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Archive-name: First/virgjenn.txt


Archive-title: Virgin Jennifer

(but still has a nice mouth)

Mr. Phil for the first time in about two years saw that strikingly

beautiful girl from the neighborhood. "Damn, what's her name? Oh yeah,

Jennifer." He remembered this just as he saw her from across the park.

She was about five feet eight inches tall with straight, lustrous brown

hair that fell to the middle of her back.

A few years back he had seen her regularly, as she went to the local

private grammar school in the 'hood. Apparently she had graduated and

had no need to hang around there anymore.

She was a sight to see even then, two years ago. Now, she was almost

blindingly pretty. She still had the same straight hair cascading down

as well as an attractive oval face and big brown eyes. Her private high

school uniform also revealed shapely long legs and a hint of perky

breasts. She apparently also had the same disposition as before, because

she approached him and said "Hi Mr. P!" Damn, she remembers my name?!

"Hi, J" he replied. "Would you like to have a nice afternoon?" she

suggested. "What?!" "I said, would you like to have a pleasant

afternoon with me?" "That's what I thought you said," Phil choked out as

he wondered what she had in mind. Certainly not....., right? "Where at?"

he asked. "Oh, we can go to my bedroom or something." "Jennifer, are you

sure you are really saying this?" "You betcha I am. I'd been wanting to

say that two years ago." "I see."

They walked in silence to the end of the park and turned down an alley.

"J, I knew you were a brash girl, but this...?" "So I want to have sex

with you. So what? Don't you want my bod?" "Well, of course I do, but you

are some kind of jail bait!" "You think that I'd turn your ass in?" she

smirked. "Well, maybe not your ass," she said, looking at his buns, "but

perhaps your mouth." "I'm just shutting up," Phil replied, thinking

there was no way he could win a verbal battle with this vibrant female.

At last they arrived at a house. Jennifer led the way and Phil followed

her inside.

She threw her books on the kitchen floor, greeting the skinny puppy that

jumped at her when she walked in. "Hi, poochie poo! How's Jenny's little

doggie?" "Oh man," Phil thought to himself. "What the hell am I doing

here?" "And what about this little doggie?" Jennifer asked, stroking his

penis through his shorts with her left hand. "Whoa!" Phil shrieked; he

had not been paying attention to her. Quickly his tool hardened, and

just as quickly she moved her body to his, spreading her legs and

rubbing her thigh against his leg. "Shit!" he exclaimed. ("Why the hell

can't I come up with more than one word utterances?!?" he wondered.) He

could feel her bare skin as her loose skirt fell over his thighs as she

gyrated her hips. He turned and crushed his body fully to hers, giving

her a deep kiss and probing her mouth with his tongue. "Can we move

this party to another place?" she gasped. "Name it," he said and she

tore herself away from his embrace and led him by the hand.

She twisted and turned through the rooms. She said, "Close your eyes,"

impishly and he obeyed. For all he knew, there were 40 rooms. Or 4. Who

knows? Eventually she turned and went inside a doorway and he guessed

that they were in her bedroom. Correct, he observed as he opened his

eyes. Nothing special about this room, he noted. Just a nice twin bed

with a purple bedsheet and white pillowcase. "Now it's time to say

goodnight!" she said, "although I might not put my pajamas on!" ("Boy,

this girl is sharp," Phil thought. "I take it to mean she's gonna take

her clothes off?") "Well?" she said. "What?" "Aren't you gonna help me?"

"Sure. With pleasure." "You better believe it will be pleasure," she


With trembling hands ("Hey, who's the older one here?!") he reached for

her white blouse and began unbuttoning it. Finally reaching her waist,

he lifted it from her skirt and took it off her. Her breasts showed

swollen nipples through their thin white covering of her t-shirt. "OK,

my turn," she said as she grabbed his shirt and threw it over his head.

"Very nice," she said as she kissed his nipples and licked them. "Hey,

that was too easy," he uttered and did the same to her, revealing her

small but firm breasts that he gently cupped in his hands, licking each

stiff pink nipple that topped each breast. She gently sighed and fell

into his arms, brushing the erect teats to his hairy chest. Soon

afterwards he lifted her slightly away and she regained her tenacity,

swooping her hands down and grabbing both his shorts and his undershorts

by the waistband and removing them from his body. His stiff pole, freed

from its covering, stood stiffly erect, waiting to be used. She fondled

it for a moment, being a bit too careful. No matter to him. Now it was

his turn. He sat on her bed and pulled her to him. He grabbed just her

skirt, sliding it slowly down her trembling body. As he did so, he

observed her white cotton panties being covered with her lubrication.

"That's very good," he thought. Slowing down a little, trying to

lengthen the sexual tension, he merely kissed her thighs and down her

legs to her feet. She could take no more and took her panties off and

stepped out of them.

She pushed him on his back and took his penis into her mouth. Groaning,

he ran his hands through her fine hair as she played with her penis in

her mouth. Just when he thought he was about to come, she stopped and

looked up smiling. "I don't think so," she grinned. "I need it somewhere

else." She moved up the bed and straddled him. "Damn, Jennifer, aren't

you going a little fast?" "What's a matter, old man? Am I too quick for

you?" "Old man, hell," he said. "I'll show you." He grabbed her shapely

hips and forced the glans into her vagina. In about two seconds he

came, groaning. Instantly he felt bad. But she was still smiling as his

penis wilted away. "That was fun," she said. "But we're not done." "Oh,

I know, dear Jenny." With that, he grasped her and rolled her on her


He slid down her body, poking at each nipple and kissing down her flat

stomach; he finally reached her prized area. It was covered with sparse

auburn hair that had become slick with her secretions and his semen.

Laving at her crack a little, he dried the excess cum off and began

probing his tongue into her opening. She bucked her hips up and down as

he tongued her clitoris. Gently at first, he began to gradually increase

the speed of his slashing tongue. Soon she screamed and hammered her

legs against his ears in a powerful release. "Ready for more?" he asked.

Not waiting for an answer, he took his member in hand and slid it up and

down her slippery pussy lips, getting it slick for penetration. Her

beautiful nether lips firmed up and became more wet. He decided to wait

no longer.

"Please go slow," she whispered with a shallow voice. "I'm a virgin."

"You are?!?" he said, startled. ("Well, can you figure?" he thought.) He

figured he would be gentle. After all, if there's pain, no gain. He drew

back and spread her legs apart. Gently he slid his finger inside her

chaste hole and stroked her engine. With his other hand he played with

her breasts and nipples. In time she began to be more animated in her

words and actions. It was time to begin operations. Aiming his member

between her legs, he placed it at her furry entrance and pushed it

halfway in before being stopped. He rocked slowly back and forth inside

her and she eventually went over the plateau and bucked her hips wildly.

He was then able to force his penis past the barrier, feeling only her

cream flowing around his member. He looked at her and apparently she

didn't feel much pain either, as her eyes were wild with excitement. She

wrapped her legs around his ass and began pumping up and down with her

hips. He couldn't hold back any longer and began to do the same. Soon he

felt the rush of semen spurt through his cock and into her vagina. She

also appeared to come too, but he was so light-headed that he rolled off

and fell to her side, exhausted.

Jennifer was apparently unaffected as she turned to him and Frenched him

before moving down and sucking the juices, his and hers, combined on his

cock. ("Damn 15 year olds!" he muttered.) He pulled her ass to his face

and did the same to her vagina. Her pussy lips became firm again as he

tasted the fluids on her. Soon enough the auburn hair became wet again

despite his ministrations (or perhaps because of them?) Of course, his

blasted cock became engorged again due to her actions. She switched

positions again, moving on top and facing him. He groaned as she lowered

her body to his, running her slippery pussy over his cock. Motioning for

her to stop, he instructed her to straddle him as before. She obeyed and

he fondled her engorged labia, then spread them apart. Understanding, she

reached around and held his penis and placed the knob at her opening.

Slowly she impaled herself on his cock. He groaned and began thrusting

his member in and out of her young channel. She said, "Stop!" and he

did. He placed his hands on her back and she said, "I'll do it!"

Agreeing, he put his hands on her shapely ass and felt her hot pussy

massaging his penis as she raised up and down. She arched her back

slightly, enabling him to stroke her breasts and nipples as she went

through her motions. After two minutes of this, she let loose with her

orgasm. She was still shaking when he felt his pubic hair enmeshed with

hers as he emptied his seed into her pulsing chamber.

"Man!" he thought to himself. "I gotta get outta here." Slowly he lifted

her up and withdrew his semi-flaccid dick from her vagina. Juices flowed

back at him, staining the bed as well as soaking his cock and pubic

hair. "Jen, I really gotta leave. It's been nice..." "Oh no you don't.

You aren't leaving yet." "What time is it?" "4:00." "And when do your

parents get home." "4:30." "Ergo, I have to leave." "Go where? No,

you're staying." she exclaimed as she again cleaned off his cock with

her mouth. "What the hell, you only die once," he reasoned as he again

cleaned her vaginal region. She humped her hips at him as he did so, and

he gave up all argument. When his cock regained its erection, he drew

her up and said, "Well, there's another way to go," and set her up on

all fours. She pushed her luscious ass in the air, presenting herself to

him. Spreading her legs a bit more, he walked up to her smooth ass

cheeks on his knees and aimed his throbbing member between her legs. He

pushed between them and penetrated her fully in one stroke. He took his

time and watched as her pussy lips clung to his cock as it withdrew from

her depths, and observed the juices flowing onto it as it pushed inward.

Time and time again he thrusted slowly, feeling his balls being lightly

feathered by her pubic hair again and again. Eventually his movements

became faster and faster, and he grabbed her hips as the sperm shot

through the tip of his cock into her sweet young vagina.

"Hi Jen, I'm home," he heard someone say from far away in the galaxy.

"Oh shit! Who's here?" he wondered. Quickly he dove to the floor but she

stayed face first on the bed, completely naked. Before he could move

anywhere else, a girl walked in; she couldn't have been older than 13

and she also appeared to be a private school student. "Oh, hi Jane. This

is Phil, but I'm sure you knew that." "Hey, what the hell is going on

here," Phil wondered as Jane appraised him.



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