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Archive-name: First/teachng1.txt

Archive-author: Day Dreamer

Archive-title: Teaching the Teacher - 1

        World War II was just over and Joey Lassister, like many other

        veterans, had recently returned home.  Even though he was techni-

        cally a veteran, he didn't really feel like one.  He had joined

        the Army in his senior year of high school and only spent a

        little more than two years in service, none of which involved

        combat.  Nonetheless, there he was, with mustering-out pay in his

        pocket and no goals in life.  He figured the best thing to do

        before deciding about the rest of his life was to finish high

        school.  He checked with his old high school principal and was

        told that if he took senior English, Algebra and History, the

        principal would see that Joey got his diploma after just one

        semester.  That sounded good to Joey, and he enrolled for the

        upcoming spring semester of high school.

        Joey's History and Algebra classes were taught by old maid

        teachers well past retirement age, and they were dull, dull,

        dull.  To compound the problem, even though Joey was only about

        three years older than the other seniors, he felt like an old man

        among kids.  He couldn't even get interested in any of the girls;

        they all acted like giggling little kids.  The only thing that

        made school bearable for Joey was his English class and its

        teacher--Birdie Harman.

        Birdie, or Miss Harman as students were required to address her,

        was a 21-year-old fresh out of teacher's college.  Joey's class

        was her first teaching assignment, and even though she seemed a

        little nervous at teaching students only a little younger than

        herself, she knew all the latest techniques and was able to make

        English interesting.  Joey, though, was more interested in Birdie

        Harman than he was in English.

        Birdie had a dynamite body.  She was about five-foot-one and,

        just like the cigarette ads of the time said: so round, so firm,

        so fully packed.  She couldn't have weighed over 105 pounds, and

        every one of them was in the right place.  Her breasts were just

        right--firm little half-melon handfuls that bounced a little as

        she walked about the room but didn't sag one inch.  Further down,

        her ass was sheer perfection.  When she turned around to write on

        the blackboard, the beautiful globes jiggled just a little and

        made little twisting motions as she moved her hands across the

        board.  That ass rounded down into shapely thighs and then into

        calves that had just enough muscle showing to send Joey into

        daydreams of them wrapped around him tightly as they would make

        love.  Joey chose a seat on the first row of the classroom right

        in front of her desk so that he could get as good a view as


        Joey could tell from the way Birdie moved and walked and sat that

        she was in touch with her body.  She always seemed to be a little

        tense, to be holding herself in tight rein, and Joey sensed a

        suppressed sensuality that seemed to ooze from her every pore.

        Even though the book, "The Sensuous Woman" hadn't been written

        yet, that was exactly how Joey thought of her.  Often as she

        stood before the class talking, one of her hands would stroke

        down her side, caressing her hip.  Sometimes she would even move

        a hand behind her and lightly stroke her buttocks.  Joey longed

        for it to be his hands doing the stroking, to be lightly tracing

        the contours of that magnificently sculptured ass.

        Joey was so turned on by Miss Harman's body that he kept at least

        a semi-erection, and sometimes a full hard-on, all the way

        through class.  Joey worried that she would notice since he sat

        on the first row, but she never seemed to show a reaction.  An

        incident occured one day, though, that did produce a reaction.

        That was the day Birdie sat on the edge of the desk right in

        front of him and crossed her legs.  Joey had a quick glimpse of

        thigh all the way to her crotch, her lace-trimmed black panties

        hitting him right between the eyes.  They hit him right between

        the legs, too.  His penis grew instantly erect, running seven

        inches down the inside of his leg and swelling out his tight-

        fitting Chinos.  Birdie saw it, too, because her face flushed a

        little and she stumbled in what she was saying to the class.

        Luckily, the bell rang then, and they were both spared any more

        of the moment's embarrassment.

        Birdie had one major problem, though--her looks ended at her

        neck.  Even though she had a body that wouldn't quit, her face

        wasn't anywhere near a close match.  She wasn't really ugly, mind

        you--not that traditional clock-stopper--it was just that her

        features were put together wrong.  Each one would have been okay

        by itself, but taken together, the result was not very

        successful.  Her face just wasn't in harmony with the rest of


        Even so, Joey didn't let her face bother him.  He had fallen in

        love with Birdie Harman's body, and he was so enamored of it that

        he was willing to take the face along with it.  He often sat in

        class, watching that body in motion, and daydreamed of their

        being in bed, wrapped in each other's arms, body to body, merged

        together in passionate sexual union.  The hard-ons caused by

        those daydreams sometimes caused a wet spot on his trousers leg

        from pre-cum oozing out.  Joey sometimes worried that she would

        notice, but he was often so caught up in his daydreams that he

        was past caring.  His English lessons may have suffered, but his

        daydream love-life prospered enormously.

        Joey found out where Birdie lived and sometimes on Friday and

        Saturday nights he would park down the street from her place to

        see if she were having dates.  Not once did he see her with a

        date.  She didn't even seem to have any girl friends, and the few

        times she went to a movie, she went alone.  Joey believed she

        must be lonely and began to feel sorry for her.  There she was

        with that gorgeous body that needed stroking, a friendly person

        with a good personality, but a face that seemed to keep boys


        One night when Joey was parked near Birdie's place, he could see

        the light shining out of an open window.  He had never been a

        window peeper before, but the open window offered an opportunity

        for voyeurism that he couldn't resist.  Like iron filings drawn

        to a magnet, the open window drew him.  He slipped out of the

        car, crept into the dark space between houses, and stooped under

        her window.  Very carefully, he edged one eye up to take a look.

        There stood Birdie, dressed in a dressing robe, apparently

        getting ready for bed.  Even though the beauty of her body was

        evident under the robe, what really got Joey's attention was what

        she had in her hand: a piece of carved wood about eight inches

        long and shaped like a man's hard penis.  He saw Birdie run her

        hand up and down its length, caressing it.  Then she put the end

        of it in her mouth, the end shaped like the bulging head of a

        penis, and sucked on it like a popsicle.  Joey was electrified

        with eroticism and his penis grew as hard as the piece of wood

        Birdie held in her hand.  My God, Joey thought, maybe she's going

        to fuck herself with that imitation prick.  He could hardly wait

        to see such a vision--he could already imagine Birdie stripping

        off her robe and gown and with legs spread wide apart, cramming

        that wooden dick into her pussy.  He was in for a disappointment,

        though, because Birdie turned out the lights and came over to the

        window and drew the curtains.  All Joey could do was listen, as

        soft moans came drifting out the window.

        The sound of Birdie's pleasure inflamed Joey, making him shake

        with desire.  With trembling hands he unbuttoned his trousers and

        managed to work his rigid penis out of its confinement.

        Squeezing and stroking it gently, he imagined that it was what

        was causing Birdie to sigh and moan.  As Birdie's moaning

        increased in intensity, Joey's pleasure mounted.  He blasted a

        splotch of come over the side of Birdie's house just as she

        gasped, "Ahhhh, yessss, yesssssssss!"

        The next day's English class was sheer agony for Joey.  He sat

        there in front of Birdie and the sounds she had made the night

        before played over and over again in his mind.  Her appearance

        gave no hint of the passion that rocked her the previous night--

        she was once again the proper school teacher.  Joey knew, though,

        that there was a smouldering fire under that facade of school

        teacher propriety.  He ached to merge that fire with his flaming

        desires, to build such a heated conflagration of love that they

        both could burn away their passions.  At that point Joey had only

        one goal--to find a way to replace Birdie's artificial cock with

        his real live one.

        Joey waiting around after class until all the other students had

        left and then approached Birdie's desk.  "Miss Harman," he said,

        "I'm having a real problem with conjugations.  I just can't seem

        to get the hang of 'to be' and 'to lie.'  Do you think you might

        be able to help me with those?"

        "Sure, I'll be glad to," she said, with a smile.  "Why don't you

        come by here after school and we'll spend a little time on them."

        "Oh, Gee," he lied, "I have a job that I have to get to right

        after school.  I get off about six, though.  Do you think we

        might be able to do it some evening?"

        "Well, I don't know," she said, "the school is closed after about

        five o'clock."

        "I could come to your house, if that would help," Joey said with

        a straight face.  The conversation was leading to just where he

        wanted it to go, and he didn't want to jeopardize what gains he

        had already made by any show of emotion.

        "I'm not sure about that," Birdie said with a slight frown.

        "There's pretty much of an unwritten rule that women teachers

        aren't supposed to have male students alone in their homes."

        "Who's to know the difference?" Joey asked.  "You and I are about

        the same age, and if anyone saw me they would probably think I

        was just your date coming to see you.  Tell you what, why don't I

        just be your date?  That way you won't even have to worry about

        that rule."

        Birdie blushed just a little bit and with a soft conspiratorial

        laugh said, "Okay, you can be date."

        "Great!" he said.  "I'll come by around eight tonight if that's


        "Eight for a date--that sounds like a good time," Birdie said,

        with a smile that made her whole face glow.

        Joey asked her for her address, not wanting her to know that he

        had been spying on her.  She wrote it out on a slip of paper for

        him and he left the room, his heart almost skipping beats at the

        thought of being able to be alone with Birdie.

                                    * * * * *

        Joey was at Birdie's at eight o'clock sharp and knocked on her

        door.  It opened immediately upon the first knock.  Birdie had on

        a dress Joey had not seen before.  It was amber colored and shiny

        like satin.  Far more sexy than anything she had ever worn to

        class, it clung to and revealed every inch of her body.

        "Come on in, Mr. Lassiter," she said.  "You're right on time."

        "Please, can't you just call me 'Joey' like all my friends do?"

        he asked.

        "Okay, 'Joey' it is.  And since we're about the same age, if you

        want to call me 'Birdie' outside of class, that'll suit me too,"

        she said.  "Why don't you make yourself comfortable in that chair

        while I go get my conjugation drill papers."

        In a few minutes Birdie returned and sat on the sofa facing Joey.

        She went over conjugation rules and they drilled on them for

        several minutes.  Joey pretended to stumble and be confused about

        them in order to keep up the pretense of his visit, but soon

        showed improvement.  "That wasn't as hard as I imagined it to

        be," he said.  "You make it so simple the way you just explained

        that I believe I've finally caught on to it.  Thanks so much for

        the special lesson.  It's really going to help me."

        "I'm always willing to help a student who really wants to learn,"

        Birdie replied, with a little smile.

        Having gotten the seeming purpose of Joey's visit accomplished,

        an awkward silence fell upon them.  Joey broke the silence by

        saying, "You know, Birdie, I liked the idea of this being a

        date," He looked Birdie directly in the eyes as he said this, a

        gentle smile on his lips.

        Birdie's face colored a little and she looked down, breaking

        their eye contact.  "Yes, me too," she said. "I've never had a

        date before, and I kind of pretended to myself that this was a

        real date, not just a tutoring session."

        "You're serious?  You really never have had a date before?  What

        about your senior prom?"  Joey asked increduously.

        "My senior prom?  My father paid one of my cousins from a nearby

        town to take me to the senior prom.  He spent most of the night

        dancing with all the pretty girls and left me sitting by a wall,"

        Birdie replied, a trace of bitterness in her voice.

        "But, why?  I don't understand," Joey said.

        Birdie stood up and walked over and faced a mirror that was

        hanging on her wall.  "Joey, you've got eyes.  This mirror

        doesn't lie.  A belle of the ball I ain't."

        Joey stood up just behind her, his face next to hers in the

        mirror.  "Okay, you're not the prettiest girl around, but you're

        sure not ugly, either.  Besides, you've got a great personality

        and one of the most beautiful bodies I ever seen on a woman," he

        said, placing his hands on her waist.

        "I guess no one has noticed," Birdie replied, with a sad little


        "Well, I notice,"  Joey said, turning her around to face him.

        She stood there facing him, so vulnerable yet so needing.  "If

        you've never had a date, then that means you've never been

        kissed, doesn't it?"

        "No, I've never been kissed," she said in a little whisper.

        "Then it's time you learned.  For a change, the student will have

        a chance to teach the teacher."

        "Joey, you won't talk about this, will you?"

        "I don't kiss and tell," Joey replied.

        "Then, yes.  Yes, Joey, teach the teacher."

        Joey drew Birdie up closer to him and lowered his lips to hers.

        Her eyes were open wide and she was trembling just a little.  She

        closed her eyes just as their lips touched, but the tremble

        continued.  Joey wrapped one arm around her shoulders and the

        other around her waist and pulled her body against his own.  The

        soft mounds of her breasts pressed against his chest and he could

        feel the rapid beat of her heart through the contact.  Her lips

        were soft and the kiss was long and tender.  She drew back and

        with her eyes still closed, breathed a long slow sigh.

        "Ummmmmnn, yesss.  I think I like kissing," she murmured.

        Joey's lowered his lips to hers again and he pulled her body back

        against his.  This time she reciprocated, one arm going around

        Joey's neck and the other across his back.  Joey spread his lips

        slightly and extended his tongue, using it to rub lightly across

        Birdie's lips and then inbetween them.  She opened her lips a

        little, allowing the tip of his tongue to enter her mouth.  In an

        almost cautious manner, she lightly touched the tip of her tongue

        against his.  The effect was electrifying.  Birdie took a deep

        breath and tightened her arms around Joey even more.  He spread

        his lips even wider and ran his tongue fully into her mouth,

        brushing against hers and wetly caressing it.  She responded by

        returning the action.  Soon their bodies were tightly pressed

        against each other, their mouths fully opened, tongues swirling

        and making love to each other.

        Joey's body had long since reacted to the sexual stimulus and his

        cock was rigid and throbbing, bulging out the front of his

        trousers.  Joey wanted her to feel what she was doing to him and

        pushed his hips against hers, his rock-hard organ pressing

        against her just above the juncture of legs and torso.  She

        responded by pressing back, letting Joey know without words that

        she knew what had happened to him and approved.

        Joey ran his hand down Birdie's back and lightly stroked her

        magnificent ass.  Now it was his hand caressing her buttocks, not

        her own.  The daydreams that filled Joey's mind when he was in

        her class were becoming reality.  He kneaded the firm globes of

        her buttocks and ran his fingers into the crease that separated

        them.  Only the barrier of her dress prevented his hand from

        further exploration of her nether region.  Birdie made soft

        moaning growly sounds as Joey made love with his hand to the

        quivering melons of her ass.

        Joey lowered his other hand to her buttocks and holding one in

        each hand, he pulled her sex hard against his bulging front.

        Birdie could feel every throb of his pulsing cock as it pounded

        in desire for the body pressed against it.  Birdie made little

        circling motions with her hips and ground herself against Joey's

        outward jutting manhood.  He moaned involuntarily, his pleasure

        center stimulated by the motions of her sex moving against his.

        She finally broke their lips apart and holding her cheek against

        his, murmured, "Oh, God, Joey!  All the things I've been


        "You don't have to miss them anymore," he answered softly into

        her ear.

        "I don't know anything, Joey.  I've only read about love, I've

        never experienced it.  You're going to have teach me.  I want to

        know it ALL.  I want to learn EVERYTHING.  Joey, will you teach

        me about loving?"

        Joey answered by lowering his lips and kissing her again.  He

        dropped one arm behind her knees and without breaking the kiss

        lifted her up into his arms.  Briefly, he broke the kiss and

        whispered, "Where's your bedroom?"  She pointed to an open

        doorway and Joey carried her through it, their lips once again

        joining.  The only sound was that of Birdie's shoes falling to

        the floor as she kicked them off.

                            TO BE CONTINUED IN PART 2



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