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Archive-title: Completely Different Adventure in Babysitting

"The babysitter will be here soon," called the mother from the other room.

Billy, fifteen years old and frustrated, scowled from the other room. Although

the babysitter was ostensibly for his six-month-old sister, Katey, he knew

he'd be told to mind her as well. He couldn't leave, and he had to do what she

said. In another year, he could be a babysitter too, if he were a girl. It was


The doorbell rang as Billy's mother was putting on her sweater. Billy

positioned himself in the kitchen to get a good look at the visiting duchess

as the door opened.

"Hello, Kelly," he heard his mother say.

The girl who walked in was about his height, with slim features and dark brown

hair that swirled to a rest around her shoulders. She was wearing a short

skirt, and casual blue blouse. Billy noticed she had a big bust. He began to

get an erection. He looked at her face instead; she was pretty.

"Hello, Barbara," said Kelly.

As the two women talked, Billy thought about the injustice of it all. This

girl looked about 19 -- they could have gone to grammar school together --

and yet she would have control over everything he did that night. He'd do

chores. He'd do homework. She'd hand out the orders.

Billy listened to the girl's voice. It was soft and husky and feminine, and

it made her seem older than she looked. Maybe it was the way she acted, too,

talking to his mother as if they were PTA chums; something about this girl

made her seem older, even though it was apparent she wasn't. He'd noticed this

before in other babysitters, even ones who were obviously still in high school

(they wore letter jackets). This maturity factor wasn't a new phenomenon, but

it perplexed him some because he couldn't tell exactly why these girls seemed

this way.

"Billy," summoned his mother. Billy approached the the women. "Billy, this is

Kelly Singer, and she'll be in charge here tonight. I want you to mind her as

if she were me."

"Hi, Billy," intoned Kelly with a gravelly-softness.

Yup, Billy had seen this coming. He was to "mind her." She was in charge. She

was Head Bitch. But it might not be too bad. Kelly was, Billy granted,

attractive -- really, more than attractive: she was sort of sexy. Never mind

that she was intimidatingly, authoritatively, confidently sexy. Out of his

league as she was, this Kelly Singer girl was a babe.

"Hi," chirped back Billy.

Kelly and the mother continued their conversation, exchanging last minute

questions and instructions. Most of Kelly's questions were about Billy's baby


Then his mother headed out the door. "I'm going to hang up my sweater and

check on the baby," Kelly announced to Billy. "How about if you get your

Monopoly game out? Could you do that?"

Billy shrugged and headed for the closet.

"C'mon, Billy, we'll make the best of it," smiled Kelly as she left the room.

She can read minds, too, Billy said to himself as he dug through Scattergories,

Yahtzee, and Life.

Kelly and Billy sat squatted in the living room, moving the pieces around the

board, buying property. Kelly would occasionally give him an acknowledging

smile or nod.  Billy's mind was elsewhere, trying to pierce this Kelly girl's

world. What would it like to know her, to go on dates with her? She was really

pretty, and her tits seemed provocatively big for the size of her frame. Full

and round, like tangerines. He wondered what they looked like. He'd seen his

mother's nipples when she nursed his sister. Were they puffy and oversized like

that before you had a baby? No, probably not. He wondered if Kelly ever did it

with her boyfriends. Probably not, he mused; she was probably content to drive

all the guys crazy.

Kelly asked him what grade he was in, and whether he had a girlfriend yet.

Billy blushed as he answered. She asked what he thought of his baby sister;

she was okay, he replied, trying to maintain a cool aire. But Katey wouldn't

be of much use until she was a little older.

This made Kelly laugh. As she did, a crying emitted from down the hall -- the


"Oops, feeding time," announced Kelly.

"How can you tell?"  asked Billy.

"Just can. Want to watch?"

"Uh, well . . ."

"Come on, Bill. You can keep me company." Kelly smiled, then started down the

hall. "And can you grab a towel on the way?"

Billy obliged, and found Kelly picking up the infant when he got to the baby

room. She cuddled the child expertly in her arms; she knew just how to hold it.

But then, instead of reaching for the bottle that was sitting on the

nightstand, Kelly began to unbutton her blouse! Billy's eyes widened. She

finished unbuttoning quickly, and opened her shirt with a flick of her hand.

Her pert bra cup stood straight out. Kelly fingered a latch on its front, and

part of the cup unhinged and fell open.

Her nipple was big and round and red, and it was swollen as big as his

mother's had every been. Kelly swiftly brought the baby up to meet her big

breast, and guided its mouth towards the nipple. Kelly pinched her breast a

bit, and tickled the infant's mouth with the red, inflamed end. Then, when the

baby opened its mouth wide, Kelly drew it nearer, pulling the little mouth to

surround the nipple.

"Can you hand me the towel, Billy?" dripped her honey-coated sandpaper

voice. She put the towel under her big breast, to make sure milk didn't spill

onto the floor.

Billy was still in a state of shock. "Um, wh-what are you doing?" he stammered.

"I'm nursing her," Kelly replied with a matter-of-fact smile. "You understand

what nursing is, don't you?"

Billy nodded faintly. "But I thought you had to have a baby to do that."

"No, you really don't," she said, looking down at her suckled breast. "Any

girl can do it if she wants to, once she's about 13. You have to provide the

proper stimulation, like with a breast pump.

"See, my mom started me about four years ago, when she got remarried and had

twins. She just didn't have enough milk for both of them, so she got me

started nursing too. 

And now she babysits a bunch of neighborhood kids, so, it's like, she needs

me. All it takes is for one of them to fall down and cry, and then you've got

a whole roomful of two- and three-year-olds crying at once. It's a mess! But

usually, I'm laying out in the backyard or something, and she calls me, and I

come in. I just take off my bikini top and take one kid at each boob, and

between us we've got the whole room quiet again."

Kelly looked down at Billy's infant sister, who had fallen asleep. Kelly

lowered her voice as she gingerly pulled the baby's mouth from her nipple.

"Plus," she said, "breastfeeding makes my boobs bigger, and I know guys

like that." She smiled as she put the baby back into the crib.

They were sitting in the living room on the couch. Kelly's blouse was covering

her chest, but it was still unbuttoned.

"Billy," she said. He looked up with a start. "Hey, um, I've never nursed

anyone who isn't a baby, you know? And so I was wondering if you might like to

try it and we can see what it's like. Me nursing you, I mean." She was smiling,

a little awkwardly.

Billy felt hot and light-headed. But something wouldn't even let him stop to

think about it. He moved in towards Kelly, who gently opened her blouse and

unfastened her other bra cup.

"Here," she whispered, "you can take the other one."

He leaned down to Kelly's chest, feeling his heart pounding in his neck. The

warmth of her round breast was getting nearer; he nervously opened his mouth

and took in as much of it as he could.

He sucked. Nothing.

He kept sucking. He was enraptured anyway.

"Billy," she said gently, "take less of it in your mouth. Just suck the areola

-- this red puffy patch right here -- and suck hard. You won't hurt me."

He sucked her areola, and sucked hard. Streams of warm, sour milk spilled into

his mouth. Kelly sighed softly and put her hand behind his head, holding him to


"It's not that I really wanted to do anything with you," she said, gasping

slightly. "I just wanted to try this."

As he nursed from Kelly, Billy noticed her hips beginning to sway. She rubbed

a hand down his chest, then found a lump between his legs.

"Oh, god, Billy. Could you take your hand and touch me right there?" She put

his hand up her skirt, onto her warm crotch. "Yes, that feels nicer."

It took only a minute of Billy touching her this way before Kelly sat up and

hiked off her panties. "Billy," she gushed, "let me see your dick."

His hands were shaking, but he got his zipper down. His dick stood out

straight and hard. Kelly was already lying on her back, spreading her legs

around his trunk. She touched his cock with her hand, and then guided it

between her legs. 

As he looked down, Billy was overwhelmed; he saw her moving his dick toward

the pink crevice that divided her brown pubic hair. She had more than him! He

saw wetness practically dripping from the opening, and was surprised at how

pungent the odor was.

He saw his cock began to slip smoothly into her cunt. He couldn't believe the

softness, the tightness, and how warm it felt. He couldn't believe how easily

it slid in despite the tightness. He couldn't believe how much Kelly was

moaning. She wasn't letting up. When he started pumping his dick in and out of

her instinctively, she moaned louder. "Yes," she cried in a breathy voice. "Do

it just like that."

It must have been the nervousness -- Billy was sure he would have come before

now. But as good as it felt, he didn't think he was going to yet. He started

pumping as hard and fast as he could, not sure how long this should last, and

afraid he wouldn't come at all.

Kelly's moans took on a tone of surprise. They quickened. Then, Billy felt

Kelly's vagina tighten around him as he pumped in and out. Her mouth was wide

open, but nothing was coming out. This lasted for some time, about 30 seconds,

before she let up.

"What's wrong," he asked, worried. "I didn't hurt you--"

"You made me come, hard," she smiled breathlessly. "Do it again. Just like


Billy bounced on her hard and fast again, and soon enough, he felt the heat

rise and the velvet walls tighten. He pumped even harder, and Kelly let out a

little scream. He was slamming into her, and she gave no sign of letting up.

It lasted for minutes. For a moment, Kelly would catch her breath, but then

she'd gasp and start coming again. She was having orgasms every few seconds!

Orgasms that lasted half a minute, even a minute each.

Billy was starting to get tired, and he was really getting turned on. He

leaned down to Kelly's big breast and sucked some milk from it. Kelly, at a

point of impossible build-up, let out a banshee scream and came as hard and

long as she ever had. As Billy's body slapped up against Kelly, he could feel

his own climax starting deep within him. It rose quickly, and peaked fast,

forcing him to spurt jet after jet of his come into Kelly's vagina. 

As it subsided, he leaned on her, resting. His head was near her breast. He

took it into his mouth again, and as milk trickled continuously from her

nipple, Kelly's orgasms continued.

Were babysitters vicious tyrants? Billy asked himself as he sucked Kelly's

tit. Sometimes, he supposed. But when they ran the house like she did, heck,

he couldn't mind at all.



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