some effort, but she was finally able to

lean back and, by taking her well-pleased sex off his mouth, give

him room to speak.  Lazily, she reached back and touched his shaft,

and then looked down at him with surprise.

Then, she got up off of him again, and kissed him.  "You're ready,


Scott looked up at her.  "Huh?"

"Come with me." she said, pulling him up to his feet.

"What's going on?" he inquired.

She looked down at his penis.

"Oh, boy.." she said.  "I'm going to have to work to accomodate

this beauty.  Come with me."

Bewildered, Scott followed Shawna as she walked through the

waterfall with him, jumped into the water, and swam towards the

other end.

Scott reached the other end almost before she did, and they both

jumped into the warmer, smaller pool.

Shawna looked up at him, and then turned her back to him.  "Enter

me this way," she said.  "You can reach my G-spot better."

Scott gasped, and shook his head.  "No.."

Shawna turned her head slightly.  "Don't worry, I'll take you

through this, honey.  I need you in me, and I need you to thrust

against that little magic spot deep inside me.."

"But not from -"

"Don't worry!" she reassured him.  "I'll make sure you're facing

me when you erupt and flood me with your hot spunk."

Scott breathed deeply and nervously, and approached her.  Shawna

turned towards the edge, and closed her eyes, as she spread

herself for him.  A second later, she felt his penis nervously

pushing into her, his breath coming in pants, hotly on the back of

her neck.

It slid into her perfectly -

But only because, as she realized, it was not even half as big as

normal.  The head of his penis went by her G-spot, and never

touched it.  As thick as he normally was, it would be just better

to have him the way he said..  after all, then he'd at least HIT

her magic spot..

"Okay, okay.." she gasped.  "Let's turn around.."

Scott moaned out, "Ugghhhh...  yes, thank you.."

With that, he withdrew from her vagina, and she turned around.

Shawna sat up on the edge in front of him, and worked her fingers

into herself.  She put her feet on Scott's shoulders, and spread

her knees wide, letting him watch as she fucked her insides

furiously with her fingers, thrusting in, stimulating her G-spot,

sliding back out, then thrusting back in, wiggling her fingers

from side to side.

"I want you to enter me in your full glory," she groaned,

masturbating vigorously in front of him, staring into his eyes.  

"Watch me get us both off.."

Her wet fingers and well-lubricated vagina, made loud squishing,

sticky sounds as her fingers wiggled and thrust deep in her.  She

curled her fingers inside herself to press her g-spot even harder,

causing her immense shock waves of pleasure that made her gasp


"Can you hear it?" she said, working herself just so that her

vagina and fingers would make those wet noises.  She groaned as her

inner muscles tightened on her fingers.  "My pussy is SO hungry for


"Oh, Shawna.." Scott gasped.  "Oh, no.."

"Oh, yes," she said, smiling at him.

Finally, she pressed her feet firmly on Scott's shoulders, and

somehow, as she orgasmed, she had enough control to spread her

labia, showing him her vagina from an even better angle than

before.  She moaned and then sighed, raising her head towards the

sky, as another strong release swept through her body.

Right before his eyes, her muscles spasmed, relaxed, and then

spasmed again.  Scott gasped as he saw her muscles clenching and 

squeezing out her juice, imagining what would happen when the dark

tunnel that was her vagina, was instead filled by his own shaft,

when she was cumming like that.  Shawna looked down and smiled at

him as he stared into her depths in awe, before squeezing her eyes

shut as another contraction hit her.

Then, he accidentally exhaled deeply.

His hot, lusty breath hit her spasming sex, and Shawna cried out

and lurched forward.  She wrapped her thighs around his neck and

fell into the water, heaven-knew-how-terrible a result being

averted simply by her fall being stopped very short when her rear

landed into his waiting hands.  He helped her push her crotch

against his mouth, and he held her sex against his mouth until she

was finished cumming, during which she thanked him emphatically

and repeatedly.  She sat on his shoulders with her thighs, her

thighs wrapped around his head, her feet clasped behind him,

stroking his back, her rear end resting on his hands.  She held his

head against her crotch as she finished climaxing, her lover's

mouth keeping her spasming sex company through her orgasm for yet

a third time.

When it ended, Shawna relaxed, and leaned back against the edge

of the pool.  She spread her lips again, smiling down at him,

letting him see her depths as her muscles relaxed again.  She

groaned again, turned on by showing him her sex as sje entered and

then came down from its peak.

"Aahhh," she exhaled, "that was GREAT."

"Oh, Shawna.." Scott gasped, his pulse racing.  "That was


"Did you see it cum?" she asked quietly.

"Yes!" Scott said.  "Aw, wow, that -"

Feeling herself having been spread wide enough, she got into the

water with him, and pulled him against her, cutting him off.  She

wrapped her legs around him and looked at him with intense sexual

lust, her mouth open.  She threw her head forward and kissed him

passionately, mixing the aftertaste of his semen in her mouth,

versus the one and a half loads of natural lubrication that she'd

deposited in his mouth.  Before he could object, her tongue was

deep in his mouth; he relaxed and returned the kiss, as Shawna was

obviously had no problem tasting her cum, either.

Then, as forcefully as she initiated it, Shawna broke their deep,

passionate kiss.

"Now, fuck me!" she groaned lustily.  "You've made me happy sooooo

many times now!  Now it's your turn!"

Scott gasped out loud, took her into his arms, and jammed his

aching penis deep into her.  It was an accidental move - he merely

meant to push his tip against her entrance, when she let go of his

waist with her legs.  His pulling her down - along with her lack of

grip on his waist - caused him to plunge hard and deep into her

warm, wet, contoured depths.

He felt her inner folds and muscles clamp down hard on him, and

he gasped.  Not like the way he had gasped before - this gasp was

one of a much more intense pleasure, and crisis.  Shawna had just

finished the job of engulfing his virginity, but he wouldn't let

anyone - even her - know that it had any significance.  But

somehow, as he saw her stare into his eyes, he knew she knew what

he was thinking.

Shawna, meanwhile, cried out as she was brought down hard on his

staff, but only because, as it swelled in her, its mushroom-shaped

head struck her G-spot just right.  Her muscles then squeezed

encouragingly on him, milking him naturally, as they went beyond

her control.  They both sighed - Scott, because her warm, moist

depths and soft, folded contours, now lovingly enveloped, milked

and caressed him - and Shawna, because for the first time, she had

a penis inside her, and also, it stroked her G-spot firmly and

long enough to make her dizzy.  She felt, most of all, the head of

his shaft in her, and she got off even more by thinking about its

size and shape, and that she had beheld that love tool in her

fingers just a while ago.

What he hadn't gotten into her, Shawna's vagina quickly drew into

her.  She gave him encouraging, tight squeezes, her muscles

fluttering and then contracting firmly against him, while

lubricating his staff healthily.  She wrapped her legs around him

again, and held her breasts before his eyes.

"AAAhhhh," Scott gasped, tears nearly appearing in his eyes, as

he fell against her, holding her tight.  "Ohhhh, Shawwwwwna.."

"Yes, baby," Shawna moaned, "it's for real now..  no more

fantasies..  Now you're really making love.."

Shawna felt him swelling and throbbing in her, and cried out in

pleasure again.  Finally, when he was at his full size and was

ready to thrust without exploding immediately in her, Scott had a

full ten inches buried inside her.

Now, Shawna was almost crying.  Her muscles were stretched to

their limits, and the feel of a thick, long, hot penis in her, was

too much pleasure to bear.  She rode up and down his shaft, in his

arms, using her thighs, agitating the water.

"Please cum.." she gasped.  "You're SOOOO damned big, I want you

to flood me..  overflow me..  jet hard inside me..  just EXPLODE.."

Finally, he started to thrust in and out of her, neatly stroking

her G-spot on his in and out strokes.  At first, he had a clumsy

way of it, being a virgin going into this, but then, he found a

rhythm.  After that, he started to thrust with his hips, pushing

her waist up above the water line with each thrust inwards.

"Oh, yes," he gasped, "I will..  UUUGGGGHHH, I'll..  I'll..  AAAHHH,

ohhh, Shawna.."

He pressed her against the edge of the small pool, and started to

thrust hard and deep into her.  Shawna's breasts shook from the

force of his in-strokes; her eyes and mouth closed, her body now

riding gleefully in the storm of sexual passion, her mind at peace

now that her aching vagina was filled with the manhood she'd

wanted for a long time.  He would run out of endurance quickly, and

she would feel the warm, thick jets blasting inside her that she'd

been masturbating and dreaming about, for months.

The water turned violent as the force of Scott's fast and deep

thrusts made Shawna bounce up and down on him.  The two of them

cried out, kissed, and held each other tight, as they approached

their crises.

"Shawna, I love you.." Scott gasped.  Just then, he thrust slowly

against her G-spot, on his way back in.

Those words made Shawna's eyes fly open.  "Oh, Scott!"

Her vagina contracted strongly on him, churning and gushing

healthy loads of lubrication down his shaft.  Finally, she held him

still in her, her muscles rippling fiercely against him.

Shawna whispered his name weakly in his ear, and then she cried

out as her body froze, and her vagina squeezed him tightly and

encouragingly in her.  Then, she exhaled as she exploded, flooding

lubrication into the water as her orgasm crashed upon her, her

vagina squeezing him intensely, relaxing, then squeezing again, as

she inhaled deeply, all in a natural, consistent rhythm.

The contractions drove Scott over the edge finally, to where he

knew that even if they stopped, he would explode.  He leaned

against her tighter, and held her tightly, almost pressing her

against the mossy edge, and relaxed.

"Ohh," Shawna said, "Scott!  You're almost there!  Don't hold


"Aaaahhhh.." he sighed, relaxing as his orgasm loomed over him,

preparing to crash on him.

As she cried out his name and took labored breaths, her thighs

squeezing him as hard as they could, Scott cried out her name, and

then pressed her firmly against the edge.  His own shaft swelled

greatly, and went from a very powerful throbbing that she could

easily feel, to a series of violent pre-orgasmic spasms.  Shawna's

eyes bulged as she felt him swelling, and hoped he wouldn't

stretch her too far before he released.  As big as he was in her,

she could feel his semen rushing through his swollen glans,

collecting, ready to flood into her.  It was her last chance to

take him out of her if she didn't want his load in her.

Shawna turned down that chance, and to prevent her mind from

going crazy and reversing her decision, she squeezed him tighter,

causing her to launch into another orgasm.  Her stomach muscles

rippled and her breasts heaved as she fought for breath, the pain

of her body's straining, lost in a deep, wide sea of sexual bliss,

into which she plunged yet again.

"Oh my...  ohhhh.." Scott gasped, "Oh, Shawna..  help.."

"Shoot it baby!" she cried.  "Come on, my love, just release it,

it'll be alright!"


"Give it to me!"

Scott wheezed and his vision blurred again, as his penis swelled

with semen, stretching Shawna's vagina no matter how strong her

strengthening orgasm seemed to be.

"Cum in me.." Shawna whispered desperately in his ear, her body

tensing up and waiting eagerly for his eruption.

She closed her eyes and imagined his shaft shrinking from its

present, extremely swollen size, pumping its hot load into her,

a thick, milky-white flood shooting from the head of his shaft,

into her hungry depths.  All she could feel were the muscles in her

vagina, imagine the feel of his cream filling her, infiltrating

her inner folds, lubricating her vaginal walls, splashing against

her insides like a tiny hose.  Right when it counted, her muscles

rippled violently against him; her dizzying contraction started

with her inner lips and rippled deep inside her.  She knew it was

ending for Scott as she could feel his semen shooting ahead of her

squeezing muscles, the head of his penis swelling.

Scott screamed out, wheezing, and laid his head on her shoulder

as his erection contracted, erupting deep inside her love tunnel.

His load spewed out of the head of his shaft with such tremendous

force, that he thought it would pop right off.

"AaaaaaAAAAAAHHHHH YESS!!!!" Scott roared as he jetted into her,

settling into a smile as his release sent waves up pleasure all

through his body.  The sudden force of his release, made him

instantly weak and blurry-eyed.

Shawna suddenly clung to him and dug at his back, and stared into

his eyes with wide-eyed shock, as she felt something thick and

warm, splashing hotly and thickly against her inner walls.  She

could feel his heart beating in protest, and the strain on his

face and body.  She smiled too, as she felt a sticky, hot load

splash into her depths.  The relief from the contracting of his

shaft, and the pleasure of him flooding her, was almost too much

to bear.

"Scott!" Shawna gasped as he arched his back and thrust deeper

into her, pushing her hips up out of the water for several

moments, as his penis swelled in her, then contracted slowly,

splashing a warm, long load of love syrup against her vaginal

walls.  Her muscles squeezed and drained him continuously as her

orgasm took strength from his, as she stared with bug-eyed

amazement at her waist being shoved out of the water, and the

feeling of his eruptions deep in her.


Shawna let out a terrible gasp of pleasure and strain as she saw

his shaft swell, stretching her, then contract.  She knew a flood

was coming, and an instant later, she felt it.  Then, as she came

back down into the water, she closed her eyes and clung to him

tightly again.  Their lips slammed together and their tongues

enmeshed fiercely, their only shelter from the terrible storm that

was their simultaneous orgasm.

Scott held her tight, finally, and as her thighs locked tighter

behind him, he gave her several quick, fast, deep thrusts,

spilling massive loads into her, overflowing her vagina.  Wads of

semen flowed from her overflowed vagina, out over his staff, and

into the water.  Shawna and Scott reared back and roared, before

Shawna's muscles clamped down hard on her lover's intensely hot,

firm love pump.

"OOhhhhh!" she gasped.  "Keep flooding me.."

Scott could only groan, jam himself back into her, swell, and

erupt again, in response.  Shawna groaned passionately in response,

her vagina devouring him and his load eagerly.  She closed her

eyes, opened her mouth, and cried desperately, giving him tight

squeezes of encouragement, her body indicating to her and him that

she was now extremely exhausted.

"UUuughhhh!" Scott grunted, as she continued to squeeze and


After a full minute of pumping, jetting and splashing thick, hot

loads of syrup into her depths, until he finally flooded and

totally overflowed her, his spasms started to decrease.  He slumped

against her, let out a mighty, exhausted sigh, and his erection

ran dry, still throbbing in her.

Shawna gasped as she felt warm waves of semen cascading down her

vagina, spilling into the water as Scott's penis shrank in her.

She groaned heavily from the relief and loss she felt when he came

out of her, along with quite a load of his creeam.

"Ohhhh, Scott.." she said, "Relax, baby, I'll hold you."

Scott mumbled incoherently, his entire body disoriented from the

force of his release.

"Shhhhhh," she said, patting his back.  "Be quiet, just relax and


After a moment of holding him gently against her, feeling his

heart beat return to normal, Shawna kissed him on his cheek.  "I

knew you'd appreciate your first time."

"I -"

"Shhh," she said again, still patting his back.  "Relax, your 

heart is still trying to drill out of your chest."

Scott exhaled long and loudly, nearly bumping his head against

the edge of the pool.

Shawna turned and, using what strength she had left, she got up

over the edge, until her only legs were dangling over the side.

Even as she bent over to help Scott up, his cream flowed thickly

from between her labia.  They sat next to each other and watched

the rest flow from between her lips, onto the rocks, and into the


Scott laid on his stomach, dizzy, exhausted and blurry-eyed,

mumbling her name.  Shawna flopped over on her side, fought to do

the simple task of turning him over on his back, so she could bury

her head in his chest.

After a few moments of feeling his heart calming down, she spoke.

"Are you okay, hon?"

Scott sat up promptly, and kissed her.  "Damn it, Shawna, you're a


"Your heart handled it.." she said, smiling, tracing paths across

his chest with her fingers.  When he sat up, she gently forced him

back down by pushing her palm against his chest.  He laid back, and

she spent more time just drawing on his chest with her fingertip.

Scott laid flat on his back, and smiled.  "Shawna..  I don't know

what to say, except thank you."

"I won't want your gratitude," Shawna said to him, "I want your

love.  I didn't do you a favor, I made love to you."

Shawna moved up over him, and immediately he cupped her face in

his hands, and brought her down gently, for a kiss.

After a long sleep, Scott got up with Shawna, and they both

walked beyond the waterfall, coming out of the forest just behind

the campus barracks..

- to be continued.


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