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Archive-name: First/tommy01.txt

Archive-author: Black Knight

Archive-title: Adventures with (and without) Tommy

                     Installment 1:  Overnight Guests

          Tommy, my best friend since first grade, lived half a block away,

     and  we  went  to the same school.   We were six when we  met  and  we

     developed our similar interests simply be being best friends.   I  was

     an  only  child until I reached twelve and my baby  sister  was  born;

     Tommy had a sister, Jane, who was two years older than we were.

          Since  I was an only child,  my parents encouraged me to spend  a

     lot of time with Tommy.   I was a frequent guest in Tommy's home,  and

     he was a frequent guest in mine.  At my house, we would trade baseball

     cards,   play records,  watch horror movies.   At his house,  we would

     trade   baseball   cards,    play  records,   watch   horror   movies.

     Occasionally, we would sleep over at each other's home on weekends.

          Well,   late one August,  about the time we were eleven,  I   was

     staying  at  Tommy's  for the weekend.   I  came  over  early  in  the

     afternoon,  and we played outside until dinner.   At the dinner table,

     we exchanged the usual brother/sister insults with Jane and her friend

     Sara, much to the chagrin of Tommy's parents.  After a healthy desert,

     Tommy practically dragged me up the stairs.

         We had been upstairs for about an hour,  watching a baseball  game

     on Tommy's little black and white TV,  when we heard Jane's door slam.

     Tommy's  eyes lit up,  and he turned to me with a finger at his  lips.

     He  started taking off his shoes,  and motioned to me do to the  same,

     then  he turned the game's volume a little louder.   After locking his

     bedroom door,  he motioned me to his closet and shooed us both inside.

     "What's  going on,"  I  whispered,  to which he replied "SHHH!  You'll

     see."  He pulled me to the darker part of the closet, and suddenly,  I

     felt some sort of stair.  Almost inaudibly, Tommy whispered "Step Up."

     We  went  up two step to a sort of platform,  and there was a hint  of

     light from somewhere.   Once we were up on the platform,  Tommy seemed

     to pull something away from the wall,  and the light brightened.    It

     seemed  to be coming from cracks in the wall,  very small cracks,  but

     large enough to see through if you stepped close enough.  Tommy put an

     eye to a crack, and I followed suit.

         And my little eleven year old heart stopped.  We were looking into

     Jane's room,  and she and Sara were getting undressed.   Sara and Jane

     were both just fourteen,  and while we had often taunted them with the

     usual boyish insults about ugliness,  they were both very cute  girls.

     Sara was just five feet tall,  with light brown shoulder length  hair.

     She had a small, pug nose and attractively set grey eyes.  Jane was an

     inch taller,  not as thin,  and had blond hair,  also shoulder length.

     She had a straight, patrician nose, and large blue eyes.

          We  had  arrived  just as they were preparing for  their  evening

     slumber party,  and they were just kicking off their shoes and pulling

     off their socks.   There were two robes laying on the bed,  and Sara's

     small suitcase sat open on Jane's dresser.   Sara was very  fastidious

     and carefully rolled up her socks and placed them in her sneakers.  My

     heart  jumped when I heard a closet door open and heard the  thump  of

     Jane's sneakers landing on the floor of her closet, directly adjoining

     Tommy's.  But my eyes were glued on Sara, who had removed her T-shirt,

     revealing her small but visible breasts.  It was my first view of real

     female flesh.  And while you may not think it much,  to my eleven year

     old eyes,  Sara's small,  nicely rounded tits with their equally small

     rose-colored  nipples,  might as well have been the heaving  bosom  of

     Sophia Loren.

         As Sara folded up her T-shirt into her suitcase,  Jane crossed the

     room,  heading for the dresser,  pulling her T-shirt off over her head

     as she walked.  "When are you going to start wearing a bra?" she asked

     Sara,   who had evidentally dealt with this subject before.   "When  I

     need one as much as you do,"  she replied.  Jane had now tossed her T-

     shirt  onto  the dresser top,  and was slithering out of  her  shorts.

     Sara removed her shorts,  again folding them neatly into her case.  As

     Sara reached for her robe, Jane stood at the dresser,  reaching around

     herself to unclasp her bra.   "Damn, it's stuck!"   Sara reached over,

     the robe still not closed over her almost naked body,  and Jane turned

     around. Sara undid the clasp, which was indeed stuck,  so that it took

     several seconds before it came off, and there were Jane's tits, larger

     and  pointier than her friends,  with larger,  darker nipples.    Jane

     wriggled  out of the bra,  causing her tits to quiver,  and she tossed

     the  bra onto the dresser.   Then they wrapped themselves up in robes,

     still in their panties, and went giggling out the door.

         All of this took about three minutes, maybe two,  but my heart was

     thumping furiously.   Tommy seemed a bit more composed than I was, but

     not much.  We heard them tramping through the hall on their way to the

     bathroom.   "Back to the game?" I asked.  "We could," Tommy whispered,

     a  little  louder than before,  "but they'll be back."   While  I  was

     afraid of getting caught, my curiosity was stronger than my fear.

         So we sat on the floor of the closet,  our legs out the open door,

     while  Tommy  told  me how he'd happened upon the  spyhole.    In  the

     backround,  we heard the sound of the shower running.   Tommy had been

     in the closet when the light in his bedroom lamp suddenly burned  out.

     He  saw light from high in the closet.   "It didn;t take  Einstein  to

     realize that was Jane's bedroom, " he explained, "But I couldn't reach

     it.  So I built the platform."  Suddenly, it clicked, and I exclaimed,

     "That's  the  toy box we built!"   Tommy nodded.   I   had  to  laugh,

     thinking  of how industrious we'd been,  building the toy box so  that

     Tommy's room would be neat when we went off to summer camp.   Boy,  if

     Tommy's parents had realized ...

         Tommy  said  he had used the box only twice before,  and had  seen

     Jane totally naked once.   "But she just got right into her nightgown,

     so  it  wasn't much to see."   But he had known Sara was  coming  over

     tonight,  so he'd invited me over.  I was appreciative already,  but I

     didn't realize there was more to come.   We heard the shower shut off,

     and Tommy motioned me back into the closet.

          We had to stand about five minutes, which gave me a chance to see

     the layout of the room.   The cracks we were looking through were just

     over  six  feet from the floor,  which gave us a fairly  high  vantage

     point.    Jane's bed was on the far wall,  and it had a very  feminine

     white  headboard.    On the wall by the window was a bookcase  with  a

     stereo and records.  Under the window was a dresser, and in the corner

     to  our  immediatte right was a corner bookshelf sitting on  a  corner

     chest of drawers, and immediattely below us was Jane's desk, which had

     a  large  mirror  hanging over it.  (In fact,  Tommy warned me  to  be

     careful of the nail from which it hung.)

         In they came,  Jane and Sara,  locking the door behind them.   Now

     they  were no longer wearing robes,  but were wrapped  in  bathtowels.

     Thier hair,  too, was wrapped in toweling.  "Now comes the good part,"

     Tommy  whispered  directly  in my ear.   "Ok,  Sara,   its  your  turn

     tonight,"  Jane said,  and from a jewelry box,  she took a black  felt

     choker  and placed it around Sara's neck.   They didn't say much  more

     about  what  this meant,  so I guess they had been thru  this  before.

     Sara  did a polite curtsy in front of Jane,  and then stood up.   Jane

     made  a gesture to Sara,  and Sara rather demurely undid her own towel

     and draped it about her shoulders.   Except for the choker,  Sara  was

     naked,  her small patch of light brown pubic hair just barely blurring

     the view of her cleft.   At this,  I  felt a stiffening low down in my

     abdomen.  Totally naked.

         Meanwhile,  Jane sat down at the vanity, and Sara came forward and

     began  drying  Jane's hair,  frequently using her body towel  for  the

     purpose.  This made her small tits quiver.   Jane was trying very hard

     to play the stern taskmaster,  "ordering" Sara about,  telling her how

     to comb her hair.  I  noticed both of them suppressing a smile,  as if

     they  couldn't really take the game seriously.    When Jane's hair was

     dry and well combed, she rose, and stood beside the bed.   Sara picked

     up  Jane's  powder puff and came to the bed.   At Jane's order,   Sara

     undid Jane's towel,  and spread it on the bed.   Jane lay face down on

     the  towel,  her nicely rounded rump gloriously facing us.   With  her

     legs spread just a bit, we got a fleeting glimpse of her twat.

         Sara  proceeded to powder Jane's back,  arms,  legs and rump.   We

     could  see  Jane smiling as Sara spread the powder with the  puff  and

     proceeded  to spread it with her hands.   Then Jane turned over,   and

     Sara  began  powdering  Jane's torso.   Beginning  with  Jane's  right

     shoulder,  Sara used the puff to deposit powder along Jane's arm, then

     down her side,  all the way down to her toes.   Jane had her feet held

     together,  and all we could see (though it was enough!)  of her  sweet

     vagina was the soft mound of golden hair ...  so light and golden that

     it  almost  looked like glowing skin.   Sara continued to  spread  the

     powder,  up Jane's left side,  again up to her Jane's shoulder and out

     the  arm.    Then with a quick series of puffs,  she spread powder  on

     Jane's chest and belly.

         Sara  was  kneeling beside Jane's right arm as  she  proceeded  to

     caress  the powder into Jane's skin.   She began with the hands,  very

     carefully  working  the powder between Jane's fingers.   Up the  arms,

     across  Jane's shoulders,  then down the left arm.   As she  carressed

     Jane's left hand, her tits just barely made contact with Jane's belly,

     which apparantly had some pleasureable affect on Jane,  for she smiled

     broadly, her eyes closed.

         Sara moved back up to the armpit, down Jane's left side, along the

     outside and then up the inside of Jane's left leg.  As if in response,

     Jane  opened her legs slightly.  Although there was light from  above,

     Sara was blocking lamplight from Jane's desk,  and we were afforded us

     a  slightly shadowy view of Jane's cleft.   Sara proceeded down Jane's

     right  leg  and then up Jane's right side.   "Will there  be  anything

     else, Madame Jane?" Sara asked.  Jane responded, "You have not done my

     chest and belly, Sara. Please do, and do be more attentive next time."

     So Sara proceeded to rub the powder into Jane's breasts,   which  made

     that tightness in my belly even tighter.   For, of course, I wanted to

     be the one rubbing Jane's pointy,  quivering tits.  And, of course,  I

     had no idea that girls did that to girls, no, no way, not ever!

          "Now my belly, please," Jane said, trying to sound officious, but

     it  was  evident that she was enjoying her friend's  caresses.    Sara

     dutifully  began  making  slow,  circular movements over  Jane's  flat

     belly,   movements  which could only be called  enticing.    Jane  was

     beginning  to squirm as Sara's hands drifted idly over her pubic hair,

     and she spread her legs a bit, then a bit more.   Sara didn't even ask

     what was expected of her, she simply began continued rubbing the hairy

     down  lightly,   occasionally extending a finger down  towards  Jane's


          And  then Jane did what I guess Tommy and I had been hoping she'd

     do  ...  she opened her legs wide,  very wide,  her knees several feet

     apart.   We could see her outer lips part and a hint of the pink inner

     lips  appeared.  They looked moist and shiny.  As Sara let her powder-

     covered  finger explore Jane's cunt,  Jane began to squirm in earnest.

     She  had  a  pained look on her face,  but with the hint  of  a  smile

     beneath  the pain.   Sara did nothing more than run her finger up  and

     down  along Jane's pink cleft,  not even touching Jane with her  other

     hand,  as if it would have violated some rule they had made up between

     them.    But it was obvious,  (looking back on the incident with  some

     more experience of my own,)  that Sara was enjoying making Jane squirm

     as much as Jane was enjoying squirming.

          Suddenly,  after Sara had been carressing Jane's cleft for  about

     five minutes or so,  Jane gasped, and began to convulse mildly.  After

     five  or six spasms,  she lay back,  smiling,  and both girls giggled.

     "Did you?"  asked Sara,  and Jane answered back, "Oh, yes,  oh,  yes."

     Much  to our delight,  Jane had been laying there with her legs  open,

     her  cunt glistening with her own come juices.   Soon,  much too soon,

     she regained her composure, Jane stood up, and resumed her regal pose.

     She seemed just a mite week in the knees as she stood, but she sounded

     officious as she said,  "Sara, you may dress me now."  Sara,  resuming

     her  own  servant's role,  retrieved Jane's nightie from the  dresser,

     along with a matching pair of panties.   She kneeled down and let Jane

     step into the panties, then pulled them up Jane's legs.  Then she held

     the gown while Jane put her arms into it.

          Sara did a curtsy,  and seemed very small as she did,  the effect

     of being naked before her fully clothed friend.   I  had assumed  that

     they  might now switch roles,  but I was wrong.   As I found out  much

     later on,  they had been playing mistress/servant for a long time, and

     the  roles  had  become  so well developed that  each  girl  got  full

     attention without stepping out of character.   Sara gathered up Jane's

     clothes,   began folding them and putting them neatly on the  dresser,

     then  did the same for the four wet towels.   Her hair was still damp,

     and  she  made no move to get dressed.   Jane watched as if  she  were

     judging every move.   When Sara was finished folding,  she asked "Will

     there be anything else, madam?"

          "Yes, Sara.  Please feel free to dry your hair."  Sara sat at the

     vanity  and began using the hair dryer.   Jane came up from behind and

     simply  picked up the comb and began fiddling with Sara's hair.   "My,

     my, Sara, you have such pretty hair, I simply must try to do something

     exceptional with it."  She continued combing Sara's hair, occasionally

     using the hair dryer as well.   Jane was very good with hair,  and her

     combing  and  blowing made Sara's hair flow  attractively  around  her

     face. All thru, Sara maintained her air of servitude.

          "Now,"  Jane said, putting down the comb,  "We must make you feel

     as  lovely as you look."   She directed Sara to spread a towel on  the

     bed,   and fetch the powder puff.   Then Sara lay face down at  Jane's

     order,   and  Jane repeated the powdering she had received from  Sara.

     When she invited Sara to turn over,  Sara blushed.   Either she was  a

     very good actor, or Sara was indeed a bit embarrassed.

          Jane powdered Sara's arms,  legs, shoulders,  and without asking,

     simply continued onwards to Sara's breasts.   Unfortunately,  we could

     not see this well,  for Jane had chosen to straddle Sara at the  hips.

     However,   we could see Sara reacting to Jane's caresses,  and she was

     smiling broadly.  Jane then turned around,  now straddling Sara at the

     waist, and ordered her to spread her legs.  Up to this point, Sara had

     been  laying  there  with crossed legs,  as befit  the  character  she

     played.   Keeping in character, she resisted, saying, "No, my lady, it

     would not be right."

          "What  I say is right is right,  Sara,"  Jane said harshly,   and

     proceeded  to  part  Sara's legs.   Sara acquiesced,  and  Jane  began

     powdering  Sara's cunt.   She began with the same gentle caresses Sara

     had   given   her,   and  Sara  began  squirming,   maybe  even   more

     enthusiastically  than had Jane.  But,  as if to assert  her  dominant

     role,  Jane made more wanton gestures. Not only did she set her finger

     against  Sara's cleft and clit,  she reached down with her other  hand

     and spread Sara's outer lips.   I found I was having trouble breathing

     as  I  watched Jane run her finger up and down the  length  of  Sara's

     cleft.   Sara squirmed, moaned, groaned, and finally, after only a few

     minutes, "suffered" the climactic spasms of orgasm.

          But the game had not been played out yet.  Jane and Sara, knowing

     that  there  was  some inequity involved in being  the  servant,   had

     developed  the roles so that the mistress had more leeway in what  she

     could do than did the servant.   Jane gave Sara some time to catch her

     breath,   and then announced that Sara would have to be  punished  for

     forgetting to powder Jane's tits and belly without being told.    Sara

     continued the demure servant pose as Jane ordered her to lay face down

     on  the  bed and spread her legs.   Jane again straddled Sara's  back,

     pinning  Sara's arms to her sides.   Slowly,  rhythmically,  she began

     kneading  Sara's  buttocks.   When Sara's rump had attained a  healthy

     pink  glow about it,  Jane delivered three quick,  stinging  slaps  to

     Sara's  rump.    Sara shook,  but made no sound.   Jane  repeated  the

     kneading/slapping  routine three times,  but Sara never made a  sound.

     Then,   as if to say she was sorry,  Jane began rubbing powder  softly

     into  Sara's  rump.   As she did so,  her finger strayed down  to  the

     Sara's  cunt,   and I could have sworn I saw a part of  Jane's  finger

     disappear.   Sara moaned appreciatively,  and Jane began running  both

     her  hands  along Sara's thighs,  legs,  and cunt.  After just  a  few

     minutes, Sara convulsed again in orgasm.

          Jane  climbed  off Sara,  and Sara turned onto her side  so  they

     faced each other.   "You'd better get dressed," Jane said, adding,  "I

     didn't hurt you,  did I?"  Sara just shook her head,  and made no move

     to get her nightclothes.  "That was nice.  Thanks."  Jane smiled back,

     and as if to confirm that the game was over,  she got up and retreived

     Sara's nightgown and panties.   While Jane doused the overhead  light,

     Sara wriggled into her nightclothes.   The two girls got into bed  and

     proceeded to talk about school, boys, clothes.

          I  felt a tap on my shoulder.   I  almost jumped out of my  skin.

     Tommy whispered "SHHHH!" and pulled me away from the wall.  He lowered

     the black drape, and we quietly retired to the bedroom.   We looked at

     each other with blank stares, and both of us mouthed the words, "Wow."

     Late that night,  in the dark, I  found my hand drifting to my crotch,

     where I experienced another first.  My cock was hard,  and there was a

     tiny  drop of liquid at the tip.   I  smiled as I went to sleep.    To

     noone's surprise, I dreamed about Sara and Jane.



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