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Archive-name: First/summer.txt


Archive-title: Summer

Here's a story I wrote about five or six years ago when I was about

fifteen or sixteen. I look at it and groan now. But it was lying around

on an old computer tape so I thought I might as well bung it on.

Anyway, if you can put up with the rambling of a frustrated fifteen

year old virgin, read on. There isnt really a title, but if you really

need one, call it "Summer".


    It was mid-day, and the heat of the summer sun, combined    

with the heat of her lust had produced small beads of           

perspiration on her forehead. She lay back on the luxurious four

poster bed, wearing only a flimsy, see-through nightdress and   

watched him undress. He climbed onto the bed and began to run   

his fingers through her light brown hair. He paused, and then,  

in one swift movement, violently ripped the nightdress from her 

slender body. She started to say something, but he placed two   

fingers on her lips. Then, slowly, he began to move his hand    

along her body, down her neck, down, over her breasts, pausing  

to fondle her erect nipples and then continuing the journey,    

down over her stomach, and then, into the pubic region, to make 

contact with her hot, erect clitty. She gasped, and then, as he 

began to move his hand backwards and forwards, over her pussy   

lips, she began to moan deeply. As he speeded up, she arched her

back, matching his movements with movements of her own. Then,   

her clitty started quivering and she collapsed, signalling the  

start of a glorious orgasm. Her juices ran out, on to his hand, 

and he brought it back up to her mouth, where she licked his    

fingers clean. Sensing that she was ready, he knelt between her 

legs and began to insert his prick into her ready cunt. He      

encountered resistance.                                         

    "Are you sure you want this?" he asked.                     

    "Yes." she replied,desperately.                             

    He pushed and she yelled, as her hymen, the symbol of her   

virginity was lost,forever. He began with a slow, in-out        

movement to which she responded by wriggling her hips to get    

more of the beautiful feelings that he gave her . This excited  

him , and he began to speed up. She started moaning,"Yes,Yes."  

and calling out his name. He reached down with his left hand and

began to play with her clitoris,his right teasing her hard      

nipples. The pace quickened. She shivered and the red flush     

passing over her body indicated that she was reaching the height

of her orgasm. In her excitement, she raked his back with her   

long nails, drawing blood, then, reached up and bit his neck. He

shuddered and she gasped as his hot spunk shot into her insides.

He collapsed onto her , and they embraced in a passionate kiss. 

    "Right bitch." he said,"just for that,you can suck me off." 

    He crawled up to the top of the bed and dangled his still   

erect prick near her mouth. She stuck out her tongue and started

to lick off their combined love juices. Then, she swallowed his 

prick. He groaned and began to move his hips backwards and      

forwards,fucking her mouth. She began sucking and he groaned    

again as the pleasure increased.She began to play with his balls

and the base of his cock with her long, slender fingers and the 

look of ecstasy on his face increased with the added sensations.

Finally, with one final thrust he came. She swallowed his spunk 

as it came in three long spurts and shuddered as she reached her

own, private orgasm.                                            

    He climbed into the shower cubicle to wash off his limp cock

and she got in beside him. Before long, his erection had        

regained it's former glory, and with a smile, she jumped up,    

wrapping her legs around his waist, gravity pulling her down    

around his prick. Their mouths met, and all through, they       

kissed, connecting both top and bottom. He was holding her neat 

arse in his hands, and he dug in with his short nails, causing  

her to increase the speed of her strokes, the ecstasy being     

amplified by the sound of the water beating off the shower      

curtain and running down their young, naked bodies. After what  

seemed like hours, they both gave a grunt of contentment as they

came together,the pleasure of her orgasm highlighted by the four

jets of spunk that seemed to hit the very top of her womb, and  

his by the squeezing,quivering of the muscles in her vagina wall

as she had a cataclismic, mind-blowing orgasm. They both        

finished showering and got dressed. They left the apartment,    

trying to look normal as possible, but she was sure that        

everyone they met knew what had gone on that afternoon.         



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