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Archive-name: First/vickie04.txt

Archive-author: Solitaire

Archive-title: Vickie - 4

                            Friday Night - FINALLY!!!

         After Wednesday's naked romp through  my neighbor's backyard I  was

     ready for anything on Friday.  I put a heavy blanket and two towels  in

     the trunk as she had instructed, had my handy foil-wrapped Trojan in my

     wallet, a full tank of gas, and a freshly showered and scented body  as

     I walked up to her door, anticipating everything but willing to  settle

     nearly  anything.    Vickie's  brother  opened  the  door  and   walked

     disgustedly into the  back room,  not even  telling Vickie  that I  was

     there.  I  waited for a  few minutes, and,  when no one  came into  the

     room, walked uneasily  toward the  back of  the house,  looking in  the

     doors as I passed.  When I got  to her room, she was standing in  front

     of the  full  length mirror,  posing  and turning  and  looking  simply


         She had let her hair down  so it caressed her shoulders instead  of

     the pony tail she normally wore, and as she twirled, her skirt rose  up

     her thighs revealing her legs that, even though thin, seemed to be  the

     most beautiful things I had seen.  Suddenly she caught my reflection in

     the mirror and turned and  ran to me, leaping up  to hug me around  the

     neck and  plastering her  teenage body  against mine  as her  lips  and

     tongue flicked into my  mouth.  She smelled  of soap and flowers,  lust

     and desire, all at the same time.  Sliding down to the floor, she  took

     my hand and walked me to my car, sliding in the driver's door to sit in

     the middle of the seat.  As I  started the car she asked me again if  I

     had the blanket and towels.  Confirming that I did, I started down  the

     block.  As I drove, we alternately entered and left the pools of  light

     from the street lamps until we  reached a section where the lights  had

     been shot out by some unknown vandals seeking excitement of any kind.

         Vickie told  me  to  pull over  and  stop  the car,  which  I  did,

     wondering "Why here?  This can't be where we're going to do it," or  at

     least I was hoping that this wasn't the spot.  As I turned to her,  she

     slid across the seat  until her back  was against the  door.  "Oh  just

     fucking great!  Now  she's decided to become  a DDH (that's Dam'n  Door

     Hugger, for you youngsters) just when I thought I was going to  finally

     do it!" I thought to myself, my mind whirling in confusion.

         "Did you wear any  underwear?" she asked,  waiting for my  negative

     nod.  "I didn't wear any either.  Would you like to see?" as she  began

     to unbutton her blouse, pulling the tails from her skirt and letting me

     see her naked chest in the faint glow of the dash lights.  She  reached

     the side  of her  skirt and  undid  the zipper  with a  metallic  rasp,

     raising her hips to slide it down to the floor, leaving her  completely


         Now I don't know about you, but being naked in the backyard was one

     thing, but this was  something else.  Anyone  driving down the road  or

     walking on the sidewalk would have seen her body, tinted green from the

     dash lights, sitting  completely naked beside  me.  I'm  sure my  mouth

     hung open in surprise as she lay down on the seat, facing the back, and

     put her head in my lap.

         "Well, go on.   You know  where we're going.   When we  get to  the

     store, let me know.  Until then, I want to feel the wind on my body and

     your hands  on my  tits.   Let me  do the  shifting," she  said with  a

     giggle, "but watch out since I've never done it from down here."

         Instant erection!!    The  surprise  and  worry  about  being  seen

     dissipated with the soft touch  of her hair as  she turned on her  back

     and ground my gears until I finally had the presence of mind to step on

     the clutch.

         I still don't know how I  got out of town.   We had to go onto  the

     main highway,  past all  the  drive-ins and  stores with  their  lights

     acting as  spotlights on  her naked  body lying  across my  seat.   She

     pulled my right hand to her chest and gently brushed my fingers  across

     her erect nipples, letting them bend and recover as each finger  danced

     across her small  tits.   I pulled each  nipple in  turn, twisting  and

     turning it as she had taught me, and I could smell her lust starting to

     penetrate my senses as her hands went  to her own crotch where I  could

     see them moving slowly up and down, rubbing her clit.

         We were well out of  town (she had selected  a spot about 40  miles

     away on the river) when I heard  her gasping for breath and watched  as

     her hands started to increase in speed, rubbing quickly up and down her

     cunt as  she approached  climax.   "Fuck  that"  I thought  to  myself,

     "she'll have to wait  for me too."  as I reached  down and grabbed  her

     wrist, pulling  her hand  from her  pleasure pit.   She  fought like  a

     wildcat, but I was able to fend off  each hand as it tried to get  back

     between her legs, and her moans rose in frustration as she was left  on

     the edge of orgasm, unable to get over.

         Finally she  seemed resigned  to waiting,  which was  a good  thing

     since we were at the little country  store she had described.  She  sat

     up and kissed  my cheek, whispering  that I was  right, she would  wait

     until we could both cum together.   She directed me to drive down  some

     dirt roads and pasture  lanes until we finally  reached the river  bank

     where I parked, extinguishing the  headlights and leaving us bathed  in

     the warm, soft glow from the full moon, lighting the landscape as if in

     early morning.  As I started to open  my door, she stopped me and  told

     me to sit and contemplate the beauty of the scene.

         I have to admit  that it was  pretty.  The  river bank was  covered

     with an indistinct  bramble of  undergrowth, the  trees standing  erect

     into the moonlight as we could  see flashes of glimmer from the  moon's

     reflection on the water.   Off to the right was  a field of grass,  the

     tops waving gently in the  soft breezes blowing off  the hill.  It  was

     very peaceful and very silent.

         But my mind was totally on beauty of another sort.  Beside me was a

     naked sprite who's white body gleamed  in the soft illumination of  the

     moon, her nipples  making dark statements  as her chest  rose and  fell

     with her soft breathing.  Lower down I could almost make out the  dusky

     bramble between her legs as I watched her fingers idly stroking up  and

     down, maintaining the excitement, but not increasing it.

         She turned and grabbed my neck and kissed me with all her strength,

     the sweetness of her breath combining with the lusty aroma from between

     her legs causing my prick  to pulsate with pleasure.   "Let's go.   You

     get the blanket and I'll pick the spot.  Oh, yes, take off your clothes

     before you come.   I want  to watch you  walk to me,"  she said as  she

     opened her door and danced into the bright moonlight in the field.

         As  I  stripped,  my  erection   was  about  to  become   extremely

     uncomfortable as  I  watched her  twirling  and dancing  naked  in  the

     moonlight, looking for all  the world like the  pictures I had seen  of

     fairies.  I  got the blanket  and towels  out of the  trunk and  walked

     self-consciously toward  her,  aware with  every  step of  my  erection

     poking proudly  before me  like a  knight's lance.   I  tried to  cover

     myself with the blanket until she warned  me that, if I did, she  would

     run away and I'd never find her.

         As I  reached her  side, her  soft hand  went down  and grabbed  my

     prick, squeezing it as she  leaned up to kiss  me, her hand working  up

     and down  my  shaft  and bringing  a  groan  from deep  in  my  throat.

     Releasing my cock, she helped me spread the blanket on the soft  grass,

     mashing it into our mattress as  we lay together on our backs,  looking

     at the moon, our fingers intertwined as we held hands like new  lovers,

     which we were about to become.

         Turning, she raised up on one  elbow and looked down into my  face.

     "I want to look at  you all over and touch  you all over," she said  as

     her hair gently caressed her shoulders and my cheeks.  "Just lie  there

     and let me explore."

         For the next few  minutes I was  treated to the  glory of having  a

     knowledgeable teenage waif  gently touch  and kiss my  body, her  touch

     like feathers  and her  kisses drawing  the fire  into each  place  she

     sucked.  My nipples felt like they would burst, they were so hard.  Her

     cheeks and lips rubbed across their  surface as her tongue flicked  out

     to moisten their way.   I could feel the coolness  of the night on  the

     spots where her saliva hadn't dried, and I shivered with the feeling.

         "Oh you poor baby, you're cold.  Let mama warm you up," she said as

     she put  her entire  length against  me, lying  down my  body, one  leg

     inserted between mine, and her soft stomach pressing my manhood into my

     own abdomen.  Her lips  gently nibbled at mine  as she wouldn't let  me

     participate in any way.  I felt her slide down until she had one nipple

     in her  mouth, suckling  and  nibbling with  her teeth,  the  alternate

     softness and  pain  sending sparks  shooting  to my  groin  where  they

     collected in my cock.

         Looking down, I couldn't see her  face shrouded by her hair as  she

     kissed her way across my flat belly, her tongue flicking into my  navel

     and causing slurping sounds  as she tried to  recapture the saliva  she

     had dripped into its bowl.  I could  feel her tits, nipples as hard  as

     marbles, digging into  my cock as  she twisted her  chest from side  to

     side, dragging my cock with her buds of pleasure.

         She got to her knees  between my legs and put  her soft hand on  my

     cock, pulling it straight  erect, the blood  engorged muscle trying  to

     return to its more prone position.   Looking me in the eye, she  leaned

     forward and gently let her tongue flick  out to wash across the top  of

     the shaft, and I moaned her name  with the sensation.  Her lips  pursed

     and she gave my cock  a wet, sloppy kiss, but  she didn't take it  into

     her mouth.  As I was just about  to erupt in her face, she pulled  back

     and told me to turn over.

         Reluctantly I complied, my erection poking a hole in the soft grass

     mat as it  poked uncomfortably out,  making me think  of sleeping on  a

     tent pole.  I felt  her hands massaging the muscles  of my back as  her

     hands worked lower and lower until they  were on my ass.  I could  feel

     the strength of  her hands as  she worked the  muscles, massaging  them

     with her  fingers.   I  closed my  eyes and  gave  myself over  to  the

     sensations flooding  my  senses.   Unconsciously  my hips  began  their

     hunching, trying to find  relief from the tension.   Suddenly I felt  a

     hard SLAP on my ass.  Before I could react, two more swats rained  down

     on my unprotected buttocks.

         "Hey," I  shouted  angrily,  trying  to turn  over  and  evade  the

     spanking.  As I reached my back,  she grabbed my cock again right  near

     the head, and let  her fingers milk the  head, the friction causing  an

     unbearable tension in  me.  I  reached for her  hand, the pleasure  too

     painful to continue, but  she ducked her head  and let her tongue  lick

     the surface, her saliva creating the lubrication that turned pain  into

     pleasure again, as she let  herself down, her body  on top of mine  and

     her lips raised for a kiss.

         "Now it's my turn,"  I told her  as I twisted  out from under  her,

     flipping her onto her back in the process.  Her arms and legs went  out

     in a large "X",  leaving me complete freedom  to do anything I  wanted.

     Putting both hands on her face, I raised her head to kiss me as I knelt

     at her  side, touching  her only  with  my hands  for the  time  being.

     Gently I let  her head  back and  she shut  her eyes,  trusting me  and

     letting me have her body to do with as I wished.

         I let my hands slide  down her neck to  her chest where I  caressed

     the swelling mounds of her breasts, my fingers evading her nipples  and

     touching only the sweet whiteness.   Her body wriggled as she tried  to

     get contact with my fingers, but I put  each hand on her rib cage as  I

     leaned over and  let a strand  of saliva drop  from my tongue  directly

     onto each nipple, the bead gleaming brightly in the moonlight.  I could

     see goosebumps forming on the soft swelling of her tit as she shuddered

     from the sudden chill as a  breeze evaporated the wetness.  Using  just

     one finger from each hand, I  massaged the slippery moistness into  her

     red buds, each one swelling into its full length, her moans of pleasure

     reassuring me that I was pleasing her.

         As I worked my way toward her cunt, my lips and tongue leaving  wet

     trails glistening in the moonlight,  her body gently twisted and  moved

     in response to the  pleasure.  I put  my knees between her  wide-spread

     legs and bent over for a better look.

         "Dam'n!!"  A  cloud obscured  the moon,  turning our  field into  a

     black hole.  Looking up, she giggled  as she realized that it would  be

     many minutes before the cloud scudded out of the way.

         "Do you want to look at me?" she questioned.  Of course not!   Here

     I had the chance  of a lifetime and  I wasn't going to  take it?  As  I

     nodded, she jumped up  and ran towards the  car, disappearing into  the

     darkness with the second step.   I ran after her, following her  sounds

     and trusting that she was going the right way.  I heard the soft rustle

     of the river as I bumped into her from behind, my prick contacting  her

     about seven inches before the rest of me.

         "Get in the car and turn on the lights," she said, reaching  behind

     and grabbing me  quickly as  she danced  away.   I leaned  in the  open

     window and pulled the light knob, bathing the pasture in its  unnatural

     light.  Right in front  of the beam stood Vickie,  as naked as the  day

     she was born, her hands in her hair and her legs spread widely, letting

     me see the glistening pussy juices coating her pubic hair.  "Well, come

     on and look.  You ought to be able to see with all this light."

         Kneeling in front  of her, I  looked closely at  the first  woman's

     cunt I had  ever seen except  in drawings.   It was  beautiful!!   Dark

     curls framed  the  "V" of  her  mons,  the hairs  glistening  with  the

     overflow from her pussy.  Pink  lips poked wetly from between her  legs

     hanging  below  the  hairs  that  became  sparse  toward  her   vagina,

     completely exposing the sweet softness  of her pussy.  Shereached  down

     and spread the lips using the fingers of  one hand.  At the top of  her

     cunt was a little pink pearl gleaming  in my headlights.  I touched  it

     and watched it grow, erecting like a miniature penis, to stand pointing

     downward as my fingers bumped over its surface, drawing a gasp from her


         "Tilt your ass so  I can see further,"  I requested, searching  for

     sight of her vaginal opening, looking to see its beauty in the  shadows

     between her legs.  Her butt moved forward, but I still couldn't see and

     I tried to force my face further between her legs.

         Giggling at my dilemma,  she told me  to wait as  she sat down  and

     reclined on her elbows, raising and spreading her knees to give me full

     access to her womanhood.  I formed  three fingers into a cone and  slid

     them toward  her  vaginal  opening, feeling  the  warmth  and  moisture

     coating my fingertips  as they  progressed.  I  forced my  hand up  her

     cunt, drawing a moan of pleasure from  her lips as she reached down  to

     use her own fingers to spread her pussy lips, giving me more access.

         As my fingers alternately disappeared  and reappeared as I  finger-

     fucked her cunt, her  pussy juices were  overflowing, creating a  white

     lather on my knuckles and running in rivulets down her thighs.  I  felt

     her hand grasping for me, finding  my hardness and caressing it  softly

     as the excitement  built in her  slender body.  With a loud  cry and  a

     spasming of  her body,  she  came, her  body bent  at  the waist  as  I

     continued to  force  my hand  up  her  cunt, twisting  and  turning  to

     multiply her pleasures.

         Her fingers clasped  the head  of my  cock and  squeezed, her  palm

     turning and creating an  unbearable tension and I  felt my sperm  start

     its hot, burning  flow through  my prick,  erupting into  her hand  and

     dripping  from  her  fingers   as  my  hips   jerked  back  and   forth


         Finally she grabbed my wrist  and begged me to  stop.  As I  pulled

     from her cunt, I could see  the opening continuing its spasms,  opening

     and closing, searching involuntarily for  my fingers to continue  their

     pleasure giving.

         We collapsed beside each other, both too exhausted to move, and too

     sated to do anything else.  Lying there I felt the most tenderness  and

     love I had had  to that point.   Some minutes later  she rolled to  her

     side and kissed me, telling me that now it was time for the real thing.

     Her exact words, as best as I can  remember, were, "I want to feel  you

     inside me, your hard cock sliding inside  me until you cum.  I want  to

     feel your power and your love."

         After turning off the lights, we walked back to the blanket hand in

     hand, the moon again  revealing the sweet contours  of her body as  she

     walked closely beside me.  "Put on your rubber," she told me as she lay

     back, spreading her limbs,  at one with the  evening air.  I  scrambled

     around to find my pants  and get my wallet out  of the back pocket.   I

     tore the foil and found what looked  like a ring instead of what I  had

     assumed to be  tubular, like my  cock.  Confusion  showing on my  face,

     Vickie sat up and took  the condom and placed it  on my cock, the  ring

     fitting below the head  before she unrolled it.   I still remember  the

     smell, the pungent  aroma of latex  and lubricant, and  the feeling  of

     slippery constriction as  my shaft  was covered in  the thin  material.

     Vickie let her hand slide quickly up and down the shaft, drawing a moan

     from my throat  as I  felt the  movement starting  to well  up from  my


         She lay  back, knees  in the  air,  and guided  me into  her  cunt.

     Warmth.  Softness.   Tender smoothness.  Warmth.   I remember to  today

     the feelings of her cunt as I slipped easily in, bottoming only when my

     pelvis met hers.

         "Don't move," she  said.  "Feel  that?  Can  you feel me  squeezing

     you?  I'm going to milk you with my pussy.  Does that feel good?"

         I felt a pulsation enclosing my prick, tenderly squeezing it as she

     manipulated her internal muscles.  It  grasped my shaft about half  way

     up its length,  its pulsations at  one with my  heart beat, driving  me

     crazy with longing for  more.  I kissed  her lips and  tried to get  my

     fingers on her nipples as she giggled and squeezed faster and harder.

         "Pull out for a minute," she said as she turned onto her knees, her

     ass high in  the air before  me, completely submissive  to my  desires.

     "Now stick it in.  Fuck me with that thing.  Shove it all the way up in

     me and make me cum."

         Her buttocks gleamed in the moonlight like a white mountain of pure

     pleasure as I adjusted my position  and sank my entire length into  her

     sopping wet  pussy, my  balls banging  against her  fingers which  were

     frigging her own clit.  She was so warm and smooth inside, her  vaginal

     muscles contracting around my cock in loving adoration.

         Slowly I  became  aware  of  sounds.   My  entire  being  had  been

     concentrated in my  cock, but now  sound penetrated, providing  counter

     point and stimulus to my  lust.  Vickie was  moaning with a soft  "Uhh"

     each time I bottomed  in her sweet  pussy.  My  own voice, coming  from

     some foreign source, was repeating her name softly, over and over.  But

     in the background, and nearly drowning  our voices, was the wetness  of

     our coupling  playing its  steady  tune of  sloshing sounds  in  steady

     concert to our fuck.

         Twice before  I came  for the  first time  in a  woman's soft  love

     channel, her back  stiffened and then  arched as she  began a  staccato

     movement back onto my cock, capturing  it deeply within her and  moving

     quickly an inch in and out  as her pussy walls frantically clutched  at

     my prick.

         "Stop.  I can't take anymore," she said as she slid forward to  lie

     on her stomach leaving  me hanging, frustrated,  and unfulfilled.   She

     rolled over and looked at me as she  took my cock in her hand,  feeling

     my strength and power.  "Poor baby.  You didn't cum yet, did you?   Lie

     down and mommy'll make you feel all better."

         As I lay back, a cloud  obscured the moon once again, depriving  me

     of the pleasure of  watching this teenage sprite  impale herself on  my

     manhood and  fuck me  to  fulfillment.   Instead,  all my  senses  were

     concentrated on touch...on  the touch of  her hands as  she grabbed  my

     cock...on the touch of her thighs as she straddled my prone  body...the

     softness and cloying warmth of her  pussy as she sank down,  completely

     engulfing my prick in her body...the  cool wetness as her pussy  juices

     overflowed and ran down my balls...the  sharp white pain as she  leaned

     over and took one  nipple between her teeth,  biting and worrying  that

     bundle of exposed nerve endings like a dog with a bone...the clutching,

     clinging, massaging of  her vaginal  muscles as  she brought  me to  my

     first climax  in a  woman's cunt...the  nearly unbearable  tension  and

     tickling...the spasmodic clinching of my  buttocks, driving my hot  cum

     up from my  balls...the glorious feeling  of relief and  release as  my

     cock erupted, filling the end of  the condom with my lust...the  gentle

     afterglow as I felt myself still protected inside her body, kissing her

     sweetly and tenderly, our lusts sated for the moment.


     Less than 2 weeks  after that last episode,  Vickie's mother moved  the

     family to Baltimore where  she could get  a better job.   Vickie and  I

     fucked every night  until she left,  even fucking at  4:00 on the  last

     afternoon in the backseat of  my Ford on a  turn-off by the river,  the

     condensation from our passion the only barrier from prying eyes.

     Vickie, if you ever read this, know how much I loved you, know how much

     I wanted to marry  you, but it  really wouldn't have  worked out.   Our

     love was  something  special,  and,  in  reality,  the  culmination  in

     intercourse wasn't nearly  as exciting as  the passage to  fulfillment.

     You took  a  gangly  16 year  old  and  gave him  something  that  he's

     remembered for all these years.



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