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Archive-name: First/peeper.txt


Archive-title: Peeper

     It  was  shortly  after  my 11th birthday when  I  made  the 

biggest, most important discovery of my life.  You guessed it.  I 

discovered the joys of sex, or at least the joys of masturbation, 

which  was as close to sex as I had gotten.   It all started  one 

day  when  I was given the job of cleaning out  the  garage.   My 

parents had gone shopping,  and had promised to give me $10 to go 

to  the  movies if I had the garage spotless by the  time  I  got 


     I  was moving some boxes that had been stored in the  corner 

for years, when I happened upon a great find.  It was this little 

magazine  printed in England.   It was years old,  and by today's 

standards was nothing even close to a porno magazine, but to a 11 

year old boy, this was heaven.  It was sort of like a photo strip 

tease.   There were three parts to it.   Each part started with a 

picture  of a woman dressed in fancy clothes.   On the next  page 

was  a  picture of the same woman sitting with her  legs  crossed 

showing  quite  a  bit  of  her legs  under  her  skirt.   I  was 

fascinated  by  the fact that all the women wore  stockings  that 

ended halfway up their thighs instead of the pantyhose that I had 

seen in Mom's underwear drawer.   Going on to the next page I saw 

the same woman again,  but this time she was holding her skirt up 

around her waist showing her panties.  All three of the women had 

on these real frilly panties with lots of lace,  and they all had 

these  lacy  slips  bunched up around  their  waists  with  their 

skirts.   Then  they  were  shown with their  dresses  off,  just 

wearing panties,  bras stockings and these garter belt things  to 

hold their stockings up.   Now there really wasn't anything up to 

this point that I hadn't seen in the good old Sears catalog,  but 

somehow  these  women  were  different than  the  models  in  the 

catalog.   Something about the expression on their faces,  or the 

look  in their eyes made them somehow more exciting.   When I got 

to the next page,  I knew this wasn't a Sears catalog.  Here they 

had taken their bras off!   This was my first real look at  fully 

grown women's naked tits.  As I studied those pictures carefully, 

I  felt something new happening in my pants.   My little dick was 

somehow getting bigger.   It seemed to be trying to push it's way 

right out of my pants.  I reached down and tried to move it so it 

wouldn't be so cramped, and when I touched the end of it, I found 

that  it felt real good.   I rubbed it a little,  and  discovered 

that it made me feel even better.  

     Two  of  the three parts of the magazine ended  right  there 

with the women showing their bare tits, and looking at the camera 

with this strange look in their eyes.   The last  part,  however, 

had  one more page.   In this picture,  the woman had pulled  her 

panties down in the front!   Not all the way, you understand, but 

enough  to show this triangle of curly hair on the bottom of  her 

belly.  I knew this had to be what all the guys called her pussy!  

I  studied this last picture very carefully.   She still had  her 

stockings and garter belt on, which I thought looked really good.  

And she was still wearing her high heel shoes.   But she was just 

holding her panties down,  showing everyone her pussy!  My little 

dick  was  kind of throbbing now,  and I actually started to  get 

worried.   Maybe something was wrong with it.  I figured I better 

check,  so  I pulled down my pants and underwear to take a  look.  

It  seemed to be fine,  except for the fact that it was  standing 

straight  out,  and was stiff.   I wrapped my hand around it  and 

pulled  the  skin back and forth to see if there  were  any  sore 

spots  on  it or anything.   As I did,  this big chill ran up  my 

spine,  and  I just wanted to keep rubbing it.   As I  did,  that 

chill got bigger and bigger, until it felt like an electric shock 

running  up my back.   All of a sudden,  I realized that my  eyes 

were  blurring,  and  my hips were jerking  back  and  forth.   I 

thought  I  must be really sick,  having a seizure or  something.  

Just about the time I thought I was going to pass out,  fireworks 

went off all over my body!   I had never felt anything so good in 

my entire life.   My little dick was jumping in my hand, and then 

I saw this white stuff shoot out of the end of my dick.  Three or 

four times this stuff shot out,  and then I didn't want to  touch 

my dick anymore.   In fact,  it hurt when I tried to keep rubbing 

it.   Now I was really afraid.  What if I had really hurt myself.  

I  did see that my dick wasn't stiff anymore,  so I pulled up  my 

underwear  and  pants,  and hoped it would heal itself.   I  sure 

didn't  want to hurt myself again,  so I threw that magazine  out 

with the rest of the trash.  

     I just finished with the last of the trash,  when my parents 

came  home.   They were really pleased that I had gotten  my  job 

done,  and handed me a ten dollar bill.  That night I went to the 

movies  with three of my friends.   I just couldn't help  telling 

them  about what had happened that day.   Two of them were really 

shocked,  and  worried like I was that something might  be  wrong 

with me.   The other guy was a little older, and he just laughed.  

He  explained  that what I had done was called jacking  off.   He 

said all guys do it,  and he had done it every day for that  last 

year,  and  it hadn't hurt him a bit.   He said he had heard that 

even  some girls did it,  but he wasn't sure how because  we  all 

knew  that girls didn't have dicks.   He was real disappointed to 

hear  that I had thrown the magazine away.   He said that he  had 

some  pictures  that some older guy had given him of  some  girls 

with their tits out,  that he looked at when he jacked  off,  but 

non of them showed the hair between their legs.   He really would 

have liked to have seen that.

     When I got in bed that night, I started thinking about those 

pictures  again.   As I imagined each picture,  I noticed my dick 

swelling up again.   This time I didn't worry about it.   I  just 

wrapped  my hand around it and started to rub.   I imagined those 

women  taking  their clothes off in front of  that  photographer.  

Then I tried to imagine what it would be like to have been taking 

those pictures.   I started feeling that chill again,  so I  kept 

rubbing,  and  imagining.   I started to imagine what it would be 

like to see one of the girls in my class,  pulling her skirt  up, 

showing  me  her panties,  then pulling those  panties  down.   I 

wondered  if any of the girls my age had hair between their  legs 

like  that  woman in the magazine did.   Then I imagined what  it 

would  be like if it were one of those girls on my bus form  high 

school.   Those  high school girls had real tits,  just like  the 

women  in  the  magazine,  and I'll bet they had  hair  on  their 

pussies too.  I remembered those few times on the bus when one of 

those  girls had bent over in front of me to pick up  her  pencil 

off the floor.   I remembered seeing down the front of her blouse 

and actually seeing the top of her bra, and the swell of her tits 

above  that white cotton bra.   Suddenly I remembered that  other 

time  when  I was sitting across the aisle from one of  the  high 

school  girls.   She  had  the  whole seat  to  herself  and  had 

stretched out on the seat with her feet towards me.  I remembered 

when she got up to get off the bus,  she put her feet down one at 

a time.  I froze that instant in time in my mind when she had one 

foot  on the floor and the other still stretched out on the  seat 

towards  me.   For  that brief instant I had been able to see  up 

under her dress,  way up between her thighs, and had seen a flash 

of white.   I had seen her panties!   And now I knew (or at least 

thought  I knew) what was under those panties.   I  kept  playing 

that  scene  over and over again in my mind,  wishing that I  had 

looked  harder,  wishing that she would have stayed like  that  a 

little  longer,  wishing  that  those panties would have  been  a 

little  thinner.   I might have actually been able to see a  real 

live girl's pussy!  Just then those fireworks went off in my head 

again.   My  body arched up off the bed and my dick jumped in  my 

hand.   That  white stuff was squirting out again.   Once it  was 

over,  my  dick  started  shriveling up just  like  it  had  that 

afternoon.  And it hurt to touch it just like before.  Suddenly I 

realized  that I had gotten that white stuff all over my  sheets.  

I couldn't let Mom find it!  I jumped out of bed and grabbed some 

tissues  and quickly tried to wipe it up.   Ugh,  that stuff  was 

slimy and sticky.  I sure hoped it wouldn't leave any stains.

     For the next month I jacked off at least once a  day.   Some 

days I did it three or four times.   I loved it.   Now I wished I 

had kept that magazine too.   When I wanted my dick to get hard I 

would imagine those pictures, or that girl on the bus.  Sometimes 

I  would  imagine girls in my class,  with those little bumps  on 

their  chest that would grow into real tits.   Sometimes I  would 

look at the bras and panties in the Sears catalog,  or  sometimes 

(but  very rarely) I would find a picture in the paper of a  girl 

in  a bikini,  or a girl sitting with her legs crossed so I could 

see up her skirt.  I would wait until Dad had thrown the paper in 

the  trash,  then I would tear out the picture and hide it in  my 

school  books.   I would then wait until everyone was  asleep  at 

night and get out my special pictures and jack off.  By this time 

I  had  learned  to shoot my white stuff (cum as the  older  guys 

called it) into some tissues, to make it easier to clean up.

     One  time one of the older guys had shown me a picture of  a 

girl with no clothes on.   She was laying on a bed with her  tits 

in  her  hands.   Her  eyes were closed and she had  this  pained 

expression on her face.  Her legs were slightly apart and I could 

see  not only that dark triangle of hair,  but down  between  her 

legs  there was what seemed to be a slit.   He told me that  slit 

was her pussy and when people had sex the man put his dick inside 

that  little slit.   I wasn't sure if I believed him,  but I sure 

wanted  to have that picture.   He pulled it out of my hands  and 

said  no  way  would he give it up.   But he said  he  had  other 

pictures that showed people actually fucking.   Closeups of  guys 

dicks stuck inside girl's pussies.  I begged him to show me those 

pictures, but he said I was too young.

     Every night when I jacked off, I dreamed about seeing a real 

live  girl  taking off her clothes and showing me her  pussy.   I 

still  remembered that first magazine,  and all the girls  in  my 

dreams wore stockings, garter belts, and high heel shoes.  I even 

started  to  imagine  what it would look like to see  two  people 

fucking.   Even  in those fantasies the girls had on  those  sexy 

stockings,  even  when they were getting fucked.   That guy never 

did show me those pictures of people fucking,  but about a  month 

later  I did get to see a picture of something else.   One of the 

guys in my class came in one day with a playing card.  Instead of 

a picture of a king or queen,  it had a girls face,  and she  had 

the end of a hard dick in her mouth!   He said she was giving the 

guy a blow job.   From looking at the picture it looked more like 

she  was sucking than blowing,  but I didn't really care what  it 

was called,  I just knew it had to feel great!  That night when I 

jacked  off  I  imagined some girl taking my dick in  her  mouth.  

Running her tongue all around it.   Just the thought of that hot, 

wet  mouth wrapped around my dick made me shoot more cum  than  I 

ever had before.  Some day, I thought, I'm going to get a girl to 

do that to me.

     Several weeks passed, and I was really getting desperate.  I 

wanted to see a real live girls body, and I wanted to see it now.  

I  began picking seats on the bus across from good looking  girls 

hoping  to  get  a peek up their skirts.   I tried to  peek  down 

girl's blouses whenever I got the chance.   I even tried dropping 

things on the floor in class, hoping that when I was down there I 

would be able to see up some girls dress.   All to no avail.  Oh, 

sometimes  I would get a little glimpse of a bra down some  girls 

blouse,  or maybe a glimpse of thigh as someone would cross their 

legs.   But I was looking for a real good peek,  at least to  see 

their panties, but no luck.  I even tried to hang around the door 

to  the  girls locker room,  hoping to get a glimpse  of  someone 

changing clothes when the door opened,  but all that got me was a 

trip to the principals office for loitering in the halls.  I even 

got  the  idea of saving up my allowance and paying some girl  to 

undress for me, but after saving for three weeks, I realized that 

I would be afraid to ask anyone even if I could pay them.


                           PART 2

     One  night  I  was out walking in the  line  of  trees  that 

separated out house from the ones behind us.   I just happened to 

look up and saw a light come on in one of the rooms on the second 

floor  of  the house behind us.   I knew that three  girls  lived 

there.   One was in my class,  and she had two older sisters, one 

14,  and the other 17.    As I watched,  the 17 year old,  Kathy, 

walked  to the window and pulled the curtains shut.   They didn't 

quite meet in the middle,  and through the crack I saw her  reach 

down  and pull her sweater off over her head.   I really couldn't 

see very well,  but I knew she was walking around right up  there 

behind those curtains in her bra!   My dick started tingling as I 

thought  about  the  face that at this very minute she  might  be 

getting totally undressed!   I had to get a better look.   I  saw 

this  big tree right behind their house,  and thought I might  be 

able to see better from up in that tree.  I scrambled up into the 

tree,  and found a big limb that grew over towards her window.  I 

propped  myself  up on the limb and waited.   I could only see  a 

small part of the room through the gap in the curtains, and Kathy 

was  not in sight.   I waited about 5 minutes,  and  finally  she 

walked  past the window.   She was wearing just her panties and a 

bra!   The bra was one of the white cotton things that I had seen 

the top of down all those blouses.   It covered her tits from top 

to  bottom  except for the middle which dipped down to  show  the 

space between her tits and just a bit of those soft mounds that I 

had been dreaming about.   Her panties however,  were more than I 

had hoped for.   They were little white bikini panties that  just 

had a kind of string holding the front to the back.  When she had 

her back to the window I could see the top of her butt crack over 

the top of the panties.  And when she turned around, I was sure I 

could see a little bit of hair peeking out above the top.   I got 

out my little dick and started jacking away.  Just as I was about 

to cum, she walked to the other side of the room where I couldn't 

see her,  but it was too late to stop.  I shot my spurts of white 

cum out into the dark night air.

     From that night on,  I spent a lot of time in that tree.   I 

still hadn't seen what I wanted,  a totally naked girl, but I had 

seen  all  three  of  them in  their  underwear.   Kathy  was  my 

favorite.   She was the oldest, and had the biggest tits.  Her 14 

year old sister Kim,  was pretty nice too.   She seemed to  spend 

more  time in her room than Kathy,  and usually ran around in her 

underwear  a  lot.   I almost saw her tits one  night.   She  had 

unhooked  her  bra and started to slip it off just as she  walked 

out  of my sight.   Her tits didn't look as big as  Kathy's  form 

outside her bra,  but they certainly would do.  Sarah, who was in 

my  class at school,  had the room all the way at the end of  the 

house.   I  usually  couldn't see too well in  her  window.   One 

night,  however, she walked into Kathy's room wrapped in a towel.  

I  guess she had just gotten out of the shower.   She  apparently 

wanted  Kathy  to look at something on her back since she  turned 

away  from me and dropped her towel!   She stood there in just  a 

pair of white panties.   Her butt was still a little wet and  the 

panties  stuck tight to her.   I could see her entire crack right 

through  the  panties.   I quickly got out my  dick  and  started 

beating  away.   Suddenly she turned around!   There she was with 

nothing  on  her  top!    Unfortunately  her  chest  wasn't  much 

different  than  mine.   Her little tits were just  beginning  to 

swell  and  she almost looked like a guy standing  there.   As  I 

looked down however,  I saw her panties were sticking between her 

legs too!   I could just make out the shadow of her tiny slit.  I 

really  couldn't  see any hair,  but the sight of that real  live 

pussy  started the cum gushing out of my little dick.   I  almost 

fell out of the tree that time.

     Almost a week went by before I was able to sneak back up  in 

that  tree again.   It seemed like my parents started staying  up 

later  than  usual,  and by the time they went to  bed,  all  the 

lights  were out in the house behind us.   Finally one night they 

went out to a meeting and said they wouldn't be home until  quite 

late.   As  soon as it got dark,  I headed for my favorite  tree.  

Kathy's window was dark,  But Kim's light was on and her curtains 

were open a couple of inches.   I scooted as far over in the tree 

as I could, to get the best view in hew window.  

     I  waited quietly for a few minutes,  then saw Kim walk  in.  

She  was  wearing  a  white blouse and a  short  blue  skirt.   I 

patiently  waited,  knowing  that  she would strip  down  to  her 

underwear  soon.   I didn't have to wait long.   She brushed  her 

hair  for  a  couple of minutes,  then  started  unbuttoning  her 

blouse.   When she had the buttons undone,  she pulled it out  of 

her skirt and slipped it off.   WOW!   She was wearing a new bra.  

It  was  white like the others,  but this one was real  thin.   I 

thought  I  could  actually see her  nipples  right  through  it!  

Instead  of  walking out of my sight like she normally  did,  she 

stayed right in front of the window and unzipped her skirt.   She 

had  her  back  to me when she dropped it to the  floor  and  her 

little  blue panties had worked their way up into her crack so  I 

could see almost her entire little butt.   I got out my dick  and 

started  whacking.   She kept her back to me,  but I watched  her 

reach  back  and  unclasp  her bra!   She  shrugged  it  off  her 

shoulders  and  let it fall to the floor.   I was looking at  her 

entire naked back...if only she would turn around!  Next..OH GOD! 

she  slipped her fingers into the top of her panties  and  pulled 

them down!  I could see her naked ass!!  OH PLEASE!  TURN AROUND!  

I was just about to get off, when I heard a voice below me saying 

get out of that tree right now!

                          PART 3

     I  looked down,  and there was Kathy!   She again told me to 

GET DOWN RIGHT NOW!  I was frantically trying to get my dick back 

in  my pants and get them zipped up when I lost  my  balance.   I 

fell right in front of Kathy!   I wasn't hurt,  but when I looked 

down....OH  dick  was still sticking out  of  my  pants.  

Kathy  grabbed me by the arm and started dragging me toward their 

house.   She  told  me that they all had thought  they  had  seen 

someone  trying  to  peek in their windows for  weeks,  and  they 

finally  caught him.   I was almost crying from embarrassment  as 

she  drug me up to her room.   I didn't even remember to  zip  my 

pants,  but  my  little  dick had shriveled up and  slipped  back 

inside  anyway.   I was relieved to find out that  their  parents 

weren't  home.   But  I was still afraid of what they  might  do.  

Were they going to tell my parents?   Or their parents?   Or call 

the police?   I was begging with her to let me go.   I promised I 

would never try to peek in their windows again,  but she said she 

would  have  to talk this over with her sisters  before  deciding 

what to do.   She pushed me into her closet, and locked the door.  

She  said  she  would  be back for me after they  decided  on  my 

punishment.   Here  I was in the bedroom of the girl I  had  been 

lusting over for the past three months.  Right here surrounded by 

all  her frilly sweet smelling clothes.   There on the floor  was 

even  a pair of her panties that I had been dying to get my hands 

on.   But I was too scared to even get excited.  I was too scared 

to even remember to zip my pants.

     It seemed like I was in that closet for hours before I heard 

voices outside the door.  Suddenly the door was jerked open.  The 

light  from  the  room blinded me for a  moment.   When  my  eyes 

finally focused,  I saw Kathy,  Kim, and Sarah all standing there 

looking at me.  They demanded to know what I had been doing up in 

that tree.   I almost couldn't get the words to come out,  but  I 

told them I had been peeking in their windows.   They asked me If 

I had seen them naked.   My face got red as I told them no, but I 

had seen them in their underwear.   I was almost crying as I told 

them that tonight for the first time I had seen Kim's naked butt.  

Her  face got red as I said that.   I even told them about seeing 

Sarah's  panties  sticking to her wet body both in  back  and  in 

front.  They then wanted to know what I did while I watched them.  

My  face was burning now as I told them about jacking off in  the 

tree.   Kim  giggled  and told her sisters about my  pants  still 

being  unzipped.   I quickly started to pull the zipper  up,  but 

Kathy stopped me.  She explained that since I had been peeking at 

them when they were getting undressed, they felt it would only be 

fair  if they could see me getting undressed.   Now I was  really 

embarrassed.   I  wouldn't  even  get undressed in  front  of  my 

parents.   How  could I possibly take off my clothes in front  of 

these three girls?

     They told me my only choices were to get undressed,  or have 

them tell their parents,  and my parents, and maybe call the cops 

too.   I did start crying then, but I also started unbuttoning my 

shirt.   I dropped the shirt on the floor and reluctantly reached 

for the button on the front of my pants.   I took a deep  breath, 

then  opened the button,  pulled down the zipper,  and shoved  my 

pants  down around my ankles.   I stepped out of them and  pulled 

off  my  shoes and socks.   I begged with them to let me keep  my 

underwear on.   I told them I had never seen them naked,  just in 

their underwear.   Kim reminded me that I had seen her bare butt, 

and Sarah reminded me about seeing her in wet panties.  Knowing I 

had no other way out,  I stared at the floor and stripped off  my 

jockey  shorts.   The girls all whistled and applauded as I stood 

there,  bare ass naked.   Kim told her sisters to look at my tiny 

little  dick.   It had shriveled up to the point where  it  could 

barely  be  seen.   I had to listen to them laugh as they  talked 

about whether I had to use tweezers to jack off, or if I needed a 

magnifying glass to find it.

     By  now  I was totally humiliated,  and wished that I  could 

disappear into the carpet.  Then I heard Kathy telling me to jack 

off.  I couldn't believe my ears.  I slowly raised my eyes to her 

and she repeated the order for me to jack off.   I told them that 

I  couldn't,  that there was no way I could possibly do  that  in 

front  of them.   Kathy reminded me that I had jacked off quite a 

few times while watching them from that tree, and now I was going 

to  do it where they could watch,  or she was going to  call  the 

cops and tell them that I had tried to rape her little sister!  I 

knew  that  it would be impossible to explain to the cops what  I 

was doing in these girl's bedroom with no close on.   I knew that 

I was caught.  I would have to do it.

       I heard Kim snicker as I reached down and tried to find my 

shriveled up little dick.  I noticed that Sarah was watching with 

quite a bit of interest and wondered if she had ever even seen  a 

dick before.  I pulled on my little dick, and rubbed, and pulled, 

but there was no way it was going to get hard.  Kathy reminded me 

that she was waiting to see me jack off.   I told her that I just 

couldn't  make  it hard.   She wondered aloud how I could  always 

seem to get it hard when I was up in that tree.  Kim replied that 

maybe I needed some incentive.   She had gotten dressed again  in 

the same clothes that I had seen her take off earlier.  I watched 

as  she sat down on the bed and slowly spread her legs.   I could 

see  right up her skirt to those thin white panties!   I  felt  a 

little stirring in my groin.   My dick wasn't hard,  but at least 

it was out where it could be seen.   She told her sisters to help 

out  a little.   Sarah just pulled her pink skirt up to her waist 

showing me a pair of pink and white stripped panties.  Now I felt 

my  dick start to swell.   Kathy,  who had on a black  skirt  and 

sweater,  sat  on the bed next to Kim and slowly raised one  leg.  

My  eyes traveled quickly up under her skirt and OH GOD!  she was 

wearing  dark  stockings just like those women in  that  magazine 

that had started all this.   I saw the tops of her stockings  and 

bare  thighs  above  them.   And those sexy black  garter  straps 

running  up  along those beautiful white  thighs.   Now  my  dick 

really was hard,   I no longer cared that I was standing in front 

of  three  girls.   I just wanted to feel my cum.   My eyes  were 

still  glued  to  the show under Kathy's skirt as  her  leg  went 

higher.  Now I could see up to the juncture of her thighs covered 

by  shiny black panties!   My hand was now flying up and down  my 

dick as I looked at these three real live girls right here in the 

same room with me showing me their panties.  

     Suddenly  Kim spoke up saying that she thought I was  having 

too much fun.   After all this was supposed to be punishment, not 

a treat.   Kathy agreed,  and before i could cum, they grabbed my 

arms  and forced them behind my back.   They sent Sarah into  the 

closet  to get one of her sister's cloth belts.   They  used  the 

belt  to  tie my hands behind my back,  and then tie them to  the 

doorknob of the locked door so I couldn't move.   My poor  little 

hard  dick was waving in the breeze.   Kathy returned to the  bed 

and  spread  her legs wide.   I could see right up her  dress  to 

where  I  knew her pussy was covered by just that  thin  pair  of 

black panties.  Kim laid back on the bed next to Kathy and pulled 

her knees up,  propping her feet on the edge of the bed.  I could 

see  up her skirt too,  right up to the bottom of her ass  cheeks 

poking out from her white panties.   I could feel my hips pumping 

back  and forth as if the friction of the air might somehow  make 

me cum.  Sarah seemed fascinated by my hard dick.  She watched it 

as it twitched and jerked in the air.    Sarah was still  holding 

her  skirt up around her waist,  but the look on her face  almost 

made it seem as if she was feeling sorry for me. 

     Kathy  and Kim,  however,  were really enjoying watching  me 

squirm.   They  had  both  pulled their dresses up  around  their 

waists  and were rolling around on the bed.   I looked  carefully 

and  I  thought I could see some blond curly hair  through  Kim's 

panties.   Kathy  put her hand between her own thighs and  rubbed 

the  crotch  of her black panties.   I wondered if that  was  how 

girls jacked off.   Her face seemed to be getting really red, and 

she was breathing real hard like I do when I jack off.   She kept 

rubbing  herself  there until her hips raised up off the bed  and 

her eyes went tight shut.   She fell slowly back down to the  bed 

and  just  laid there for a few minutes.   I wondered if she  had 


     When  Kathy  finally opened her eyes,  she told her  sisters 

that I had been punished enough.   I was still struggling with my 

bonds,  trying to get free so I could get myself off.  Kathy told 

Sarah that maybe she should help me.   Sarah walked over next  to 

me,  still holding up her skirt, and looked at my hard dick.  She 

had no idea what to do.   Kim told her to wrap her fingers around 

my dick like I had been doing earlier.   Tentatively she  reached 

down  and  wrapped two of her fingers around my  twitching  dick.  

Then  they  told  her to move her fingers up and down  along  its 

length.   She looked at me, for permission I guess, but I was too 

embarrassed  to look back.  he began sliding her hand up and down 

along  my dick.   She only jerked it two or three times before  I 

felt my balls tighten,  and AAAAAGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!  the cum started 

shooting  out  of me,  flying in long arches and landing  on  the 

carpet.   Sarah  watched in amazement as my hips jerked back  and 

forth  and the white gobs of cum spurted out of the dick  in  her 

hand.   I almost collapsed to the floor,  but the belt holding me 

to  the doorknob held me up.   Sarah got a little drop of cum  on 

her finger, and I watched her examine it, and then was shocked to 

see her touch it to her tongue!

     By  this  time Kathy and Kim had gotten up off the  bed  and 

were  untying my hands.   They made me clean up the cum from  the 

carpet,,  then finally let me get dressed.   They told me that if 

they ever caught me peeking in their windows again, I would be in 

real trouble.   Sheepishly I promised never to do it  again,  and 

quickly headed for the door.  Needless to say, I stayed away from 

that tree from then on.

     Even after what happened, I still found myself trying to get 

peeks up skirts or down blouses every where I went.  I found that 

standing  at the bottom of the stairs at school was usually  good 

for  at least one quick look at a pair of panties every day.   On 

weekends,  I  would go to the mall and hand around  shoe  stores.  

Usually  I  would get to see at least one woman in a short  skirt 

try on shoes.   No matter how hard they tried to be modest,  they 

would  usually open their legs at least once during the  process, 

giving  me a look at their thighs and sometimes at their panties.  

I even saw one woman that I think wasn't wearing any panties.   I 

think  I saw the hair between her legs as she tried to pull on  a 

new pair of boots!


                            PART 3     

     About  two  weeks after my experience with the girls in  the 

house behind us, I got a call from Sarah.  She said she wanted to 

apologize for the way her sisters had treated me.   She said  she 

had been scared when she thought some stranger was peeking in her 

window,  but once she had found out it was me,  she actually kind 

of  liked  it,  knowing that I found her worth peeking  at.   She 

thought her sisters had been very rude to embarrass me like  they 

did.   She wanted to know if I could come over to her house later 

that night.   I asked her why, and she said she wanted to show me 

something that she thought i might find interesting.

     I  walked over to her house about eight,  and she met me  at 

the front door.   She told me to be very quiet.  Her parents were 

gone,  but  her  sisters were home,  and they didn't know  I  was 

there.   She  took  my by the hand and led me up to her  bedroom.  

She locked the door behind us.   She turned on her T.V.  and said 

we would have to wait a little while, but not long.  As I watched 

TV I kept glancing at her,  trying to decide what she was up  to.  

Actually  Sarah  was kind of cute.   She had blond hair like  her 

sisters,  and kind of nice legs for a twelve year old.  I noticed 

that  her  chest actually had started to  develop.   I  mean  she 

really didn't have real big tits or anything, but from this close 

up I could see that there was some swelling there.

     After  about 15 minutes,  she got up and went in her closet.  

She  came  back out and motioned for me to  follow  her,  and  be 

quiet.  She led me to the back of the closet, and pressed her eye 

up against a little hole in the wall.   She grinned and moved her 

head, pointing for me to look.  

     When  I pressed my eye up against the hole,  I found  myself 

looking right into Kim's bedroom!  Kim was walking around in just 

a  white  bra  and panties!   Sarah whispered in my ear  to  keep 

watching.  She said her sister always masturbated before she went 

to bed!   I peered through the hole and watched Kim putting  some 

things  away.   Then she reached up and took off her  bra!   this 

time  she  was facing right towards me and I could see  her  bare 

tits!   UMMMM,  they  looked  even better than I  thought.   They 

weren't that big,  but they stood out from her chest really nice, 

and  they jiggled as she moved.   Her nipples were a  real  light 

pink, and I watched as they seemed to get hard and long just like 

my dick when I get excited.  She reached up and rubbed them, like 

they itched or something.   Man,  would I like to touch those!  I 

looked over at Sarah and whispered that I had seen her tits.  She 

grinned and motioned for me to look some more.

     When  my eye returned to the hole,  Kim was just sliding her 

fingers  into the tops of her panties and pushing them  down.   I 

felt  my  dick pressing against my pants as those panties  slowly 

went down.   OOOOHHHHHHHH, there it was!  A real live pussy and I 

was looking right at it!   My eyes were drawn immediately to that 

triangle of blond curls on her lower belly.   they looked so soft 

and  soooo exciting.   Then I moved my gaze down a little  lower, 

right there between her legs...and YES!...I could see that little 

slit....there it was!...I was looking at her pussy!   My dick was 

throbbing  and threatening to burst right out of my  pants.   Kim 

reached down and ran her fingers through those blond curls as  if 

to straighten them.   My eyes opened wide as I saw her reach even 

further  down  between her legs and sort of rub  that  mysterious 


     She rubbed it, I whispered to Sarah.  Just keep watching she 

giggled.  When I looked back Kin was laying on her bed.  Her legs 

were  spread  wide open and they were pointed right  towards  me.  

Now I had a really good look at her pussy.   That little slit ran 

all the way between her legs,  almost to her butthole.   On  each 

side of it were these two rolls of flesh,  almost like lips,  and 

they  were a darker color than the rest of her.   She was rubbing 

her tits now,  and pulling on her nipples,  making them stand  up 

farther  from her tits.   I couldn't take my eyes away from  that 

hole.   She  pulled her legs up towards her chest and spread them 

even wider.   Those lips of her pussy actually started opening as 

she did.   I could see up inside of her!!   It was all pink,  and 

looked  like it was wet.   Then I saw her finger snake down  over 

her belly and slip right down along her slit.   OOOOOHHHHH,  this 

was it!!   She ran her fingers up and down the lips several times 

then  seemed to settle right at the very top.   She kept  working 

her finger around in that same spot and started rolling back  and 

forth  like  she was getting really excited.   I wanted to  reach 

down and rub my dick, but I knew that Sarah was right next to me.  

She kept asking me if she was doing it yet.   I was too intent on 

watching to answer,  but finally nodded.   Kim now had both hands 

on her pussy.   One was spreading those lips open while the other 

was still rubbing around on that same spot.   Now I could see way 

up  inside her.   It was really wet in there,  and I could see  a 

hole  that  looked like it went way up inside,  and  right  there 

where she kept rubbing was a little lump.   Everytime her  finger 

touched that lump,  she jerked.   Suddenly I felt something touch 

my dick!  I started pushing against it, but was too interested in 

watching  what was going on to find out what it was.   Now  Kim's 

hips  were bucking up and down,  just like mine do before I shoot 

my cum.   What happened next was really amazing.   She pushed one 

of  her  fingers  down towards her hole,  then slipped  it  right 

inside!   That finger went all the way in her pussy,  right up to 

the palm of her hand!   She was really rolling around now,  and I 

could  hear her moan right through the wall.   I could also  hear 

Sarah  giggling  at  the sounds she  was  making.   Kim  suddenly 

straightened out both legs and stuck them straight up in the air.  

Her body went totally rigid,  and her fingers were a blur on  her 

pussy.  She slowly lowered her legs, and stopped rubbing herself.  

She just laid there like she was totally worn out, just like I do 

after  I  cum.   So that was how girls jack off.  WOW,  that  was 

really something!

     I  finally  took my eye away from the hole and looked  down.  

Sarah had her hand pressed up against my hard dick!  She looked a 

little worried as she asked me if I liked what I saw.  I told her 

it was great.   She squeezed my dick and asked shyly if she could 

jack me off like she did the last time.  Of course I was going to 

let her,  but I told her that if she would play with herself like 

her sister did while I watched, I would let her jack me off.  Her 

face got a little red, but she agreed.  

     We walked back out of the closet holding hands.  She told me 

she would do what her sister had done,  but she was afraid that I 

might be disappointed.   I asked her why and her face got  really 

red  as  she  told  me that her titties weren't  as  big  as  her 

sister's,  and  that  she  didn't have nearly as much  hair  down 

there.   I laughed and told her that my dick wasn't as big as the 

older guy's either,  but I was going to let her jack it off.  She 

giggled and said okay.

     She  shut the closet door and rechecked the bedroom door  to 

make  sure  it was still locked.   Then she turned off  the  main 

light, and turned on the lamp next to the bed.  She was wearing a 

blue school dress,  and after taking a deep breath,  grabbed  the 

bottom and pulled it off over her head.  Now she was wearing only 

a pair of little white panties and a lacy white bra.  She reached 

up  to the bra and said that she really didn't need to wear  one, 

but  her mother made her.   She peeled off the bra and I  got  my 

first  real close up look at her tits.   They really weren't like 

real tits,  but they didn't look like a boy's chest either.  They 

were like two little soft curves,  with these bigger lumps in the 

middle.   Her nipples though were much bigger than mine,  and  as 

the  cool air hit them,  they got hard and stiff just like Kim's.  

She  started to pull down her little panties,  but I stopped  her 

and asked if I could do it.   She nodded.   I dropped to my knees 

in front of her,  hooked my thumbs in the waistband,  and  slowly 

pulled  them  down.   As her lower belly came into view  just  an 

inch  from my nose,  I saw just a few fine hairs starting to grow 

there.  As I pulled them down further, I could see the top of her 

little  slit going back between her legs.   I reached  around  to 

pull the panties over her butt,  and my hand accidentally  grazed 

her  belly.   She  jumped like I had shocked her.   I pulled  her 

panties  down  her legs and off without taking my eyes  off  that 

magic  spot between her legs.   She stepped back and lay down  on 

the bed.

     She  spread  her  legs and told me I could  lay  right  down 

between  them and watch,  but she begged me not to touch her.   I 

lay  down  with my face less than a foot from her  little  almost 

hairless  pussy.   I  noticed that the lips of her  pussy  looked 

fuller than her sister, and they weren't nearly as dark in color.  

I could smell a strange odor, not at all unpleasant, which seemed 

to make my dick twitch in my pants.  Sarah was rubbing her little 

titties just like Kim had done,  and pulling on her  nipples.   I 

could  hear  little sounds coming from her throat almost  like  a 

kitten purring.  Slowly her hand worked its way down her belly to 

that little slit between her legs.   I reached down and rubbed my 

dick  through my pants as she ran her finger along her  slit.   I 

saw  shiny  wetness on her pussy and on her finger as  it  parted 

those  puffy  lips.   She was breathing faster now as her  finger 

started  rubbing  at that spot up near the top of  her  slit.   I 

asked her if she could spread it open so I could see better.  She 

reached down with the other hand and spread her lips wide.  Now I 

could  see  that same fleshy lump and that she  was  rubbing  all 

around it with her finger.   I asked her what it was.   Gaspingly 

she  told  me that was her clitty,  and it was something like  my 

dick.  She said that when it was rubbed just right, it would make 

her cum.   She also told me it felt good to have something in her 

pussy  while she rubbed her clit.   She slipped her  finger  down 

into  her  hole  like I had seen Kim do,  and  her  hips  started 

pumping up and down.  

     I  asked her if I could put my finger in there.   She  shook 

her  head no,  it seems like she was having trouble  talking.   I 

reminded her that she was going to get to touch my dick,  and she 

managed  to  gasp okay,  but go slow!   I reached up and  ran  my 

finger  along her slit,  picking up some of the moisture from it.  

I  then  pushed the tip of my finger between her  lips  and  felt 

around for that hole.  She was pumping up and down so much that I 

was  having  trouble finding it.   Finally the tip of  my  finger 

slipped  in!   I  pushed a little more and my entire finger  went 

right  up inside her!   I heard her gasp,  and it felt  like  her 

pussy  was  squeezing  my  finger.   I  could  only  imagine  how 

fantastic  it must feel to have your dick in a  tight,  wet,  hot 

hole  like that.   I heard the start of a scream come from Sarah, 

before she clamped her mouth shut and raised her hips high up off 

the bed.  Her body shook for about ten seconds before she settled 

back down and just laid there.

     Her breathing slowly returned to normal, and she looked down 

at  me  smiling.   She told me I could take my finger out of  her 

pussy  now.   I  had been so engrossed in watching,  that  I  had 

forgotten  that  it  was  still up  inside  her.   I  grinned  in 

embarrassment and pulled it out.   I got another strong whiff  of 

that odor I had smelled earlier.  I sniffed my finger and my dick 

jerked.  I stuck my finger in my mouth and found it tasted really 

good.   In fact it was making me even hornier.  Sarah made a face 

and  said UGH  how could I put that in my mouth?   I reminded her 

that  the  last time we were together she had tasted some  of  my 

cum.  She told me that was different, my cum tasted kind of good.  

I  told  he that her juices tasted good too,  and to prove  it  I 

lowered  my face quickly between her thighs.   My tongue slid  up 

along  her  slit and flicked over that little lump that  she  had 

called her clit.   She acted like my tongue was an electric  wire 

the way her body jumped.   Before I could continue,  however, she 

pulled  my face up and told me it was time for me to keep my  end 

of the bargain.

     I wasn't about to argue about this,  so I got up on my knees 

and unzipped my pants.   I reached in and carefully pulled out my 

hard dick.   I moved up to where she could reach me, but she told 

me  that I had to take off all my clothes first,  just  like  she 

did.   It  took me less than 30 seconds to pull off everything  I 

was wearing.   She grinned at my naked body,  then told me to lay 

down  on the bed.   I stretched out on my back.   My little  dick 

pointed  straight up in the air and waved back and forth.   Sarah 

knelt  next  to  my  hips and just looked  for  a  minute  before 

reaching out and wrapping her hand around my dick.  

     She  started  slowly running her closed hand up and down  my 

dick while she rubbed my chest with her other hand.  After just a 

couple of strokes my hips started hunching up to meet  her.   She 

seemed pleased that she could get me so excited so quickly.   She 

leaned  down and flicked her tongue tentatively over the head  of 

my  dick.   Oh  how I wanted her to take it all the way into  her 

mouth.   Before she could even think about it, my hot cum started 

gushing  out.   She jumped back in surprise,  but not before  the 

first  spurt  hit  her right on the  upper  lip.   She  continued 

pumping away with her hand as I shot the rest of my load all over 

my  chest and belly.   She smiled broadly and licked the drop  of 

cum off her lip.

     As I laid there coming down off my high, Sarah jumped up off 

the bed and got a warm washcloth from the bathroom and cleaned me 

off.   She leaned over and gave me a big kiss right on the  lips.  

I  smiled and thanked her for an absolutely fantastic time.   She 

asked me if I really enjoyed watching her sister.   I assured her 

that I did and quickly added that I enjoyed watching her too.  At 

that point I felt really close to Sarah,  and went on to tell her 

all about my efforts to peek at girls bodies.   I told her  about 

the magazine,  and my episode on the bus, the mall, and about the 

stairs at school.   I even told her more about the times I jacked 

off  in  the tree in their back yard while watching  her  sisters 

getting undressed,  and about the time I had cum while looking at 

her  in her wet panties.   she told me that she too liked to look 

at  boys and girls,  but never really had the chance to see  many 

boys.  She asked me if maybe we could make a deal.  She would try 

to get me some real good peeks at some girls, if I would help her 

see some boys!   Then maybe...just maybe...we could get  together 

like this again and masturbate each other.

     She  went  in  her closet and returned  with  some  Polaroid 

pictures.   She  begged me not to tell anyone about what she  was 

going to show me.  Most of the pictures were of Sarah and some of 

her  girlfriends that I recognized from school,  at what appeared 

to  be a slumber party.   Most of them were of the girls  running 

around  in  their  panties and bras,  but a few  showed  some  of 

Sarah's friends with nothing on their tops!   While most of  them 

were  mostly undeveloped like Sarah,  but a few of the girls  had 

real  tits!   As  I got to the bottom of the stack,  one  picture 

really turned me on.   It was a shot of Kathy with one foot up on 

her  bed  fastening the top of her stocking to her  garter  belt.  

Sarah  told me that Kathy wore outfits like that a lot  when  she 

went  out dancing.   The incredible thing about that picture  was 

from the angle of the camera, I could see right up Kathy's skirt, 

and  she  wasn't wearing any panties!   The blond hairs and  pink 

lips of her pussy were clearly visible.  Sarah saw me linger over 

that  picture and said she noticed that I really seemed  to  like 

stockings and garters.  I agreed that they did really turn me on.  

She said that when we got together the next time,  she would wear 

a pair of stockings just for me,  and she would get some film for 

her  camera so I could take some pictures of her dressed in them.  

My dick started to get hard again, and Sarah giggled.  She said I 

had better go for now,  before someone caught me in her room.   I 

reluctantly got dressed.   Before I left, she gave me the picture 

of  Kathy that I liked so much.   She told me to  enjoy  it,  and 

squeezed  my  dick,  but just don't wear this out before  we  get 

together again.

                            PART 4

     When  I  got home,  I went straight to the bathroom to  jack 

off.  I got out the picture of Kathy and stared at it as I jerked 

my  dick.   I  imagined what it would be like to feel a  a  hairy 

pussy like that, and maybe even push my dick right into that pink 

slit.   I thought about how great it was going to be to see Sarah 

dressed in stockings and garter belt, and to play with her little 

pussy,  even  if it didn't have much hair on it,  and to have her 

jerk on my dick until I shot off.   My dick twitched and the  cum 

flew out of it in long arcs right into the bathtub.  As soon as I 

had  caught  my breath,  I began to plan how I was going  to  get 

Sarah to see some of the guys with their dicks out.   As I washed 

the cum out of the bathtub, I finally got an idea.

     he next day in school I started to put my plan together.   I 

took  all the money I had saved up to use as a bribe to get  some 

girl to show me her panties and took it to the guy who had showed 

me the pictures of the naked girls.   I asked him if he could get 

me some movies.   He took all the money I had and said that would 

be  just enough to rent one movie for one night.   I argued  with 

him, but he said take it or leave it.  I told him to go ahead and 

get it for next saturday night.

     I  then  told all the guys that they were invited to a  stag 

party at my house next saturday.   My folks were going to be gone 

until  quite  late and I would have the house  to  myself.   That 

night  I  wandered around the house looking for a place  to  hide 

Sarah,  so she could watch what happened.  I finally decided that 

we would watch the movie in the family room downstairs,  and  she 

could  hide  in the laundry room right next to it.   There was  a 

vent through the wall and by standing on the washer, she would be 

able to see everyone through the vent without being seen.  

     The next day I told Sarah about my plan.  She smiled broadly 

when  I  told her and squeezed my dick  through  my  pants.   She 

handed me an envelope and told me not to open it until I got home 

that  night.   During math class,  which is the only  class  that 

Sarah and I have together,  I looked back at her and winked.  She 

looked around to make sure no one else was watching,  then spread 

her legs wide for a second, letting me see the yellow panties she 

had on under her green skirt.  

     That  night I opened the envelope that Sarah had  given  me.  

It  was another Polaroid picture,  this time of Sarah.   She  was 

wearing  a  white bra,  white bikini panties,  a garter belt  and 

white stockings!   She was rubbing her crotch and had written,  I 

hope  you look at this and jack off every night.   I'll show  you 

more the next time we get together.   Well,  I sure did jack off, 

and  thought about how it would be to see her in  person  dressed 

like  that.   And how it would feel to pull those little  panties 

off her sexy legs and feel her soft wet pussy.  

     Saturday  afternoon  I started getting things ready for  the 

party.  I arranged the chairs in the family room so they all were 

visible  from the vent where Sarah would be watching.   After  my 

folks left,  I got the projector and screen set up for the movie.  

About  6 o'clock,  the guy who had taken my money showed  up  and 

handed  me  one 8mm film saying he hoped us kids would enjoy  it.  

My  friends were due to arrive at 7 so I ran over to  get  Sarah.  

She  met me in the back yard saying that she couldn't wait to see 

the  show.   I took her in the laundry room and helped her up  on 

the washer.   As she climbed up, her short black skirt rode up in 

back,  and I could see her white panties.   I reached up and gave 

her butt a little pat under her skirt.   She giggled and told  me 

to wait for later.

     Only  five  guys showed up that night.   They  all  gathered 

around the screen in the family room and waited as I threaded the 

projector.   I dimmed the lights around the screen, but left them 

on where we would be sitting so Sarah would be able to see.   The 

movie  was  of terrible quality,  out of focus  and  grainy,  but 

nobody seemed to care.  It started right out with a naked girl on 

a  bed shoving a coke bottle in her pussy.   The guys started out 

laughing  and  making crude comments,  but as the  movie  started 

getting them horney,  things got much quieter.  There weren't any 

guys in the movie, just 3 girls, who shoved fingers, bottles, and 

even  cucumbers into themselves.   About  halfway  through,  they 

started  feeling each other,  and then one of them stuck her face 

between another one's legs and began licking her pussy.  I looked 

around and all five guys were rubbing their crotches,  but nobody 

had  gotten their dicks out of their pants.   I realized that  if 

Sarah was going to get to see anything,  I would have to get them 

started.   I  slid  down in my chair and moaned a little  to  get 

their attention,  and then unzipped my pants and got out my dick.  

I  started rubbing myself and hoped that the others would do  the 

same.   Sure  enough,  one of the other guys got out his dick and 

started whacking off,  then another, until all of us were beating 

away at our hard dicks.  I looked over at the vent and smiled.  I 

hoped Sarah was getting a good look.   Soon one of the guys stood 

up,  let out a roar and started cuming.   One by one, we shot our 

loads on the family room floor.  The movie ended just as the last 

one  shot his wad.   We sat around for a few minutes as the  film 

rewound,  all kind of embarrassed at what we had done.   They all 

decided to go get some pizza.   But I told them I had to stay and 

clean  up.   They  looked at the mess on the floor and said  they 

would see me Monday in school.  

     As  soon as they had gone,  I went into the laundry room  to 

see how Sarah had liked the show.  She was laying back across the 

washer  with  her  skirt pulled up and her hand  stuffed  in  her 

panties.   I  could see her fingers rubbing her pussy.   I didn't 

say a word,  but bent down,  pushed the crotch of her panties  to 

one side, shoved her fingers out of the way, and pressed my mouth 

against her wet soft pussy.  She didn't try to stop me this time.  

My  tongue  found her hard clittie and flicked  across  it.   She 

gasped  and  pressed her pussy even tighter against my  face.   I 

sucked  her  little  bud between my lips as I  slowly  pushed  my 

finger  into her pussy hole.   Her hips jerked up against me  and 

she  shook  all over moaning that she was  cuming.   She  finally 

relaxed  and  smiled at me saying that was the best cum  she  had 

ever had.  

     She  jumped  down off the washer and knelt in front  of  me.  

She pulled down my zipper and fished out my hard dick.  I watched 

in  awe as she opened her mouth and put my dick inside!   I  felt 

her hot wet tongue swirling around me as she moved her mouth back 

and forth along my dick.  I couldn't say a word.  The feeling was 

totally overwhelming.   Sarah was sucking my dick!  I didn't last 

more  than about 30 seconds before I was humping my dick  in  and 

out  of  her mouth and felt my cum shoot right down  her  throat.  

She  looked up at me as she tasted the first squirt with her eyes 

gleaming.   She  swallowed once,  then twice,  and finally  three 

times before she had me drained dry.   My knees felt weak and  my 

eyes  were blurred.   I pulled her up and kissed her,  my  tongue 

slipping  between her lips and dueling with hers.   I could taste 

my  own  cum in her mouth as we held each other for  what  seemed 

like hours.   Finally she whispered that she had to go,  but  she 

would have a surprise for me the next weekend.

                              PART 5

     The  next week at school seemed like the longest week I  had 

ever  seen.   Sarah was still teasing me in math,  letting me see 

her panties whenever she got the chance.   She even helped me get 

some other peeks during the week.   Once she stood at the top  of 

the  stair  railing talking to one of her friends while  I  stood 

down below looking up both their dresses.  Her friend was wearing 

these little lacy black panties that didn't quite cover her  butt 

cheeks.   I  wondered  how many other girls in the seventh  grade 

wore   panties   like   that  to  school.    Another   time   she 

"accidentally" hooked her books on another girls skirt as she was 

standing up from her locker.   She managed to pull it all the way 

up before she noticed, just as I happened to be walking by.  That 

girl  just  happened to be the most popular girl in  the  seventh 

grade.   After  seeing her legs all the way up,  and those  tight 

pink  panties  stretched across her round little  butt,  I  could 

understand why she was so popular.  

     I  hadn't forgotten about Sarah either.   I took my Polaroid 

to  school one day and hid in the dropped ceiling of  the  shower 

room.  I got pictures of the entire football team in the showers.  

One  guy even had a hard on.   I even managed to get a picture of 

one guy jacking off in the toilet stall.  I sealed those pictures 

in an envelope and gave them to Sarah after school.  The next day 

she gave me a note saying that the pictures had made her wet, but 

not as wet as I had made her with my tongue.  The note went on to 

say that she had masturbated every night while thinking about  my 

hot  cum  squirting into her mouth.   It ended by saying  that  I 

should  meet her in the back yard Friday night at 8.   Inside the 

note was another picture.   It showed Sarah in the same stockings 

and garter belt as before,  but this time the panties were  gone!  

She  was  bent over with her back to the camera with  one  finger 

shoved  deep  in  her pussy and another pressed  right  into  her 


     Friday night I was waiting in the backyard by 7:30.  Just in 

case she was early,  I didn't want to miss a thing.   She finally 

showed up right on time at 8.  I was kind of disappointed because 

she  was  wearing jeans and a tee shirt.   She must have seen  my 

disappointment,  because  she  squeezed my hand  and  said  don't 

worry,  you'll  get  to see me just the way you  want.   Just  be 


     We  went  back up to her room and she told me what  she  had 

planned.   Two  of her friends were coming over in a little while 

to try on clothes for the big dance.   I could hide in the closet 

and  watch.   There was a big grill on the bottom of  her  closet 

door,  and by laying on the floor I would have a good view of the 

entire room.  She said I could jack off in there if I wanted, but 

to  save some for her when her friends left.   Then she gave me a 

box of tissues, just in case I made a mess, gave me a quick kiss, 

and shut the door.

     Just  then I heard the doorbell and watched Sarah run out of 

the room.   She returned a couple of minutes later with two other 

girls.   One  I recognized immediately as Jennifer,  the  popular 

girl  whose skirt Sarah had "accidentally pulled up for  me  last 

week.   Jennifer had to be the best developed girl in the seventh 

grade.   Her tits were huge,  for a twelve year old, and her long 

legs,  blue  eyes  and  blond hair made her the  dream  of  every 

seventh  grade boy.   The other girl I didn't know very well.   I 

remembered  her  name  was Stephanie and she was  in  my  history 

class.   She  was a tall girl with very long legs.   She had  red 

hair and a cute smile.  Her tits were bigger than Sarah's but not 

even close to Jennifers.   They were all dressed like  Sarah,  in 

jeans  and  shirts,  but they were each carrying several bags  of 


     They  sat around and talked for a while,  mainly about boys.  

Most of the talk was about who was going with who, and what girls 

had let what boys do what when they were out.  I was surprised to 

hear  that  Stephanie  had  let  several  boys  touch  her  tits.  

Jennifer  said that she was thinking about letting her  boyfriend 

actually touch her pussy,  through her panties of  course.   They 

all giggled about that.  I wondered what they would think if they 

knew  what Sarah and I had done!   They then talked about a  girl 

that I didn't know.  They were all sure that she had gone all the 

way at least once.   Hmmm,  maybe I should get to know her.  They 

even  talked  about  masturbation.   Sarah said she  played  with 

herself  almost every night.   The others said they did  too.   I 

guess  girls  are a lot more open about that kind of  thing  than 

guys are.

     Sarah suggested that they better start trying on clothes  if 

they  were going to be ready for the big dance.   She went to her 

dresser and pulled out three or four dresses, holding them up one 

at  a time for approval.   The other girls went  digging  through 

their bags doing the same thing.  Soon they were all striping off 

their jeans and shirts to try on the dresses.   Sarah was out  of 

her clothes first.  She had on a frilly little blue bra that made 

her look like she had more tits than she really did.  Her panties 

were  blue also,  the kind that were cut real high on the  sides.  

They really made her legs look long.  Jennifer had on a white bra 

that  barely held those big tits of hers.   They kind of  spilled 

out the top and sides and looked really soft.   She had on a pair 

of  bright red bikini panties that were cut really low in  front.  

When  she  turned  towards me I could see a line  of  brown  hair 

peeking out the top.   So she wasn't really a blond, hmmmmm, that 

might  be useful information sometime in the  future.   Stephanie 

pulled off her shirt and surprised me.  She wasn't wearing a bra, 

and  her tits were bigger than I thought.   I mean,  they weren't 

the big soft pillows that Jennifer had,  but they stood right out 

almost  in  a point.   Her skin was really  white,  and  she  had 

freckles  all  over,  even on her tits.   Her nipples were  light 

pink,  and were starting to get hard in the cool air.   When  she 

dropped  her  pants my dick jumped.   She was wearing a  pair  of 

white string bikini panties that fit all the way up in the  crack 

of  her  butt.   From the back it looked like she was  completely 

naked except for that little white string around her waist.   Her 

butt cheeks were round and firm looking and covered with freckles 

just like her tits.   When she turned around I could see her  red 

pussy  hair  right  through the tiny panties.   The  other  girls 

kidded her about looking like a stripper in her g-string.   Steph 

grinned  and did a little bump and grind with her  hips,  pulling 

the top of her panties down to show her red bush.  

     I had my dick out and was stroking it as I watched the girls 

clown  around in their underwear.   Sarah came over to the closet 

and  stepped  inside to get another dress.   She  shut  the  door 

behind  her and grinned at me laying on the floor rubbing my hard 

dick.   She  grabbed  the dress she wanted,  then bent  down  and 

kissed  the  head of my dick.   I almost came  right  then.   She 

giggled  and  handed me a tissue,  reminding me to  clean  up  my 

messes, and not to wear it out.

     After  the  girls  had all tried on three or  four  dresses, 

Sarah told them they should have something nice under the dresses 

too.   She went down the hall to her sisters' rooms and came back 

with a stack of stockings,  garter belts,  camisoles,  tap pants, 

bras,  panties,  and corselettes.  Her friends squealed when they 

saw  what  she had and quickly stripped off their  underwear  and 

grabbed for the sexy lingerie.  

     When Jennifer stripped off her panties,  I saw that the hair 

covering  her  pussy was really fine.   It definitely  was  brown 

though, and not blond.  She wrapped a blue garter belt around her 

waist,  fastening it behind her back, then sat on the edge of the 

bed to pull on a pair of blue sheer stockings.  As she raised her 

leg to put on the stockings, I got a good look at her pussy.  The 

lips opened up so I could see her pink hole,  and it looked  like 

it  was getting wet!   What really impressed me though,  was  her 

clittie.   It  actually poked out from between her  lips,  almost 

like a little dick.  

     When  Stephanie`s  panties  came  off,  she  rubbed  herself 

between  her legs saying she wished there was a man around.   The 

other girls giggled, especially Sarah, knowing that there was one 

just  a few feet away.   Steph's bush was thicker than either  of 

the  other  girls,  and  was bright red.   She  put  on  a  black 

corsellette  which  held her pointed tits even higher,  and  then 

selected  a pair of black stockings.   The black lingerie  around 

her  red  pussy really did look good.   When she  pulled  on  her 

stockings, her pussy gaped open, and there was no doubt that this 

girl  was  wet.   Each time she smoothed the stockings along  her 

thighs,  her  hand continued up to brush against her  slit.   The 

other  girls kidded her about waiting until she got home to  play 

with herself.

     meanwhile Sarah had put on the same white panties, stockings 

and garter belt that I had seen in the pictures she had given me.  

The  little bra that she wore was so sheer that I could  see  her 

pink nipples right through it.  Jennifer had found a pair of blue 

string bikini panties to go with her outfit, and a blue mesh bra.  

Steph,  decided  that  she  really didn't need panties  with  her 

outfit.   She  said  when she flashed the guys at the  dance  she 

wanted them to remember that they had been flashed.  

     They  then  went back to trying on the  dresses  over  their 

lingerie.   Some of the dresses were too short for their selected 

lingerie,  leaving  the  tops  of their stockings and  some  bare 

thighs showing.   Personally I thought the length was just right.  

They  pranced  around  in  their dresses for  a  while  find  out 

important  things like how far they could bend over before  their 

bare  thighs showed,  or how much thigh showed when they  crossed 

their  legs.   Steph sat on the bed spreading her legs until  her 

red bush was showing,  asking if the other girls thought that the 

guys would be able to take a view like that.   I don't know about 

the other guys, but one look at her sitting that way caused me to 

fill on of those tissues with cum.  

     After  getting  off,  I laid back on the floor to  catch  my 

breath.   When I looked back,  I couldn't believe my eyes.  Steph 

still had her legs spread like before,  but now she had her  hand 

between her legs playing with her pussy!  As she laid back on the 

bed  to get more comfortable,  Jennifer was pulling down her  own 

panties  and  was brushing her finger along that huge clittie  of 

hers.   Sarah  had  laid  back on the bed next to Steph  and  had 

pushed the crotch of her panties to one side and was sliding  her 

finger  all the way inside herself.   My dick sprang back to life 

as I watched those three girls masturbating.   I couldn't believe 

what  happened  next.   Jennifer laid down on the bed  and  Steph 

threw hew leg over Jenn's body,  facing away from her.   She then 

bent  down between Jennifer's legs and began licking her pussy as 

she lowered her own red bust to Jenn's waiting mouth.   hose  two 

girls  were eating each other.   I had heard of 69,  but this was 

the  first  time  I had ever seen it.   Jenn buried her  face  in 

Steph's pussy,  licking her clittie and shoving a finger deep  in 

her  hole.   Steph had her lips wrapped around jenn's  protruding 

clittie  and was moving her head up and down just like Sarah  had 

done  when  she sucked my dick.   Both girls were  squealing  and 

moaning as their bodies jerked around the bed.  

     When  I finally looked away from those two,  back to  Sarah, 

she  had  one  finger  buried all the way up her  pussy  and  was 

pushing  another  into  her butthole!   She  was  having  trouble 

getting that finger in her butt,  but she seemed to like the  way 

it  felt.   All  the while she was flicking her clittie with  her 

thumb.   From  the way Jenn and Steph were jerking around I  knew 

they were cuming.   Just then Sarah jammed her finger the rest of 

the way up her butt and screamed.  Her body shook all over as she 

came.   The  three  of them just laid there for  several  minutes 

without  saying a word.   My dick was jerking in my fingers and I 

realized  that I was about to cum too.   I let go of  myself  and 

tried  to think of something else.   I definitely wanted to  save 

this  cum for Sarah.   When I looked back in the other room,  the 

girls were getting dressed in their jeans again.   Jenn and Steph 

thanked Sarah for a great time and left.

     Sarah  straightened the white dress she had put on over  her 

lingerie,  and came over to the closet.  She pulled open the door 

and grinned when she saw my hard dick.   She told me she hoped  I 

had  enjoyed the show.   She said that she had invited those  two 

girls because she had known that they liked to get each other off 

like  that.   I  told her that I had enjoyed watching  them  very 

much,  but  that I had enjoyed watching her even more.   Her face 

got  red when she realized that I was talking about  her  putting 

her  finger up her butt.   She said she had heard about that from 

Kathy,  and found out that it made her cum much harder that  way.  

She said that Kathy uses a hairbrush handle on herself back there 

and  Kim  had told her that Kathy had even let her boyfriend  put 

his  dick in there too.   She blushed even deeper when  she  said 

that.   I  hoped  it was because she was thinking about me  doing 

that to her.

     Sarah  saw  the wadded up tissue and giggled  about  me  not 

being able to wait.   I told her it was only fair because she had 

cum once already too.   She asked me when I had done it.   I told 

her  about Steph sitting with her legs spread so I could see  her 

pussy.  She laughed and said that if I went to the dance, I would 

probably  get to see the same thing again.   She said Steph was a 

real prick teaser.   She just loved to get the boys all turned on 

and  then leave them panting while she went and got  herself  off 

with Jennifer.  Jenn on the other hand didn't have to do anything 

to turn the guys on except stand there.   Her body drew boys from 

miles around.  Sarah said she was surprised to hear that Jenn was 

considering  letting a boy touch her pussy,  she always seemed to 

be more attracted to girls for sex.

     I  noticed  Sarah eyeing my hard dick  as  she  talked.  She 

kissed  me  then  raised her finger to my mouth.   I  licked  her 

finger,  tasting her juices,  then realized that I wasn't sure if 

that  was the finger she had in her pussy or her  butthole!   She 

told me to get undressed.   I quickly stripped off my clothes and 

reached  for  her.   She stepped back grinning and said  since  i 

liked to peek,  I would have to just look for a while.   I smiled 

and wrapped my hand around my dick.  Just don't use it all up too 

soon she teased.  

     Sarah  sat  down on the side of the bed in front of  me  and 

motioned  for me to sit on the floor.   In this position my  face 

was  level with her knees.   She crossed her legs,  allowing  her 

dress  to open up on one side.   I sat there looking right up her 

skirt.   I followed the while stockings up under her dress to her 

bare  thigh above the top.   I could see the white  garter  strap 

hooked  to  the stocking pressed tightly against her soft  flesh.  

My  eyes followed the strap up to where it disappeared under  her 

cute little bottom.   She let me stare for a while,  then  slowly 

uncrossed  her legs.   As she did I got a quick glimpse of  white 

panties between her legs.  She laughed as she saw my hand grip my 

dick.   Ever so slowly her knees spread apart.   I licked my lips 

as I looked between her widening legs.  First the stockings, then 

the  bare  thighs,  and finally her sexy white panties came  into 

view.   When she felt I had enough of this,  she pulled her knees 

up, leaving them spread wide apart.  Her dress fell back into her 

lap,  leaving  her panty covered crotch wide open for me to  look 

at.   I could see the outline of her puffy pussy lips through the 

panties,  and the wet spot there form her juices.   It was all  I 

could do to stay there on the floor and not press my lips against 

her  sweet  pussy.   She reached down and ran her slender  finger 

along  the crotch of her panties.   Her body twitched as she  did 

and  she  was making little mewing sounds  in  her  throat.   She 

rubbed herself a couple more times through her panties before her 

finger  slipped  in  through the leg opening and found  her  bare 

lips.  As she continued to rub herself, the crotch of her panties 

got pushed to the side revealing her almost hairless  pussy.   My 

dick  was throbbing,  I wanted to reach down and get some relief, 

but I was enjoying this too much.  very slowly her finger slipped 

between those pink lips and disappeared into her pussy.   I heard 

her gasp and her thumb started brushing across her clittie. 

     She  stopped just long enough to pull her panties off.   Now 

when  she spread her legs I could see all of her pussy,  and  her 

tight  pink butthole as well.   Her finger returned to its  place 

deep inside her pussy as she continued to rub her clit.   Now her 

other finger was pushing against her butthole.  It seemed awfully 

tight,  and the finger didn't want to go in.   She wet the tip of 

her finger in her pussy,  then returned to her butt.   this  time 

the  tip slid in and I watched her little ring tighten around it.  

Her breathing was rapid now and I knew she was about to cum.  

     I  couldn't  stand  it any longer.   I  leaned  forward  and 

pressed my face against her sweet smelling pussy.   She moved her 

hand  to make room for my probing tongue as it found her  swollen 

clittie.   I ran my tongue down the length of her slit and pulled 

her  finger  out of her butt.   I poked my  tongue  against  that 

little  pucker  and heard her cry out.   I licked back and  forth 

from  her clittie,  down her slit to her butthole several  times.  

Each  time her cries got louder.   I wrapped my lips  around  her 

clittie  and slipped my finger inside her tight pussy.   Her hips 

were thrusting up and down.   I felt around with my other  finger 

until  I found her butthole and started to push it in.   She held 

back a little scream, then said WAIT.

     She slid up on the bed,  pulling my fingers out of her.  She 

rolled  over on her tummy with her knees over the side of the bed 

and reached back,  spreading her buttcheeks.  She started begging 

for me to put it in!   She was moaning loudly now and kept saying 

Put it in me....put your dick in my butt....please shove it up my 

butt!   I  moved  behind her and licked her  tiny  rosebud.   She 

raised her butt to meet my tongue as she repeated for me to stick 

it  in.   I used my finger to bring some of her juices  from  her 

pussy  to lubricate her bottom.   I then stood up and pressed  my 

hard dick against her butthole.   I pushed..and she groaned,  but 

nothing happened.   I pushed again,  this time hearing a gasp and 

felt the resistance decrease.  Another push, this time she pushed 

back,  and I felt the end of my dick go into her butt.  Sarah had 

slid  her  hands under her and was frantically playing  with  her 

clittie.   OH YES she gasped PUSH IT IN!  Her hips were thrusting 

up  to  meet me now as I tried to push it in further.   Slowly  I 

felt  it sink in.   Further and further my little dick was  going 

right up her butt.   I couldn't believe how hot and tight it felt 

in there.  I pushed one more time and it slid all the way in.  My 

balls  were bouncing against her pussy.   She was screaming  now.  

Her  fingers were rubbing her pussy furiously and her  hips  were 

jerking against me.  I heard a low growl start in her throat that 

kept getting louder and louder and her thrusts became quicker and 

quicker.   The  moan went back to a scream as her body just shook 

all over.   I felt her butthole clamp down on my dick and my  cum 

started  pumping deep into her.   I suddenly realized that I  was 

screaming right along with her.   We both collapsed down onto the 

bed.   My  dick still lodged in her butt.   Two twelve year  olds 

glowing  in  the exhaustion of their first coupling.   We  didn't 

move for a long time.   My dick shriveled and slipped out of  her 

butt.   Finally we rolled over and held each other.   I knew that 

no matter how many skirts I peeked up, no matter how many pussies 

I felt,  no matter how many girls sucked me, or fucked me, or did 

anything else to me, never would it be this good again. 

      I  feel  obliged to add one more thing before I  end  this.  

Some  of you may be interested in what happened to the people  in 

this  story.   Kathy  graduated from high school and went  on  to 

college.  During her undergraduate years, she managed to fuck her 

way through the entire Ohio State football squad.   She later got 

her  PhD and in the process kept several professors very happy in 

the  local Day's Inn.   She is now married to a CPA in  Cleveland 

and is President of the school board,  has the perfect family  of 

2.3 kids, a St. Bernard, and drives a station wagon.  

     Kim also went to college and dropped out during her freshman 

year  to  become a nude dancer in San Francisco.   The last  time 

anyone saw her, she was selling her body in the Marina District.

     Jennifer  and  Stephanie now run an art gallery  in  Sedonna 

Arizona.   They live together and are currently trying to find  a 

church  that  will  allow them to get married.   They  come  back 

through this part of the country a couple of times each year, and 

we still get together.  They finally found out about me hiding in 

the closet that night and thought it was great.   They both still 

like to tease men, and I always look forward to their visits when 

we recreate parts of that night in Sarah's bedroom.   They really 

put  on a great leg show,  and seem to get an extra kick  out  of 

having someone watch.

     Now for Sarah,   I'll bet all you think that we got  married 

right  out  of  school  and lived  happily  ever  after.   WRONG!  

Actually  Sarah  and I did continue dating through most  of  high 

school.   She  did finally grow tits!   I guess she was about  14 

when  she  really  came into bloom.   At  least  technically  she 

remained a virgin all the way through school.  She never did take 

anything  more  in her pussy than a finger even though  while  we 

were dating she got me off at least twice a week in her hand,  in 

her mouth,  or in that incredibly tight ass of hers.   Anyway,  I 

went away to college, and she married, of all things, a preacher!  

I  met  a  girl  in  college who  seemed  to  share  many  of  my 

professional  interests  and  we ended up married and  living  in 

Toledo.   Several  years  passed  and I found  that  things  just 

weren't working.   While our professional lives were  compatible, 

our sex lives weren't even close.   She was always getting pissed 

off  about  my interests in other women's legs,  and her idea  of 

sexy  lingerie  was  an old pair of my jockey shorts  and  a  tee 

shirt.   One afternoon after work I stopped in a little bar for a 

drink before going home.   I looked across the room and saw  this 

incredible  set of legs!   his lady was sitting in such a way  to 

make  sure that every man in the place knew that she was  wearing 

stockings  and a garter belt.   No matter how she moved there was 

always a bit of bare thigh showing.   As I watched, she uncrossed 

her  legs  and treated me to a flash of white  panties.   y  eyes 

finally moved off her legs to her face,  and you guessed  it,  it 

was Sarah!  We struck up a conversation, and I found out that she 

had been divorced for almost a year.   She said she just couldn't 

stand  the restrictions of being a preacher's wife.   Her ex  was 

constantly harping at her to stop dressing like a slut.  Well, to 

make a long story short,  she is sitting here next to me, helping 

me to write this.   We are getting married next week.   Right now 

as  I  look  down,  I see those sexy legs,  covered  in  shimmery 

stockings, and she is swinging her legs open and closed giving me 

little peeks at these sheer lacy panties.   I just can't seem  to 

keep  my mind on writing,  so we are going to move to the bedroom 

and  find  out  what other little surprises  she  has  under  her 

clothes.   We may be back to write some more.....and then again.. 

we may not. 



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