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Archive-name: First/outwood.mff

Archive-author: William Bloom 

Archive-title: Out in the Woods 


     It was "Senior Ditch Day", and a group of us had head out to 

Whilhite State Park.  It was a beautiful place, set right at the 

foot of the mountains.  Things were a little uncomfortable for 

me, because I was a last minute addition to the party.  I didn't 

really plan on going, because my ex-girlfriend, April, was going 

to be there. 

     She broke up with me, because she "couldn't handle the 

relationship."  I think it was because she's got this prudish 

hang-up about only having sex in the missionary position. 

     Anyway, I noticed that all day long, April and another girl, 

Ellen were watching me.  Every time I looked in their direction, 

they'd look away, and Ellen would look kind of embarrassed.  I 

could imagine what April had been telling her. 

     Ellen was kind of pretty.  She usually wore clothes that 

were too big for her.  Her hair hung straight down, and she wore 

no make-up.  I don't think I'd ever really saw her with anyone at 

school before.  It was kind of strange that she was at the party 


     Ellen never hung with any crowd.  She was quiet, and was 

definitely out of place with just about anyone.  April was 

probably doing her a favor by bringing her along.  She had been 

staying by April's side all day long. 

After a few hours, and one flag football game later, I 

noticed that Ellen had left the crowd.  I couldn't see her 

anywhere.  That's when I felt a hand on my shoulder. 

     I turned, it was April.  She look kind of sheepish. 

     "Can you do me a favor, Billy?" she asked. 

     I felt a little flush of heat in my face.  Our last 

argument had contained a little line by her that said, "Fine, 

don't do me any favors!"  I fought back the urge to remind her of 


     "I guess so."  I was somewhat of a push over. 

     "I was  telling Ellen about the falls up the mountain," she 

told me. 


     "She went up there.  She didn't want anyone to come along. 

It's quite a hike, and she might get lost." 

     "So, you want me to catch up to her and make sure she 

doesn't," I said. 

     "No!  I was thinking about you following her, and if she 

gets into any trouble, then you can help her." 

     Boy, was I a push over.  I didn't like the idea of leaving a 

good party, just to follow some girl up a mountain.  I  picked up 

a pack and threw a couple of beers in it, and started up the 

trail.  I had been to the falls before, and I knew it was a 

twenty minute hike. 

     I was only a few minutes behind Ellen, and soon caught up to 

her.  I stay behind her, and of to the side of the trail, so that 

if she looked back, she wouldn't see me.  I tried to move as 

quietly as possible. 

     The noon sun cut through the trees, and I stripped off my 

shirt as I went.  My t-shirt was soaked with sweat.  I shoved the 

shirt in the bag. 

     After awhile, Ellen reached the pools at the bottom of the 

falls.  I stayed back in the brush and drank a beer while she 

walked around the pools and picked up rocks.  I could have killed 

April for sending me up here. 

     For a few moments, Ellen studied a rock, then threw it into  

the clear water.  This was a beautiful area, and not too many 

people knew about it.  I watched Ellen as she took off her shoes. 

She looked into the water, and dipped her foot.  The water must 

have been cold.  But, a second later, she dove in, with all her 

clothes on. 

     A few seconds passed, and she didn't come up, I was about to 

leave my post and dive in after her, when suddenly she broke the 

surface, and took in a big gasp of air.  April was really in for 


     Ellen swam around for awhile, and then decided that it was 

time to get out of the water.  She pulled herself out of the 

water, found a sunny area on the rock, and lay down.  She 

shivered a few times, then sat up. 

For some reason, I knew what was coming next.  She pulled 

her shirt out, unbuttoned it, and took it off.  She wasn't 

wearing a bra, and her tiny little breasts matched the whiteness 

of the rest of her torso.  She sat back on her hands for a moment 

and let the sun shine down on the tiny mounds of her chest. 

     Satisfied with the heat, she unbuttoned her jeans, stood up 

and slid them off, leaving just a pair of wet, white, cotton 

panties.  Again, she spread herself in the sun. 

With her back turned to me, she bent over and gave me the 

best view I had had so far.  Slowly, she pulled her panties off, 

to show me a small, white, round ass, with her tiny brown haired 

muff peeking from between her legs.  She stood straight, and 

stretched in the light, turned a little so that I could see the 

front of her. 

Her pussy didn't take up a lot of area between her legs. 

     Just a little bit of brown, curly hair covered the  small "V". 

She had been hiding a nice little body under all those clothes. 

     She stayed in the sun for a moment, then turned and walked 

into the woods.  Suddenly, her little swim and nude sunbathing 

turned into a nudist fantasy.  I decided to follow her, but kept 

my distance.  After all, she might run into trouble.  Right? 

     It was kind of easy keeping track of her as she walked naked 

through trees.  Then, she was gone.  How had I lost her.  There 

was a small clearing just a few feet away, but  as I  walked into 

it, I still could not see her. 

     As I  stood there, about to feel panic, I got the feeling I 

was being watched.  I turned, and at the other end of the meadow 

was Ellen.  She was standing with her hand lightly folded over 

her pussy. 

     "I think you're a bit over-dressed, Billy," she said and 

began to walk towards me. 

     I knew exactly what she was talking about and pulled off my 

t-shirt.  She was close now, and reached a hand out and touched 

my chest.  I cupped my hand around one of her breasts.  It was 

firm, and the nipple was hard.  I looked into her eyes, and her 

hand wandered down and rubbed my crotch. 

     "April said you could help me," she said. 

     "With  what?"  I asked, still not believing what was 


     "Well, I've got these great, big fantasies, but, I've never 

had sex with a man before."  Her hand rubbed harder into my 



     "Well, I've been with April before, and we like to finger 

each other, but it's not the same." 

     This was a revelation to me.  April never came across as a 

bi-sexual type.  It's not that I don't like bi-sexual girls, in 

fact I'm all for it.  My first fuck was with my sister, and her 

girlfriend.  I just didn't think April was into anything that 


     "Maybe I can help," I said. 

     Her fingers fumbled around my belt, and finally loosened it. 

She then unzipped my pants.  Her hand pushed in past my briefs, 

and her fingers wandered up and down the hard on that I had had 

for quite awhile.  Her face showed her inexperience, as she 

looked surprised at what she was doing. 

     She pulled her hand out, and backed away, smiling.  She 

walked off about ten feet, then found a sunny place to lay down. 

I pulled off my shoes and socks.  Then stripped my pants off, and 

threw them to the side. 

     As I walked towards her, Ellen got to her knees, reached out 

her hand and wrapped her fingers around my cock.  For a moment, 

she just touched it.  She ran her fingers up and down the shaft, 

and fingered  my balls.  She studied it intently.  Then noticed a 

tiny drop of jism on the tip. 

     She moved closer and lightly flicked it with her tongue. 

She must have liked it, because she wrapped her tongue around the 

head of my dick, and then tried to swallow it.  For a beginner, 

she was good.  She couldn't have learned this from April, because 

April wouldn't even think of going down on my cock. 

     Ellen worked my cock over and over.  A couple of times I let 

her think I was getting ready to cum, and she got even more 

excited and worked even harder.  Before long, I cut loose with a 

mighty jet of jism.  Some of it spilled out of her mouth, but she 

quickly brought it back in with her tongue.  She fell back onto 

the grass and smiled.  Her hands fell to her cunt and began to 

furiously pump in and out. 

     "Oh, I'm so horny," she said, "Help me?" 

     I nodded, and knelt between her feet.  I displaced her hands 

with mine, and pushed my fingers in and out of her wet box.  Its 

own perfume drifted up and gave me new energy.  I felt my dick 

getting harder than before. 

"Eat me, please, eat me," she pleaded.  It was almost a cry. 

     I didn't waste anytime.  I moved down and plunged my tongue 

into her slit.  I pried at her door, but is was tight, and 

something harder would have to open it.  I flicked and sucked at 

her clit until she was rocking in the grass.  She moaned and 

groaned, and even squealed once or twice.  This was as much a 

treat for me as it was her. 

     I pulled her legs further apart, and pulled them up to my 

shoulders, just as I was aiming my cock at her tight, virgin 

cunt, something at the edge of the meadow caught my attention. 

     April was sitting on a large rock.  Stark  naked, and 

fingering herself madly.  There was another surprise.  She was a 

voyeur.  That wasn't going to stop me now. 

     I turned my attention back towards the girl under me. 

     "Fuck me, please.  Slide into me, Billy," she said. 

     I did just that.  Her hole was tight, but it gave under the 

gentle pressure of my rod.  This time she squealed, and almost 

screamed.  She threw her whole body into the action.  I don't 

know who was pumping harder, me or her, but I do know that her 

cunt was trying to swallow my dick whole. 

     Just before she was about to climax, I pulled out of her, 

and moved up her body.  I placed my dick between her tiny breasts 

and gave her the best tit fuck I could.  She bent her head up, 

and sucked at the head of my cock and I shot my load in her 


I heard a squeak come from the edge of the  meadow, and knew 

that April had cum, too. 

I climbed off of Ellen, turned her over, and lifted her to her 

knees.  She looked back at me over her shoulder.  Her eyes showed 

her passion.  I parted the lips of her cunt, and pushed my cock 

into her.  Slowly I began to pump into her and she pumped back 

to me.  She was fuck crazy. 

     It wasn't before long that she was ready to cum, and me, 

too.  I grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled them apart.  I slid my 

thumb into her butt hole and worked it back and forth.  Her 

frenzy became a whole new experience for me.  Then wildly, we 

both came. 

     We collapsed on the grass and breathed together for some  

time.  Then, April joined us, and we started all over again. 

     April surprised me again, and again. 




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