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Archive-name: First/vickie03.txt

Archive-author: Solitaire

Archive-title: Vickie - 3

                      Wednesday's Child is Loving and Giving

         I had made a date  with Vickie for the  next Friday night when  she

     would "be ready", as she put it, her period over for another month.  We

     talked on the  phone every  night and I  was really  beginning to  fall

     deeply in love  or in lust.   At sixteen,  love and lust  are part  and

     parcel of the same  emotions, the hormones satisfied  with either.   On

     Wednesday I called  her house,  but her brother  told me  that she  was

     babysitting for a family and that she wasn't there.  I had to call back

     twice more before Vickie's mother  finally answered the phone and  gave

     me the phone number where she was, her snotty little brother hanging up

     on me when I questioned him.

         When she answered I asked her where she was.  As she described  the

     Doctor's house, I suddenly realized that it was the house right  behind

     my own.  The  houses were separated by  a hill and  woods, but I  often

     walked down their driveway when I was headed for the country club where

     I caddied for money.  She said that the Doctor had called her mother in

     a panic.  Their regular babysitter had  chicken pox and they HAD to  be

     downtown for a benefit dinner.

         I told my parents that I was  going over to Blake's house to  study

     (Blake lived up  the street from  the Doctor.   I inducted his  younger

     sister, Honey, into the  mysteries of sex  a few months  later.  I  may

     recount that story if there is  enough interest in these memories  from

     my past.)  Fortunately, Blake  and I had occasionally studied  together

     before  and  my  parents  weren't  worried  or  even  surprised  by  my

     statement.   I went  out the  back door  and up  the hill,  my  passage

     familiar enough that I didn't need a light.

         As I approached  the Doctor's  house, I could  see light  streaming

     from every window on the first floor.  Apparently she was going to make

     sure no boggie man got her.  I peeked in the window and she was sitting

     in the living room all alone watching a black and white television  (we

     didn't get out first TV  for another year) with  her legs curled up  on

     the sofa.  I tapped  gently at the window,  and she started, the  sound

     apparently scaring her.

         When she turned and saw my face gleaming whitely in the light  from

     the room, she seemed to sigh in  relief as she ran toward the  kitchen,

     her bare feet making no noise.  As the back door opened, I stood on the

     ground at the foot of the  steps, fortunately in position to catch  her

     flying body as  she launched  it off the  stoop, her  legs clasping  my

     waist as her arms encircled my neck.

         "You scared me.  That house is so creepy.  It creaks and groans and

     it sounds like someone  is walking around.   I put the  kids to bed  an

     hour ago, but I keep thinking there's something in there with me."

         "Well I'm here now and I won't let anything get you except for me,"

     I said  as I  started pivoting  in  a circle,  the action  causing  her

     ponytail to fly out behind.  She put her face in the warm cavity of  my

     neck as she hung  on, her thin  legs squeezing my  waist as we  turned.

     Finally, nearly out of breath,  I walked her to  the stoop where I  let

     her stand on the bottom step, our heights nearly matched.

         She took my  face in  both hands and  kissed me  sweetly, her  lips

     pursed and her tongue lightly ficking out  at my lips.  I put my  hands

     on her hips and felt the power of her buttocks as she stood there,  our

     lips telling each other of the love/lust inside us, the promise of  joy

     and pleasure to come.

         "I want to be naked!  I want to feel free.  I want to take off  all

     my clothes and  dance in  the star  light and  feel the  wind brush  my

     nipples and tease lightly between my legs," she said as, with a  bound,

     she leaped off the step into the  damp grass and began to unbutton  her

     shirt, throwing it aside as she twirled, her hair streaming behind her.

     She reached down to  the side of her  bermuda shorts and fiddled  there

     for a  moment  before  her  shorts slid  down  her  legs,  leaving  her

     completely naked as she stepped out of them, dancing away from me  into

     the darkness.

         "Where are your underclothes," I whispered as I frantically  picked

     up her shorts and shirt, trying to find her in the darkness beyond  the

     window's light.

         "I took them off as soon as I knew you were coming.  Don't you love

     the feel of air on your body?  The touch of night on your nipples?  The

     breath of air between your legs?" she said as she suddenly appeared  as

     if in a  spotlight, standing in  all her glorious  nudity in the  light

     from the kitchen door, her hands in  her hair holding it away from  her

     neck as she danced right up  to me, pressing her nakedness against  me.

     "Take off your clothes.  I want to feel your body next to mine.  I want

     to rub my nipples all over you and touch you and have you touch me.   I

     want to feel your cock between my legs  and your hands on my ass,"  she

     said as I felt her fingers at the buttons of my shirt, swiftly skinning

     it from  my body  as her  hands went  to the  button and  zipper on  my

     shorts, the sound of the  metal grating in the  night as it spread  and

     permitted my shorts to fall to my feet.

         She knelt before me  and grabbed the waistband  of my jocky  shorts

     and pulled them straight down,  my cock bobbing up  in her face as  she

     made me pull my feet  up so I could step  out of the useless  clothing.

     Giggling, she leaned forward and planted a kiss on my cock as she  rose

     and clasped herself to my naked body.

         Oh God, what  a feeling!   For the first  time in my  life I had  a

     completely naked woman  pressing her  excitement to  my nakedness,  her

     nipples poking into  my chest and  her smooth belly  squashing my  cock

     against my own.  She twisted her body as we kissed, the action  putting

     maximum pressure on my shaft  as it rotated between  our bare skin.   I

     was so excited that I didn't  even pause to consider what would  happen

     if either of the neighbors decided to look out their windows at the two

     naked people illuminated clearly in the evening darkness.

         "I want to fuck, but not until Friday.  I want us to take our  time

     and I want the first time  to be just right.   But I have an idea  that

     will satisfy both of us.   Let me stand on  this step and you put  your

     cock between my legs, letting it slide along my pussy while we kiss."

         As she mounted the bottom step her belly and crotch were nearly  on

     a level with my own.  I felt  her hand work its way between our  bodies

     to grasp my cock, pulling it down as she rose on tiptoe and inserted it

     between her legs.  As  her thighs clasped me,  I could feel the  entire

     length of her pussy along the top  of my prick, her wetness bathing  me

     in warmth.

         "Don't move.  Just enjoy the feeling  for a little while.  Can  you

     feel how wet I am?  Your big cock is poking completely out in back  and

     I can feel it all along  my pussy.  If I  spread my legs a little  like

     this, I can feel it pushing my lips  aside and it rubbing on my  pussy.

     And if I move like this, Ohhhhh, I can feel it on my clit."

         When she  rubbed her  clit against  the top  of my  cock, her  hips

     started an  involuntary movement  back and  forth, drawing  her  smooth

     wetness across my prick, the tickling sensation driving me to start  my

     own hunching motion as I forced my cock back and forth, dry fucking her

     cunt lips.  Her mouth was pressed to mine as she moaned my name into my

     throat, her hips  rotating and thrusting,  increasing the pressures  on

     her clit  as  I felt  a  flood of  moisture  streaming down  my  shaft,

     dripping onto my balls.   Her hips spasmed  quickly and I nearly  came,

     but I managed to hold back just in time, the tickling sensations making

     me thrust completely through her legs and hold her hips so she couldn't

     put any more pressure directly on my cock head.

         Her motions slowed as  her body relaxed, her  arms sliding down  my

     back to grab  my ass cheeks,  mashing me  against her as  her lips  and

     tongue continued their duel.

         Her head went back, her body supported by her arms as she looked me

     in the eye.  "Dam'n that was wonderful.   I love being naked and  free.

     Ever since my parents took me to the nudist colony when I was six  I've

     loved to dance naked in the  moonlight.  Sometimes, after Mom has  gone

     to bed, I sneak out of the house  and take off my nightie and dance  in

     our backyard.  But I never had something hard and long like you to  rub

     against my clit.  I  always have to use my  fingers, but I think,  from

     now on, I'll insist on  your hard cock to rub  against me when I  dance

     naked.  If I  called you, would you  come?  Would you  come over to  my

     house and dance naked in the backyard with me and let me rub your  cock

     between my legs?"

         Since I hadn't cum,  my hips were trying  to hunch back and  forth,

     being imprisoned in her hands as she held us close together.  I  forced

     my mouth on hers as with a growl  I started to piston my hips back  and

     forth, driving my cock  between her thighs and  along her pussy like  a

     steam engine.  She  moaned again and clasped  her thighs even  tighter,

     increasing the pressure on  my cock and forcing  me harder against  her

     pussy lips.  I remember the sensations as her vaginal fluids gushed out

     again, the wetness  finally causing  me to  begin to  climax, my  sperm

     shooting out on the concrete stoop as my legs nearly gave way, my knees

     weakened from the orgasm.

         We stood there for a few  more minutes, my cock starting to  soften

     as it retracted from her warm, slippery sheath.  "Do you think you  can

     do it again?"  she questioned as  she felt it  retreating.  Although  I

     doubted that I could get it up right away, I knew from experience  that

     she could make me  do things that  I had never done  before.  Just  the

     question made the retreat pause as my mind considered the possibilities

     laid before it.  I felt her thighs rubbing back and forth as she rolled

     my cock between her legs, her own moisture lubricating the movement.

         I felt the swelling start again.  My  cock was going to do it!   It

     never got completely soft, but until she started talking and  massaging

     me with her thighs, I thought that I was finished for a while.  As  the

     swelling increased, I felt it poking up at her cunt as I began to hunch

     back and forth, letting the fluids leaking down her thighs provide  the

     necessary slipperyness.

         As my cock got  completely hard, she  suddenly stopped and  stepped

     back one step, putting her cunt out of my reach as I staggered with the

     suddenness of the move.  "What the fuck!" I said as my cock, glistening

     with her fluids,  poked ineffectually  at the air,  finding nothing  to

     caress its need.

         "I want to watch you cum.  I want to see your cum shoot out of your

     cock just like it  did.  Take your  hand and make it  cum while I  make

     myself cum," she said as she took another step up, now two steps and an

     eternity from me.  Slowly my hand went to my cock and I could feel  the

     hardness of the  muscle under  the softness  of its  outer covering  of

     skin, drenched with the juices which had gushed from her cunt when  she

     came.  I watched her hands go to her own pussy as, with one she stroked

     her clit as the other disappeared further between her legs, her  pelvis

     tilted toward me as her hands worked their magic.

         I  couldn't  take any more.   The  thought of what  we were  doing,

     naked in the backyard, masturbating ourselves silly, caused my seed  to

     spring forth from my balls, rushing up my shaft to erupt in three long,

     white strands of cum  spurting across the night  air to splash  against

     her leg as she came also, her groans sounding like thunder in my ears.

         I softly continued to  stroke my softening  shaft as she  shuddered

     through her climax, her head now thrown back in her unconscious  search

     for pleasure.  Her  hands slowed and finally  stopped, her finger  just

     barely moving on her clit as she looked at me, saying, "That was  good.

     Did you enjoy it?  I haven't seen anyone cum before and it looked  like

     fireworks as you shot it at me.  You are so good.  You make me want  to

     try things I haven't done before.   Maybe Friday we can try some  other

     things.  But you  better go now  since they're supposed  to be home  at

     9:30 and its nearly that now."

         She kissed me sweetly  and stepped around me  to find her  clothes.

     She picked them up  and walked up the  steps completely naked into  the

     light where anyone  could plainly see  her.  "I'll  put them on  inside

     where my underwear is, but you better get dressed unless you want  them

     to find you like that."

         As the  door shut,  I finally  came  out of  my reverie  and  began

     frantically searching for my clothes.  I never did find my jocky shorts

     that night, and I had to come back early the next morning to find  them

     stuck in a bush  where she had thrown  them when I  stripped.  I  don't

     think the Doctor ever suspected what  caused the stains on his  kitchen

     stoop, and I imagine that the  rain finally washed them away, but  that

     morning there were  dark stains where  my sperm had  exploded onto  the

     concrete roughness.

         As I made my way home on  unsteady legs, I wondered what she  would

     think of next.  I didn't have long to wonder.  Friday was only two days




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