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Archive-name: First/op-seduc.txt

Archive-author: Louanne

Archive-title: Operation- Seduction

Sally awoke with a start to the sound of tires in her driveway.

Footsteps made their way up to the porch, and the top of the

mailbox creaked open and shut again.  As she peered out the

window, she saw an upturned, smiling face and the flash of a

thumbs-up sign before the figure returned to the car and pulled

out of the driveway.

She quickly threw on her robe and hurried down the stairs.  As

she retrieved the envelope from her mailbox, she shook her head,

remembering how the whole thing began...

Sally and Louanne worked for a small liberal arts college,

Louanne on the  science faculty, and Sally as a librarian.  Both

were surprised to have been  invited to join an elite group of

students in a private bbs.  Few faculty or staff were trusted to

keep confidential the  no-holds-barred atmosphere of "The Cuckoo's

Nest," as the board was called, so Sally and Louanne felt  quite

honored to be included.  The Nest was a place where the best and

brightest  (and most irreverent) students cut loose and released

tensions.  Explicit  language flew, practical jokes were planned,

atrocious puns committed and  purity test scores and their

significance were endlessly debated.

In the latter department, the possessor of the lowest test score

(or the highest  percentage of purity, depending on your point of

view) on the conference was  the frequent butt of the usual

jokes.  Bob gave as good as he got, though, and  often dropped

hints on the conference as to the location of his room and  the

days his roommate would be out of town.  As far as anyone knew,

however,  Bob kept unsullied his nickname of "Ivory Soap" for his

99 and 44/100ths %  purity.  Of course that number would also

have been a fairly accurate estimate  of his I.Q. percentile as

well.  He was easily the brightest student to pass  through the

college (and quite possibly the shyest).  "Bob," one conference

member said, "makes that Marilyn vos Savant woman look like an

airheaded valley girl."  The sentiment was unanimously agreed


As the end of spring semester rolled around, Louanne met Sally

for lunch.   Discussion turned to the Nest and the upcoming party

to celebrate the impending  graduation of some of the


"Did you read Bob's last post to the party topic?" Sally asked


"Didn't it say something about the party being the last chance to

seduce him  before he graduated?" she replied.

"That's the one!" Sally laughed.

"Wouldn't it be funny if someone finally called his bluff?"

"What do you mean?  All of the women at the party surround him,

carry him off  to the bedroom, and gang bang him or something?"

"Well, that'd hardly be the proper way to take his cherry - he'd

be warped for  life," Louanne said.

"What, then?  Find a volunteer to try to seduce him?" Sally

asked. She then  batted her eyes in imitation of a semi-reluctant

virgin, and added, "'Oh! Be  gentle! It's my first time!' and all

that?  Ha!! He'd faint dead away if anyone  laid a hand on him!"

she snorted.

"I bet he wouldn't!"

"Too bad there isn't a way to settle our difference of opinion."

Lou thought for a moment, and said, "Come to think of it, I _do_

have  the highest score in the conference on the Purity Test...

Who better to  initiate a young man, hmmmmm?  But if I were to do

the hard part, so to speak,  it's only fair that you have some

stake in it, too..."

Not believing her ears, Sally said "Oh yeah.  Right.  Like what?"

"The place.  Lend me your keys to the library."

"Are you out of your mind??!?!?"  Sally squeaked.

"You're the one who's so sure he'd back down, so what's the risk,

hmmm?"  She  grinned devilishly.  "Besides, can you think of a

more appropriate place to  seduce an intellectual-type?  Say in

that little study area with the couches  over in the literature

section?"  Louanne was really warming to the subject now.


"Either way, I'll return your keys with a full, written report!"

Louanne  leered.

...Sally ripped opened the manila envelope.  Inside were the

library keys  ("Thank god!" she thought) and the report.  She

settled into the loveseat and  began to read.

Final Report: Operation Seduction.

I was very careful not to spook the subject on the way to the

party, and you'll  have to agree that my behavior was exemplary

during the event - exemplary for  _me_ anyway.  I decided to make

my move on the way back to campus.  As our  conversation about

the party wound down, I asked, "So, you're not disappointed,


"About what?  Why would I be disappointed?"

"Well, you did say that this was the last opportunity for someone

to seduce  you..."

Bob turned a very nice shade of pink.  "Oh yes.  That.  I, I was

just kidding,  I guess."

"Oh," I said trying to sound very disappointed.  He turned toward

me, surprised  by my tone of voice.  I fixed him with my very

best "come hither" look as we  pulled up to the campus gate, then

turned to the guard to show my ID.

Nobody was in sight as we pulled up in front of his dorm.  Bob

started to open  his door, and, as usual, the lock stuck.  I

reached across him to free the  lock, leaned close and purred,

"Here, let me help you with ... that," as I let  go of the lock

and "accidently" brushed my hand across his lap.  My hand came

to rest on his leg, and I asked, "So... any immediate plans for

the evening?"   I began to run my hand up and down his thigh and

I looked deeply into his blue  eyes.

He blushed an even deeper red and reached for my hand.  I thought

for sure that  your assessment was correct and that he'd bolt for

his dorm.  Instead, he took  my hand and returned it to my leg,

gingerly resting his hand just above my  knee.  "Uh... No... I

guess not..." he stammered.  The bulge in his pants  betrayed an

increasing erection.  Going for the kill, I put my hand on his

and  moved up my thigh and hip, past my waist and rested it on my

breast.  "Let me  go take care of a few things in my office and

then I'll meet you at the back of  the Library in twenty

minutes," I said.  The bulge grew bigger, his blush got a  bit

redder, and he gulped and repeated, "Twenty minutes."  Looking a

bit dazed,  Bob got out of the car and walked up the dorm's

stairs.  He paused at the top,  turned, and looked back at me.  I

gave him one more encouraging look, and drove  away.

I went back to my office.  I was almost certain that Bob would

show up at the  Library, so it made sense to take precautions

just in case he didn't come  "prepared."  Sponge in place, I

got back to the Library with five minutes to  spare.  Fifteen

minutes later, as I was ready to give up and congratulate you  on

the accuracy of your prediction, Bob appeared, short of breath.

He looked  almost surprised to see me.  I fumbled a bit with the

key, and let us in.

As the door shut behind us, I was amazed to find myself

immediately but gently  pinned to the wall and on the receiving

end of one the best kisses I'd ever  had!  His tongue, tasting of

a recent tic-tac, probed my mouth hesitantly at  first but with

increasing authority so that I was challenged to keep up with

his maneuvers.  (Either this boy was sandbagging us about his

purity score or  he's the best natural talent I've ever seen!)

My nipples hardened under my  sweater and I could feel my juices

start to flow.  As we came up for air, I  took the opportunity to

disengage myself from the wall and say, "We _do_ have  the whole

library to ourselves, you know!"  I took his hand and lead him

into  the stacks toward the study area.

As we arrived, I turned back to him, smiled and said, "'Come into

my parlor,'  said the spider to the fly."  I reached out and

pulled him toward me.  Bob  almost jumped out of his skin but

made a quick recovery.  As we kissed and his  hands roamed up and

down my back, he slid them up under my sweater, looking for  the

hooks he expected to do battle with.  Finding none, he wasted no

time in  pulling my sweater over my head.  He gazed admiringly at

my breasts with their  pink nipples standing at strict attention.

He took one in each hand and  began to shower them with kisses,

then began sucking them alternately.  I  closed my eyes and

enjoyed the sensation, swaying slightly, then turned my

attention to his shirt, and then his jeans.  As I unzipped his

fly, he murmured, "'The bawdy hand of the dial is now upon the

prick of noon.'"



"Well, I had something else in mind," I said, and I pulled down

his jeans, then  his shorts, and knelt in front of him.  Although

I didn't plan to give him a  full blowjob - I wanted to save him

for the main event - I couldn't resist  cupping his balls in my

hand and giving his throbbing cock a few licks.  I  slurped up

the drops of pre-cum on the head.  Bob shivered and pulled me to

my  feet.  "My turn," he said and began to fumble with my jeans

as he nibbled and  kissed his way down my stomach and navel.  My

jeans fell to the floor, shortly  followed by my panties.  He

kissed my bush and it was all I could do to keep  from smothering

him with my pussy.  He worked his way back up to my mouth and I

arched my body against his, grinding my hips against his dick.

His tongue still wrestling with mine, he started backing me up

toward the  couch.  As I took the first step, his hand slipped

between my thighs and he  caressed the outer, and then the inner

folds of my pussy.  I moaned and guided  his hand to my clit as

he lowered me to the couch.  A few moments of careful  attention

and he was rewarded with even more sound effects and a gush of my

juices as I came to the very edge of orgasm.  I moved his hand

aside and  grasped his cock, guiding him to the entrance.  He

lowered himself into me so  slowly I was about to shove it in for

him, but the look on his face and his  sigh of, "so hot - and so

_wet_!" made it worth the wait.

With him finally all the way inside, I tensed the muscles inside

my pussy and  "shook hands" with his cock.  He gasped with

surprise, then began thrusting.   From quoting Shakespeare a few

minutes before, our favorite intellectual was  reduced to one-

syllable words and various incoherent moans.  I wasn't exactly

reciting the Periodic Table myself as I matched his thrusts with

cries of "Yes!  Yes!! Fuck me! YES!!"  We came within seconds of

each other, my legs wrapped  around his waist.

As we came down from our orgasmic high and caught our breath, I

whispered in  his ear, "Congratulations, graduate!" and kissed

him gently.  He laughed and  said, "I'd like to see anyone top

this present!"  I gave him one last squeeze  before he withdrew.

We dressed and walked to the back door.  He checked to see if the

coast was  clear, then turned back to me and said, "I have to

ask.  Was I... How... I  mean..."

"A plus, summa cum laude and college honors.  You have a very

bright future  ahead of you!"  I replied.

He gave me one of his lopsided grins and vanished into the


Finally realizing what time it was, I raced back to my office and

wrote up this  report.  (I didn't want you having heart failure

over your borrowed keys!)

And by the way, give yourself a purity test point for voyeurism

if you read the  whole thing, you dirty old woman, you! :-)

Respectfully submitted,




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