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Archive-name: First/theatcon.txt


Archive-title: Theatre Connection

"Get me the power drill!" I yelled out across the theater, "I need to

reattach this leg."  It was going to be another long night of building

in the theater; maybe even an all-nighter.  Working on the shows is

one of my greatest pleasures but it takes so much out of me.  Between

the late hours building and trying to keep up with my school work, I

am surprised that I am still sane.  

Being the Technical Director isn't an easy task.  You are responsible

for ordering wood, the equipment, organizing and keeping a crew busy

and keeping the show within its meager budget. Organizing the crew can

be pretty tough, especially if there are few people around to

organize. As "techies" know, you usually have a hard time getting any

of the actors to come down and help you build.  This semester however,

I have a nice large crew to work with. Many of them are actors and

actresses from the show which amazed me even more.  Most of them were

freshmen girls who were active in drama in high school and wanted to

try their hand in student-run theater.  It is quite a different

environment than they were used to.  We are bit more laid back because

we don't have to answer to teachers, only ourselves.

One night, during one of the rehearsals I was sitting in the back

munching on some dinner I picked up in the dining hall and watching

the director put the cast through its motions.  The art director had

some of the crew painting details on one of the set walls that was off

stage at the moment. I was casually looking around trying to see if

any of the girls interested me.  When rehearsal broke up and the rest

of the crew spread out to do their various jobs I noticed a extremely

cute girl that was painting some Masonite.  I asked the Art director

who she was and found out that her name was Denise.  Turns out, she

was a freshman. She is about 5'2" and has a small frame.  She looked

like a strong hug could break her in two, but her body was very firm

and very nicely packed.

I went on with work as normal, every once and a while looking over to

where she was working.  I saw her taking a couple of glances at me as

well.  I thought to myself that she could be a good person to date and

who knows what else.  I walked over and introduced myself to her and

asked her if she was going to the cast party tonight.  She sweetly

said no because she had a lot of work to catch up on.  (Don't I know

it) I smiled and said, "Oh well, maybe tomorrow night you"ll go,

they are pretty fun."

"Yeah, I know.  That"s what everybody says."

"Well, back to work."

I trotted off and picked up my drill and began to build a wall for one

of the set pieces.  The night dragged on for what seemed like years.

I finally had enough and went home at 2 A.M..  I looked forward to

coming in the next day and talking to Denise.


It was 10 A.M. Saturday morning (I know, what an ungodly hour) when I

got into campus to open up the theater and get to work.  There were a

couple of people there waiting for me, including Denise.  We sleepily

trudged into the theater, put on some music and went to work.  

Throughout the afternoon I made more and more eye contact with Denise.

I was really starting to get interested in her.  When dinner time

rolled around I noticed that she was getting her coat on and headed

for the door.  I walked over to her...

"All finished for today?"

"No, I am just running to the dining hall to get some dinner."

"I am a bit hungry myself, want to go out a grab a quick dinner?"

"I don't have any money on me," she said.

"That's OK," I replied, "Its on me, Denny's is pretty cheap."

"Well, I don"t like grubbing, but OK."

We walked out to my car and headed down to Denny's.  Dinner was a bit

longer than 'quick' because we spent most of the time talking about

theater, her life at home. how she likes college, my life, etc...  I

was liking her more and more as the night went on.  She asked me how I

like living off campus.  I said that I liked it a lot.  For the last

two semesters I was living with a group of friends, but they all

graduated so I found a new place and decided to rough it on my own for

a while.  I was able to find a really nice apartment with a fireplace

for a couple of hundred a month, blah, blah, blah. She seemed really

impressed that a guy could live on his own and not starve on a diet of

pasta and soup.  I told her that I really enjoy cooking and over the

last couple of years I have gotten pretty good at it.  I then said

something that I thought I wouldn't say,

"Would you like to see it?"

Thankfully, she said, "Yes."

To be honest, I really wasn't expecting anything to happen.  We drove

through town chatting about life in general until we finally reached

my apartment.  She was very impressed with how neat it was. (not all

guys are slobs) 

As she wandered around the apartment I went over and fed my fish and

flipped on the TV.  It started to rain and it got chilly so I decided

to put on a fire.  I called out to her in the next room, "Do you want

to watch some movies?"

"Sure, what have you got?"

"How `bout Amadeus?" (one of my favorites)

"Great, I haven't seen that in a long time."  She wandered back into

the living room. "You have such a nice place, oh and I love

fireplaces."  She sat down on couch and I walked into the kitchen.

"Would you like a glass of wine?" I asked.

"I am not a big drinker, but one glass of wine wont hurt."

I returned to the living room with two glasses and the bottle.  I had

grabbed some cheese as well.  I put it down on the table in front of

the couch and sat down.

"This is so nice," she said," I haven't been treated like this in a

long time."

About halfway through the movie she let out a big yawn and sort of

nestled her head against my arm. A contented smile appeared on her

lips as I daringly began stroking her hair with my other hand.  Her

let out a contented moan and snuggled into my arm more.  

Thoughts were racing through my mind like you wouldn't believe.  I

have never had things happen this fast before.  I didn't quite know

what to do.  I leaned down and kissed her on the top of her head.  She

shifted on the couch and looked up at me.  I thought to myself, "Uh

oh, that does it, she is leaving."  We stared at each other, eye to

eye for what seemed like an eternity.  Then we slowly started leaning

towards each other until our lips finally met.  Her lips were so soft

and I felt like I could kiss them forever.  We kissed for what seemed

to be like 10 minutes until I decided to up the ante.  I reached down

and put my left hand under her knees, I put my right hand around her

back and scooped her up off of the couch.  Scooped is the right word

because she must have weighed only 100 pounds or so.  I carried her

into the bedroom, out lips still locked together.  I laid her back on

the bed and began kissing her ears and neck.  She arched her head back

so I could easily kiss her throat and made a little moan.

"Please don't stop, you lips feel so good." she said as her hands

roamed up and down by back and through my hair.  She reached down and

pulled my shirt out of my pants and began to pull it off over my head.

When she saw my well muscled body (construction tends to do that) she

smiled and remarked on how good looking I am.  I smiled back and

returned the compliment.  She ran her finger down between my pectorals

and down my stomach until they hit the top of my jeans.  Her hand

slipped under the waistband and touched my growing hardness.  Her

touch was wonderful and I closed my eyes and let out a moan.  I looked

back at her and without saying a word removed her shirt and bra. We

then locked our lips in another embrace.  As we rolled around the bed

kissing we began to giggle as we both tried to grab each other's

behind at the same time.  She said that I really turned her on and she

didn't know if she could control herself.

"So get out of control," I said. 

"I don't know."  She turned her head away as she said that.

I knew right there that she was a virgin.  When I confronted her with

that she said the furthest she ever let a guy go was finger fucking

her and she didn't like it because he hurt her when he did it.

"Don't worry," I said, "I won't hurt you.  You can tell me to stop at

any time and I will.  I am pretty experienced and I want to give you

nothing but great feelings."

She looked at me and smiled with a new found trust in her eyes. She

kissed me hard and grabbed the waistband of my jeans and tried to pull

them off.  I gave her some help and then proceeded to remove her

pants. When she was naked I commented her on her beautiful body.  She

just blushed and kissed me again.

"You were telling me about some great feelings?" she said jokingly.

I began to kiss her face and neck.  She closed her eyes and moaned as

my hands gently massaged her breasts.  I moved my head downward and

lightly sucked on her nipples.  She moaned again.  I slid my hand down

to her vagina and ran my fingers between her labia.  I felt her

wetness and was happy that she was well lubricated.  She was a small

girl and I envisioned some problems in penetrating her with my above

average sized penis.

When I began to massage her clit she let out a moan and gasped out the

words,"Oh god, that feels so good, what are you doing?"  I then

realized that the insensitive schmuck that she with that first time

didn't have any sense of how to please her.  I moved down even further

and began to lick and kiss her clitoris.  She bunched her hands into

fists and clawed at the sheets as she began to build up to an orgasm.

I backed off slightly, to extend her pleasure.  When she calmed down a

little I started back in again, this time with the intent of making

her cum.  Just as she was about to cum I slipped two fingers into her

vagina and ran them along the top of her canal, right along her

G-spot.  Her eyes opened wide, then slammed shut as she let out a

quick gasp and arched her back off of the bed.  I felt every muscle in

her body tense as she came. Her head tossed back and forth as her

muscles flexed and unflexed several times.

"My god," she said,"That was fantastic. Where did you learn how to do


"I had a really good teacher." With that I thought back to my first love.

However, Denise's lips on my neck brought me back to reality in a


"I think I will return the favor." she said.  Her hands trailed down

my body and massaged my buttocks.  She then, which amazed me, had the

strength to flip me over on to my back.  She leaned over me and began

to kiss my shoulders.  She proceeded down my chest and headed for my

penis.  When she arrived at my waist she massaged me with her hands

for a couple a seconds until she mustered up the courage to take me in

her mouth.

It was wonderful.  I could easily tell that she was inexperienced but

it didn't matter.  She could learn, and she was off to

a good start.  After a couple of minutes she looked up at me and said

she was sorry that she wasn"t good enough to make me cum.

"Don't worry, it feels absolutely wonderful."

That brought back the smile to her face.  I placed my hands on her

head and guided her back up to where I could kiss her.  I rolled her

on top of me so I could feel her full weight on me. As we were kissing

again I moved my hands down and began to massage her.  I made sure

that she was well lubricated.

"Please Bill," she said, "make love to me."

I slid her down my body so I would be able to penetrate her.  I rubbed

my penis between her labia in order to get some of her lubrication on

me so I wouldn"t hurt her.  I didn"t have much chance do to this

because she put her hands underneath my shoulders and pushed herself

down onto me.  I entered her smoother than I had expected to, and as I

did she moaned out loud.  She was tight but the feeling was exquisite

for the both of us.  When I was fully in her she just remained

unmoving for a couple of moments.  Then she looked right into my eyes.

"Oh Bill, you feel so good."

We kissed again.  I pushed her shoulders up so she was almost sitting

upright.  Her arms were outstretched and on either side of my head.  I

began to gently thrust up and down into her.  She just leaned her head

back and sighed.  I reached up and massaged her breasts until her

nipples were erect.  I lifted my head up and sucked on each one in

turn.  She moaned again.  Now she began to thrust as well and she told

me to stop moving.  She pushed backwards on me until she could go no

further and her clitoris was pressed up against my pubic bone.  She

then began to shift left and right, about an inch in each direction so

that her clitoris was being stimulated by my public hair.  After a

couple of minutes of this she grimaced and dug her nails into my chest

as she came.  As her orgasm passed she laid forward on me and let out

a moan and a sigh.  I thrust up into her about ten more times, let out

a moan and came.  When she felt me cum she opened her eyes, gave me a

squeeze and giggled.

"That was fantastic Bill," she said, "You should have seen your face,

that was some expression you had."

"Yeah, I bet I looked a little wierd."

"No, I think you looked beautiful."

"Thanks, so did you."  She blushed as I said this.  I withdrew , still

slightly hard.  She let out a little moan and kissed me on the cheek.

She rolled off of me and stretched out on the bed.  As I gazed at her

body I became hard again.  I moved around so that I was on top of her.

She looked up me and gave me a sly grin.  She reached down and grabbed

my hard penis.

She looked up at me and gave me a sly grin. "Wanna go at it again?"

I gave her an answer by sliding into her wet slit to the hilt.  She

gave a little yelp as I felt myself hit her cervix.  I pulled back but

she grabbed my ass and pulled me back in.

"Don"t worry Bill, it didn"t hurt."


We made slow, passionate love for about an hour.  I brought her to

orgasm twice more.  When I was about to come again I pulled out and

told her to turn over and get up on her knees.  She turned over and

then must of thought that I was going to try to do her ass.

"No Bill, you are too big, you will hurt my ass."  She began to roll

back over.

"Don"t worry, I am not going to fuck your ass.  I am going to

penetrate you from behind.  I am not going to hurt you."  I pressed

the head of my penis against her slit and then slowly pushed into her.

She moaned as I entered.  I like this position because I can make

contact with her G-spot.  After a couple of minutes she began to

thrust backward with more force.

"I am cumming again, oh lord, it feels so goooooood" she said half out

of breath.

I sped up my thrusting and felt her vagina tighten as she came.  She

let out a long moan and tensed up for what seemed like a full minute.

The extra pressure, combined with her thrusting, brought me to orgasm

in another 30 seconds.  As I pulled out I asked her if she enjoyed it.

She said that it felt great, but it was different from the orgasm she

had when she was on top of me.  I assumed that she had a vaginal


She looked really tired, and I knew I was, so I suggested that we go

to sleep.  I pulled the covers up over us and snuggled down next to


"Good night, Bill."

"Good night, Denise"

We slept like spoons, with my arms wrapped around her.  She snuggled

back into my chest and said, as she drifted off, "You know, I think I

could get used to this."



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